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Saturday, September 30, 2006 at 954pm
Why, why had I not upgraded the central-vac before now? Praise-be to the deities all 'round; I love the central-vac! A light-weight thirty-foot hose means no dragging the heavy canister around, the power-head is lighter and the suction is great. Doing the stairs is no longer a back-breaking job and getting into small, cramped spaces (laundry room) is bloody breeze. The one bit I'm not thrilled with is the pole - it has those stupid locking push-button things. Minor annoyance, but I'll get used to it over time. Oh, and two of the outlets don't seal all the way but hubby things they'll be easy to fix.

His majesty is sick. Fever of ninety-nine point nine this morning and one-hundred point one tonight. Not a big surprise given that hubby and I have both had a go-around with colds and daycares are a loverly breeding ground for all kinds of bugs.

So the little sickie got spoiled today. He was so upset and disappointed he couldn't come with me (Chiro appointment means sucker and bakery stop) that I picked him up a dinosaur at the dollar store (along with Xmas stuff for his stocking) and his Daddy found a Thomas pillow/blanket set and the baby dinosaurs from this show Squirmy's been watching. Over-indulged? Probably, but it kept the little fella entertained and playing quietly, allowing mommy to go white-tornado on the laundry room.

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Friday, September 29, 2006 at 902pm
Hey lady, here's a concept for you: The World Does Not Revolve Around You!

Time is allocated for each procedure. That means if you are late, there is less time for your procedure, no matter what you say. Actually, much later and you would have been rescheduled; time is that tight. So when you're hustled along, why not close your yap and use your brain. If you were the one being forced to wait because the person ahead of you was a self-centered and rude annoying twit, would you be pleased? Didn't think so.

I do love the excuse for being thirty minutes late this afternoon - traffic. Well, duh! Not like that's suddenly new, or anything. Plan for it, moron. You got lucky that your appointment was at the end of the day. If it had been earlier in the afternoon, you would have been rescheduled.

By the way, the next time you take a cell phone call in the middle of your procedure, after forcing everyone to wait for you I will shove said phone up your rude ass!

And one more thing, honey. There are a very limited number of people who can do this work. You refuse to see one, don't sound so keen on going back to the first one, and I doubt you'd like the other. So why are you doing your very best to piss this one off? Lemme tell ya, you're close. Keep it up and you'll find no one wants to deal with you!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 828pm
After eight-and-a-half years in this house, I finally have a light in the laundry area *insert squeal*. It's a small thing but, gods, does it ever make a difference. Unfortunately, it also points out what a crappy cleaning job has been done in that area (oops).

And, after eight years, the central-vac will finally be used... after upgrading it a touch. The vac unit itself is fine, but the hose and attachments are crap. Well, not total crap, but about the only thing they're good for is cleaning out the garage. With no power-brush unit for the carpets, the central-vac is pretty useless. A hose upgrade, a couple new attachments, and the system will be usable once again. Of course, all that is going to eat my computer fund *sigh*. I didn't really want a DVD-RW, or a USB key, or the mobo, or the... crap, I did too.

Upgrading the central-vac wasn't the only money-sucking item this weekend. The weed wacker packed it in (after eight years, the sucker owed us nothing) so that had to be replaced. The new unit is fucking awesome! I can still snap the line of like nobody's business, but this baby has power! Hence why there are a few bared-to-the-dirt patches on grass (shhhhh, hubby hasn't seen them yet).

Also picked up a hedge trimmer, cordless at hubby's insistence.. Borrowing my parents is cost-effective, but bloody inconvenient, but we really needed one of our own. Haven't tried that baby out yet and I'm looking forward to it. Entertaining bets on how long until I remove a body part with it.

Started cleaning up the garage too. The nasty habit of "open door, toss crap in" has got to stop. The growth of the to-the-dump pile is exceeded only by the toss-in-the-garbage pile. We, hubby and I, are a couple of pack-rats extraordinaire. Can any one tell me why the following items need to be kept: a broken toilet seat; two dead TV's; styrofoam pieces; a car bike rack that hasn't fit a car we've owned in ten years; and, two dozen empty wine bottles. *rolls eyes*

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riday, September 22, 2006 at 1011pm
Fics read 9/18 - 9/22

Sentinel - Faith Shines Equal and Hope Creates  by Charlotte Frost
PotC - Bill's Ghost  by Creed Cascade and TJ
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PotC - (The) Rescue  by Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
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PotC - (The) Long Way Around  by Vesta
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  Ties That Bind
Friday, September 22, 2006 at 151pm
Look, woman-with-a-name-the-same-as-a-climbing-vine, what is so difficult to grasp about this concept? The price for Patient A's [device] is more than it is for Patient B because it takes more work (extra fitting session) to fit Patient A with a [device] than it does Patient B. In short - more work = higher price.

