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Sunday, April 29, 2007 at 813pm
Don't know how many karma point I used yesterday, but I hit the jackpot at VV; three pairs of jeans and an ergonomic keyboard! Keyboard was pretty grungy (nothing on it resembling body fluids, thank god) but it cleaned up very well and works perfectly. And I doesn't have a lot of useless-shit buttons that the new KB's have. It's for Ubbie and all those 'shortcut' buttons are a waste of space as far as I'm concerned.

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Friday, April 27, 2007 at 916pm
Fics read 4/23 - 4/27

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Sentinel - Guide's Touch  by neichan
Friday, April 27, 2007 at 234pm
Windows Vista has been nicknamed Windows Me v 2.0. Oh, such a surprise - NOT! The bashing this new OS is taking is nothing short of incredible. I don't remember XP generating as much bad press and absolute hatred. Yes, there were problems with XP in the beginning - can remember Trafalga bitching about drivers and whatnot - but was there as much then as there is now for Vista?

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Monday, April 23, 2007
Lovely weekend just past, spent most of it feeling like absolute crap. Trying every trick in the book to ensure Squirmy does not share in the 'fun'.

Finished round one of Firefly (series and movie), or Serenity as Squirmy calls it. Though he's said, rather enthusiastically, he like the Reavers, I thought the movie might change his opinion; there's more of the Reavers and the violence level is much higher than the series. Wrong.

Squirmy was a bit startled, at first, by the Reavers since the series never really showed them much (more concept than appearance) but after the first appearance no problems (not even bad dreams). The Reaver ships, well those were jaw-droppers. Near the end of the movie when River seals herself outside the blast doors and starts fighting the Reavers (really, it's an impressive scene), Squirmy sits up taller in my lap, punches his fist into the air and shouts "Go, River!" *wipes tear from eye* That's my boy!!

Rewatching the series, at Squirmy's request.

Hubby decided the bedrooms needed fan lights and picked up a couple. What should have been a half-hour to an hour job turned into around three hours, a second trip to HomeCreepo, and many creative words. Good thing we don't know where the previous owners are (or if they're alive) as hubby might stuff an electrical box up their ass.

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Friday, April 20, 2007 at 955pm
Fics read 4/10 - 4/20

Sentinel - Lie Perdu   by Sihaya Black
Sentinel - Territorial Imperative  by Bone
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Curiously Strong  by Dawn M. Pares
Sentinel - Polar Ice Caps  by Alyjude
YnM - Ado  by Sleeps With Coyotes
YnM - Persistence of Memory  Mistress Renet
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YnM - ExorcismGaudior
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YnM - (A) Better Fate than Wisdom  by Brigdh
QaF - Fellatio Quintet  by Eliza
Sentinel - Universal Fields  by Merry
Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 217pm
Sony is at it again with the DRM crap, this time on some newer DVD's (Casino Royale and Stranger Than Fiction most notably). ZDNet has a good article on the issue, and there's a WordPress blog, SonyStrikesAgain too. Another good article on Broadband Reports.com.

Basically, the DRM crap on the discs are causing DVD players - even one of Sony's! - to barf out the disc. The solution, according to Sony, is to upgrade the firmware of your player (if that's even possible with some older units) at your cost (which usually involves shipping the player to a repair depot). What kind of fucking bullshit is this?? Legitimately purchased (or rented) movies cannot be played on units, a lot of time, under a year old and if you want to use what you've bought, you either have to buy a new player (and who knows if the disc will work on it either) or pay to have your current machine 'upgraded'.

Sony introduced the DRM crap because a rather minuscule percentage of people were pirating Sony's products. But the DRM crap (remember the root-kits installed via Sony music CD's?) is interfering with using legitimately purchased product and/or reducing a users equipment (with the CD root-kits it sure did) to boat anchor status. Is it any wonder there's an increase in pirated Sony products?

I now have a list of Sony Global Affiliated Companies. Why? So I can avoid - like the fucking plague - as many Sony related products as I can. Fuck you, Sony.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007 at 1035pm
Puter room at home whipped into a bit better shape, though still far from perfect.

For the moment, given up on making Squirmy's machine a dual boot. Taking too much time to figure out and someone wants to play his Thomas game like yesterday. Figure it will probably be easier to cripple Inet use on the machine than it will be to set up the dual boot. Most of the dual boot guides I've found are for XP or Vista, not 98.

