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Friday, June 29, 2007 at 936pm
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Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 1210pm
Holy crap man, get outta my face! Go hang out in your space, not mine. You stand there and question almost every fucken thing; I lose my concentration and waste time explaining crap to you.

People move, it's a fact of life. A good number give us the change of address; an equally good number do not. You want me to track those people down? Okay, but realize some things will not be done in the timely fashion you've grown used to.

And while I'm in this mood - what the fuck is up with "getting the letters out" before the end of the month? Should I sent out letters for December recalls in July? Is that early enough for you?? Christ-on-a-cracker! If letters don't go out for a couple days after the first, will the company collapse?? Why has this letter thing recently (as in the last 5 months or so) become an issue for you?

I'm now at the 'get a resume done' point.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 955pm
"It didn't do anything" says MrTooStupidForWords. Right, sure - doubt it. According to the info you gave me, you had (still have?) a specific trojan; the disinfection instructions I found would rid you of it. If, that is, you followed the instructions to the letter. Which I suspect you probably did not 'cause you're a lazy bastard. So what did you do? Ran Norton (which found nothing; oh, what a surprise) and ran Recovery Console. Okay, it 'fixed' some stuff but I don't believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) the registry can be edited from Recovery Console. And did you turn off System Restore? See, I wouldn't trust you to pick my nose never mind clear a wicked trojan off a computer.

But, as usual when dealing with you, what the hell do I know. I don't know everything, try to help as best I can and you get snotty and superior. Personally, I wouldn't trust that computer with anything more than playing games. Nothing that needs a u/n or p/w should be done on that system until a couple hundred scans have been run. And I don't mean scans not with the crap you've got installed on there. Were it my system, I'd burn off all the porn I wanted to keep (ya, I know you've to a bunch on there somewhere), copy out the bookmarks and address book for the e-mail, then Nuke 'n' Pave. But, again, what do I know. And, most likely, your too lazy to go through all that. It would cut into your porn and Pogo time, wouldn't it?

This time I really do mean what I say - I will not help you again. Screw you, now and into the future. You think you've got things cleaned? Good for you and I hope you have. Then again, I hope you haven't; I would so love to see you get screwed six ways from Sunday. You're an ass who thinks he knows best and knows far more than you actually do.

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Monday, June 25, 2007 at 1009pm
Ubbie will talk to Blackie! But it's only temporary as Blackie is still conflicting with Ubbie. It looks like Win2003 and Ubuntu are fighting it out in the DNS area and Ubbie is winning. Gods, I do not know W2K3 at all, and Trafalga is no help since his plan is to turn Blackie into a true server and run everything through that. I have to figure this out on my own and find out what exactly is conflicting and enable/disable whatever is needed. Excuse me while I go have a small fit...

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Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 1006pm
Vicious' hubby got smacked with a bitch of a Trojan... from a US news site! From a porn site I'd expect it, but a news site? *rolls eyes*

Spoiled Squirmy yesterday (and mommy too). He got a MegaBlocks Pyrates thing from my Sis for his birthday. Pirates, skeletons, a boat... heaven to a little boy. Hit the toy store looking for another dino-digging thing (got that from SiL and thought digging up a dino skeleton was way cool). Made the mistake of looking in the Lego aisle, for a small Pyrates thing to add to what Squirmy has. Small... right. There was a gorgeous skeleton ship with skeleton crew, cannons that fire, a treasure chest... the whole nine yards. Of course Squirmy wanted it - mommy did too - and I did promise him we'd buy 'something'. Ya, so it wasn't cheap but, damn, the thing is beautiful and fun. Lego-type stuff can last a kid for years. I was still playing with mine well into high school so hopefully Squirmy will get that kind of use out of it too.

Still not off the crutches and tomorrow I'll be busing the entire way in. I'm more stable on the sticks so it shouldn't be too bad (famous last words) but with my luck it'll be raining. Longest stretch(es) will be from my house to the bus stop and from the train station up to the street. Can't do the home run though; two transfers and crossing a major-busy intersection will be too much. Thankfully, Boss-man has agreed to give me a lift into downtown (it's on his way home) so I can pick up the second bus a couple stops from the WCE station.

Off to see how Technicolor my foot is today...

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Friday, June 22, 2007 at 416pm
I hate crutches. They're a major pain - everywhere.