I do not know why the other [same-type-of-device maker] only has one price. For one, we are not them and are not privy to how they run their business. For another, they may have another price but you have not seen it yet. The higher price type of [device] is not as common as the other.

Also, we are not [different-type-of-device maker, but within the broad category of devices] either. I don't know how your [Provincial Agency] arranged things with them, or why there is only one price with them, but it's not the same with us.

And for fucks sake! Will you shut the hell up? You talk at five-hundred miles an hour with a heavy [Asian] accent and it's a) very hard to understand you sometimes and b) harder to get a word in around your wind-creating jaw flapping at its hinges!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 842pm
Two-and-a-half hours. That's how long it took to 'tech' the parent's computer on the phone last night.

Thunderbird decided to blow up and 'lose' their profile. I gather it's not an uncommon happenstance. But what should have been a fifteen to twenty minute fix turned into over two hours. Two 'default' accounts, one account for the old dial-up, one account for the high-speed and needed sub-folders scattered between the four. Trying to locate everything, open/close profiles, copy/paste and generally kick TB into creating a new profile was - while painful - relatively straight forward once I remembered the sequence of things.

And thank the gods it was Dad I was dealing with. A couple times I know I got snarky (more at the program and myself, but the 'tone' crept into my voice) and if it'd been Mom on the other end of the phone, we both would have lost our cool. Dad, however, just took it all in stride and was amazingly patient.

Dear Squirmy had me in stitches yesterday. Sitting in bed, reading the nightly stories, I noticed his hand stuffed down the front of his jammies. Don't need to be a genius to figure out what he was doing. I asked him "Whatcha doin'?" With a guilty look on his face, he pulled his hand out. Not wanting to him to think he was doing something wrong, I asked him if he was saying goodnight to his weenie. That got a smile and a nod, so I leaned over and said "Goodnight, weenie." He thought it was cute. Not two minutes later his hand is back in his jammie pants, but this time he hauls the toolbox out and has weenie say "Goodnight, mommy." I lost it, totally. Practically fell off the bed I was laughing so hard.

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Monday, September 18, 2006 at 257pm
And the phrase of the week, with Squirmy, is "Please keep your weenie in your pants."

A certain small boy has discovered that when he plays with his weenie it gets big. I really don't have a problem with it as body exploration is part of growing up. That said, ones body should not be explored in public. As in sitting in the stroller, one hand holding pants and pull-up down, a small, firm weenie being played with by the other hand. First time I caught this peep-show, it was so damn hard not to laugh. Hubby was not impressed.

Toilet-training is really starting to go well. Last week, at daycare, Squirmy had a couple totally dry days. And both Saturday and Sunday he woke up dry. I think the extra pull-ups I bought yesterday will be unneeded.

I'm slowly discovering the power of CSS. Haven't done any real web-page-coding learning in a couple years (hey, what I know worked for what needed to be done) but I bumped into a site talking about site-creation using minimal HTML coding and relying on CSS for structural work. Damn, I'm impressed. Having worked with some CSS before, I could understand the basics of how to write it but I've never seen CSS used for anything more than what amounts to prettifying a page. Rollovers, tabs, even tables! Sure keeps the HTML pages a helluva lot cleaner and easy to follow.

And I so love changing a formatting issue and having the change reflected on all the pages! The work required to reformat all HTML pages in a site is a big reason the GW site has never been altered. If I feel adventurous, I may tackle that huge beast.

But not until work-related sites are 'refreshed'. The basics for the work site are done and sitting in a testing area awaiting a clear head and good eyes to catch any mistakes. An associated group has been completely redone and posted. Not like anyone will notice or care, but playing with that site gives me good practice. Besides, it's not like the group is being charged for any of the work.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 912pm
Fall is here. How do I know? My head feels wrapped in a blanket and the 'river slick' is running down the back of my throat. Oh joy, please kill me now.

Monday was a day from hell in terms of travel to/from work. A switch problem delayed the morning train - no biggie, but it should have served as a warning.

Going home, I missed the right bus by seconds. I think the damn driver, new since the beginning of the month, is running early. So as nice as it was to ride home with Vicious, I was pissed about being on the later train. And as we're sitting in the station waiting for the departure time to click around, there's an announcement about a gas leak down the line, and we'll be delayed leaving. Crap! If that train doesn't leave on time, then I can't get Squirmy before daycare closes.

Call hubby's cell... which is still disconnected thanks to the fucking morons in Toronto. I don't have a number for the main office, of course, so Vicious has her hubby look up the number on the 'net. And that number is for the other building on the compound - there is no public number for the building hubby works in. Convince the gal on the phone to page hubby who says he'll go pick up Squirmy, take him back to work and bring him home when I get there.

