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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Okay, gotta get this down 'cause I flat don't believe it still.

Those DNS changes I made yesterday? They made no difference at work - nada, zip, zilch. Fired up Firefox and Eudora and they still couldn't find the damn URL. Which was odd, since both BossMan and me could connect to the site just fine from home. As could the tech at Shaw and MrFixIt at his work.

Started the day by trying - AGAIN - to reach DRW by phone. The message(s) would be clear one minute and absolute crap the next; to the point where they were completely garbled. When I did FINALLY able to understand enough to pick a department, no one was around to answer the phone. Didn't matter what department - sales, tech, CS - never once did I encounter a person and there was no option to leave a damn message - it flat out disconnected me! Screw that, they are definitely not hosting us again.

So since Shaw declared it was not a problem on their end (no blocks, no outages, modem pinging just fine), the problem has to be either on our end or the host end. Can't contact DRW, and since the site can be reached from home it's not likely the site is the problem. Dick around with our network for a bit, take the network out of the loop and plug my 'puter direct to the modem. Or so I thought. Damn snake pit of wires in the closet is not labeled very well.

Call MrFixIt who, dear-heart he is, took time out of his day to help the family idiot. He doesn't have FF at work (he cursed the locked down system he's on a good half-dozen times) so fire up IE to check stuff. And what d'ya know, the site loads up slick as snot. Think FF will? Or Eudora or FTP? *snort* I can't even ping the site from a fucking command window and IE is finding it just fine?? W-T-F!! MrFixIt is at a loss and he's doesn't know what is going on, there's no way in hell I will ever figure it out. Time to call a tech. Call a gal I have coffee with as she's found a good one in the immediate area.

If any one in the Vancouver Hospital area ever, ever, needs any kind of 'puter support done, I highly recommend Support Link. They were over within half-an-hour of my call.

Prior to the arrival of SL, I wanted to get the network back to its original configuration. Rearranged everything, did a release/renew on my 'puter and... jack shit. Now I have NO net connection at all. WTF, big-time.

And while the tech is trying to figure out what is going on with my 'puter, I've got no access to the scheduler or the patient database. Grab LabBoy's laptop, track down the software and start installing. That machine is so bloated with crap it's not funny. With the amount of shit loaded into the toolbar I'm surprised there's enough memory left to run a basic browser. So, recreate the appointments made today as best I can (no LAN connection, can't transfer the data), but there's no printer with which to print the needed invoice. Snag the main 'puter for a couple minutes to enter and print. When the tech goes back to his office for a part or two, I get to run off a wearing schedule and then snag the USB cable. Convince the laptop "there is a printer there and you will bloody well use it!" and book a couple appointments.

Turns out the onboard NIC crapped out (oh, what surprise! I despise onboard crap) so now my 'puter has a spanking new NIC in it and the hodge-podge pile of crap I call a network is back up and running. The original problem still exists though. The solution for that? Specify a DNS server. The problem could be that DNS change for the site had no propagated to Shaw's DNS servers; once a new DNS was put in (UBC's) there was no problem connecting to the site. Does not explain IE being able to connect and, frankly, I don't give a shit why it did when nothing else would. Curious, yes. Care, nope, not right now.

As well, there was some sort of IP conflict so the router start/stop IP's were reset too (easier than trying to track down who was conflicting).

Rehook everyone back to the KVM (so much as breath on it and the keyboard falls out so it was taken out of the loop for teching), fish the USB cable back to the main 'puter, make the additions/corrections to the schedule and print out tomorrow's schedule... at least that's what I told the program to do. Think it printed? HA! Performed an abbreviated back up (essentials only), said "fuck this shit" and left for the day. Brain so fried I stared at my WCE pass for 2 minutes wondering if June 19 had come and gone or not.

Thinking now, it may be since the router IP ranges were reset that that may be the problem with the printer. System recognizes it's there, but can't find it since the IP for it has probably changed. Damn, that's something I can fix quite easily. Or I could grab a sledge hammer and beat the entire network to a smoking pile of plastic. That has serious appeal.

