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Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 801pm
Squirmy is coming home tomorrow after spending the week at the iL's. Sounds like he's been having a blast - feeding horses apples, patting goats, riding on trains, helping Papa with his trains... the list is long.

A couple things tick me off though, food-specific things. At home, he won't touch lamb, steak, fish, carrots, tomatoes; one guess what the little bugger has been eating all week. How? Why? *brains leak out ears* I just don't understand (the universal cry of parents everywhere I'm sure).

Hubby has finally (*GASP*) started working on the deck (*DOUBLE GASP*). His plan is - find the bad spots, pick off as much as possible, wash deck, cut out bad spots, replace those spots, fill, repaint with deck-stuff. I suggested power-washing first, but that got nixed as it would make everything too wet. So his majesty started picking and hammering at bad spots - one of which goes clear through both layers and allows us to see the garage floor from the deck. Time, now, to wash. His plan? Scrub it by hand so as to better control where the water goes and keep it off the exposed areas. A few facts are needed now - the deck is 685 square feet, it hasn't been washed in two years, it collects algae worse than a pool with no chlorine and is positively filthy. The first year in the house, I did the sucker by hand. It had previously been cleaned the summer before, kept cleanish throughout the selling period and it still took me eight hours to do (which is why I bought the power-washer the next spring). Hubby started on the walkway - a small, pretty clean area - and lasted all of forty minutes before cursing, grumbling and breaking out the power-washer. I really had to bite my tongue last night and not dance around chanting "I told you so".

Tonight is cut-out-the-bad-parts time. I'm inside, making sacrifices to any deities I can think of there will be no blood spilt. Hubby, with a circular saw, a chisel and a now-broken hammer. *shudder*

A couple weeks ago, the over-the-stove fan bit the dust. Not unexpected since the thing was probably just a year or two younger than God. Hubby's plan - replace the motor part only. Riiight, not gonna happen, dearie, no matter how much you want to find it. A new unit was purchased and, after much cursing at the screwy way the house is wired and the mickey-mouse way the old one was installed, the new unit was installed and works like a hot-damn.

For the first time, I got to use one of those self-check-out things at Home Depot. After months of reading, on Customers_Suck, about the thousands of people that can't grasp their usage, I was a little wary about trying one. My conclusion is the people written about on C_S are morons of the highest degree. Damn, but the self-checks are seriously easy to use. The range fan was large and had to be dealt with by a cs-person and someone had to come over to check my credit card against my ID, but man, what a breeze to use.

And speaking of credit cards, hubby is currently without one. Someone got hold of his number and expiry date, manually punched it into a machine and charged ten dollars. This happened, according to the RBC Visa Centre, in Camrose, Alberta. Hubby's new credit card should arrive next week.

The DB/CR machine is still not acting right, which leads me to wonder if there's something wrong with the phone line. I'd called our phone guys Monday and was told someone would be out Tuesday. I assumed Tuesday of this week but, as it's Thursday and no one has shown up yet, maybe he meant Tuesday next week? Something else to do tomorrow.

The electronic help manual for work continues to grow. Since parts can be linked and it'll go online like a browser, I'm tossing everything into it. And I finally figured out what the hell the .hab files are - the automatic save files. Which is good, since I screwed up today and the program crashed itself. It's a memory pig and I had too many other things open, causing a loverly 'stream error' when trying to re-open the file. Apparently one can 'restore' by renaming the .hab files until a usable one is found. Something to try tomorrow.

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Friday, August 25, 2006 at 1003pm
I swear to all deities listening, I will kick that fucking machine out the window and laugh as it shatters on the concrete below!

Dialing... Redialing... Connecting... Redialing... Redialing... Reconnecting... Processing... Or my particular favorite - No Host Available. There is no way - no fucking way! - it should take ten bloody minutes to process a damn credit card or debit card! One guess as to who I will be calling first thing Monday morning.

Phase I of the online manual is nearly complete. Just some minor formatting issues to clear up and a couple hyperlinks to check and it should be ready to roll. Phase II is to add the General Office manual. Should be loads of fun *rolls eyes*

Squirmy is off to stay with the IL's Sunday. Daycare is closed next week and MiL sees that as the perfect opportunity to have Squirmy come over. FiL is really looking forward to having his grandson visit.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2006 at 925pm
*insert undignified squeal* Gale Harold is in a new series - Vanished. Have to give this series a shot; it was created by Josh Berman (CSI) so there's potential. And, of course, Gale Harold. Gods, he does 'intense' soooo deliciously.

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Friday, August 18, 2006 at 1012pm
The debit/credit machine came this close to being punted out the window.

Tuesday (first day it was used this week), it wouldn't do end-of-day procedures. No biggie, sometimes the lines are busy. Wednesday morning, couldn't force the previous night's end-of-day so it was left to combine Tuesday and Wednesday. Forget it. Meanwhile, it was still processing cards - not always on the first shot, but it wasn't too bad.

