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Friday, September 28, 2007 at 953pm
Fics read 9/27 - 9/28

Sentinel - Honeymoon Suite  by Dangermouse
Sentinel - Private Universe: Shelter  by Mab
Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 320pm
Spent a large chunk of work-time yesterday staring at the mess of equipment and dedicated computer for PNet and wondering how to eliminate one or more pieces. Which meant digging up info/specs on the equipment to figure out how it all connected/worked. Many hours of Googling later, got most of it sussed out only to discover there really isn't much of a solution. It might be possible to get rid of the POS switch, if I could find the little transceiver thing... which I can, but it won't be cheap. Frankly, dumping the POS switch is not worth the amount of money it'll take.

Some years ago (way, way back!), there was talk about allowing Pharmacies (which we are technically classed as, go figure) to use their own I'net connection. For one thing, it would save the Provincial Government a shit-load of leased-line fees. Dunno how much it is for each Pharmacy, but I know leased lines are not cheap. Anyway, this talk has been going for eons so I checked the BC Pharmacists web site to see if there was any update on the situation (since calls to Pharm are a) a nightmare and b) go nowhere). Lo and behold, there was this interesting piece of info:

Over the past few months, some pharmacies have tried to connect to PharmaNet using ADSL or other forms of high-speed Internet access. While the College approved this type of access in 2000, it requires the implementation of HNSecure as a security protocol in the local pharmacy software. At this time, no pharmacy software vendor has HNSecure-approved software.

HNSecure is the Ministry of Health's (MoH's) free software that opens the way for pharmacies to securely exchange data across the Internet. It ensures that only licensed pharmacies can send and receive messages and that any message sent would be fully encrypted and tamper-proof. This protocol meets all security, privacy, and confidentiality requirements for transmission of health data across the Internet.

Using HNSecure, the pharmacy can continue to use the MoH provided modem and router connection via SpanBC, or a pharmacy may choose to connect to PharmaNet via a connection provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Until the pharmacy software is approved for HNSecure, connection to Pharma-Net must be made via the SpanBC telecommunications lines.

So the use of ones own ISP has been approved for seven years (WTF??) but none of the approved software providers have produced approved software? What the hell is going on here? There's a tiny bit of info - primarily explaining the whys and wherefores - at the Gov't site, but diddly for actual information about who's working on software development (if at all) or any kind of timeline(s). I need to talk to the guys at CG and see if they know anything.

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ednesday, September 26, 2007 at 947pm
F-locked post
Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 227pm
Moving away from my crap (yup, back into denial mode I go) Squirmy thrilled me yesterday. On Sunday, we caught the tail-end of "The Time Machine" and he thought the Morlocks were cool. So last night, he comes up to me and asks to see "the movie with the warthogs that we watched yesterday". *insert squealy dance* Sure thing, kiddo! He actually sat through and showed an interest in most of the non-Morlock parts, which surprised the heck outta me.

I have to find a copy of "Forbidden Planet" (may as well hand my pay cheque over to CNL next time). We caught the last hour of that on Sunday and Squirmy appeared interested in that too. I think it was more the robot (oh, Robby, how I still adore you!) and, of course, the monster.

Shopping on the weekend netted Squirmy a new Halloween costume. Squirmy as Captain Jack Sparrow is just so bloody adorable that hubby said I had to get it. So the lion costume (last years that still fits, amazingly enough) will go to the school party and Cap'n Jack will roam the streets Halloween night. And I need to find where I stashed the Halloween decorations last year. And talk to SiL about a date in October to hit the Pumpkin Patch again.

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Friday, September 21, 2007 at 953pm
Fics read 9/17 - 9/21

Original - Broken Taciturnity  by Chantrea Johari
CSI - Closeted  by ShoSen
Firefly - Ghost Ambush  by Peach
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NCIS - Distractions  by tweeter and rinkle (het, T/Z)
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NCIS - Have I Told You I Love Puerto Rico? and Cargo  by tivadivas (het, T/Z)
NCIS - Captive  by tivadivas (het, T/Z)
NCIS - Trapped  by TonyZivaFan (het, T/Z)
NCIS - Past Tense  TonyZivaFan & Dazed and Confused(het, T/Z)
NCIS - Into the Wild  by TonyZivaFan (het, T/Z)
NCIS - (A) Ride Home  by jacey05 (het, T/Z)
NCIS - To Those Who Will Let Things Go Wrong  by zeplum (het, T/Z)
CSI - Diversions  by April May
Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 257pm
Monday, in the middle of the afternoon, the INet connection at work went down. Thinking "I'll be smart and trouble-shoot my end before calling Shaw", I disconnected/reconnected/power-cycled everything I could. When that didn't work, a call to Shaw yielded the fact there was a minor outage and it was being worked on.

Then Boss-man says he can't see either printer. He's been having printer issues for a while so I really don't think much of it. But then I noticed I can't see him nor can I access the router and there's no 'not connected' message appearing. Check the ancient switch-box POS and, lo and behold!, Link4 (that connects me and the printers to the hub) is not showing connected. Switching ports on the POS doesn't work either. No way was I trying to diagnose the problem close to quitting time so unplugged everything (except the modem) so no one would be tempted to fool around with things.

As it was not the first time POS was an issue (ain't called POS for nothing!), I decided the entire network was going to be redone so the only 'puter that would be connected to POS was the one that actually needed it - the Pharm 'puter. No law saying the hub had to stay in the closet with the modem and router; in fact, it made no bloody sense for it to be there. The rooms/lab could hook direct into the router, leaving one port free to run to move the hub into my section and hook me and the printers into LAN.

