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Friday, June 30, 2006 at 1039
You think you're being funny, but you're not. "Okay, I'll listen to the bitch" was not appropriate at all. You fucked up your computer by installing two programs I've told you time and time again NOT to use. Yes, they're 'big name' programs with a long history of, supposedly, being good. They're not, as I've repeatedly tried to tell you. When techs, who work on all levels of computer systems, state flat-out that these programs are known to cause problems (despite what the parent company might say) then perhaps these techs should be listened to.

Well you can just take your computer back to Staples (*shudder*) and let them fix it, again. After the comment you made, even if your wife begs, I am not touching your computer. Your repeated snark and general unfunny and uncalled for words have done you in. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

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Friday, June 30, 2006 at 1010pm
It takes next to nothing to thrill a small child. A bus and train ride and one small boy is happier than a pig in shit. Toss in an algae sponge and the day has been made.

I'm at a loss of what to do or do with myself. Fanfic is losing it's shine, site work is causing a 'meh' reaction. Site-wise, there's a bunch of new things I'd like to try but I can't concentrate long enough to read the tutorials. And while I can come up with a decent design concept for the work site, I don't appear to be able to sit and work on it. Lack of motivation, that's the phrase I'm looking for. Wonder how long this will take to pass.

Going to hit CNL tomorrow. There's a sale on all anime and manga *drool* and I've got a few bucks left from my bonus. I really want the rest of the Gatchaman discs.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 1007pm
Editorial piece in the paper today regarding cell phones in classrooms (all levels of education). For obvious reasons, the teacher was against having cell phones turned on during class time. From the article (by John Martin) "According to a report in the Student Monitor, over ninety percent of students have cell-phone and typically spend more for cell service than they do on textbooks each semester."

I remember the cost of my textbooks twenty years ago and I know they've increased in price substantially. Spending more on cell service than on textbooks is fucking crazy.

Also from the article - "A recent study conducted at the University of North Texas warned that students might suffer anxiety if deprived of their technologies. Unable to check e-mail and stay connected, students become anxious and unable to concentrate on the classroom material."

Pardon me? A typical high school class is about an hour long (ninety minutes for some). College/University classes can sometimes run two to three hours, however most give one to two breaks. If someone cannot be 'deprived' of their 'technologies' for that short period of time, then there is a serious problem with that person.

I'm a computer/Inet addict, I admit that and acknowledge I have a problem. Keeping me away from a computer with Inet access for a day makes me a tad on the anxious side. No access for a couple days, and I'm starting to lose a bit of my sanity. Point is, I can go HOURS without my 'technologies', even with my addiction. Not being able to handle an hour so... get some fucking help!

I'd like to know how these uber-addicted people are going to make it the real world. What happens in a business meeting? Those things can drag for far longer than a class can. Will they be checking e-mail, text messages, taking calls during meetings? What if the person is in the service industry? Will they make customer/guest wait while they check e-mail or answer their cell?

In short, suck it up and turn off your damn cell-phone once in a while. You won't die. Though, if you do, the overall gene-pool will be better off.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 955pm
In the middle of 'cuddle time' tonight, Sir Squirmy says "I sick. Bees in my tummy." then proceeds to lean over the side of the bed and pretend to puke. WTF? When I ask what he's doing, he rubs his tummy and says "Bees in 'der." and giggles like it's the most hilarious thing he's ever said/heard. This had to have come from school, probably a out of a book. It's cute but seriously made me go WTF.

Someone has a heat rash, care to guess who? Yeah, the small boy that's who. Such a surprise - NOT. So tonight mommy laid down the law: no bed socks and no comforter. Made for a good fuss right at bedtime.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 1017pm
on't care about the consequences, I'm doing a damn snow dance and putting everything into it!

I hate summer. Despise and detest it. Anything above eighteen C is nasty. And, of course, today was low twenties and tomorrow *sob*... tomorrow is supposed to be in the low thirties. Oh dear god, please kill me now; if I have to be hot and sticky, with the energy sapped out of me, I don't want to live. Just to top the heat off, none of the outdoor or wading pools are open yet. What kind of shit is that?

Bought some water guns yesterday. Yeah, yeah, kids shouldn't have guns of any kind. Idiots who tell me that get a water gun up their ass... and it ain't water that's in it. Anyway, Squirmy loved 'em and thought it was too cool to 'get mommy'. And water guns make watering the garden really fun. It takes awhile, a long while, but what else is there to do when it's hot and there's no car available.

Ah, the car. We're pretty bad getting the recommended servicing done. Which explains why the bill was nearly as much as my tax refund. So much for that money.

Some one explain to me how a child, who is less than a quarter of my body-weight, can put out so much farking heat. Squirmy joined me on the couch this afternoon and I nearly died from the heat radiating off his small body. It was like having a heating blanket placed on me and cranked up to seven.

I have to wonder if he feels the heat. It's grossly hot inside the house, just the same in his room despite the fan, and yet Squirmy insists on 'bed socks' and long jammie pants and his blanket! I melt just looking at him. Is this normal for kids?

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Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 914pm
Cotton balls, or 'fluffies', can occupy a small child for a very long time. They're mice in search of their mommy, toys for a stuffed dog, and they are great for giving 'fluffy baths'. Why do I buy toys when the bathroom and kitchen are full of free 'toys'?

Foamy the Squirrel is at it again with Words & Phrases. Oh great Foamy, thou art my god. And, apparently, my hubby also worships at your Altar of Rantness.