Welcome to Thursday. Spent the first hour of the day running through every Admin code I could. Nada. Time to call the tech line. First gal opted to replace the unit instead of troubleshooting. Since the new unit would arrive within four hours, what the hell. And while talking to her, I forced the machine into a download so it looked like it was working. Hahaha. So the unit was replaced, installer set it up, declared it working and left. The next transaction took three tries before it went through. And, of course, end-of-day didn't happen again.

Today was do-or-punt day. Started of on the tech line first thing again and got James, who was absolutely stumped as to why I got repeated Comm Error and Logon Failed responses. He worked with me for almost two hours. According to him, and his 'tech', since they could call into the unit the problem had to be with the phone line(s) in the office. Fair enough and now I had the appropriate info to pass to our phone guys.

And since they were not available, Boss-man and I played tech and tested the lines ourselves. We can do the basics such as determining that the line can be called out on using another phone, check the connections in the KSU. Guess what? No problems with the line. Call unit techs again and get Abdul. Who also can't understand what the hell is going on. After a few tests didn't work, he declared the modem in the unit faulty and put in an order for a new unit (to arrive Monday).

Five minutes after hanging up, Abdul calls back. Said he was looking at [something] and it was showing a different pin-pad serial number than what we currently show as being hooked up. Physical check of the pin-pad and the number on it matches the file. Admin function check in the unit and the serial number matches there too. Now Abdul is stumped and frustrated (join the club, buddy). Then something catches his eye, niggles his brain... the network ID. For the network we're on, and dialing into, the network ID should be [number 1] but we're showing [number 2]. Clear that, redownload and force end-of-day. The angels sang, the frogs croaked - the damn thing worked.

Being the paranoid person I am, every twenty minutes I'd do a line check to see if everything was holding. No sweat, and end-of-day went without a hitch.

Make the office manual online. Sounded easy enough, and it kinda is. But, holy crap, there is a lot of fucking information in that book! Knew it, but didn't realize how much (and how finicky each agency is) until it had to be split up for making a Windows-style help file.

Once I figured out the program (Monday/Tuesday) it's was just a matter of cut-and-paste, creating chapters and topics and playing with graphics. This sucker is gonna be HUGE! Seriously considering splitting Agency Procedures and Program Operations sections - make two help files instead of one. Except that would blow the cross-referencing to hell. *sigh*

Discovered the laptop doesn't have USB 2.0 so I have to pick up a PCMCI card if I want to use the thumb drive or the portable DVD unit. Which I do, since this laptop is acting as my office backup. A-Power has a four-port or a two-port USB/two-port Firewire. Firewire might be handy to have at some point.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 933pm
The patients that come through an ER can teach a doctor many things besides medicine. For a loverly slice of Customers_Suck, doctor-style, pop over to Things I Learn From My Patients.

Here's a direct quote because it's relevant to my work - "If you are going to get into a fight, and have a prosthetic eye, make sure you take it out first.....and, for safe keeping, shove it up your vagina.....the, realize that you cannot get it out and go to the ED for removal (happened to one of the guys in my residency)." posted by EMIMG I am soooooo telling Boss-Man about this one tomorrow!

Oh dear god... some of these stories... "Also, after inserting a toilet brush wrapped in duct tape and saran wrap into your rectum (23 y/o male) and having the handle break off (DOH!), have your mother drive you to the ED.... it always makes for good conversation in the car!" posted by tRmedic21 Or this one... "If your ass is sore from lots of diarrhea, turpentine can be quite soothing to your anal sphincter." posted by mikecwru

Something I learned yesterday - when designing forms and using commands that will globally affect the data, do not use the live DB as the testing ground. File this one under 'DUH!'.

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Monday, August 7, 2006 at 843pm
Four heaping, over-flowing loads to the dump later and the yard looks so open I can hardly believe it. Really incredible the difference cutting back a few trees will make.

Do all kids go through a phase where everyone and everything has to have a mommy and daddy? At the train station this morning, Squirmy discovered a great looking Daddy long-leg spider. First thing he asked (after "what is it?") was "Where's the mommy spider?" The other day, with a beetle this time, Squirmy determined the beetle in question was the mommy and promptly went searching through the dirt in the flower-bed for the daddy beetle.

And it's not limited to bugs - flowers, rocks, leaves, broken nut shells found in the back yard... everything.

Is this a product of the fact Squirmy has a mommy and daddy and, therefore, everything else must too? If Squirmy were in a single-parent family, would it be different and the non-dominant parent simply not be thought of? I must try to find some child psychology books or web sites.

Thomas-track was strewn around Squirmy's room today and, getting tired of tripping over it, Mommy requested a quick cleaning job of Mr. Squirmy. Cheerfully and without complaint, he started putting the track away; I left the room, returning to my own chores. Hubby walked by Squirmy's room, saw him picking up track... then stop and stare at said track. Hubby said he could almost see the imagination at work. The track was hastily dumped out (again!) and Squirmy immediately started hooking it all up, creating yet another configuration. Trains were put on the track and for an hour Squirmy acted out one of the Thomas shows he'd seen the night before. Wow.

