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Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 1010pm
First entry (I think) from Ubbie. Written in my favorite HTML editor, a Windows program. Looks like I figured out WINE, finally. And I figured out, after forty minutes of dicking around, how to create a Launcher (shortcut in Win terminology). Sweet. Still have to figure out how to make a WINE program show up on the Task bar, but that should (hopefully) be small potatoes.

Since I've got WINE more-or-less figured out, Ubuntu is installing on Squirmy's machine. Should be able to run his few games through WINE since they're pretty basic Win games. Would be nice as Squirmy can get used to a Linux box instead of an old WinOS box. Really sweet.

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Friday, March 30, 2007
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Monday, March 26, 2007 at 946pm
There's been such a total lack of anything watchable during Squirmy's wind-down time that we've started watching DVD's in the evening. Why not watch Firefly, especially since lord knew when I was going to have the chance to watch it. Figured, if I was lucky, Squirmy might make it through one show before boredom hit. Never been so happy to be so wrong.

The spaceship, Serenity, is "wow", to the point where is toy airplane is now Serenity. Reavers are really, seriously, "wow". He latched right on to the somewhat watered down concept of the Reavers and has not let go. The door needs to be shut or the Reavers will come eat us all. Feet off the floor or the Reavers will find us. The stories Squirmy has made up about the Reavers are nothing short of incredible. And, of course, they eat everything, right down to the missing bee magnet in his book. He's not afraid of the Reavers, just the opposite. Oh, and tonight the Reavers ate our house monster; seems the Reavers were very hungry. What a kid - I'll turn him into a sci-fi junkie yet.

Ubbie is down for the moment. Switched the HDD's since Ubbie had the sixty and Squirmy doesn't need that kind of space (hell, the twenty his machine has is pretty overkill). Of course, Ubbie's drive did not like the new hardware so it's reinstall time. Not a big surprise since I figured it would be and, now that I've got a couple Ubuntu installs under my belt, I wanna try another fresh install for kicks.

Very seriously considering running Ubuntu on Squirmy's 'puter too. I'll try running a couple of his games under it first (through WINE, of course) and if they run... MUHAHAHAHA! If not, Squirmy gets Win98 and the machine will have no internet connection.

Big Ubbie is currently running a memory test (might as well) and I'm going to look at Ubuntu server and see if I wanna play around with that.

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Monday, March 26, 2007 at 948am
Saturday, a day of never-ending rain, saw hubby with cabin fever. In the midst of deciding where we were going, and doing laundry, liquid was found by the toilet. At first, owing to an odour, the cat was blamed (ew! Thought we were done with the problem!). Gave the area a good clean, scrubbed out Mister Toilet and flushed. Came back a very short while later, administered another flush... and watched a waterfall come out of the pipe/tank connection. Oh fuck, twas not liquid from the cat after all.

Assuming a seal had gone (nothing broken or cracked looking inside), and given the fact the innards were still the originals (30+ years old), a 'new innards' kit was purchased. Hubby installed it (amidst much cursing and grumbling) Saturday night. When he quit at ten, there was one small drip at the tank/bowl joint that he would seal up in the morning.

When Squirmy and I returned from grocery shopping Sunday morning, we were greeted by hubby who said "Don't take your shoes off". Seems he tightened the suspect bolt an eighth of a turn and the tank gave up the ghost - cracked clean through, releasing the water it contained. So, new toilet time. And, as long as were headed to Home Creepo, why not see if the dripping bathtub faucet can be fixed or replaced? Need to turn off the water to the tap first. There are no shut-off's visible, however I think I know where the house-intake valve is. But, as I usually have a curse connected with important things like that, there is no damn way I was going to touch the thing.

Water off, parts and porcelain bought (thankfully not too bad price-wise), and everything back to status-quo by late afternoon. Thank the gods.

On the computer end of things, I bought an old system (including monitor) off Vicious' hubby. Well, old for him but pretty damn good for me - beats the hell outta both Ubbie and Scanner. Paid him twenty for the lot, which was more than Vicious thought he deserved for it. Cracked the case last night and it should definitely be workable for a new Ubuntu box. Going to try the newest version and, it that works, Ubbie will become Squirmy's machine and his current machine will be offered up on FreeCycle.