And I should mention my day started with trying to first blow up the accounting software and then trying, for two hours, to construct a report. Which won't work since the data can't be pulled on a month by month basis. Damn good thing the coffee shop downstairs does not serve alcohol or I'd have been down there drinking heavily.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 309pm
While talking about where to go camping this summer, hubby asked "how attached are you to an outhouse?" O.o I am not digging a hole in the ground and squatting - no way, no how! "At least," I said, "grab an old toilet seat and nail it between two logs." Hubby's suggestion? Attach ropes to the side of the toilet seat and make it a 'toilet swing'. Squirmy thought a toilet swing would be fun and funny. Of course, he's going through a 'poo' phase right now, so anything to do with poop is top of the hit parade. I think I'll abstain from camping this year.

I understand maintenance is required, however SOME ADVANCE FUCKING NOTICE would be a good thing. Especially when said maintenance is on the damn DNS servers and clients are required to change their DNS info!! Christ-on-a-cracker, you fucking morons! Domain propagation takes twenty-four to thirty-six hours - we are without, or have limited, web site access AND e-mail during that time. So fuck you, and we will not be renewing next year!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 308pm
And a screw-you to someone else. Ya know, there are THREE of you - I really can't see any reason WHY work can't be done in a timely fashion. There should be plenty of time to 'double run'; we did used to do it when it was just the two of us here.

Rarely has procedure-four and procedure-five been scheduled on the same day, unless the patient couldn't start until the afternoon of the first day. Ya know, I'm getting tired of the commute since it means seeing less of my son and I'm confused (and pissed) with a number of things that occur (or don't, as in some cases) around here.

As much as I like my job, I think it's time to look around and see what else is available closer to home.

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Friday, May 25, 2007 at 824pm
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Friday, May 25, 2007 at 245pm
Why is it the stack of Approved notices have names from the first third of the alphabet? Seriously, there are only two patients with last name starting after the letter H. Bizaar!

Yes, sir, I understand you have some transportation issues. However, the times you requested are not available on Monday or Tuesday and being peeved will not change the fact.

Calling and asking what the availablity is for {month} is nice, however the availability will depend on what level of service you need. Cleaning, adjustment, new... they all require different amounts of time and work. And your name is a handy thing to mention, too. Twit.

Drop the attitude, lady. I was pleasant to you despite the fact you came across as a spoiled bitch actively seeking an arguement. Given your attitude, I feel no desire to assist you with your extended insurance or accommodate the specific time demands I'm sure you'll have. In short, screw you.

When you're calling to do a survey and you have a heavy accent, please do not talk at the speed of light! I can honestly say you are the first person to whom I've said "please talk slower as I cannot understand what you are saying."

To the lovely older lady who complimented me on my long hair - Thank you! Your son is an absolute joy to talk to on the phone (as well as being one handsome devil!) and both of you are so polite and kind when you come into the office. It's patients like you that really make me enjoy my job.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 901pm
When I logged on to the laptop tonight, there were eight wireless networks detected. Of those, only TWO were secured. In fact, I spent the first ten minutes online cruising the net via a wireless network that was not my own! Just for the hell of it, I logged into the router. Had I been in a pissy mood, I could have majorly fucked with it, right down to locking out the owner of the network!

Why, WHY!, don't people secure their wireless networks? It's not hard; if I could figure it out any one can. Geez louise! I'd love to be able to track down these networks and talk to the owners.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 1158pm
It's been a helluva day all 'round.

At the end of a wash cycle - as in the dial is at off/done - the washing machine should not still be full of water. This is a bad sign, a sign the washer probably has a dead or dying water pump. After convincing the washer to empty and (pleasepleaseplease) complete the remaining three loads, the dying beast was left alone and the selection of a replacement begun. Today, with the assistance of MrFixIt and family, we picked up and installed the new washer. So much for my tax refund this year.

I relearned something today - do not take hubby when shopping at Costco. For starters, he wanders off. Secondly, the bugger uses logic on me. See, I love Babylon 5 - adore it, had a web site dedicated to one of the characters, attended conventions and bought merchandise by the ton. When the DVD's came out, I couldn't justify, or afford, eighty dollars a set. Today, they were in Costco for twenty-eight a set. Hubby applied basic dollars-and-cents logic, knowing full well the way my mind works. Bastard.