The database has been tweaked, primped and twiddled to death this long weekend. Finally figured out how to combine two forms into one, though it's not perfect and will take some live use to see if it will really work the way I want. Next up is a refinement of the Doctor section and a new section for altering callback and letter sent areas. The latter will probably take some serious reading and testing as I'm not quite up to speed with EEP's.

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Saturday, August 5, 2006 at 945pm
I know I'm not a member any more, however I have 'discussed' the web site with you before. So why the hell are you asking L1 "how to make changes to the *** web site"? Jesus-H-Christ! I hope he tells you to e-mail me. No, I take that back - I hope you hire someone to do the work, because right now I'm rather pissed and would like to shove the entire site up the collective ass of the Society. When I was a member, I spent a fair bit of time trying to get people interested in the site, contribute or at least suggest what they'd like to see on it. What was the response? Nada, zip, nothing! The Society has someone willing to do any work the group wants - for nothing! - and I don't think you 'get it', I really don't.

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Saturday, August 5, 2006 at 932pm
My arms are scratched, gouged and are sporting a most attractive rash. The reason? It was tree hacking day around here. Nothing major had been done in the last six years and, dear god, it showed. The two big evergreens in the back yard had branches nearly touching the porch. The parts hacked off those suckers were up to ten inches around, and way too long to fit in the trailer. (Thank the stars we still have the camping trailer here!)

The side evergreens - on the neighbours property but hanging into our yard, over our roof and clogging up the gutters - were badly over-grown. I can now see the sky when standing on the ground and looking up. And the driveway... gods, what a difference!

And it's from the trees in the driveway area I obtained the loverly rash. Cedars and bare skin are not a good combination. But there was no freaking way I was wearing long sleeves outside today in the heat. Looking like a diseased idiot for a few days is better than dropping from overheating.

To get at the high stuff, we rented a chainsaw on a stick. I've seen gardeners and landscape-type people using then and the contraption didn't look to hard to handle so how hard could it be to use one? Famous last words. Hubby brought our rental home and promptly declared - "you are not using this." I could lift it, but lift, hold up and operate? Not in this lifetime! Just as well since I probably would have removed something vital from my own body or, worse, hubby's.

Some branches just could not be reached. The stick extended only so far (and became really unwieldy when out full) and using it while standing on a ladder was expressly forbidden. I borrowed Mr. Fix-it's hedge trimmers so hubby could climb onto the roof and trim the trees back from the gutters.

Needless to say, hubby and I are exhausted this evening. There's two, maybe three, more loads to take to the transfer station tomorrow morning... if we can get out of bed.

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Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 937pm
Where are all the Daddies in Squirmy's library books? Much like nearly all Disney movies have no Mommies (they're gone or killed), the last two batches of books from the library have no Daddies. There's a Mommy Polar Bear and two cubs, Mommy Cat with eight kittens, Mommy bird with six chicks... but no Daddies. And Squirmy notices. Every page he asked "Where's the Daddy?" When the standard answers - "He's at work" or "He's getting [insert food type]" - got too boring, the explanation was jazzed up to be "He's inside that house watching football" or "He's down at the lumber yard buying nails."

Sometimes I amaze myself. Picked up a new Scheduling program that should make scheduling around two guys and two rooms much easier. But along with that, I lose the Rolodex (Contacts) feature of the old Scheduler. No problem, just find a new Rolodex program. *snorts* The free or under fifty-dollar ones stink in a variety of ways and after trying a couple dozen out, I was some kind of pissed off. And pissed off led to, yet again, a great epiphany - make your own, stupid woman! Why the hell not? I've got Rbase already, just need to make another application with the tables, forms and (if needed) reports for a Rolodex-like application.

It took some playing, reading and general cursing, but it's done. And I've learned a little more about EEP's and other general DB commands. The more I use Rbase, the more I like it. Sure, the help files could use some improvement (and the samples are pitiful) but it's not that hard (if you're patient and have a basic understanding of terminology) to figure the different bits out. Now I have the creation bug; I want to make more applications... muhahahaha.

Here's a new one for me, and after eighteen years in this business I thought I'd heard just about everything. Woman calls, very hesitant and unsure; said she found a 'glass eye' on the beach. It scared the hell out of her, finding it the way she did. She wants to know if there's some way to trace the eye back to its owner. I ask if there's a series of numbers on the <device>, thinking a) if there isn't there is no way in hell to trace the owner and b) even if there are, it's probably not one of ours. Lo and behold there are numbers and they match up with one of my patients! HOLY SHIT! I get contact info from the lady - who is grateful the owner could be found and amazed by the device itself - and set about contacting the eye's owner. After four phone number changes, I hope I left a message for the right person. I do find it odd that someone could lose the <device>p; and not call to come in for a new one.

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