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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at 935pm
Whatever happened to the simple, cheap, 104/108-key, no frills, ergonomic keyboards?? All I can find - so far just looking locally, not mail-order - are expensive, multi-function button nightmares. I do not want (or need) to access my music, favorites, electric cattle prod, via a button on the keyboard. And I do need (or want) to spend forty to one hundred dollars for a fucking keyboard!!! The closet keyboard to what I need appears to be the MS Comfort Curve, but I find the price tag of thirty-dollars to be a tad steep. At this point, I'd even consider a wireless keyboard if it was ergonomic and twenty dollars or under. Best bet, I suspect, is to hit Cal's again (and keep going back) or try the computer swap meet at the Community Hall in December.

SCORE!!!! After five days of trying I finally placed an order for the track-ball mice! Staples is clearing them out (given the price they're asking, they must be clearing stock) and every time I've tried to order a bunch (seven total) the mice are either out of stock or someone beats me to the suckers. But not tonight! I got 'em! Woohoo!!!

And, since it's snowing like damn crazy, I'm gonna hit the sack early. It'll probably take extra time to pick my way to the train in the morning. Better tell hubby 'school' may be closed and he'll have to take Squirmy with him; I cannot get away from work tomorrow.

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Monday, November 27, 2006 at 859pm
Well, it snowed all right; been a long time since I've seen snow like this!

Saturday night, as I was typing, the power died. Played cards with hubby by camping light for an hour or so then hit the hay. He stayed up to make sure the pump and filters on the fish take came back on properly. It appears the only casualty from the outage was my nice, irreplaceable, ergonomic keyboard. I really despise the non-ergo spare keyboard I'm forced to use now. The hunt is on for a new keyboard.

Sunday was a joy - NOT. Teching the parent's computer while Squirmy went to an Xmas party at Dad's Legion. Got it fixed and reconnected, eventually, but what a farking pain.

The snow at the folks was... wow! Lots and lots, and it just kept coming and coming. Last time I saw snow like that at their house, I was still living there and not yet in my teens. Shoveled off the driveway three times to try and keep the snow from piling up too badly.

Driving home was hell. Hubby was fine, didn't give me more than two semi-scares, but some of the other drivers... It's snowing, you're driving on compacted snow, that is not the time to be doing seventy (when everyone else is doing fifty or less) and weaving in and out of traffic. Fucking moron. That wasn't the only dip-shit just the worst one.

And today was interesting. Walk up to train was snowy and cold (duh!), train ran fine and the bus ran fine. Sitting outside drinking my morning coffee and Space-Man tells me Boss-Man isn't coming in. Finish coffee, call Squirmy's school, find out it's closed... hubby taking Squirmy to work with him.

Calling patients to cancel them... no real probs, most were going to call and cancel anyway. One twit, who had an early appointment, was not impressed. He was actually in our lobby when I finally reached him on his cell. He was mighty pissed about canceling his appointment (you don't have as much snow here as we do... I took the day off work...). Seriously, suck it up asshole. What could be done for you? Nothing! Boss-man couldn't get from his house to the office (a couple downed trees and closed roads kinda get in the way) and there was no way to reach you prior to you leaving home. Asshole.

So I ended up busing it home, hubby brought Squirmy home and we did a big fat nothing all day. Watched cartoons, had a picnic lunch in the living room and played cars and trains. Oh, and lost the damn dog again - ARG!!!

Working on pictures of the snow... gotta play with new cameras!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 945pm
IT'S SNOWING!!! Hooray! I may be killed tomorrow morning, but I'm in heaven right now.

Found a new 'candy' store today - NCIX. It rocks, it rules... and it would suck every last penny I have if I let it.

Hubby picked up a digital camera for himself on Friday night. At the price listed, mis-print or not, he would have been crazy to pass it up. Since I've also got one (and neither use the same flash card, of course) have a card reader, or two, seemed like a damn good idea. And, since hubby's machine is not USB 2 compliant, an add-on card was also a good idea. Two add-on cards, actually as the old server is also not USB 2 compliant.

Speaking of the old server, the drives are busily formatting as I type this. Not doing RAID on the sucker - too much work for what the machine will be used for.

