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Friday, February 23, 2007 at 1021pm
There is a possibility, a slim one it looks like, that the scanner can work on Ubbie (ya, I actually 'named' a 'puter... shoot me). I might blow out the OS, but haven't I been expecting to all along? More reading is needed (when is there not lately) as this is not something installable through Synaptic but Terminal only. Dear god, I don't recognize half the directories or commands!

But, that is down the road a week or so. The next project, now that Apache/PHP are working is networking - getting the scanner machine and MN to talk to Ubbie. Should be pretty straight forward... which means it'll be a battle for me. Oooookay. Just checked the Networked Places outta curiosity and Ubbie shows up! There's a username and/or password issue, but at least the two OS's are seeing each other.

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Friday, February 23. 2007 at 951pm
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Thursday, February 22, 2006 at 1016pm
Discovered I had actually done the SSI set up correctly but was accessing the .shtml file wrong. Can't simply 'open file' in the browser, have to access it like one would a live .shtml file. This is called a 'well, DUH' moment; I suspect there will be a few more of those as I delve deeper into all things Linux.

Installed a burning program (haven't played with it yet) as the native one sucks gym socks. Also installed MS core fonts since I'll need those eventually. Still sitting at install number 2... so far so good

There's a nice little html/xml editor called Screem on the UB machine, but for the life of me I can't remember if it came with or if I snagged it from the repository. Haven't played with it much but it seems pretty robust. Using it to type this up and it's very decent. Looks like it'll do WYSIWYG too so maybe I'll play with that aspect and see how good/bad it is.

Further proof the population is getting dumber and IQ tests should be required for before owning a computer... One can install a keylogger to monitor a child/spouse/employee. Sometimes, this is a good idea, especially when a spouse is soooo obviously bullshitting at every turn appears to have a 'small issue' with money.

Many (if not most) A/V packages and other anti-spyware programs will pick up keyloggers as an infection - as they are meant to do! Keyloggers can be installed through crapware and are a serious security threat. But every once in a while, the user wants a keylogger installed. So if you are installing software you know to be a keylogger does it not make sense that, at some point, your A/V will pick it up and see it as a threat??? WELL BLOODY DUH! You download the software (typically an .exe file), scan the shit out of it and if the scan comes clean then install the software. Even though the .exe scans clean the A/V software will pick it up as a virus/infection of some kind because it's supposed to. Some of the reviews I've been reading really make me question the mental future of the human race.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 1222pm
F-locked post
Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 331pm
Apache is in... Include module installed... and it's not bloody working. It looks like a modification has to be made to a config file, which I thought I did correctly but apparently I did not... or I forgot to restart Apache. More reading required. PHP5 has been installed and appears to work by itself, but I don't know about the integration with Apache. That's the next subject of reading once the former is solved.

And I figured out how to reassign directory permissions so I now control the /data and /var/www directories (instead of root). Hooray! My list of how to do things grows daily.

In between work, Squirmy and Ubuntu (along with the dozen other things that need attention on a daily basis), I've been reading lots about Vista (since the techs on one board are bemoaning it) and not very much of what I read is 'good'. From the seriously 'why would you ever use this POS' to the hilarious, into which this link falls.

Issues run the gamut from pricing issues to some serious DRM crap (that alone turned me off) to a EULA that should make everyone flush Vista down the nearest toilet (this is what iced the 'No-Vista' cake for me).

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Sunday, February 18, 2006 at 926pm
Ubuntu, installation number two, has occurred. Screwed up the partitioning first time around, and I'm still not sure it's fully correct. However, I do know more about the different types of partitioning than did last night. The Ubuntu forums have been a tremendous help figuring out the hows and whys of doing certain things. Can't figure out how to do a couple things or navigate my way around very easily, so more time on the forums is definitely in order.

The differences between Windoze and Linux are just enough to be familiar yet confusing, and it's driving me nuts. It looks like Apache and PHP are installed and running, but I can't get anything into the www directory. How can I, the 'owner' or 'administrator', not have permissions to create a new sub-directory or transfer in files? Reading, more reading, is soooo on the horizon for the near future.

The T-Rex mommy and baby are no longer minty-fresh. A small child painted his dinosaurs with toothpaste last week. Why? Who the hell knows what went through his small head, but T-Rex's are obviously more fearsome when sporting a minty-fresh look. Dried toothpaste is a bitch to wash off hard plastic toys.

Back to reading Linux, smut and loading up the iPod...

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Friday, February 16, 2007 at 1036pm
Ubuntu installed, disk partitioned (I think, I hope) and first real boot done. Updates installing right now - automatic feature much like XP - all one hundred and seven of them *sigh*. Can't wait to start digging around in Ubuntu. Can't wait for the first reinstall 'cause I screwed something up!

*waves dead creatures over Ubuntu box* Know just enough to fuck this machine up, not enough to fix if I do. Wow, Windoze really makes one lazy...