The monitor for Ubbie and Scanner has been picking me for some time. It works fine, but I've been finding using a fifteen-inch monitor more straining to use; all the other monitors I deal with on a daily basis are either seventeen-inchers. I'd love an LCD monitor and hubby found one that would be great, but it was a good thing we didn't buy it right away since that money went to the aforementioned toilet. All was not lost though, since UsedVancouver had a fella selling two nice Samsung flat screen CRT's for sixty dollars.

Not thinking (ya, there's an unusual thing!) I set a meet-time with the fella for the evening. Smart, not. A woman alone, meeting a stranger in a parking lot, in Metrotown is just asking for trouble. A huge thank you to MrFixIt for riding shotgun (hubby, who was pretty damn grumpy from the weekend events, had to stay home with Squirmy). Tonight, I'll get the new stuff set up and see just I'm dealing with... which reminds me, I should go grab the newest Ubuntu now so it's ready for tonight.

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Friday, March 23, 2007 at 933pm
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at 254pm
You know your computer tech is useless when, after a day of 'working on it', your friend is able to fix your internet connection (over the phone) in 5 minutes.

Monday mid-morning saw the reception computer in Vicious' office lose it's connection to the Win 2000 server. The computer had been working fine until Vicious went downstairs to get the mail and MsBitchyBoobs had to take over reception. MsBB proceeded to delete Y!M and mail - since Vicious has complained about the receptionist's overuse of the computer (to the exclusion of her work) and Vicious has actively blocked the receptionists access to certain Inet things (partial back-story here), MsBB decided Vicious wasn't allowed to anything either. Side Note: Vicious actually does the work when on reception - mail done nearly three hours faster and work takes priority over chatting with me - whereas normal receptionist ignores everything when she's chatting to her friends.

So, Y!M is gone but so is the Inet connection - the terminal cannot find the server. In-office tech is summoned and states "sometimes this happens". Fair enough, Windows can be flaky at times. Reboot the machine not once, but four times and still no Inet connection. Other terminals connected and working with the server just fine, so it's not a server issue. Tech is stumped and, as it's now quittin' time for all, the problem is left until Tuesday morning.

Come Tuesday morning, there's no fixing in sight. Vicious is getting pissed (rightly so) as the tech is still dicking around with reception terminal in between other jobs. On her break, Vicious calls me and explains the problem and the error messages. Not familiar with Win 2000 (Tra, really need some lessons here!) I look up the messages and get an idea what may be going on. When she's back at reception, Vicious attempts to check the Ethernet cable. She can't budge the machine, so if she can't MsBB couldn't either - strike a disconnected cable from the list. Next up, check the network settings from Control Panel. Lo-and-behold, what do we find - DISABLED. Re-enable the LAN connection and the problem is solved. When Vicious told the tech what the problem was, he said "oh, that happens sometimes". Oh bullshit it does. I've never seen or heard of the network connection spontaneously disabling itself like that. Fusking up, yes. Winsock corrupting, yes. Virii and Trojans barking it, yes. Spontaneous disabling?? Correct me if I'm wrong, but not a fat fucking chance.

The question I have is, after the first (at most) two reboots didn't change or fix the situation, shouldn't the cable and Network settings have been checked? Isn't that a basic first troubleshooting step response? Dear god, no wonder Vicious has been calling this twit a 'moron' for the last five years!

Two tales of the CIBC...

Tale one involves a Society with a current account at the CIBC. As at least one director of the Society changes on a bi-annual basis, the signing authorities for the account must be changed as well. It should not take nearly a year to accomplish this. Seriously!

Tale two is about a doctor who had to close his current account as, due to a theft, it's possible the account was compromised. Doctor closed the compromised current account and immediately opened a new current account. New business cheques were promised in five working days. Three weeks later, there are no cheques and the balance from the compromised account had not been transferred to the new current account. Three weeks is more than ample time to transfer the funds, so why hasn't it been done? Three weeks for business cheques? Where are they coming from, India by way of Chile?