Actually, I haven't decided what the hell to use the machine for. Since the overall drive space is less than what BU has, maybe putting the scanner on Dual (gotta think of a better name!) and keeping BU for downloads would make sense. And I could toss a player on Dual so Squirmy could watch clips to his hearts content.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 937pm
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Friday, November 24, 2006 at 819pm
It's amazing how quiet my e-mail is when my mother can't forward every fucking 'joke' she gets. Telling her to please not send the crap is like talking to a brick wall. Needless to say, most get deleted unread.

The reason for the quietness is Thunderbird blew up again. Oh, sorry, 'lost the profile'. For the second time this year. I'm switching them to Eudora, a program I'm not crazy about but I've never had any trouble with and is still better than the MicroCrap piece of shit, Outlook. So while Squirmy is doing a Santa-thing with my Dad this Sunday, I'll be working on the parent's computer. Oh the joy... please kill me now.

The old server, holder of nine gig of files I want to save, has been a pain-in-the-ass for a week. It will ping out, ping all the other machines on the LAN, the other machines can even see the little bugger. But connect to it? *blows raspberry*. So I fiddled with the software. And fiddled and fiddled then finally conceded defeat (what the hell do I know about Server 2000 anyway) and called Trafalga. Long story short, turns out the nic (an oldie) runs at half-duplex and the new router doesn't like it. Hence why the outgoing worked but incoming wouldn't. Tonight's task is to dig out a nic card from my stash, replace the current nic and everything should be hunky-dory. and kick the shit outta the machine because it still won't fucking connect!!!!!

I would really like to know what is wrong with the WHERE clause in this one report. According to the not-so-much-help files, the damn thing should work. So why is it falling over dead? *kicks DB yet again*

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Friday, November 17, 2006 at 1040pm
Following the X-Box idiocy last year, the tradition continues with the new PS3. Waiting in line for hours in pissy weather, fights breaking out, etc. And let's not forget the rush to be a greedy and/or stupid bastard by trying to sell or buy on Ebay. Honest to pete, I cannot believe the 'asking' price posted by some morons. The scariest part of all is some bigger moron will come along and pay twenty thousand for one of these units.

Boss-man was in today and most of the stuff that needed to leave did. Hooray!!! And no loud bitching about reorganizing things. Interesting.

It's Friday, time for the weekly chat with Trafalga and to cruise the sites I never have time for during the week. Sites like WTF_inc. Does anyone know it is not illegal to have sex with a dead deer? I don't usually hit the video links (too time consuming, too stupid) but I had to see this one. A guy wraps his cock in tin foil, then sticks the pointed tin foil end into an electrical outlet. WHY??

This, this is the best hoax yet! Yes, it is absolutely NOT true, but you have to read to figure that out. Some of the 'features' include:
  • RSS (Real Simple Sex)
    RSS is a relatively new algorithmic technology fueled by the continued hot desires of many online web users. Accessed by an illuminating an icon on the toolbar - a single click allows you to view and optionally download anything that resembles a tit, a boob or a breast - rendered directly in the browser with speeds up to 10 times faster than the competition. Real Simple Sex can scan and arrange explicit images/pictures in order of quality and effectively filters out irrelevant content such as balloons or soccer balls.

  • Googling Filter
    Proactively warns and helps protect you against potential or known fraudulent sites such as Google.com, blocks the site and shuts down your computer if necessary. The filter is updated several times per hour using the latest security information from Microsoft.

On one of the computer-related journals I visit, this 'new browser' had people pitching fits left and right. Didn't look like anyone actually read through the site, just glanced at the opening bit and went immediately into spaz mode. The person(s) who created the site deserve multiple awards.

"You'd better still act surprised for your son," sayeth hubby. I just blew my birthday present surprise gift, which is actually a good thing. I'd really like a new digital camera; the one I borrowed from the office is large in size, and small in pixels. There are some nifty point-and-shoot digitals out now so why not steal a bit of money from the house account and call it the family xmas present? Hubby saw me cruising reviews, asked what I was looking for, and proceeded to tell me "Stop. No." when he saw what I was looking at. He had no choice but to tell me he and Squirmy had already got one for me. First time, I think, I've ever ruined the surprise.