Since a four-port KVM will not be in the cards for a bit yet, and the trackball mouse is just not usable by Squirmy, his 'puter is a stand-alone - own keyboard, mouse and monitor. Which means I finally have use for that second monitor I picked up last month. Sweet.

MN developed a corrupted file, how I have no idea since I don't use IE on that machine. XP rebooted itself and performed some kind of check disc procedure. Nice, but would have pissed me off if I'd been in the middle of something.

Playing around with GIMP on Ubbie - welcome to a steep learning curve. Did figure out how to add scripts and picked up an interesting 'red eye' script. Working quite well, but have much to learn yets (and so very little damn time).

Weather wasn't super conducive to getting much done outside - rainy at times and still just enough coldness to make things uncomfortable. That aside, the front porch railing is finally painted. So is my rose bush, but I'm hoping the bit that did get on won't hurt the bush to badly or long term. Also accomplished some minor weeding. Could have done some more clean up, but the green bin is full and the blue overflow can is too.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 906pm
Ya know, if Interlink were the web host for my company or my personal site, I'd have ditched them a month ago. It should not take a fucking month to get the plan switched from Windows to Unix. It should not take two weeks to enable SSI on the account (and even then it wasn't done right). There is incompetent and then there is Interlink. Yes, naming the company 'cause they're that bad in my opinion. The fella I was dealing with appeared decent and I highly suspect it's the folks 'behind the scenes' that are the ones to blame. But still, my experience does not endear this company to me in any way.

Squirmy now sings the Firefly into, his version of it. Knows all the characters on sight and is just dying to get to the movie with the Reavers in it. *huggles cool little boy* Just a couple more years and I can start him on my anime!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 937pm
And I thought living here would be dullish - BWAHAHAHAHA. Gotta love our mayor.

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Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 1041pm
The Easter Bunny was very good to a certain small boy, too good. The only real food I managed to get into him was a little bit of soup broth, couple crackers and a small bowl of apple sauce. Chocolate appeared to be the chosen food today, and for one day who cares. Tomorrow will be a different story.

After much futzing and farting with Samba on Ubbie and checking the settings on MN, I remembered I'd been playing with Firestarter - a firewall for Linux systems - on Ubbie. Ya, problem wasn't with the Samba install/configuration, it was with Firestarter. Sheesh!

Once file transfers were possible again, started testing out what video files could play and what needed work. As of now, most of the older mpg's and avi's play in Totem. Have not tested the newer avi's (such as House or NCIS). Like to toss Quicktime and RealPlayer in too since, if I remember right, they can be used within Linux... with some tweaking of course.

Abandoned Aranea run through WINE in favor of Screem. Aranea was running a tad strangely (as a lot of Win programs are wont to do) and Screem can be as much or as little as desired. Currently, running as an HTML editor with a couple bells and whistles. Could run Screem's full WYSIWYG platform but where's the challenge in that *snicker*. I can see that being useful down the road.

Dad's 'puter is driving me fucking nuts. Ran the memory test and both modules came back clean. No viral infections, trojans, etc. Heat seems okay, too. Found a little program called Prime95. In a nutshell, it basically 'stress tests' the CPU and memory. If that test comes back clean then the other possible issues could be a mouse crapping out, video card going, mobo issue or corrupt system file.

Tomorrow is 'Squirmy and Mommy' day. Really (reallyreallyreally) hope it's not raining tomorrow.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007 at 956pm
The Easter Bunny comes tonight and he leaves... broccoli!!! Since Santa left Squirmy carrots (and potatoes) in his stocking, the Easter Bunny must also leave a 'vegible' of some kind *snicker*.

Ubbie is working great; totally loving this 'puter. Have yet to try watching vid files or listening to the mp3's (speakers suck on Ubbie) but the card reader is functioning just fine. The Linux equivalent of Photoshop, GIMP, is taking a bit of getting used to. I foresee a not-quite steep learning curve as just resizing a picture took a few tries and I'm still not entirely sure what the hell I did.

Tried turning Squirmy's machine into a dual boot and totally pooched the Ubuntu install present on the drive. Redoing the partitions, putting the FAT32 partition at the end of the drive totally screwed up no matter what combination of Linux partitioning I used. Going to try again, this time putting the Linux install on the second partition. Do I know what I'm doing? Not a damn chance.