Meanwhile, after I discovered the cell phone was still out-of-service, I'd called SiL but only got the answering machine. Of course, I don't have their cell numbers in my book. Devil-girl calls back saying SiL is on her way to pick up Squirmy. Hooray, family reunion time in the parking lot.

By then it's nearly five-thirty - forty minutes after the train should have left. The gas leak has finally been dealt with, but we can't go until the gas dissipates and who knows how long that will take. Conductor informs us that "for those in the Tri-Cities, there are buses that will take us." Great for me, not for Vicious; she'll come to my house and have her hubby pick her up there. So off we go, joining the crowd trooping up the stairs. Thankfully, we took the stairs since a crowd of morons decided to jam the elevator by loading too many people on it. After all, those maximum load signs are just there for show, aren't they?

Line for the bus is two blocks long. We watch as the first bus is loaded, pulls out and we move down the block, presumably to load the next bus. But wait! The trains are running again! So back through the station and back on the train.

I got home at six-thirty; half-an-hour after daycare closes and an hour after my latest arrival should be. Wonderful, just wonderful.

Tuesday, apart from a sore throat, started out okay. Worked on a new design for the company web site, discussed a few points with Boss-Man and may have kick-started the guys into the graphic reworking they started nearly a year ago. E-mail was acting like a spoiled bitch, but it does that occasionally and is no big deal.

Just after lunch, Boss-Man wonders why his e-mail isn't working. Check mine, same problem. Try the webmail access but taking way too long to connect. Go back to minor fiddles with web pages and try to upload to the testing folder, but FTP is not connecting. Coupled with e-mail probs, especially since I'd been accessing the FTP in the morning, this is mighty suspicious. Try the main address in the browser and am told, basically, that particular domain does not exist. Say what?

Try PE, since it uses the same hosting company, but it doesn't exist either. Ping Plotter tells me to go to hell (in it's own nice way) and another Traceroute informs me those particular IP blocks have ceased to exist. Even the main site for the hosting company is not pulling up or existing. Time to call. Which I do, and sit on hold for the next two-and-a-half hours. And, as I progress up the queue ("you are now caller four") the hold time gets longer. When I reached caller two a the two hour mark, it was an estimated one-hundred-and-forty-five minutes. Nice, not.

Did get through this morning and was told certain subnets at the hosting company were under a DoS attack. Some subnets were accessible, so were not. So while PE was back up and running last night, the company site was down until early this afternoon. Boss-Man was not pleased, but what could anyone do? Suck it up, honey.

The electronic manual is all but completed. Still adding a few bits here and there, but as it stands the thing is usable. In fact, I've had to use the sucker twice already and it's slick.

One of the uses was to check Admin functions on the Dr/Cr machine. Yup, the stupid fucker is still NOT working right. Had our phone guys come out and check the line - nothing wrong with it, as I suspected. Going to try a couple things tomorrow, but if they don't work or the machine continues to act-up, Tech Support will be getting yet another phone call.

The deck looks good, but not great. There are a couple areas that may be problems, but we can't do anything about them right now. The deck will survive the winter and shouldn't leak so the bits will have to wait until spring.

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And lastly, a couple of bitches:
  • Your bill is under twenty dollars; don't expect me to be able to break a damn hundred!
  • When you leave a voice message, taking the time to spell out your ridiculously simple name, don't spit out your phone number at warp speed! Three replays and still wasn't sure what you said.
  • A phone number has seven digits in it (ten if you include the area code). What the hell am I supposed to do with the thirteen-digit idiocy you left on the voice mail?
  • Deciding between a morning or afternoon appointment does not require ten minutes. Period.
  • Who the hell calls a business at three in the morning on a Sunday??? Thank you for leaving a coherent voice message, though. That was appreciated.
  • Yes, the [device] will have to replaced at some point. If you say you read the brochure, why are you so surprised when I say this?
  • Hey, asshole, send me the damn money! You cheap, lying son-of-a-bitch.

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Friday, September 8, 2006 at 1012pm
Fics Read 9/05 - 9/08

Sentinel - Guidelines - Power Play  by litgal (pts 1-15, tbc)
Sentinel - Finding Home  by litgal
Sentinel - Hunting in Mecca  by litgal
Sentinel - Paths That Wind  by Charlotte Frost
Wednesday, September 6, 2006 at 924pm
Saturday - buy supplies, cut plywood to fit holes.

Sunday - finish cutting plywood. Apply rubber fill-it to joints and various holes (three applications required). Prime bare plywood.

Monday - morning, sweep/vacuum deck, goop railing and awning deck joins with deck paint and roll out first coating. Late afternoon, second application of deck paint.

Doesn't sound so bad when written out like this, does it?