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Friday, February 16, 2007 at 823pm
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Thursday, February 15, 2007 at 245pm
The Ubuntu machine has 512 megs of RAM. Stuffed all the good (relative term) sticks in, ran a completed test and nothing came up bad.

Since when does Showcase run porn? I realize some of their shows, QaF comes instantly to mind, may be classed as porn by some, but I'm talking about high-grade porn; stiff cocks being blown, stroked and disappearing inside females and a lengthy scene of cunniligus. Not even late-night programs on Showcase have shown this level of porn. Sorry, MrTubby, you are soooooo spouting crap with that one!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at 845pm
How much good RAM sticks do ya think I have? 'All' and 'none' are wrong answers.

The 256 has issues, looks like 2 of the 128 sticks are okay, one is crap. The two 'puters MrFixIt tossed to me only have 32mg sticks, but they're both good. The 64mg stick is crap. Buying new sticks, though decently priced, is not in the budget right now.

Testing the last 128 stick, then I'll toss the good big sticks in and run a full test again. I will get this damn Ubuntu box up! Somehow, some way, that sucker is going up!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 926pm
I seem to have a small problem. It has to do with downloading things. An interesting utility, a new html editor, video, audio... doesn't seem to matter. And it all rests on the hard drive, until the drive is full. It's a one hundred and sixty gig drive, and I bloody well filled it!! I need help, serious help, for this pack-rat nature of mine. Have to use BU to type this since the burner is working OT on MN. Still more to transfer off BU, but no room on MN to move the files to. Thank the gods the burner is rather speedy.

Might have the transfers done overnight, in which case I can tear down BU tomorrow. MrFixIt found two old Compaq's and I'm gonna strip them for parts. The mem is PC100, but who cares since dropping from 133 to 100 won't make that much difference, especially if there's more memory in total. The rest of the parts... who the hell knows. The processors are PII's and really not worth much; probably end up trying Freecycle or dumping them.

MiL is in town, visiting The-House-of-Oink - or so I and hubby have dubbed BiL's house. Hubby picked up MiL so she could spend a couple hours visiting Squirmy and, unfortunately, hubby had to actually enter the house. He wished he hadn't. And MiL has finally grown a spine. In the past, she has always cleaned T-H-o-O when she's stayed there but not this time. She's cleared a couple paths through the piles of crap and toys so she can get from room to room, but has not lifted a finger otherwise. Entertaining bets on whether BiL and his lazy-ass wife are pissed or not.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 842pm
A bad stick of memory was behind last night's frustration. How can it be that Win98 had no problem with the RAM, but Linux freaked? Seriously, booted into Win98 at least twice and not only did it show 512 of RAM, there were no problems (that I could tell). Yet both Linux distros crapped out. And when I ran the handy-dandy memory test that comes as part of Unbutu's LiveCD, the 128 stick failed left and right (actually, the test freaked out over that stick). Pulled the stick out and all the problems went away. Too freaking weird!

Tonight's job is to check the repositories (huh, neat concept) and find Linux versions of the Win programs I like. Maybe I can dig up something for my scanner - no official drivers and Ubuntu didn't automatically detect it.

So I've got instructions printed for installing and partitioning (apparently more important in Linux than Windoze). By tomorrow morning, BU should be finished downloading, then I have to transfer the files and wipe the drive. Monday or Tuesday night, barring any problem or forgotten files, Ubuntu will be installed (why did I just hear an evil laugh?).

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Friday, February 9, 2007 at 951pm
*growl snarl spit* BU hates me, he really must.

Shoved the larger of the RAM sticks in and it took three damn tries to get the 'puter to boot up again. Finally did, and the AV crapped out on the first W98 load. Reboot, all is fine.

Restart with Ubuntu LiveCD in, watch it start to load/configure, then it craps out. Again and again and again, and never in the same place twice. Try Xubuntu; same story. These two discs worked yesterday and the only thing different is the extra RAM. Two more things to try and if they don't work, the RAM is coming out.


Re-burned Ubuntu and plopped it in BU last night. Worked like a charm, though it did take a tad longer to come up. Not surprising since Gnome is considerably more eye candy-ish than Xfce. Ubuntu also comes with more bells and whistles with it at the get-go.

Though the scanner does not have software for Linux, I may (big may) be able to make it work within Ubuntu. There was a scanner option in one of the menus but I didn't have the scanner hooked up to BU. Be trying that tonight. And, I found a couple sticks of RAM that should work in BU; if so, then the mem count will be above five hundred and that should make Ubuntu zip along nicely.

What I really like is that Ubuntu is ready to go out of the box (as it were). No real configuring to get basic net access up and running and important programs (word processing, graphics) come with it. I understand there will be some futzing and farting to get some add-on's and toys, but there's that no matter what OS one uses.

One thing I don't know about (yet) is if it's possible to have USB2 in Linux; honestly, I know jack-shit about USB to begin with. I can see Linux being highly educational, forcing me to do more hardware- and software-type crap than I've dealt with for years. Hey, if it moves me away from Microsoft, I'll gladly do it!