Came to work prepared to do battle. Not with 'peoples' but with wires. A crap-load of wires strung and flung across ceiling tiles and tangled. Identified what was connected where, pulled the unused/unneeded cables out (oh lordy, what mess!) power-cycled everyone and, lo!, the Internet and Network returned! Where there were five wires coming down the back wall in my section, there is now one; the closet is neater and I know where each wire is going and what it's connected to - a decided improvement!

Why is it when I'm looking for slash fics I find a ton of het ones? And when I'm looking for het, I find slash? *sigh* I'm looking for Tony/Ziva (NCIS) fics, ones with some meat to them and more than just touching hands or platonic-y kisses and it looks like I may have to venture over to *shudder* FF.N.

Right, I cannot believe I found good - hell, DAMN good - T/Z fic on FF.N. Gonna dig a little deeper...

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Friday, September 14, 2007 at 915pm
Squirmy has been building a bed in my 'puter room. He's "not sleepy", don't ya know. So he'll rest in here and watch me on the 'puter... or so he thinks

I gave in and signed up on FaceBook. Not sure why, but I did it.

I want to write; there's about four plot-bunnies hopping in my head. But I don't have time and the Paxil interferes with the angst bunnies. The emotional, anxiety laden roller coaster life is without the Paxil is not worth a couple stories right now.

Trafalga booked his tickets for the trip out here - next June. Good lord man! There's no guarantee I can even get those dates off and/or have the car (hubby seriously looking at changing jobs). There is no way seats will sell out that damn fast.

MrFixIt got his second fish last night and brought it here to be cleaned. Why? Because Squirmy has taken a shine to mucking his hands in fish guts. Cut open the fish and ol' Squirmy can't get his paws inside fast enough. Squishing livers is great, lots of blood in those. And eyes are fun to poke. Mommy leaves the room. Eeeewwwww!

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Friday, September 14, 2007 at 921pm
Fics read 9/03 - 9/14

Sentinel - Confused at First Sight  by alyjude
Sentinel - Closed Room  by Legion
Sentinel - Accidents Will Happen  by PsychGirl
Original - Towards the Decent Inn  by Michael Arram
Original - (A) Time to Keep  by Ally Blue
Original - Tales from the Northwoods  by Nick Archer
QaF - Weekdays  by Chantrea Johari
onday, September 10, 2007 at 949pm
Never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss working as kitchen staff. Setting up, preparing, washing & storing... *sigh*. Not sure I could do it in a real restaurant setting anymore, but the relaxed atmosphere at Devil-child's surprise party really made me long for the old days.

Working in the kitchen (and patrolling the buffet and tables) also means I don't have to socialize for long periods; I am not a small talk person. Plus, with loud music on, I have a hard time hearing someone talking to me.

MiL, who wasn't at the party, was all worried there'd be some sort of confrontation between myself and another guest. She need not have worried as I spoke no more than four words - "Is this done with?" - to her all night. Neither did hubby, but he did comment to me that a "Wide Load" sign should be nailed to her ass. Moderately cruel, but ya gotta know the woman.

Squirmy had a blast and was such a little trooper. He was up at seven am, at the hall by ten, and didn't get into bed until eleven pm. Worn right out, but he was a great helper and a big flirt with the older girls. Someone, can't remember who now, said he's gonna be trouble when he gets older.

Like all good and fun things, there was a price to pay. Sore feet and legs (gotta get a better pair of shoes), next day tiredness and, in Squirmy's case, oversensitivity to everything. Needless to say, Squirmy and I had an early night on Sunday; hubby, unfortunately, had to work graveyard shift.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 916pm
After four years of not being able to wear my wedding ring for any length of time, I had it re-sized and another ring repaired and re-sized. While in the jewelry store I browsed the shiny things... and drooled. Sadly, while I could have maybe afforded a couple of the pieces, I'd rather spend that money on 'puter parts. A woman passing up jewelry for 'puter parts is just... odd.

To R, a dear patient who's been coming to us for years - thank you. You didn't have to do that and I wouldn't luvs you any less if you hadn't, but thank you.

"The Pinks are running!" So sayeth hubby. His evenings are spent in the river, casting and hoping for a big 'salmon fish'. MrFixIt has also caught 'fish fever'. Unfortunately, he has not yet caught a salmon. The score as of tonight: hubby - two; my Dad - one; MrFixit - none. Hopefully the latter will be corrected in the next two evenings. He really wants a couple fish for this weekend's do.


FiL has finally seen the light (hallelujah!) and told MrFixIt to do what he needs to to 'fix' the computer. This entails the dumping of ShawSecure, which barked itself and hasn't pulled updates down in over forty days. Yes, that's certainly 'secure' all right.

I cannot figure out what is going on over at the personal web host. Access, the last couple weeks, has been spottily crappy. Monitoring the server I'm on via Host Sentry and have been getting interesting/confusing/makes-no-farking-sense reports. There's been no downtime (got that monitored by HS and two other monitoring outfits) but CPU loads have been all over the map.

Due to a busy long weekend, didn't get a chance to check HS before Monday night. The CPU Load Percent was down, waaaay down, as in under ten percent. Hadn't seen that in a very long time. Checked again Tuesday morning and the loads were way up - 1290.50 percent. (screen shot) This is what I've been used to seeing for awhile, but why a sudden jump in under twenty-four hours?

A check this morning showed the load dropped during the night (screen shot). Why? What the hell is going on? Forget finding out as this company doesn't bother to post anything in their own news or server status sections, nor can they actually be reached by anything other than a trouble ticket (and don't hold your breath for a timely response).

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