Stayed home today. No ride part way to work and I hurt so much I couldn't envision doing bus-skytrain-bus entirely on crutches. If I have to do that Monday, at least I'll rested somewhat and I've padded the crutches.

Managed to get the laptop and all cables into the living room and my ass has been planted in the chair for most of the day. Wish the new furniture were here now; current chair isn't bad to sit in, but the new one will be so much more comfortable for extended periods. But I have I'net access (tech, pron, games) and access to all the mp3 files on Blackie. If I hook up the headphones to the TV, I'll have more entertainment once Squirmy has gone to bed. Hrm... the only thing I really have to get up for is the potty. Not bad *grin*

Sounds like Big-D did okay filling in. Her basic problem is familiarity with programs and procedures. Can work on that, no problem.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 at 215pm
On my List of "Things I Want to Experience" there was an entry labelled 'crutches'. I'd never had use them when I was growing up and thought they looked cool. By the time I hit my late thirties, I'd crossed the entry off figuring that if I hadn't had need of crutches by now, it was unlikely I ever would. Can you smell the ironic foreshadowing yet?

Yesterday, getting off the bus, I fell. There was a large pylon right in front of the rear doors and the only thing I can figure is I stepped on the side and lost my footing. One minute I was up, the next down. Gee, that sounds familiar. Hobbled my way to the WCE and watched my ankle swell during the trip home. Thank the stars hubby picked yesterday to see if I wanted a ride home (otherwise he would have gotten a call).

Once home and looked at, hubby decided an x-ray was in order - no choice and MrFixIt would concur if I insisted upon asking him. Dropped Squirmy off at SiL's (thanks, dearie!) and waited around the hospital for three hours. X-ray showed no break (HA! Told ya so!), but my ankle looked like someone stuck a nectarine on the side of my foot. So hubby has decreed (and MrFixIt has agreed, curse him) no using the foot. Wanna move around? Crutches, for at least the next three days. If I'm good and the swelling is down enough (whatever 'enough' is), I can graduate to being taped and put a little pressure on the foot. Oh joy.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007 at 929pm
Someone who drinks a bottle-and-a-half of wine EACH NIGHT does not have a problem. Right, nice try but you fail - big time.

After nineteen years, I finally have new living room furniture. It's not exactly what I want, primarily because I'm not paying nearly six grand for something to plant my ass in while watching TV. Hadn't planned on buying anything more than a new sofa, but MrLogical came along (damn it, he had to) and 'helpfully' pointed out my favorite chair is a 'piece of falling apart shit' so tack a chair onto the buying list too. Wound up with a helluva deal on a soft/loveseat/chair combo that would have been the peak of stupidity to pass up. Delivery in three weeks.

The washer had it's third go-around with servicing and should now work flawlessly. So far, it is. Given the new switches seem to have issues, I think I'm glad I got the five-year warranty.

Once again, curiosity is leading me down a well-walked, consuming and totally engaging path. Note to self, watch the B5 DVD's, but don't go searching out stuff on the 'net, ever! You do not need to be sucked back into any fandom - you do not have the time or the money. Okay? And please remember what H (aka GC) said about The Man and ignore all thoughts of resurrecting the old site.

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Friday, June 15, 2007 at 829pm
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 956pm
Monday and Tuesday we played the 'this is bullshit' game with the web host. Around three in afternoon, Boss-man hollers out something about not getting e-mail - 'connection refused'. I try the web site; no go, again. By that time it's three-thirty and there's not much I can do at that time. If it's a hiccup, things would be back up by the time I put Squirmy down and have time to hit the 'puter at home.

'Tis not a hiccup, site still down at eight in the evening. And there's no way to put in a trouble ticket since the main hosting site is also M.I.A. Pissed does not do justice to my feelings right then since it's the second major outage in two weeks. The hunt begins for the e-mail address to hosting support and for a new hosting site.

Ten hours later, I get a reply from support - a DNS server failed to sync this [Tuesday] morning. Why did it take so long for support to even acknowledge the help request? And better yet, if the servers are monitored twenty-four hours a day, why was the not syncing problem not discovered earlier? And why does the toll-free number STILL NOT FUCKING WORK!? Anyway, the response was our site would be up between thirty minutes and four hours. Not great, but better than being down. Four hours come and go... then five, then six and by nine Tuesday night both Boss-man and me were pissed. Another e-mail was fired off to support, this one a tad stronger and questioning a few things. By the time I got into work this morning, the site was up and so was e-mail. But there was no response from support. Huh, imagine that and what a surprise. Needless to say, I am hunting for a new web host.