And just to keep the day really interesting, Squirmy disappeared on us. Getting ready to go out, taking a look at the washer to make sure there's no leaks, turn around and Squirmy isn't standing beside us any more. Nor is he in the bathroom, or the family room, or in the closet or anywhere in the house. After ten minutes of sheer panic and tearing apart every room/space big enough for a small child, I found him playing on the swings in the back yard. He can now open the doors and let himself out, so that's just what he did. Needless to say, we had a small talk with our son and letting mom and dad know if he's going outside.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 1150pm
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Sunday, May 13, 2007 at 921pm
Squirmy decided to spike a hundred and one fever at school Wednesday, so I kept him home Thursday. Apart from a wet sounding cough and 'nose boogers', he appeared fine; no fever, running around the house, playing games and watching movies. Packed him off to school Friday, but by the time I picked him up his wellness had degraded. Ol' Squirmy decided a late spring cold was just what every fashionable kids needed. He was looking pretty rough Friday night, but the fever didn't return.

Kept things low key and rested Saturday morning and early afternoon. Typical kid with a cold - fast and furious one minute, slow and honking his nose off the next. Since he was doing well and the day was nice and the local fair was on, took Squirmy to have a go at the rides. His favorite? The roller coaster (kiddie version), hands down. Had to bodily extract him from the ride when it was time to go home. If he hadn't been fighting a cold and needing some extra sleep, I'd have happily left him riding the coaster until it got dark out.

With Squirmy out of the house Friday, and me home from work (yeah for call forwarding!) put the time to good use by working on the laptop. Figured out why no Inet connection... didn't swap over the NIC card. Gave myself a good beating and a few rounds of 'duh' for that one.

After the NIC came the BIOS flash. Found the appropriate file, downloaded it... and grabbed as many chickens as I could find and fired up the autoprayer. Something that gives as many warnings and 'are you sure' messages as a BIOS flash is guaranteed to cause panic. I'd never done a bios flash on a computer before (the router does not count) and had no idea what to expect. Make sure the power adapter is firmly seated, make sure the battery is fully charged, do not interrupt the computer until the update is complete or damage to the board may occur. Not enough chickens in the world for my liking.

Fired up the flash, let her rip and all looked to be doing good until the laptop suddenly shut off and the battery light was blinking orange. Panic, level two set in. Prior to the board swap the laptop had not had a working battery system (battery good, board bad) so I'd not had much experience with a charged or partially charged battery and its indicators. I thought the battery was fully charged (or damn close too it) but couldn't remember for certain as I'd nuked the drive and reinstalled just a base OS, none of the system diagnostics. So, the laptop shut down, the battery light flashed orange and I went into total panic mode. Until I found a read-me file for the flash; when the flash finished, the computer will shut down automatically. Crossed everything, pressed the power button and the sucker fired right up. Damn near expired from sheer relief.

Between shut down and reboot, I must have sent Trafalga a half-dozen e-mails. When he read them I'm sure he fell off his chair laughing at me and, frankly, I wouldn't blame him. He said he didn't, but I don't believe that for one minute.

So, laptop working, software reinstalled and confirmed working... time for the wireless shit. Followed the instructions in the kits to the letter and, wouldn't you know it, no workie. Trafalga never said not to install the software for the PCMCI card but, apparently, I wasn't supposed to - only the driver for the card should be installed. And the wireless router needs to have the router part disabled and be run as an access point only. Oh, and the IP for the wireless router cannot be the same as the IP for the main router or a conflict will occur. Made perfect sense but I didn't know any of this beforehand. Spent close to an hour on the phone with Trafalga trying to get the suckers set up. Didn't, of course, because he's running active directory, it'd been years since he'd set up his wireless and the set up for active directory is different than the basic network on my end.

Since no network is getting the better of me (ha!) worked on it again today. Found a how-to page on Linksys for setting up cascading routers that was easy to follow and understand. Followed it to the letter; didn't work but also didn't know if the procedure wasn't working or the wireless end of things weren't working. Hauled out the secondary router (that was supposed to be a switch, but Trafalga sent the wrong part) to play around with. Followed steps one and two exactly, but eliminated step three since that was were I thought the error was occurring. Lo and behold, the second router was now functioning as a glorified hub which was exactly what was supposed to do. Added the wireless hub back into the mix, eliminated step three there too and the wireless was functioning. Glory be! Functioning, yes but not totally. For some reason, the signal drops out and pulling the power is the only way to re-establish the connection. Reading required to diagnose and, hopefully, fix that minor glitch.

