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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 835pm
Pardon me for taking it personally. How would you like to read where no one knows what the hell you've been doing, are bitching about not being able to find the site in a search and will be looking into finding someone to do the work. I think I have every damned right to take it a bit personally. I wasn't near as pissed as you seem to think I was though. After all this time, you should know I need time to process and I will be a tad prickly while I do that. Please also note that the letter was not 'hot', as you seemed to think I was going to write it. Believe it or not, I do know how to write a professional letter. Bite me.

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Monday, May 29, 2006 at 1009pm
I managed to fill up a 60G hard drive over the weekend. Ouch. Had to scam the portable burner from work and I've just spent most of the night trying to set the bugger up. And when it's finally ready to go, two of the files I need to burn are corrupted and I'm missing six others in the series. *stabstabstab*

Of course, despite transferring a bunch of files off BU (the one with the full 60G) there probably still isn't enough room to continue the other project. *sigh* Serious upgrades are needed around here. What I'd really like? P4, 3G ram, DVD burner... all the bells and whistles. And while I'm dreaming, I'd also like a house that flushes and a toilet trained kid. I figure the latter is the most realistic and likely.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 1026pm
For the life of me, I cannot figure out (or reason out) why Squirmy doesn't like to poo in the potty/toilet. It comes much easier when gravity is allowed to play a roll, but he'd rather strain and suffer and go in his diaper. And given the size of some of the logs, it's bloody impossible to pass them into a diaper.

At daycare, he practically runs to use the toilets there. At home... *blows raspberry* I've tried everything I can think of short of punishing him for not using the potty at home. Arg!!

Cleaned the spare room - since MiL will sleep there, it'd be best if she didn't have to compete with dust bunnies for bed space - and tore it apart looking for wall sockets. I simply could not believe there was only one socket in the room. Unfortunately, there is. One damn socket; two plug spots. Geez louise! Morons really did work on this house. The room will never be any good for a bedroom.

Gotta remember to let Trafalga know BSG finished up here. He's just dying to yak about it.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006 at 959pm
Daycare had a bit of excitement the other day. First, a stray dog wandered in and made himself at home. Much to the disappointment of both dog and children, Fluffy Chang was later escorted from the property by the SPCA and returned to her family. Second, the fire department gave everyone a thrill when the arrived to investigate an 'burning electrical smell'. Everything was fine and both small children and daycare staff (all female) were delighted to have firemen on the premises.


*sigh* Right now, I think I'd like one of the nut-jobs from yesterday. Paperwork caught up, started cleaning the lab (so ya know I'm bored) and the front office is dusted.

Thank the gods for the Internet and my music collection on the PNet 'puter. Some of that very music sparked a mental reminder (miracle of miracles) and since I've 'Net access...

And now I'm really sorry I a) remembered and b) have full 'Net access. Rick Springfield is coming to town. Two nights. In Richmond. Tickets are affordable (less property tax freed up a few bucks). There's still decent seats available. *hides CCards, bangs head on desk to dislodge the information*

Oh god... I wanna go. I reallyreallyreally wanna go. *kicks self off 'puter to go get the mail*

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 956pm
Phone doesn't ring all morning, then goes nuts in the afternoon. Which office-god did I piss off this time? The choicest ones...

If you can't pronounce my boss' name right, you don't 'know him' and you're not speaking to him. And I am his voice mail, deal with it.

When I ask you "would you like a morning or afternoon appointment?" your reply of "I don't know," is not considered a valid response. Further, stating your family will bring you in so the appointment time has to work for them... and then saying nothing more, is not helpful. What range of times is best? Going into detail about what the meal times are at your facility is also not helpful.

For the love of all that's sane! If you're calling from what sounds like a pay phone/cell phone on a busy street, understand that I may have difficulty hearing you over the roar of traffic, screeching brakes and general outside noise. Either move your ass indoors (or find an indoor pay phone) or get used to repeating yourself. Your voice cannot compete with down-shifting trucks and diesel buses.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 900am
P-locked post
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 1016pm
Giant sink holes opening up under Las Vegas and swallowing up the Strip. Oh man, it's a disaster-movie-lovers dream. And now, it's taking on a decided Posideon Adventure bent.

