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Sunday, December 31, 2006 at 858pm
As of yesterday, I despise HP all-in-one devices that require the .NET framework to install the fucking software! And, consequently, I am ready to drive to Redmond and shove ol' Billy Boy's genitals in his mouth after he dies a horribly painful death.

M&D have a printer-scanner-copier device. It has been working fine, until yesterday when the scanner portion (software I'm assuming) developed an attitude and crapped out. Printer and copier parts worked fine, of course, and the suggested solutions did jack-shit. Call HP Tech-Support and get... oh lord; the tech wasn't an idiot, but he certainly wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either. His solution? Download the full software package from HP's site - the full package. As he was remoted in, I let him select and start the download (don't expect an HP tech to use Firefox or assume that you, the caller, are telling the truth about where Firefox is set to save to - apologies to HP techs who can use Firefox; this one could not) and we could both see the estimated time - over four hours - but the tech said it wouldn't take that long as I'm on a high-speed connection. Apparently his training lacked the module on different types of high-speed connections and how not move at the speed of light.

Upshot, download the full package, uninstall the current software and reinstall from the fresh download. No sweat, I can do that kind of shit in my sleep. And to be extra sure and safe, I went to HP's site and snagged the very specific instructions (specific to the device) on how to uninstall properly. Walked Dad through uninstall in the evening and it went slick as snot. Reinstall... not a fucking chance. Top it off with some strange Installer errors and yours truly was not a happy camper.

Ended up at M&D's from nine-thirty to one-thirty (yes, a.m.) trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. Second round with tech support generated the response that the software was not uninstalled fully. Okay, I doubted that but at midnight anything is possible. Ran the required uninstaller and, instead of it starting at level one as it should have, it started at level 4 thus indicating that the software had previous uninstalled properly. Back to tech support.

Third go 'round, and I got a tech with some brains and who could correctly interpret the complete error message. (Point of interest here - the exact same error message occurred before and was given to tech2.) The .NET framework was pooched and I was directed to a specific page for full instructions on fixing/reinstalling it. Excellent! After some sleep, I could start in on fixing the problems. Ahahahahahaha!

.NET would not install because of an Installer error. Looked up the Installer (msi), ran through both the fixes, tried installing again - no go. Tried reinstalling the Installer only to see it say (basically) Fuck you.

So the problem(s) is - the Installer won't go in, .NET won't go in without the Installer and the software won't install without the .NET framework. A large, loud, non-gracious round of "Fuck you all" to MicroShit and Hewlett Pisser!

And here we are almost six hours later; M&D's puter is sitting on my floor, the printer beside it. The method of fixing decided upon - Nuke 'n' Pave. But given my still unfamiliarity with XP and setting crap up for n'n'p (gimme a '98 machine and I can make it sit up and beg; an XP machine... it still makes me weep and drink) I play around. Hey, why not since the drive is gonna be wiped anyway. Wanna try reinstalling the OS? Sure, what the hell... but look, there's something about a 'repair' and it's not the same as the confounding 'repair console' thing I tried to figure out earlier. Sure, repair the OS and let's see what happens.

Right... fingers crossed; check. Toes crossed; check. Eyes crossed; check. Reinstall/Repair of XP done (what the hell, and if I don't have to nuke 'n' pave so much the better) and it looks like a lot of stuff was 'fixed'. .NET installed without a hitch and now *checks crossings* I'm trying the print/scan/copy software...

I... um... damn... it worked. Not only did the software install, but the scanner part scans again. I must have just used a shit-load of computer karma points or the gods are buttering me up because something large will soon die.

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December 26, 2006 at 1008pm
Another Xmas done and survived.

Squirmy was most delighted Santa visited his house and left him presents. The best part had to be when he saw the remains of the reindeer's carrots, half of a cookie left and all of the milk gone.

Breakfast went okay; had enough to keep me busy and encouraged mom to play with her grandson. The hours after were filled with mom having a nap (hooray), watching PotC, playing with Squirmy and prepping dinner.

And dinner went okay too. Thankfully the prepping, cooking, cleaning, etc. kept me busy enough that I couldn't 'visit' for too long. Such a pity *smirk*.

Really though, it was pretty good and could have been so much worse. Mom didn't pick much (a little, but I dealt with it) and overall the day was pleasant.

Today, hubby hit the fish store (big sale, incredible prices) while Squirmy and I built Raptor cages, dog houses, played trains and watched Jurassic Park III (for the eighth time). It's incredible how much he enjoys those movies. I thought he'd be scared as all three Jurassic movies are rather violent and gory. Wrongo! Sure, Squirmy jumped the first time the T-Rex roared, but after that... wide-eyed, awed and absolutely in love with the dinosaurs. His favorites? Triceratops, T-Rex and Raptors - in that order.

Tomorrow, most likely after yet another viewing of a Jurassic movie, Squirmy and I will venture out to the dollar store. Some of the baby dinosaurs still need mommies and I've got a Starbucks card to break in.

Surfing the usual spots (first time in two days) I bumped into this - The Best Geek Quotes. Think I found some new sigs and T-shirts.

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December 24, 2006 at 1011pm
There is a small boy in my house who is very excited Santa is coming. Small boy insists Santa brings presents, even though Mommy and Daddy insist Santa brings 'vegibles' to all good boys. It's been hilarious to watch Squirmy correct us and state so firmly that Santa only brings presents. And it'll get better tomorrow when he opens up the two carrots and the potato "Santa" left in Squirmy's stocking.

Spent most of Friday morning sitting around a clinic to have Squirmy checked out. Not for his almost-gone cold, but the yellow, goopy eyes and sweet looking rash on his butt. Probable infection in the eyes (but likely not pink-eye) and a fungal infection on his butt. Oh the joy of giving small children eye drops.

