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Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 1007pm
In the quest to find audio-only versions of some TV shows, I checked out CBS and Fox. Wouldn't it be nice to have audio versions of NCIS, CSI or House? Do their parent networks offer such a thing? Sorta.

The NetCast offerings at CBS are limited - Guiding Light and As the World Turns. *blows raspberry* What a thrill - NOT. So what about Fox? Fair number of NetCasts, including House. But the House NetCasts are short. Okay, snippets will do. Having never heard/seen a NetCast, I download a bunch of the House ones... and soon discover they suck. Apparently, a NetCast is not an audio version of the show but some 'narrator' reciting what transpired on a particular episode. *blows bigger raspberry* Time to go through the DVD's and make my own audio version... if I can bloody well remember how to do that; it's been ages since I last did something like that.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 956pm
Fics Read 1/27 - 1/28

PotC - Collide  by Dala
PotC - Alchemy; or, Solamente Alegrķa  by Tessabeth
PotC - Crossing Swords  by Spoon
PotC - Educating Will  by Seraphina
PotC - For All Time  by Brie Evans
PotC - Love is a Hurricane  by xzombiexkittenx
PotC - Not a Girl  Leah-Chan
PotC - Of Things Past  by Pigeon
PotC - When I Close My Eyes  by Melannen
PotC - (A) Certain Spark  by Jackson Rayne
PotC - All the Jewels Warm as Wine  by Blue Buik R
PotC - Crossed Paths  by Mahie/EvenStar
Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 1041pm
Pork ribs, the kind used for BBQ ribs, are now known as 'skeleton meat'. Someone is having a skeleton phase again.

HOLY HOSANNA! I've hit a jackpot for old radio shows! Comedies, dramas, westerns... Mysteries! ELLERY QUEEN!! OMG, I've died and gone somewhere nice. Must find The Shadow and Green Hornet... must find... must... OH FUCK ME!! Dozens... has to be every radio show broadcast... SQUEE!! Jack Benny, too! Mel Blanc... gotta snag those... need to make room on the iPod... *happily trots off, downloading all the way*

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Friday, January 26, 2007 at 953pm
Fics Read 1/20 - 1/26

Gundam Wing - Hopeless  by Sephiroth G
Sentinel - (The) Shot  by Audra Rose
Sentinel - Commercial Break  by Caro Dee
Sentinel - Snowman  by Caro Dee
NCIS - Going Down?  by Kethry
NCIS - In the Still of the Night  by BC
NCIS - Learned  by Margaret Newman
NCIS - Bad Idea  by rebecca and skripa
NCIS - Memories by Kez
  Forgetting Memories
  Remembering Memories
  New Memories
NCIS - Morning After  by Belladonna
NCIS - Curse or Reward  by Belladonna
NCIS - Once Upon a Daydream  by Oceana
NCIS - Bad Day, Good Night  by Kez
NCIS - Never at Work  by eoen
PotC - Making Amends by Liriel ch1   ch2 (tbc)
PotC - To Heal a Broken Heart by Liriel ch 1   ch 2   ch 3   ch 4   ch 5   ch 6/7
PotC - (A) Different Horizon  by catlover2x
CSI - Going Home Alone and Going Home Together  by liriel
NCIS - Fallout  by Katma
NCIS - Better Late  by Nix
PotC - Pirate Dreams by Alexfandra   Book 1   Book 2
PotC - Trouble in Paradise  by Jade
NCIS - Recognition  by Nix
PotC - Midnight  by Veronica
Monday, January 22, 2007
A message you do not want to see on your computer screen in the morning - run out of disk space. It's a sixty gig drive, it shouldn't... oh, right... so I need to move files over to MN and burn off. Damn. Is there a group called 'Downloaders Anonymous'?

Silly Putty is... still fun. Lab-Boy brought a nice handful in, graciously allowing me to steal a piece. Roll it into a ball, set it aside, watch as it 'melts' into a puddle. *snicker* Me only fwee years owd.