And that will probably piss Trafalga off. At times, these days, he's sounding almost MS-rabid when it comes to OS's. Once he gets Vista going, I'll be hearing about how I have to start using it. And I have no idea how Ubuntu will work with Server 2003. Trafalga's plan is to have the server handle all the DNS crap (and more) for the home network. Will Ubuntu interface properly with that? Will the server recognize the Ubuntu machines? This could well and truly turn into a nightmare.

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riday, February 9, 2007 at 946pm
Fics read 2/05 - 2/09

PotCContridictions  by Veronica Rich
Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 953pm
As soon as the remaining two torrents are done, Xubuntu is going on BU.

Ran the LiveCD tonight (tried the Ubuntu one but the burn musta screwed up) and it is slick! And easy... thus far. Installing Xubuntu as is will do all the basics (and then some!), but more advanced stuff (like the Apache and PHP) will take some work. And, knowing me, I'll be reinstalling Xubuntu from scratch at least once. Now, need to find Linux equivalents for some programs...

Oh, and hubby... you seriously need your eyes and head examined.


Oh.My.God. Please, please tell me, dear Bro of Boss-man, you did not pay for that mangled, amateur, hack-job of a web page! It's 'quality' (and, man, do I use that word loosely) is of something a beginner might make, or something an individual would use for a down-and-dirty personal homepage - NOT something a professional organization should ever use. Hell, the first web site my company had looked better than this travesty - and I coded it by hand, not FrontShit!

Back a bit ago, so I'm told, BofBman arranged for some woman to do their web work. Nothing happened (for quite a while, so I'm told) so then BofBman turned to me. Fair enough. Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to the 'hosting' (free web space looks better than the 'packages' these nuts offer) company asking some rather pointed questions and, lo-and-behold(!) BofBman's web site finally appears. And it sucks raw, rotten eggs. Playing the waiting game until BofBman gets back to town, and then there's gonna be some serious conversation happening.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 954pm
The win goes to Washington State proponents of same-sex marriage. Initiative 957 would require that all heterosexual couples to first prove they can produce children to get the marriage license and if they don't have children within three years, the marriages would be annulled. I love it!

I'm at a loss as to why a web site has to be hosted with the Internet providing company because the network guy is concerned about the firewall, security, etc. Um... what? I'll admit to not being the brightest crayon in the IT box, but how does hosting a web site - on a server that is not connected to your office - create a security issue??? Maybe an issue with e-mail, maybe, but these days most hosting companies offer great spam-control that is highly customizable. So what the hell is this guy pulling from his ass??

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Sunday, February 4, 2007
The chicken-gun-skeleton-shooter is hard at work, ridding my house of all skeletons who dare to enter! And, as I was informed, the chicken-gun does not work on 'peoples' or 'kitties', only skeletons! *falls off chair laughing*

Dunno what the hell I did, but I certainly did not pay the domain renewal in January, though it looked like I did from the print-out. What I have was printed in January 2007, but was for the renewal done in 2004. I have no idea what is what.

Vista, MS's latest cash-grabbing OS is out... and not all techs (on the couple boards I read) are too thrilled with it. Frankly, it's the price I'm not remotely thrilled with. Two hundred and fifty dollars for Home Basic? Are you fucking shitting me? The 'upgrade' price isn't nice either (one hundred and twenty) and I've never trusted an upgrade on an OS. I think only one machine at home would, currently, run Vista and the other two primary systems would have to be replaced. Ya, fuck you Gates; not like that can be afforded either. XP support expires in 2009 so something will have to be done by then.

And the answer to OS headache will probably rest with Linux. Think I've found a Linux family I can use without running up against a steep learning curve. Ubuntu is looking pretty damn good. I think MN would take it, hubby's might too. BU and the scanner machine would need Xubuntu. There are about four flavors of Ubuntu and the techs on one of the boards love this distro. From what I've been reading so far, I'm beginning to understand why. Need to try it out (probably on the 'puter Squirmy's games are on) and get a general feel for how it works before installing on BU (who will be the official testing 'puter here). Of course, I also have to get all the downloads off BU before the drive is wiped.

Really, there doesn't appear to be much that cannot be done on Linux. Video, graphics, audio... different programs, some needing 'helper apps' to get 'round Windows quirks, but it doesn't look like there's much that wouldn't transfer. Well, except the scanner software - there is no non-Windows drivers for it at all (that I can find). Scanners are cheap enough these days and it wouldn't break the bank if I had to get a new scanner; I just hate replacing equipment that still works. Oh, one thing I did forget was the games, Squirmy and hubby's both. They are Windows only (far as I can remember) and I don't know if those could be coerced to play on a Linux box.

Ah well, time enough to work all this shit out. And it's time to head out if I want to get up for work in a timely fashion tomorrow.

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Friday, February 2, 2007 at 952pm
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