Watching part II of 10.5: Apocalypse means, of course, I'm missing the season ender of House, MD. Hubby appears to be taking great delight in teasing me with bits of the show, knowing full well I'm going after the torrent tomorrow.

The level of commercials in this movie is pissing me off! Ten minutes of movie, four minutes of commercials - ridiculous! And networks wonder why viewership is down? Ya, hard to figure out, isn't it?

At one point today, I lost over forty thousand dollars. No, not a gambling problem; I can't read. Tightly spaced lines of small type and my eyes skipped over an entry. Found the error eventually but the initial jolt of seeing a very large OOB on the bank rec was enough to take ten years off my life.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 1024pm
*squee* Disaster movie on TV. It's not great, rather stilted in some spots, but earthquake movies are great. Besides, there is nothing else on tonight.

Last night, I saw a cousin I haven't heard in... exact years not available, but it's at least six to eight years. C looks great and her kids (four and five-months) are cute. Sounds like she's doing good and is happy - couldn't ask for better for her.

Another cousin runs ZipTrek EcoTours in Whistler. I'd forgotten E was married (*smacks self again*) but it was a thrill to hear she was involved with ZipTrek. I'd seen a piece on the company a couple years ago and thought it would be a great outing for hubby and I. That it's run by 'family' is great (I will not ask for a discount or special rate).

C's oldest sister, A, wasn't at the function, but her youngest, T, was. I wouldn't have recognized T if she'd walked up to me on the street. It's funny - of the five of us first cousins, only T cannot be recognized from her kid-photos.

The function was a family/friends reception for the marriage of another cousin. Sadly, I had to ask my aunt what J looked like. It has been, at a bare minimum, 27 years since I last saw J. If it was longer, I wouldn't be surprised.

Assorted aunts and uncles were present, which was nice. I don't see enough of my favorite aunt so we had a great chat and I caught up on her kids (yet more cousins I haven't seen in donkey's years) and her grand-kids (which I have never met!). Found out my aunt's mother, my great-auntie (Grandma's sister), is probably not long for this world. Her mind is starting to go, her eyesight is almost gone and her hearing is gone. Hearing and eyesight have been failing for a number of years, but until recently (last year-and-a-half) her memory/mind was fabulous. Great-Auntie was one hundred on her last birthday in February 2006. She's an inspiration to all us and her passing will leave a huge hole in many of us.

Cleaned out the closet upstairs this weekend. Hooray, there's room to move again! And hubby has been digging out his 'puter room downstairs. He's getting a new fish tank (larger, of course) and needs to make room. If not for that I doubt the room would have ever been cleaned.

Wanted to get the deck power-washed this weekend but life has not been co-operating. It's a five-hour, tiring, muscle-aching job so it could not be done yesterday. Today, lack of sleep, a Costco run and trying Save-On exhausted me. Straight shopping I could have handled, but Squirmy was along. It was fun having him and he was good company, but it's definitely more work when he comes. As well, he kept dropping his pant while we were in Save-On. God knows why, but the poor gal manning the pharmacy section when Squirmy stood in the main aisle, pulled down his pants and lifted his shirt. Shoulda had the camera with me.

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Friday, May 19, 2006 at 917pm
Found the gag-Xmas gift for this year - The Turd Twister!

In the "too-cute-for-words" category, we have the BSG characters drawn Simpson's style. We have a winner!

On the work scene, I cleared out a lot of files today and reorganized them as well. The downside (of course there's gotta be one) is the scanning pile has grown again. *sigh* The fun never ends.

We have our very own pet worm (cleverly named Wormie). The worm-thing at daycare was a total success - all the kids (and the teachers) had a ball.

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Friday, May 19, 2006 at 226pm
Cust: "Oh, you're working today?" No, I'm just here because I've nothing better to do.

Cust: "What do you mean there are no appointments available next week?" Which part did you not understand, moron?

The phrase/explanation "He's not in the office next week" is enough of an explanation. You do not need to know why he's out, or where he is. He has a life outside this office.

Reason for replacement: Patient got drunk, passed out. Woman with him took <device> as a souvenir.

Totally beats the dog eating it or flushing it down the toilet.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 810am
"That woman is trying to get off the bus." Ya, no shit, moron; she's not the only one. People, smart people, stand up before their stop and often can't get right to the door because other people are also standing up waiting for the stop so they can get off too! Did that dawn on you? I could understand saying something if the bus was at the stop and I wasn't moving, but the bus was still three blocks from the bloody stop! Of course, anyone standing can't be waiting for the next stop to get off. Fuck-head.