Hubby and Squirmy picked up PotC2 on the weekend. His smaller majesty loves the Kraken and all the 'fish pirates'. Frankly, mommy loves the slashy goodness so very evident through the whole damn movie. Holy crap, every damn way ya turn, there's potential for slash smacking the viewer in the face. Or maybe just those viewers with that mental bent. Whatever, must find some PotC2 slash - NOW!

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Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 1130pm
How fast do kids grow? I realize the rate probably varies from kid to kid, but... Late August '06, Squirmy gets new shoes - size nine (about three-quarters of a size too big). Here we are, mid-January '07 and the kid needs new shoes - size eleven. Of course, the size needed is never the size in stock or if it is, the shoes are in a style for the gender opposite your child. Let me thank all deities again for a boy because many of the girly shoes were fucking hideous!

No trip to Walmart is quick, or cheap apparently; poor Visa card whimpered as it sadly took on the charge. But when those 'little extra' food items normally bought elsewhere are (in some cases) half the usual price, you scoop 'em up and apologize to the card. The most expensive single item on the bill was Squirmy's shoes, the rest were the 'added up quickly' little stuff. *sigh* Oh well, at least the grocery bill will be cheaper for a while.

Squirmy had his first non-mommy hair cut. I've said it before I know, but this kid is unbelievable. Sat in the chair still as can be, never said a word or fussed in any way. Having heard nothing but mild to severe horror tales of kids first hair cuts, I was stunned - and bloody proud of my little Squirmy.

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Friday, January 19, 2007 at 1052pm
Despite how it looks, really didn't do much fic reading at work this week. Been getting a ride into work some mornings so I have anywhere from ten to thirty minutes to kill in the morning.

Discovered the Wufei ∓ Duo ML Archive is finally back online *does a happy dance*. I'd really like to dip more than a toe back in the GW waters, but the though of encountering a high amount of piss-poor spelling, wrong word usage and other such crap makes me shudder. Not that the other fandoms I'm reading don't have those issues, but it seems like the percentage is so much higher in fandoms that attract younger writers. So many of them just don't bother taking the time to proof their work and nothing tosses me out of a story like multiple spelling/word usage errors. Well, I'll just have to bite the bullet at some point.

MsA graciously sent along a GMail invite (and one to Vicious) so now we can chat via GMail as well. And, we can set up blocks so the idiot at Vicious' work can't access it and will be forced to do her fucking work. I may play around and waste time on the net, but I get my damn work done, unlike the twit Vicious works with. Since no one higher up the food chain seems to give a fuck (oh they complain and bitch to Vicious, but no one says boo to the supervisor or anyone else) Vicious is taking matters into her own hands *snickers evilly*.

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Friday, January 19, 2007 at 1042pm
Fics Read 1/15 - 1/19

Sentinel - Blame  by Charlemagne
Sentinel - Kids Under Twelve Drink Free  by Mallory Klohn
Sentinel - No Lothario  by Francesca
CSI - Things series by ChemFishee
  Things I Learned Today
  Things I Wish I Didn't Know
  Things We Never Expected (parts 1-13 - tbc)
CSI - Whispers In Skin  by ChemFishee
NCIS - I Want It, You Need It  by Kez
NCIS - Sublime  by Wadjet
NCIS - Time for Every Purpose  by Angyl
NCIS - (The) Sound of Silence  by Juli
NCIS - Gone  by bluepenreader
Gundam Wing - Because of You  by Amarin Rose
NCIS - (The) Autumn Winds of Piracy (part 1, tbc)  by Pushkin666
NCIS - Defining Step  by Keyla Sheppard
NCIS - Midnight Surprise  by Kellygirl
NCIS - All I Want  by Angelise
NCIS - Surface Tension  by Kellygirl
NCIS - We don't always get a second chance  by Belladonna
NCIS - down the rabbit hole  by rebecca
NCIS - Not As I Do  by Juli
Gundam Wing - Evolution Arc  by Ashkara
Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 844pm
Hubby's version of entertaining Squirmy is to go shopping. Today's outing encompassed the fish store (no purchase), the toy store (tower and train track purchased) and Worst Try (DVD purchased). The latter purchase was something the whole family can enjoy - Walking with Dinosaurs.