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Friday, November 17, 2006 at 826pm
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 318pm
After my 'swim' to work this morning, I open up the last closet to be gone through and find... THE DAMN BONNET CUTTER!!! *screams very loudly* And an old hand-tool (there's three in the lab, how many do we need??), seven years worth of course workbooks and Board Agenda's (why? just... why??), the missing plastics info someone was hunting for (well, duh! It makes perfect sense to keep buried in the damn closet!) and more 'bits' than a sane person could shake a stick at. There are two boxes ready to leave here (and leave here they will, even if they are forcibly inserted into a certain person's anal cavity) and one overflowing box of crap to be gone through.

And since it's still absolutely foul outside (making the walk to and from London Drugs beyond miserable and wet) I tackled the wires in the outer closet. A tad more organized and neatened now, not perfect but it does look moderately better.

One final... project? task? ... tear the lower file drawer apart. Is there, really, any need to keep all the correspondence and info pamphlets? While I'm at the files, may as well add in the two small drawers out in my area. There's crap in them I know can be given the ol' heave-ho and never be missed.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 150pm
In the pursuit of wasting time at work, I present - Official Seal Generator. Gonna have fun playing with this... after the accounting is done. Ya, after... so I guess this -

- isn't really here... right?? Oh shut up, I'll get the damn books done sometime today.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006 at 1025pm
Came as close as I ever have tonight to planting my fist in hubby's face. Asked him what he wanted to do for Xmas dinner with my family since he volunteered us to host/cook this year. A spirited round of "No, I didn't" "Yes, you did" ensued, followed by the ever popular (and rage inducing) "I don't remember." Which is why I drive home after a get-together at my sister's. The kicker? Hubby didn't even want to do Xmas dinner this year (host/cook I mean) and thought the whole thing had been settled sometime in the summer. Would an all-woman jury find my guilty if I killed the stupid bastard??

Went to the first Remembrance Day service I've been to in years and hauled Squirmy along too. I remember why I don't go to public services now - first sound of bagpipes and I'm a soggy mess. The two saving graces were Taps was not played nor was Amazing Grace. Both songs invoke a severe emotional reaction in me.

Primary reason for going was to see Dad. He's become quite involved in the Legion and I thought it would be nice to support him in some small way. Once he found out we were there, he seemed quite pleased and I got a pic of him (all dressed up) and Squirmy.

I don't remember where I originally ran across this, but it was probably on another LJ -

I am nerdier than 96% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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Saturday, November 11, 2006
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Friday, November 10, 2006 at 1039pm
YES!!!YESYESYES!!!! In June (2207) Trafalga will be coming here! Totally psyched? You bet your ass!!!

Boss-man left Thursday, and the cleaning has begun! Tore apart the front closet and the one in the small room. Five bags of shredded recycling later and I'm satisfied with the results. Scored enough room in the small closet for the photo printer (thus getting rid of an eye-sore from the front office), put most of my office supplies out front with me (except the butt-load of paper) and generally freaked out on the big closet. Need a small shelving unit of some kind for the network crap as it's disorganized and an eyesore too.

Wasn't going to go 'white tornado' today but, bloody hell, was I bored this morning. Couldn't concentrate well enough to do the accounting and the letters were all done by nine. By ten-thirty, I was going insane. So... tackled the bookcase in the big room. Holy fucking hell!

A month or so ago, I asked Boss-man where the manual was for the little camera; he wasn't sure, probably at home. Wrongo! It was stuffed in the damn bookcase, along with other manual/info bits that should be in the bloody Equipment - Camera file! Also stuffed in the bookcase were ten years worth of Membership directories (now gone), the current directory he's been looking for and the updated By-laws we were hunting for the last two weeks. The books/magazines were also unorganized so that was fixed up too. Next up, the cabinet in the big room!

I have come to the conclusion there will be no move to larger digs. Nothing said one way or the other, but I honestly don't see Boss-man agreeing with any of the suggestions. So, if we're staying in the current location, then changes must be made. For starters, NO MORE PACK-RATTING!!!! Holy shit on a stick! I understand some things should be kept - for history, for legal purposes, for future use - but this crap does not need to be IN THE OFFICE AT ALL TIMES! Box it up and either store it at home or *gasp* the storage locker the office rents. For the love of every deity, we do not need to store three freaking unused camera bags in our limited space! And that film camera I found? SELL IT! We haven't used film in the office for how many years now??? And if I see the bonnet cutter in the other closet I'm going to freak out.