Dad's machine is pissing him off. Random and totally spontaneous shut-downs have been occurring for months, and getting worse. Knew they'd been occurring but thought, since I'd not heard about it again, the issue had corrected itself. Ha! After much digging around the 'Net the problem is most likely a bad memory module, maybe both. Could also be a heat issue, though no alarms have sounded and I think the machine was set to do that if the heat entered critical temp. Bad PSU or mobo could also be the cause. Taking the Ubuntu disc with me tomorrow and running the memtest feature. Also going armed with a few other diagnostic programs.

SiL got a new laptop a few weeks back and, of course, it came with Vista installed. After getting it set up and connected to the home system (wireless), MrFixIt declared - "it's going, as soon as she'd done with this project!" His rants against Vista are none that I haven't read online, but he's the first person I know who's actually had to use the OS. The man ain't stupid and can make his way through almost anything. But Vista pissed him off big time. By this time tonight, XP should be installed instead and well on it's way to final configuration.

Water issue number three struck on Friday (first two being the toilet downstairs and the cold water faucet in the bathtub). Went to turn the water on for the outside tap and ended up with the tap head in my hand and a small waterfall coming from the pipe. Easy enough fix - new washers and a tap piece - but the house water had to be shut down again, which just plain makes me nervous given the age of some critical parts 'round here.

Front porch and rail were power-washed (I want to be buried with my power-washer) and the railing definitely needs to be painted this year. Would like to do it before the rose bush fills out but the weather may not permit that. And the back deck needs a couple repairs, mainly around the overhang posts. And the posts, I assume at the top, will need to be sealed since it looks like the water ran down the inside and got under the decking that way. That will not be a fun job!

Now, I need to clear the camera chip and hide chocolate eggs and broccoli...

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Friday, April 6, 2007 at 1011pm
Fics read 4/02 - 4/06

Sentinel - (The) Auction  by Arianna
Sentinel - Imprint Love  by Arianna
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Sentinel - Permanent Record  by Francesca
Thursday, April 5, 2007 at 216pm
The Inet at work is down, but by the neeping around here, you'd think someone came along and cut off some delicate parts. Yes, it's a pain-in-the-ass - suck it up and deal with it. It's amazing how much the Inet is used at the office for actual business. And it's times like this I am really glad we did not move to online scheduling or we'd be hooped right now.

Brochures came in yesterday and look pretty good. One typo, totally our fault for not catching it, but it's minor. Not thrilled, but at least it's not as bad as the previous one.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 1138am
Ya know what? Fuck it. Fuck the site, fuck the whole damn thing.

I cannot do the content end of it on my own; rather, cannot continue to do it on my own. I view myself as the designer and maintainer, not the fucking content provider! Apparently I need my glasses changed. Go to any web design company or person and they will ask YOU for the content as the client is the one who knows the business, not the designer.

The content, the parts I'm not taking directly from the brochure, requires some fucking input and thought and y'all keep buck-passing and other stupid shit. Sure, I can ask B, but it's no kind of priority or real interest for him so nothing gets done in a timely manner or even at all in some instances. The younger doesn't offer much until he's presented with something first.

Frankly, fuck it and fuck y'all. I am not doing the content creation. If y'all want these new sections then you create their information; my job is to put it on the pages, nothing more.

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Monday, April 2, 2007 at 924am
Squirmy's machine will be a dual-boot beast.

Got Ubuntu installed, WINE downloaded, installed, configured, popped the Thomas game in and installed through WINE... except for the DirectX shit. WINE barfed it out and the game won't run (properly, fully) without DirectX. Off to the help forums and trolling them for four hours.

While it looks like it's possible to run some DirectX games through WINE (or Cedega, or another 'emulator') it's dodgy at best. DirectX support appears to be still under development and so, for the time being, a dual-boot machine will be necessary.

Fair amount of info available for making a Win/Linux 'puter, most of it to do with XP/Linux but that shouldn't matter, but by the quick glance I've had it looks like there will be some tweaking involved (GRUB? what the hell is that?). And once Win98 has been installed, I want to completely disable its Inet access; the Win side of the 'puter will be for stand-alone games only.

On Ubbie I managed to get uTorrent installed and running... sorta. No problems starting the program or configuring it, but it's not connecting to the outside world properly. Checked the settings against the install on Scanner and Ubbie's install looks good, so I'm thinking router and/or firewall issues. Those are so much fun to fucking diagnose and fix.

So with Ubbie, the next phase (uTorrent aside) is video playback and TV tuner use. If I can get those two things working (and working well, not so-so) then Main might very well become a Linux box too. Off to the forums I go...

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