I'd never heard of this BBC special, but hubby had; back when he was working graveyard, he got up early just to see this five-part series. Now I can see why! The logical part of your mind knows - knows - the dinosaurs are long dead, but the CGI (or whatever technique was used) is so damn good and blended with the real nature shots, you're hard pressed to not think the makers were filming the scenes live. The detailing, right down to water spots on the camera lens when 'filming' the water dinosaurs, is what makes the whole series come alive. Hubby thinks there might be a second series, which I absolutely find if it's out...

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Friday, January 12, 2007 at 1018pm
Fics read 1/06 - 1/12

WK - Inertia (story9)  by Eleanor K.
Firefly - Reconciliation  by inalasahl
Firefly - 5 Times Mal Almost Kisses Simon  by sparky77
WK - Over the Edge  by sffan
WK - Physics by sffan
  Irresistible Force
  Immovable Object
Firefly - Under the Stairs  by Jean
Firefly - Imbued  by kirby crow
Firefly - Control  by sffan
Sentinel - Smooth  by Caeres
Sentinel - Intervention  by Miriam
Sentinel - Leaning and Falling  by Kalena
Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 1028pm
Flurries overnight amounting to two centimeters *falls off chair laughing* No no no, let's try more like a good foot to foot-and-a-half! For a change, there's more snow at my house than my parents or Boss-man's.

When I left this morning (six-ten am) it was snowing so hard that if the snow had been rain, I'd've drowned on the way to the bus stop. The bus arrived on time (hosanna!) however a couple fucking idiots in semis blocked off most of the overpass near the ST station and caused traffic to back up for miles. This was in addition to the other morons who figure they can do eighty and steer/stop same as normal. Arrived at work only forty-five minutes late.

Squirmy's school was open, thank gods, but I'm not placing bets on it for tomorrow. Rather than play a guessing game, have to call Big-D at six am or call her from the office/wait for her to arrive/bus home I'm taking the easy road this time - called Big-D tonight to work tomorrow. Murphy will probably ensure the school is open after all. I really hate missing work, but with Squirmy on the scene he really has to come first. At least it's not really busy lately.

Spent a large chunk of this afternoon watching the highway cams to see how the LM was fairing. PoMo and east got hammered, as was evidenced by watching the Mary Hill, Surrey and Abby cams. As Vicious put it, "HOLY SHIT!" The snow in my front yard comes, almost, to my knees. To say it's mess out where I am is being generous. And with 'highs' below the freezing mark for the next few days, it's not likely to melt any time soon. There's also a sixty-percent chance of more flurries on Saturday. I think I'll hide now and save myself from being tossed into the snow naked.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at 941pm
Home with Squirmy today and, wouldn't you know it, no sign of a fever. Nearly every hour I took his temp (ear and pit) and not once did the thermometers register a temp above normal. So his majesty is off to school tomorrow. Pending, or course, the snow and another power outage.

Ah, power outages. Lost count of how many we've had in the last three or four months. Today's, due to high winds yet again, lasted from three-thirty to eight pm. Again, the camping lanterns were hauled out (hubby even called to tell me where the battery-operated one had been moved to) and the propane one came out once hubby got home. Along with, of course, the propane camping stove. Not much to eat in this house that doesn't require either cooking or hot water. While the adults dined on hash, Squirmy dined on Dinosaur oatmeal. Coffee and tea were served after dinner courtesy of a freshly boiled pot of water. I solemnly swear, I will never diss the camping equipment again.

Weather-wise, the rest of the week bloody sucks. Flurries overnight amounting to two centimeters and winds up to seventy clicks. Oh, the joy. Morning commute could absolutely suck. The rest of the week... highs below freezing Wednesday to Friday and a sixty-percent chance of flurries on Saturday. Lunch with the girls may not be happening if the snow amounts to much.