Thirty-six pages is the last count for the accounting software section in the office manual. OMFG. Best part is, it's not complete. Please shoot me.

I've had my share of BSoD's. I can deal with them (nicely or in a ranty blue-language way) on the desktops, but on the laptop... Deities! Thankfully Little-T still lives, but I have to plow through the error logs to see what the hell happened. Really come to enjoy this little sucker and losing him would be tragic times ten.

While talking about 'puters, what the hell is up with Dell? Gal I have coffee with in the morning has had to send her keyboard back three times in the last fifteen months because the letters wore off the keys. The fourth time the letters disappeared, Dell refused to replace the keyboard. What the hell are Dell putting the letters on with, felt pen? We both have keyboards that are, minimum, ten years old, have been used and abused and their letters are still plainly visible, showing no signs of 'wear' (sure the keys are getting a touch smooth, but the letters are still fine). And to not replace obviously defective and shoddy product? I will own a Dell when hell has frozen over!

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Monday, June 19, 2006 at 944pm
Lab-boy has returned! Jaw surgery went well, though he's still looking a bit bruised and swollen in some spots and he's got a loverly conjunctival bleed. Not working with patients just yet, and I doubt he will be this week, but he's looking good.

Shopping with Vicious on the weekend was, as expected, loads of fun. Hit the Value Village out her way (we just discovered there's a new one my way, so that's next trip). Clothes were found and many laughs were had. A high number laughs were over 'sizing', or the total lack thereof. Used to be, in the olden days, if you wore an eight or a ten, you wore an eight or a ten. Today, those same sizes depends upon a) where the garment was manufactured b) elastic waist or button-up c) stretch or non-stretch fabric d) no discernible reason whatsoever. At least we found something wearable.

It's June, so when the weather forecaster(s) say "light winds" and temps around twenty, one does not expect a nearly gale-force, cold wind. Sure, it might have been around twenty or twenty-two today, but it sure didn't feel like it. Nor does one, when it's blowing like that, expect to be eating lunch outside! Sorry, but I don't like to sit on my lunch to keep it on the table. Yes, it was 'nice' out, but it sure as shootin' was not patio dining weather.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 925pm
Hard to believe a certain small boy will be three on Monday. Damn, where have those years gone? So what's happened in that time?

I haven't written a damn thing since first depression sapped me of the will to do anything, then drugs evened me out too well. Plus entertaining and caring for a baby/toddler is time consuming and draining.

The deck has deteriorated more and we're just this year in a financial position to (hopefully) do something about it.

The main bedroom - with the huge closet - was given to Squirmy. Made sense then and still does, but I miss my closet.

Got to know my Dad a bit more, still can't tolerate my mother very well.

Lost Minx - enough said.

Learned to handle more (of what I'm not sure) and pace myself.

I'm stronger than I thought, and hubby's more patient than I thought.

Things I've learned through having a kid...

A diaper can hold a lot (!!!) of liquid. And poop isn't as bad as I remember from babysitting days. Puke is still disgusting.

When you think "he should fall right to sleep tonight", the damn kid won't. Took a while to figure that one out.

Baths are terrifying, but showers are okay... until the face gets wet, then it's game over.

For small children, anal isn't just a way of life, it's a fucking decree from on high!

Some things are not for sharing, no matter what.

Some Daddy's have no concept of what a good breakfast should be. Goldfish and fruit slices are not a good breakfast.

Compromise is a good thing, but just on the things that aren't life or death.

Christmas songs, once learned, can be sung all year long. Laughing at people who tell you they can't is damn fun.

When bored and tired, some small boys (maybe girls, I don't know) will strip naked - in public - for something to do.

Nothing beats a spontaneous hug and kiss from a small child.

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Friday, June 9, 2006 at 959pm
Lab-boy is out, this week and next, for jaw surgery and recovery. He looks like a black-and-blue chipmunk (thanks, Big-D, for sending pix). SpaceCadet has been, and will be, in for a bit, learning and observing. But, he can't do a whole lot so I get to do lab work again - HOORAY! I really enjoy doing that work, really miss that aspect of my job.

E-mail prog at work is getting a little presumptuous. Started an e-mail to Trafalga with the word 'Crap' and the program told me "the e-mail might offend the average recipient". *snicker* Since he once sent me an e-mail with the word "fuck" in it twenty-eight times, I doubt "crap" will offend his sensibilities.

Interesting article on the Dangers of USB. Curiosity is a great thing, but in an increasingly security-conscious world that same curiosity can be misused and abused.

Twas great having MiL here this week. Squirmy just adores her and so does the cat, apparently. Sir Wisp does not bring us 'little presents' but he sure brings them to MiL. Last summer, it was a mouse (dead) and a bird (dead and chewed). This week it was a mouse; rather, half a mouse. And he sleeps with MiL at night, just snuggles right up and purrs himself to sleep. Little bugger.

Friday night surfing... Make your semen taste better. The skeptic in me says "Riiight, this'll really do anything" but the curious part of me goes "Hrm..."

The Toilet Snorkel "formulated to provide a fresh air source during fires in high rise buildings." What a choice; breathe sewer gases or smoke. Ugh, no wonder this thing hasn't caught on.

Foamy rants on news casts. Way to smack that nail on the head!

Came across this years ago, but lost the link in a crash. Too much fun.

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