Oddly, my personal site (PE) is hosted with the same company and it was not affected by the 'no sync' episode. Different bank of servers is my guess.

For almost thirty years, I've been hunting for a song I heard a lot of when I was in grade school. I thought it was called "Puppy Love" and thought it Heart was the artist. Never found the song, only heard it once more on the radio nearly twenty years ago. Well today I found the song! "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer. Would it be possible to be more off? *rolls eyes* Mr. Fixit picked up a seventies compilation CD and it was playing when I got in his car this morning. Needless to say, I found it online and it's playing right now. Since this song was done by Summers in seventy-seven, I guess it would be classed as 'disco', but it's got a techno beat I crave like water. And, it appears there's a few remixes of it around.

So with gritty, blurry eyes from two days of host searching, more year-end crap and general office paper/computer work, I am outta here!

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Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 919pm
Squirmy's party is done and went very well. Fun appeared to be had by all three kids. Just have to put my house back in order.

Round two of the washer repair went down before the party (hooray!!). The serviceman was confused as to why a clutch alone was to be replaced; it's extremely rare for that kind of repair on a brand new machine. When he heard what the problem was, this serviceman (with fifteen years experience) suspected the lid sensor. That part, he said, is notorious for failing. But, he tore the washer apart anyway to make sure things inside were connected right. Good thing too, since he discovered the gear box was leaking oil and quite possibly fouling things up. So the gear box was replaced, things put back together and the sucker spins peachily.

First load of laundry goes in... and doesn't fucking spin!! The serviceman said if this happened the problem was definitely the lid sensor. So, washer repair round three is scheduled for next Saturday. What a pain in the ass.

Devil-child is staying with me for a few days while MrFixIt and SiL are out of town. She's been a big help with Squirmy and the party - luvs ya kid! Tonight, she's using MN's TV function and I'm seeing movies I should have seen eons ago. Like Shrek - want to see the whole thing now. And Chicken Run, which is totally The Great Escape with a chicken cast. Yeah, yeah, I know, this is not new to anyone but me but the rock have I been living under is quite cozy, thank you very much. Anyway, I'm damn near peeing myself laughing at the similarities and characters. Gotta get a copy of both movies - Squirmy needs chickens and Devil-child needs to see the original!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007 at 316pm
Took his Squirmy-ness to Day Out With Thomas at the West Coast Railway Association in Squamish. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Hot day, no air conditioning to be found and a pretty short train ride. But his majesty enjoyed seeing Thomas and I think he enjoyed seeing the other train stuff (the miniature set-up fascinated him). When the weather is better (read that as cooler!) we are going back. The WCRA is the group who restored the Royal Hudson and, OMG, she is so fucking gorgeous! I remember riding her when I was kid. As well, there's all other kinds of engines and cars either being restored or waiting for restoration. And a turn-table is going in. Yeah, we'll be going back.

MiL arrived Friday night, relieved, I think, to be out of the House of Oink. I gather BiL's house is a fucking pig-sty once again. Pity she has to return there Thursday night, but it appears as though MiL is NOT doing any cleaning while she's there. Good for you, MiL.

The washer, the one just purchased a couple weeks ago, has had its first warranty call. The stupid thing will spin one time, but not the next and requires much fiddling around to convince it do its job. Of course, when the repair fella arrived yesterday, he couldn't duplicate the problem at all. He did note the clutch seemed slow to engage, so that part is going to be replaced. Somewhat desperate for some clean underwear, sox and work shirts, I threw a couple loads on last night. First load cycled through just fine, second one... took ten minutes of opening the lid to disengage the motor and closing it to re-engage to convince the sucker to spin. Now why wouldn't it act up when the service guy was there??

Along with the washer servicing to be completed on Saturday, it's also party day for Squirmy's birthday. Since hubby is out of town, I didn't want a something too large to handle on my own so only four kids were invited. Two have said they'll come. Guess I won't have to order the larger cake.

Fiscal year-end at work means a fun time will be had by all me. Going through the accounts and cleaning them up, running the AR and AP reports and cleaning them up, transfer/burning document files, pulling paper files and boxing them, and wondering why my internal stress level has taken a sudden shot upward. That could explain the increase of 'nasty habit' the last few days.

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