And if you insist on standing right in front of the exit doors and not moving your idiotic ass out of the way at a busy stop, then expect to get jostled or flat-out stepped on. Honestly, how much of an idiot are you? MOVE AWAY FROM THE DOOR, FUCKTARD!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 916pm
The warm weather brings many things with it - water fights fun at daycare, an overly warm house, dinner challenges (turn on the oven? you must be nuts!) and the neighbours. The Scottish neighbours, who I can hear clear as day when I'm on the porch. It's such a riot.

Having spent time riding the stinking hot, sweltering and steaming buses in the summer, I'm even more grateful for the WCE. When it's hot (this summer is supposed to be 'a tad on the warm side') the ride from the office to the train is bad enough. If I had to do bus/ScareTrain/bus again I'd need waaaaay more drugs than I could get access to. Yeah, more money for the WCE but I'll gladly pay it if it means I arrive home dry and conscious.

Friday, Squirmy's going to learn about worms. The daycare is bringing in someone who breeds worms to show the kids and talk about them. I wish I could be there!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 928pm
If a certain small boy is going to sneak out of bed, he needs to learn to run quietly. The pitter-patter of little feet is such a give-away.

If you come into town very infrequently, would it not be a good idea to check first if your specialist will be in town? Or the competition? Dur. Sadly, I expect more this next week.

When a monitor starts randomly flashing magenta lines/blocks, it means it's not long for this world? Yes? Maybe the vid card? *sigh* Vid card I might be able to scrounge up, but a monitor... crap.
Monday, May 15, 2006 at 952pm
Squirmy had a full weekend - parade, candy, lunch, more candy, rides and more candy. Twas May Days in this area and we met SiL and her hubby at the parade. Devil-child was playing (marching?) in the parade as well. She did great; completely ignored her extended family who did there best to get her attention.

MiL has decided to come over here when hubby goes fishing. Squirmy was to go to her place on the Island, but MiL has decided since we're paying for daycare whether Squirmy is there or not he may as well be there (for part of the time at least). It'll be nice having her here, even if it means I have to clean the spare room. It's become a dumping ground the last few months.

Hot and stuffy in the house tonight so I'm on the porch. Trafalga, I really love the laptop, reallyreallyreally.
Friday, May 12, 2006 at 1014pm
Ride to work was interesting. Had to board the train at the level crossing (service access for CP) as there'd been a derailment and the train couldn't use the inside track. What was left of the accident (happened the night before) was three 'trouble trucks' off the tracks; one almost sitting sideways on the track, one laying on its side next to the track and the third I couldn't see properly. This morning, it took half-an-hour to get from PoCo to Coq - a trip that should only take five minutes. Hope there's something on what caused the derailment.

The KVM is up and running - huzzah! No more computers on the table, no more crawling over/under/behind to switch display cords around and it's really nice to have a working spare keyboard and ps/2 mouse. Would like to move the server and get it on a KVM too but (a) no more plugs available and (b) only a two-port KVM. One day...

Later bedtime is working a little better for Squirmy. And to combat the getting out of bed issues, mean mommy takes away three trains each time. Rather, threatens to since Squirmy hasn't tested it out yet.

Taking Squirmy to the parade tomorrow. Following up with the rides and 'fries' for lunch. With luck, there will be no sleeping issues tomorrow because the kid will be too tired to move!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 952pm
Squirmy's bed time may need an adjustment. Or he may need a really good sedative. Or brushing teeth reinvigorates small children.

Despite the fact small boy is dead tired, by the time jammies are on and teeth are brushed, the little bugger sweetie plays in bed for up to an hour-and-a-half. He's also added getting up and coming to get mommy to pick up trains, get more back-rubs and cuddles. What happened to the little boy who wouldn't get out of bed and who went to sleep pretty damn fast? Daylight savings time? Something else?

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Friday, May 5, 2006 at 1027pm
Ah, Friday... nothing gets done this night as my brain has, once again, melted into my socks.

Canadian meeting stuff done, just waiting for info from the accountant and a last minute run on the financial statements. Can't find some director-change stuff so that could be a bit of a pain down the road. And 'the box' is more slightly more organized.

