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Friday, August 31, 2007 at 1005pm
Fics read 8/27 - 8/31

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CSI - Senses Wild  by xof
CSI - Camping  by Caroline Crane
CSI - Necessity  by KBfan
CSI - Tease  by KBfan
House - Days of Grace  by silversolitaire
House - (The) Hidden Truth About Stethoscopes  by Neena
House - (The) Apology  by Nancy
Wednesday, August 29,2007 at 850pm
Squirmy is enjoying a week with the iL's. Sounds like he's having a blast; so far he's been to a petting zoo, ridden a double-decker bus, gone to the beach, found a snake and had fries twice. And, of course, he's eating things he'd never consider eating at home... the little bugger.

I'm using the no kid time to paint the deck railing when I get home from work. The person who invented the cute little curly-Q things that go on metal railings needs to be shot. Repeatedly and often. What bitchy things to paint. I've learned you don't sneeze on a paint brush freshly loaded with paint and that non-water-based paint sucks. Smells great, as does the paint thinner needed for clean-up, but it still sucks.

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Friday, August 24, 2007 at 336pm
Fics read 8/20 - 8/24

CSI - Resistance is futile  by Wojo
CSI - Passing Storm  by Rabidfan
CSI - (A) Sensible Choice  by Rabidfan
CSI - Two O'clock  by Rabidfan
CSI - Ten Mistakes and Building on the Promise  by Rabidfan
CSI - Not As Planned RPS fic   by Jedi Princess Clarrisani
NCIS - Danger with a Capital D  by dustandroses
Sentinel - Control Issues  by lit_gal
Monday, August 20, 2007 at 916am
"Welcome to Monday. Prepare yourself for a fucked up day." This is what my alarm clock should have said.

I started off the morning by falling down the stairs at home, nearly taking out both ankles and a knee. Get to the skytrain and discover the iPod spontaneously erased itself over the weekend. Get to work and discover we have no phones! How the hell do you run a business with no fucking phones!? At least voice-mail is still accessible so I've confiscated Boss-man's cell phone until further notice. According to Telus, it could be as long as Thursday before things are fixed. Joy of fucking joys.

Just now realized I cannot run a Pharmacare billing or use the DR/CR machine. FUCK!!!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007 at 933pm
Haven't moved the personal site, yet. Uptime isn't quite as critical for me as it is for the company and, frankly, there's the money to consider. The stats - man, do I love Host Sentry - are not the greatest, but there was a slight improvement in them today. Really just playing things day-by-day, month-by-month, and if any further shit (like six hour outages) occurs again I'll pull the account. Have a couple contenders for a new host and am watching reviews and stats.

Mom is home, doing fine. She needs to start listening to her body though. When the chest is feeling 'heavy', sit down and take a break - NOW! Do not finish cleaning up the kitchen, putting something in the fridge, setting the pans up for the next batch of muffins. This shit can wait, the world will not end if the dirty measuring cup is not put in the dishwasher right this minute. Obey your body's needs and sit the fuck down! Get your damn priorities straight, will you?

The funniest bit? Dad - who mom is constantly ragging on for his health, or lack thereof - is actually in better heart-health than mom and his cholesterol is way better. Go figure.

Hubby and I are now the owners of two big pots. Hubby made the comment, "we should get our own basic stuff instead of borrowing it all from Vic", so... Okay, I never thought I'd enjoy camping but this backwoods crap is way more fun than the campground stuff I did as a kid. And why I glomped on to the idea of putting together our own basics, hence the two pots. Very little of it will be new (the oven will be, I gotta have one of those!) and gathering the stuff is a great excuse reason for Vicious and I to hit the second-hand stores again.

And speaking of Vicious... her hubby really is an idiot. He's had an infected tooth for nearly three weeks now. Dentist put him on antibiotics, they did nothing. More stronger antibiotics, still no real improvement and they gave him the runs. Of course they did, because he wasn't bloody taking them as instructed. TWO pills to start, then ONE pill, THREE times a day, not TWO pills THREE times a day. Holy crap (literally) man! Major moron points for MrStupidPorno, but Vicious also awards the dentist idiot points for other crap that's been going on.

Boss-man has a visitor at the office Monday and Tuesday; another $professional visiting from the US. I'd best get some extra sleep so I won't be a total bitch tomorrow. That and take a happy pill and a couple Advil in the morning. Sometimes, I really hate being struck with 'female issues'. *snort* And there's the TMI for this week!