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Friday, November 10, 2006 at 1032pm
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Saturday, November 4, 2006 at 920pm
MasterCard, it seems, had a recent change in 'policy'. In addition to charging interest if you fail to pay your balance, they also charge interest from the date of purchase until the date they receive payment. Bwah? Sorry, but no. My Visa, currently, does not pull this bullshit, so take a hike MasterCard. I debated sending back what remains of my MasterCard, but why bother. If Visa starts doing the same, I'll go back to debit, cheques and cash.

The 'puter room is cleaned and reconfigured. Gained a fair bit of room, stomped out many dust bunnies and organized the bits and bobs in a more reasonable way.

New shelving unit works great for the new server. The original plan had both old and new servers on the unit (with two kb's, mice and monitors) but one monitor crapped out (farewell to thee, you've served me well) and with no KVM, the old server had to move. That freed up a goodly amount of space on the shelves, which was promptly put to good use. I have way too much stuff; it's time to sell or give it away.

Part of the new 'puter set up includes a new router (with built-in firewall) and a switch. The router routes perfectly and seems much faster than the old one. Setting it up was see-spot-run and the firmware upgrade went smoothly (waving the chickens probably helped, too). The switch though... well, it doesn't switch. Followed Tra's instructions to the letter, but no go; the router refuses to see it (or switch refuses to the see the router). Since the switch is also a router, I tried connecting using just it. Nope, sorry, no 'Net for me! I have to be fucking up a setting somewhere, just don't know where.

In the sheeting rain today, I discovered a problem with the deck. Yes, the one we just re-coated. At the base of the three support posts for the over-piece, water was leaking in. The coating around the posts was ballooned out, filled with water. Hubby drained as much water as he could, pushed out the collected water, drained that, dried it as best he could and set up has a plastic/tape rig on each post. That'll keep a good ninety-eight percent of the water out until we can caulk the shit out of the troughs.

Additionally, hubby had the honor of crawling around on the roof in the driving rain. It seems a wind storm a couple days ago blew a tree-full of crap into the gutters. The gutters were able to handle the light-ish rain the last day or so, but the heavy rain today was too much and the water couldn't be cleared fast enough. The waterfall over the side of the roof was pretty interesting.

And once again, my mother is ignoring my father. She's a bitch with sever mental issues, not to mention and obvious drinking problem (a bottle of wine a night? Yeah, that qualifies). He is the worlds biggest fucking masochist I've ever seen.

The reason, as fucked as it is yet again, for the silent treatment and the two-face act when any one comes over is thus: Mom helping Dad make the bed, small problem happens (sheet caught, wrong way around, something simple like that), Dad utters a couple choice words in a firm voice, Mom feels it was directed at her and that the words were 'yelled'. Oh for pete-fucking-sake! Is it any wonder I have issues with that idiot as a mother? Is it any fucking wonder that I spend as little time as possible interacting with her?

Fics read this week equals exactly zero. Oddly, I'm only going through a mild withdrawal this time. Must be too many other things on my mind and/or plate.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2006 at 813pm
For the past three days, I've been working on a cash-flow thingy for the office; where does the money go each month. It's... enlightening and frightening. Looking at the numbers, it makes me wonder how it is we're not running into the red. Almost twenty-six thousand a month is ridiculous, it really is. Granted, a tad over fourteen thousand is payroll, but still!

There are a couple of areas in which expenses could be reduced, such as 'Entertainment' (currently averaging eight hundred and fifty a month), but I forsee a battle to accomplish it. 'Outside Services' and the cell phones are a couple other areas and, of course, the catch-all 'Personal' accounts. The latter I haven't factored into the expense report yet but the one account should push the total waaaay up.

As the numbers stand now, expansion - either in the current building or a secondary office in another location - will not be possible. I think Big-D will have to tackle things alone for a bit; for us other to involve ourselves at this point would not be right.

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