If the CIBC were the last bank in Canada, I would stuff my money in a sock hidden under my mattress.

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Friday, March 16, 2007 at 1006pm
I did not need (or want) to know there's a comic series for Firefly. Dammit! Speaking of Firefly, my darling dear hubby found the series on sale and bought it for me. *SQUEE!!*

Finally got off my ass and did a custom four-oh-four page for PE. Only been thinking about if for two years... sheesh! Maybe (don't hold your breath just yet) I'll get to those other site projects I've been putting off.

Such as a PHP site thingy, along the lines of PHP Nuke, but not that particular package. Saw an interesting Open Source one called OSB. CodeIgniter looks workable too. Nice thing about both is I can run them off Ubbie and not use any of the monthly bandwidth. Sweet.

Well, well, well... Trafalga, the MicroSquish cheerleader, will not be installing Vista on ANY of his machines and will not be renewing his Action Pack. He's been reading/watching/listening to all things Vista and it's pissed him off. Lack of driver support, resource requirements, the whole shebang. Never thought I'd see the day. *evil grin*

Since tomorrow is Costco day (just shoot me now) and Squirmy has to come with me (oh please! shoot me now) I'd best post and get my ass to bed. Want to go early and hopefully avoid the herding crowds of stupid that go after eleven.

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Friday, March 16, 2007 at 1002pm
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Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 1020pm
Every once in a while, I come across something on Tech Comedy that makes me laugh so hard I literally fall off my chair. "I just installed WinAntiVirus Pro and my computer doesn't work anymore! (DUH! "I just gave myself Ebola, and now I'm dead!)" courtesy of GeekGuy.

Working on Squirmy's gallery earlier this week and, surprise surprise!, the pictures won't upload. A bunch of loverly PHP errors that, upon investigating them, stated safe-mode was on. E-mail notes to office account and go to bed.

At work the next morning, run through all the gallery diagnostics it supplies. Errors up the wazoo and phpinfo flat does not exist. Right time to file a trouble ticket with the hosting site. E-mail the error messages to hosting site... who says safe mode is off. E-mail the errors to hosting site asking "what's going on? It was working in January, what has changed?"

Next night, discover the image handling sub-program could have gone tits-up. Not heard back from hosting site so decided to try creating a new gallery through the Fantastico option hosting site provided. Bit of a pain-in-the-ass, but could end up being easier and faster. Create a new sub-domain first (to house the gallery), tell Fantastico to set up the new gallery... which promptly stalls at step two. Open file manager, look for new sub-domain but it's not present. Oooookay. Log out, wait a few minutes, log back in. Create another new sub-domain, move to start Fantastico again, but (dun dun dun!) the option is no longer available!

Heaving a sigh, I decided to check the original gallery, which was magically working once again. Go figure. Uploaded images that needed to go and opened FTP to upload some random HTML files. FTP will not connect (refused). E-mail notes to office, go to bed.

Again, at work the next morning, try FTPing to site but, again, won't connect. Received e-mail from hosting site stating gallery problem fixed. Reply with thanks, however there's now an FTP issue and Fantastico is MIA.

As of this morning, everything fixed and running smoothly. Thank you to the hosting guys for their assistance and quick work on fixing things!

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Friday, March 9, 2007 at 1022pm
If the brochures are ready to go to print next week, I'll eat my pen. Serious grammatical, flow and consistency issues... basically, the old one was a piece of shit. And, yes, I can see where and how once MrGrammarian shows where and why. Now embarrassed the old brochures were ever sent out.

The previous 'problem' mentioned has been corrected - hooray!

Still can't get uTorrent to running right on Ubbie, despite following the instructions to the letter (at least, I'm pretty sure I did). The program starts up okay, but downloading craps out every time. Gotta have Ubbie and Scanner on at the same time and compare settings. Gotta be something I've configured wrong in the settings.