Four sheets of 5/8" plywood were required. Trying to find four sheets in decent condition was a twenty minute job. Hubby and I went through two stacks, tossing sheets that were cracked through more than one layer and rejecting sheets with obvious other defects and/or warps. Squirmy pretended he was a piece of wood and sat on cart. The store only had five buckets of the deck paint in Desert Sand; we needed eight by hubby's calculations. Bought the five, plus the wood, brushes, roller, brackets, screws, primer, etc. Visa card went into melt-down when the bill topped seven-hundred and twenty dollars. The deck paint alone was eighty-one (plus tax and eco fee) per bucket. Ouch. Found three more buckets of paint at another location, bought them and the poor Visa card complained bitterly.

While hubby cut the plywood, I cleaned the holes, carted chairs/toys/etc off the deck. Squirmy helped, sort of.

Filling the joints/holes using the rubber fill-it compound is much like doing drywall. Only the compound smells way better than the plaster. Time consuming, dirty, and hot work. We had purchased two smaller cans and one larger thinking that would be more than enough, probably be returning one of the smaller cans. I ended up racing down to the store Saturday night to buy another small can.

Squirmy wanted to help (of course) so hubby decided he could assist me with priming the bare plywood. Didn't work out too bad, though we both ended up wearing more paint than anticipated. And, thankfully, Squirmy lost interest after twenty minutes.

Despite how much he wanted to, Squirmy, did not help with the deck paint. I went ahead of hubby, gooping the paint onto the joins and hard to reach edges/corners. The paint smelled great and hubby joked about seeking help for my 'chemical addictions'. First coat was left to dry five hours and then the whole procedure was done again. Of course, no home project is ever perfect - a moth landed on the drying paint and managed to chew up a small patch of paint; some other flying bug got stuck and the paint was drying so fast as it was being rolled out that there's a rather noticeable seam-line in one spot. The bug areas can be fixed, the seam... *blows raspberry*

Through all the work, Squirmy was left to his own devices for hours on end. While he wasn't always pleased, he did manage to entertain himself and not get into mischief. The two worst things he did? Climbed onto my spinning/rolling computer chair, stood on the desk and got his 'under repair' train off the top of the hutch. The other was moving a kitchen chair so he could reach the chocolate eggs, which he ate six of. Big deal. It's not like he was drawing on the walls, gargling bleach or playing house with the Advil (something did, only with baby aspirin). Mr. Squirmy is a damn fine kid.

Of course, I went to work on Tuesday for a rest. Or so I thought. Seems I'd been neglecting doctor reports for the month of August. Between writing letters, grabbing Boss-man to sign them, answering the phones and assisting with patients, there was no real rest to speak of.

And today, it was discovered that the Dues notices for the Canadian group had not been sent out in August, nor had the address info been updated and our regular monthly letters had not been done yet. Arg!! I'm hoping tomorrow, which is light on patients, won't be as hectic.

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Friday, September 1, 2006 at 1039pm
Oh lookie! I can stand on the deck and wave to the shit piled up in the garage! 060901_deck1_hole.jpg

Thankfully, that's the only really bad spot. The area I thought would be bad (as in "don't step hard or you'll go through") looked like shit -

060901_deck3.jpg 060901_deck4.jpg 060901_deck5.jpg 060901_deck6.jpg

- but the boards underneath are rock solid. Go figure. But it's gonna be a helluva job fixing this. Almost makes me wish I'd opted to have hubby do a full replace. But that's just not in the budget if we want to do the bathroom too. And, if we keep a close watch on the deck and jump on anything that looks suspicious AND do a recoat next year (and then every two years), the deck should stay healthy for quite awhile.

BC Ferries and their pay parking can kiss my ass. Boat was late coming in today, so I thought I'd pop the car in the pick-up lot for the maybe ten minutes I'd need parking and meet MiL and Squirmy in the terminal. But BC Ferries doesn't offer short-term time; thirty minutes is the shortest offered, for one dollar. No way in hell I was paying that much for a third of the time. So stupid.

Really stupid is ICBC. Renewal time again (less than I'd budgeted for so, Yay!), both hubby and I are down as registered owners with hubby as the principle driver. This year, there's a small change to make to the coverage, one that drops us down on very small notch on the scale. But, even though either hubby or I can renew (with no changes) or bump up the insurance without the other registered owner present to sign, 'downgrading' (as they call it) requires both registered owners to be present. What a pain-in-the-ass and ridiculous. Hit an Autoplan agent when hubby finished work, and I'd like to give him a huge round of applause, a hug and a heart-felt thank you. We arrived just as he was closing up but he took us in anyway. I did offer to come back tomorrow, but he wouldn't hear of it. Buddy, I haven't been loyal to an Autoplan broker before, but I will be now. And I'll be talking to you in February about the house insurance.

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