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Friday, August 17, 2007 at 1043pm
Fics read 8/13 - 8/17

Sentinel - Lunch Date  by Rebel Melinda
Sentinel - Thoughts of a Drowning Man  by Jane Davitt
NCIS - Changes series by adafrog
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NCIS - Lights, Camera... Action?  by BC
NCIS - Life's a Beach  by BC
August 16, 2007 at 1017pm
Dear Boss,

Where the hell did your brain float off to today? The question you asked... WTF??? How many times in the last almost-twenty years have I moved someone's appointment(s) without confirming with them? I am seriously beginning to wonder if it's empty space keeping your ears apart.

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August 15, 2007 at 916pm
The transfer of hosting has begun. After yet another downtime, this one over six hours (!!!!!), enough is enough. Work site was moved this morning, personal site will be done over the next couple days. And, once again, getting in touch with DRW was impossible. File a support ticket? Can't - entire DRW and hostserve domains down. Call on the phone? Toll-free number is not in service, as is the phone number listed in DRW's domain info. The number I had on a print of their contact page was also no good. Finally found a working toll-free number, but it went no where. No matter what department I tried, no one picked up a phone and some voice mail boxes would not accept messages. Nice customer service - screw you.

Mom was taken, by ambulance, to the hospital on Sunday with chest pains. Multiple tests have been run and she's now got a stent. A couple other arteries aren't looking so hot, but nothing was done about them at this time. To prove what a small world it is, the surgeon who performed the angio is BiL's father-in-law (Nature-girl's father).

Fun was had by all camping. Was going to work on a write-up and the pix tonight but instead I'm dealing with web host issues. Yeah, fun. Couple days and I can start work on camping stuff.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 854pm
Why would a doctor's office be calling us? Gee, could it be to refer a patient?? What are the odds?!

When someone calls wanting an appointment for an already full day, screw it - I'll book 'em any way. Why the hell not, since you're cramming shit in I wouldn't. Frankly, I don't care if you get out on time for lunch or not, or if you get backed up.

And regarding the NS today... he called last week to make the appointment. Because I had a funny feeling about him, I called yesterday to remind him... and got voice mail but left a message. No, I didn't 'talk to him'. It's rather hard to talk to someone when they don't answer their phone! Plus, let's give him a bit more time than ten minutes to show up before calling. BTW, I did call again (after you left) and got voice mail once again. What else do you want me to do???

Also, when someone pulls an NS, I call them and a message is left with whoever answers the phone or on their voice mail. If the patient doesn't call back, what do you expect me to do? Go their house? Harass them by calling again? Give it the fuck up already.

I am not a network expert. I have no idea why your computer cannot connect to the printer though the network. Yes, it was working before but obviously it's not now... and I have no damn idea why. Hell, half the time I wave a damn chicken and pray the whole thing doesn't explode in my face one day. There is nothing wrong with 'connecting to the printer through your [my] machine'. Yes, if my computer isn't on, you can't print. Let's engage our brain for a sec here - if my machine isn't on YOU ARE NOT HERE ANYWAY! The only time the machine out front is shut down is when the office is closed for a long weekend or longer. So shut the fuck up and connect through my computer!

Yes, the afternoons have been a tad underbooked. Why? 'Cause no one bloody wants those times!! Ninety-five percent of the calls lately have been for 'between ten and two'.

And once again, what the hell do you expect me to do about unbooked approvals? Yes, I've contacted the patients - they can't do it right now and/or will call back when their schedules are free. Some of the authorizations, I do up early or on spec just in case and really don't expect them to come in 'soon'. It's not like it's a hassle to run another auth if one expires nor is it the end of the fucking world. Get a grip, will ya?

Today would have been a good day to instruct the elder boy with his painting. What did you do instead? Sat on your ass and played with e-mail. Way to go, buckie.

Did you make the airline reservations yet? No. Did you do the banking stuff for the Society? No.

If I seem 'crunchy' it's because I'm trying hard not to kick you in the nuts and walk out.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 852pm
Squirmy has a way of reducing me to tears in an instant. "Stay with me forever" are the words he says every night as I leave him to go to sleep. And every night I spend the first five minutes of my 'chore-time' having a good cry.

The movie of choice the last couple days has been The Mummy. Squirmy loves the 'mummy monster' and the 'skeletons' in the last bit are to die for. Mommy, of course, thinks Brendan Fraser is to die for *grin*. Thankfully, it's one of the few movies I can watch over and over (and over and over...)

The littlest things make Squirmy a proud boy. He knows the cast to B5 and can sing the theme song to Firefly. Okay, the song has a few 'modifications' to it, but he's got it nonetheless. And speaking of theme songs, I have to find the old Spiderman cartoons. Every night he insists I sing the song. Good thing I still know it!

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August 3, 2007
Fics read 7/30 - 8/03

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