Should have had the doctor check me out too as I think I don't have a cold but a pretty hot sinus infection. It's been a number of years since I've seen anything that green or yellow come out of my body.

We are at T-minus twelve hours before the arrival of my mother (with my father, thank the gods) and Xmas breakfast; for dinner, my sister and her brood are joining us. Which means... my mother is here all day. I have my 'happy pills' and two large bottles of Malibu rum - I will need them! For fun (ahahahahahaha) I'm making bets (with myself) on what aspects of my housekeeping mother will mention first, most and not-at-all. And I'm specifically not cleaning the 'puter room so I have something (besides cooking) to do.

Speaking of cooking, the oven has been cleaned and scraped, the burners on top pulled apart and scrubbed and the whole stove looks great. At least until I get done with it tomorrow.

Now, I have to find the presents I wrapped and stashed... somewhere.

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Friday, December 22, 2006 at 1025pm
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Friday, December 15, 2006 at 814pm
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Friday, December 15, 2006 at 946am
Holy hell, lady. If you're standing in front of the guide map, yakking to the attendant while blocking the whole map, and not responding to "excuse me, I'd like to see the map" of course you're going to be 'jostled'. Instead of getting pissy, move your stupid ass!
Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 945pm
Transit, in their infinite wisdom and logicalness, has eliminated the #17 (as of Monday) from it's current route serving the 'hospital' area and shifted it to an already well-served area. Thus leaving numerous medical, hospital and office workers coming from the downtown area one direct bus (that takes thirty minutes plus) or a transfer/walk from Cambie. Yes, that make so much sense, is very convenient and is sure to encourage more people to use transit.

Starting Monday, barring a skytrain strike, I'll be doing the bus/skytrain/bus to work instead of the walk/WCE/bus I do currently. Less time is spent outside - with the current weather, this is a blessing - and the route is a tad more direct anyway. Time-wise, the difference is negligible. In fact, the test run this morning got me to work nearly ten minutes earlier than the WCE/bus route. Whether that'll happen again, never mind be consistent, is up for debate.

Going home, I'll still be on the WCE. The bus home does not always come, the route in the evening can be a nightmare and I have to be at Squirmy's school by six at the latest. Of course, I have to get down to the WCE and it's looking like my travels on the four-twenty train are over. The four-fifty still gets me home in time for Squirmy, but having the extra half-hour at home is really nice.

To the moron who said I should watch my bag (it's on my back) so I don't hit people with it... perhaps you should move to allow people to step onto the curb and not stand on the street corner. Kiss my ass, idiot.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 749pm
First Xmas dinner, the fun one, is done. Went off pretty damn good if, by 'good' not burning down the house is part of the definition. There was a small fire, well two actually, further proving I should not be allowed near 'the magic hot thing'. Kudos to P for putting out the marshmallow-toaster inside the oven.

Despite trying to 'flame roast' the Yorkshire's, they and the rest of the dinner came out very well. And, for the second year in a row, the Trifle was a damn tasty piece of work. Think I've got that traditional dessert down pat. Maybe I should stick to making the desserts and leave cooking to those in the family who do not light the top and inside of the stove on fire.

No dinner I cook is complete or done right if there isn't smoke, fire and blood. Managed all three so I'll call the event a success.

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Friday, December 8, 2006 at 1021pm
The old, dead video card I let Squirmy play with... it's either his 'puter' or it's a 'skeleton killer'. The latter, in action, is hilarious to see.

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Friday, December 8, 2006 at 1019pm
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Monday, December 4, 2006 at 257pm
Let the bells ring out!! Sacrificing to every deity known has paid off - Troublesome Trucks have been found!! Three of the elusive suckers, to be exact. A certain little boy is going to thrilled to bits come Xmas morning.

Six jars of candied pecans are sitting in my computer room. Thank the gods they're in jars, sealed tight, because if I have to smell them any more I might barf. I love the suckers but after prepping and cooking six kilo... *makes face*.

The old server is finally back up with XP on it. First time around - and I don't know exactly how I did this - it had XP partially installed on BOTH drives. Confused the hell outta the poor machine. Now, XP is installed (on one drive, thank you very much) and updated. Tossed the scanner software on too, though not the OCR portion since it's limited-use-ware. Digging around from some free OCR software to get that scanning done. The limited-use-ware doesn't, of course, allow the number of uses I need... damn thing.

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Monday, December 4, 2006 at 1112am
I guess I don't speak 'crazy person' fluently enough to understand Mr. Fuckwad.

When someone tells me they will 'tentatively be down' for a series of four appointments over two days, I hear the 'tentatively' as 'not sure if I'll be coming'. Also saying 'you can give those times to someone else, if someone else wants them' confirms, in my world, the fact you're probably NOT wanting to keep your appointments.

Mr. Fuckwad, said both those statements. My asking him to confirm, by Friday, whether he was going to, for certain, keep the set of appointments was not unreasonable. You, Mr. Fuckwad, either are or are not coming down - end of fucking story! Getting pissy with me is childish and proves how fucking crazy you are. I despise you to the point of seriously wishing and hoping for you death.

And Boss-man... WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ANY WORK FOR THIS ASSHOLE AGAIN???? The last time, where you let him run roughshod over this office, wasn't enough??? Ya, money is money, but fuck you. I am not dealing - AT ALL - with this crazy fucking turd of a poor excuse for a human. I'll run the paperwork for you, but I am not talking to him or interacting with him in any way. I will not fake niceties or be anything other than very, very, borderline polite. You want him as a client, you deal with him.

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Friday, December 1, 2006 at 1016pm
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