VAC appears to have changed how things are done. Oh joy, it's always fun when a simple and quick procedure morphs into a complicated and drawn-out one. Also means rewriting the fucking section in the manual (again!), but the info will be incomplete as the new procedure(s) haven't been run yet and can't until I get a VAC client that matches the specs. Please, just kill me or let me find a job where there is no government funding issues.

Found out the billing program can bill EHP's. Now, if we could only get an EHP to allow us electronic billing. It would be to everyone's advantage, but I'm not holding my breath.

Speaking of breath holding, Vicious is dealing with another moron at work. Supplies aren't ordered in a timely fashion, mail isn't done, faxes not distributed, maintenance calls not made... the list is huge. And this twit is moving to a job (in the same company) that will have her acting as the CEO's assistant. *laughs self breathless* Oh dear god, if she lasts a month I'll be surprised. The woman has no organization or multi-tasking skills whatsoever. Looking forward to hearing a) what replaces the twit out front and b) how long twit lasts.

Because I've always wanted to know how to code twinks. Now my life is complete... riiiight

This is absolutely hypnotising and so completely NWS! (Seriously, major nudity warning here).

I think I remember this piece from Sesame Street. Gods, I'm old.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006 at 932pm
Because I was bored tonight... (yanked from Smartania)

Survey #4: Because If You Don't Love Anime, You Fucking Suck

1. First anime you ever watched Sandy Frank's bastardized version of Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets

2. Your impression of said anime Rocked!

3. The anime that bit you in the ass and got you addicted to anime Starblazers aka Space Cruiser Yamato

4. Prettiest anime In terms of what? Area 88 is pretty for the planes, Gatchaman is pretty for the mecha... stupid ambiguous question

5. The anime you've rewatched the most Gatchaman and Area 88

6. The last anime you watched Gatchaman

7. List all of your unwatched anime, all formats Unwatched anime? What the hell is that?

8. Most surreal anime Ghost in the Shell or Metropolis

9. Most fucked up anime Can't say as I have seen one, or one that stuck with me

10. The worst anime you own Um...

11. Your favorite anime soundtrack Ghost in the Shell

12. Favorite anime male Pick one, right? Not possible. Tied for first - Joe Asakura & Shin Kazama

13. Favorite anime female So few decent females in the stuff I watch. That said, Jun was the first, least-whiney female anime character I encountered

14. Anime that you have an unnatural addiction to Gatchaman, maybe. Nothing unnatural about anime addictions

15. Quick, count your anime art! What anime is most of it from? Gatchaman

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006 at 921pm
O.M.G. - O.M.F.G.! *falls of chair laughing*

P-man just called - FiL's computer has (most likely) been hacked! Locked out at the primary admin level, no way in. P-man is sooooo unimpressed as he's the one being hauled over to fix (i/p) the situation. Won't be happening until Friday... *snicker* two-and-a-half days. FiL will be nuts before then, especially since he has labels to print off and e-mail to take care of.

Really not a big surprise. FiL doesn't follow P-man's instructions (at least not well) and I'd bet the farm the security measures/steps were lax (that not following instructions thing) and something snuck in or was pushed in. Hope P-man locks the machine down; FiL does not need admin level control. And if he does, the admin account should not be the primary that goes online. Learned that trick from the techs over on Tech Comedy. Non-critical 'netting should be done from an account that does not have full permissions (ie: can't install or make changes to major system files). Plus, using FF instead of IE, but FiL refuses to change browsers.

If FiL calls me, I'm to ask him what he sees and tell him he was hacked. And try not to laugh where he can hear it.

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Monday, May 1, 2006 at 822pm
SHUT UP, you stupid bint! You're a drop in, from out of town; I did you a favor getting you in almost right away. There is no reason - ABSOLUTELY NONE! - for a consultation to take nearly two fucking hours! Shut your mouth and get the fuck out of my office. I do not care if I appeared abrupt, or rude, or whatever else you care to call it. I've got a kid to pick up at daycare; it takes almost an hour to get home on transit to get said get kid. If I hadn't taken off like I did, leaving Boss-man to deal with your inconsiderate, indecisive ass, I wouldn't have made the train. As it was, I barely made the required bus connection. So fuck you and shut your yappy ass!

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