Other errata... the three extra monitors are gone. Popped them onto FreeCycle Saturday afternoon and they were gone this afternoon. Sweet. Have to find a box to ship Trafalga the old laptop board and his next fix of A-1 sauce. Squirmy destroyed two floppies by removing the sliding metal pieces - they were not aesthetically pleasing to him. Pictures printed and need filing. Network map needs completing. And the guys are back in the office Monday so I'll probably be busier than stink this next week.

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Friday, May 11, 2007 at 957pm
Fics read 05/07 - 05/11

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Monday, May 7, 2007 at 306pm
Finally got 'round to swapping the new laptop motherboard out. Only, it wasn't just a board it the entire bottom half of the case. And I forgot the schematics were tucked inside the bag so it was disassembled blind. Should have recorded the procedure and Trafalga could have laughed himself stupid.

Forgot one thing... swap out the CPU/fan unit. Aw, crap! Only need to pull out the keyboard to get at the unit, but I need to first update the bios and then find thermal grease before getting to the replacing stage. Last time I went looking for the stuff it was damn near impossible to locate. *Update* Found the stuff! NCIX has a location a few blocks from the office - hooray! Shit. Guess I have no excuse for not doing the swap now.

Poor Wisper-kitty is not himself and may have a broken/dislocated/very bruised tail. About three inches from the root is swollen and hurt him when it's touched. Vet noted a large bruise in the spot and said he probably caught it in something or something fell on it. Must have happened outside since I'm sure he would have meowed if that happened. So he's been given a shot of anti-inflammatories and a return appointment for next week. Poor little kitten.

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Friday, May 4, 2007 at 958pm
Woke up at one this morning with the loverly feeling of someone shoving a huge, sharp sword in the back of my shoulder. Something was out, really out. Needless to say, I did not go to work today (tried showering and brushing your hair left handed and having to remain as motionless as possible?). Thank the gods the guys are all at the conference and the office is dead anyway.

Improved enough to walk Squirmy to school then walk up to the Chiro. Had to be one of the most painful treatments I've had, but I was that badly screwed up. Muscles/tendons/everything else are inflamed and irritated and, while feeling some relief tonight, there's still a fair amount of pain. So one more icing (frozen peas rule for ice packs) and I'll sleep in the chair tonight; laying flat is too painful and getting up is almost impossible.

Partially solved the .chm file problem. Found a program (more than one, actually) that can view .chm files but the office manual looks like hell in it. Need to find a program that'll let me create/edit .chm files or another WinDoze one that will format better.

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Friday, May 4, 2007 at 1003pm
Fics read 4/30 - 5/04

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 1020pm
Received my first phishing e-mail today. Looked pretty damn legit except for:
  • No PayPal account! How could I update non-existent information?

  • The links don't point to PayPal's site. Old habits make me hover the mouse over all links and check the status bar at the bottom. This - javascript:ol('http://finditnow.co.za/upload/merchant/paypal.php') - is not now, nor has it ever been associated with PayPal in any way.
For fun, I went to the directed site. Oh the fun to be found there!
  • No PayPal icon on the tab

  • None of the links work, just the Log In button
Wow, just... wow. Come on, if you're going to do a phish at least make the links work; it would take nothing to actually link to the legit pages on PayPal. At least give the appearance of legitimacy.

Of course, I'm attempting to log myself in *snicker* with such gems as getfuckingreal@fuckyou.com and password of blowitoutyourass. Not just once, oh no. Someone is phishing for info, so why not give them some... and let them know they're a stupid fuck.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 1028pm
SCORE!!! Looks like Rbase will run through Wine! *does happy dance* Any chance the scheduler will run too? Wonder what else I can run through Wine...

Well, the application won't run without going through the main program first. The office manual file won't either. Hrm... neither of them are .exe files; the former is an .rmd file and the latter a .chm type. And it looks like Wine will only interface with .exe files. Have to dig around the Wine Hq site and see if there's any forums or discussion boards.

Worked on the electronic manual at work today. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Damn, I hate working on that thing. But if I don't keep it updated Big-D will go nuts and I'll not remember the arcane details about billing certain agencies, once-a-year accounting details and other stupid shit.

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