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Monday, January 8, 2007
Ah, January, what hath I done to piss you off?

Last week, the phone system at work developed a slight 'sickness' and disabled the main jack at my desk. The DB/CR machine refused to call out on the through-line, despite the fact it worked the day before. Applying the tried and true tech-support edict of 'reboot' more or less fixed the issues, but not before I'd put in a call to the phone guys (private, not SmellUs). 'Cause there's still the ongoing issue of why, after years of working fine, the DB/CR machine will not route through the PBX box any more. Since the machine works on the through-line, the problem is with the phone system and/or its software.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I shall be at home. Please to be saying wishes that my brains do not melt into my socks. Squirmy popped a temperature of one hundred and one at school today. Daddy was able to grab him and stay with him today, but can't tomorrow. Thankfully, it's a really light day and Big-D should be able to handle things no problem.

I'm addicted to Cat Macros and Caturday. All those kitties... *purrs*

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Friday, January 5, 2007 at 1006pm
Fics Read 1/03 - 1/05

NCIS - Fill in the Box pts 1-7  by ksl
Sentinel - Curtains  by Anna S.
Firefly - Gun Oil and Testosterone  by Peach
Firefly - Untitled Series by Peach
  Lightening Bugs
  This Ain't the Orient Express
  Ghost Ambush
Firefly - Change is a Broken Heart  by Peach
Sentinel - Strength and Symmetry  by Moonloon
Firefly - Happenstance  by Ana
Firefly - Boy's Night Out  by Madders
Firefly - Things That Haunt Us(story 10)  by Eleanor K.
Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 941pm
I need some GW fics, Wufei/Duo since that's where my brain has been for the last year or so. And I really need to make the time to write out at least the outline for a fic that's been rolling around for about as long.

Fics Read 12/23 - 01/02

PotC - Singapore  by Lady K d'Azrael
Sentinel - And God Would Ask  by alyjude
Sentinel - Future Tense  by alyjude
Sentinel - As Usual  by Kass
Sentinel - If Wishes  by Kass
Sentinel - Air to Breathe  by Livia
Sentinel - What Overcomes  by Livia
Sentinel - Choices  by Dolimir
Sentinel - Life Lived Like a Mentos Commercial   by Mallory Klohn
Sentinel - Picture Perfect  by Barbara Nice-Miller
Sentinel - Caesura  by Lily
Sentinel - Buzz Cut and Hairboy  by Griffin
Sentinel - And So It Goes  by Sandy Justine
Sentinel - Dog Days  by Lisa
Sentinel - Honest Words  by Virg Vaughn
Sentinel - Success  by Rogue
Sentinel - Target, a Sentinel Story with a Focus on the Guide  by Brenda Antrim
Monday, January 1, 2007 at 905pm
Happy 2007 to one and all!

Why does the small child I have scolded turn, crying, to me for comfort? It's perplexing as well as heart-rending.

Same small boy is going back to school tomorrow. I'm still off (one more day of... freedom? boredom?) and I'd like to get a couple things done. Doing anything substantial, as it's been hammered home yet again, with a small child around is next to impossible. Especially when said child has developed a love for the 'puter and the games/videos it can show. I don't think there's much of anything on Treehouse or PBS Kids I haven't seen, played or listened to. Squirmy's current favorites are Curious George and Teletubbies on PBSKids. My brain has bid me goodbye and left to find something that does not melt it.

Caught up on a few movies during time off. Since Squirmy loves the Jurassic movies, I've now seen all of III and most of II. His small majesty has also taken a shine to bats (since they're much like Pteranodons, and they are way cool) so I've finally seen Van Helsing (OMFG! I love this movie to absolute bits). Squirmy is now a vampire (boy, not girl) instead of a Raptor or T-Rex; in his 'human' moments, he's Jack Sparrow practicing with his sword (a paper towel roll) or looking for treasure.

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