*smacks self and gives self a lecture that has to been heard to be believed* DO NOT go idly looking for something and click on an unrelated, though interesting link, unless you want to spend the next hour weeping, drooling and feel the suck of a fandom you've been out of for years. Oh dear god, WHY do I do this to myself... *pulls out bullhorn* "PLEASE CLOSE ALL OPEN WINDOWS AND STEP AWAY FROM THE BROWSER!"

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Friday, March 9, 2007 at 851pm
CSI - Crush  by serenity151979
CSI - Jackpot  by Serenity
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CSI - Because I Want You  by Serenity
BSG'03 - (A) Garden Enclosed  by meyerlemon
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CSI - 405 Past Midnight   by Caroline Crane
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CSI - Three Ways They Didn't Find Out  by Steph
Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 856pm
I think I've found the ultimate in stupid - the hubby of my gal pal.

Installed a keylogger on his computer over the weekend (reasons why are long and not for posting yet). Tested and confirmed it worked and would e-mail all logs.

Come Sunday, we discovered a setting needed tweaking. Since the hubby leaves early for work, gal-pal would get up early Monday morning and alter the setting before going to work.

Monday evening, gal-pal discovered she'd left the access instructions by hubby's computer and realized she had probably also not turned the computer off in the morning - both things hubby was likely to notice. And, surprise!, he did.

This morning, gal-pal thought for sure there'd be no more logs. Gods, was she wrong and is her hubby stupid!

The last log Sunday night shows hubby looked up the name of the keylogger program, then he tried to find uninstall information. Except he misspelled the name of the program! So no usable results - ha!

Amazingly, there's an anti-spyware thing installed (part of an ISP package thing) that actually picked up the keylogger, yet, from what I saw on the computer, he never checks or uses the damn program. If he did, the keylogger would be rendered useless (if not totally removed) and he wouldn't have to search for uninstall info. End result, keylogger still present on system.

Now, most people with more than a couple brain cells would think - "hrm, keylogger present, capturing things... probably shouldn't do anything I want to keep secret/private until I can remove the sucker." Not this idiot.

Gal-pal is after a specific e-mail and password combo, which so far has not surfaced, but tonight's gem was hubby's eBay u/n and p/w. eBay has been a sore point since (a)it's one of the places the porn has been coming from and (b) one of the reasons hubby's bank account is into the overdraft.

I'd like to say "I cannot believe that someone who knew their system was infected is still doing things that puts their security at risk!", but with this guy I'm not totally surprised at all.

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Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 1022
The damn stuffed dog has been found! Entertaining bets on how long it takes Squirmy to lose it again.

My niece is a hooker, and the whole family is proud of her! Hard to imagine this young lady playing such a rugby position, but there you have it.

Taxes calc'ed and written up for another year. Unless I screwed up somewhere (don't think so, but who knows) I'll be getting a decent sized refund back. Good, 'cause Squirmy can use a few things. Mommy will, probably, end up getting the short end of the refund cheque again, but that's nothing new.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 952pm
Ubuntu and Windoze are talking, making page testing much easier and more convenient. WINE has been installed and looks like it's probably working. I say 'looks like' because the one Windoze program I've tried so far is not working properly. Note to self - just because a program starts and configures does not mean it is actually fully functional! But apart from that, I'm really very enamored with Ubuntu - and I don't have to dump these older machines to run a decent, full-bodied OS!

*snicker* Even drawing Trafalga over to the dark side of non-Windows. Hell, gave Boss-man Xbuntu for the in-law's machine and that's what they're running now. The Linux wave is approaching! You can't outrun it!! Muhahahahahaha.

Loverly surprise upon opening the latest electric bill - a whopping total due that was nearly three times the usual. Equal payment plans are always guesstimates and this year I turned the heat up more than in years past. Heat has been turned back down and sweaters and blankets distributed to family members. Yes, it would be nice to walk around in shirt-sleeves but it's not worth it!

And now I must go pick cinnamon hearts out of the carpet. A small boy was given a number of them and they've been licked and dropped. At least with it being on the cool side now, I don't have to worry about them melting into the carpet.

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Friday, March 2, 2007 at 816pm
Fics read 2/25 - 3/02

WK - Denial  by scribblemoose
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