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Friday, April 28, 2006 at 1018pm
Thought we were going to have Puke - Round II, but Squirmy's barf last night didn't go any further. Probably something he ate.

And speaking of something 'he ate', FiL (and MiL) are eating a touch of crow. Their diagnosis of "food poisoning, from the lasagna" - that I didn't believe, but FiL insisted it was - has been smacked down. Yesterday, FiL started puking. He didn't eat the lasagna (and besides, you don't get food poisoning from something five days AFTER you eat it). Hubby said not to gloat but, damn...

Deities willing, I'm headed out to Boss-man's tomorrow to snag is bits-and-bobs of 'puter stuff. Free parts, gotta love 'em. Also have a list of things to do as long as my arm. Being sick last Sunday really screwed me up and put me behind schedule for stuff.

Still looking on Used Vancouver for bits too. Some people really need help posting ads. From the "how to scare people away" file:

computers come with monitor keyboard and mouseI olso have apanasonic fax,and a photo pinter fax scaner.call rafael at xxxxxxx dont imail me please

Oh dear god! I wanna say "Step away from the sophisticated electronic equipment! Return to grade school and pay attention to spelling lessons!" From a different ad - "loptop"? If it appeared once, call it a typo, but three times in the same ad? Jezzu.

Finally (!!!) worked on the GW site. Didn't add anything, or link-check, but the forced-frames coding is gone. I'd really like to get back into GW again, but I'm really leery of it. Who are the good authors now? A lot of the old-timers I remember (and still, when my brain works, try to read) but what about new ones? When I last dipped a toe in the GW waters, the level of crap had gone waaaaay up and totally turned me off. I'll start slow, stick with people/places I know and branch out from there. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Same with WK; can't remember the last time I read a WK fic (apart from Anria's).

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at 114pm
Sharing is something all parents teach (or should teach) their kids. There are times and things, however, you really don't want them to share. Things like stomach flu. I really, really wish Squirmy didn't share that.

Friday night, Squirmy gave us a small puke. Thought it was the overly salty bacon we'd had for dinner (gah! was it ever salty! and the little bugger stole an extra piece off my plate). No prob, change Squirmy and change the sheets, life goes on and he doesn't get anymore bacon. Saturday morning presented with a diaper-fill that was... let's just say I've made thicker gravy. Apart from a decreased appetite and a desire to be carried more, Squirmy seemed pretty good. A little off, but not within the realm of sick.

Fast forward to very early Sunday morning and one puking child. Mommy, at this point, was fine. Fast forward to late Sunday morning, when mommy was not so fine. I can't count the number of years it's been since I puked (not even when I was pregnant) and in such volume. I can handle Squirmy being sick, hubby too, but me... Hubby, cruel man he is, refused to shoot me and end my misery.

So, Monday, feeling like I'd been beat up six ways from Sunday, Squirmy and I stayed home to rest. All the puking totaled my back (such a big surprise) and if I wanted to sleep (hell, just sit or lay down) a visit to the Chiro was needed. I wish my Dad had been available to come over instead of my mother. It would have been better, and less stress-inducing, if I'd had to walk to the Chiro and taken Squirmy with me.

Mother, my house is not yours. I do not have the same priorities as you, nor (deity willing) will I. I don't dust on a regular basis; I have better things to do with my time. The worst areas, the big stuff, was dusted recently, however it seems I missed that speaker. It was entirely inappropriate (and completely unappreciated) for you to run your finger through the dust and make that loverly face. Dusting is not a life-or-death matter; I can think of no one in our family who has died due to non-dusting. Fuck you.

The state of and level of things in the garage - which is essentially a giant holding pit of things to take care of - is not a major concern for anyone other than you it seems. Yes, that box of rags/clothes has been sitting in there for "at least two years"; three-quarters of the items in the garage have been there for years longer.

There are only so many hours in a day and I am only home for a very few of those. Weekends are usually taken up doing mundane things like buying food, doing laundry and playing with my son. I would much rather do that last one than be cleaning the fucking garage just because it's 'cluttered'! Jezzu, woman! When are you going to fucking get it through your thick, anally-retentive head that I. AM. NOT. YOU!? Hell, I'm not even my sister! My priorities are different, my needs and desires are different. So there's clutter and a layer of dust. Has anyone died, gotten sick, been injured because of it? No, so shut the fuck up. If you can't do that, then you need not bother ever setting foot in my house again. Next time I need a helping hand, and Dad isn't available, I will make do some other way. I've had it - FUCK YOU. If my brain had been functioning better I'd have ripped into you, consequences be damned

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Friday, April 21, 2006
Friday night is "cruise the net" time while I talk to Trafalga. Lordy, did I stumble onto some good stuff tonight.

Ever heard the Numa Numa song? Found an mp3 for it ages ago but couldn't re-find the video tonight. That's what Google is for. OMG. Google registered 486,000 results and there's a collection on New Groups that's amazing. The original version is fun, but my favorite is these three guys.

This is... just... well, there are no words to describe it. Don't recommend you have anything in your mouth if you view this.

Cat, dearest pal, my German sucks and BabelFish had a stroke on a couple important words. Please translate before sending.

Cruised past Rainbow Goddess just now *tips hat*. Danke for the Spacey's reminder; got my votes in.

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Friday, April 21, 2006 at 936pm
When I ask you, "Is there a particular day that is best for you?" and you answer, "Monday", you have no call (or right or anything else) to bitch about the fact the next Monday available for the appointments you need is two weeks away. If there was another that would also work for you, perhaps you should have said so when you were first asked. Getting pissy does not earn you any points, grant you any form of priority or earn you anything more than a cold good-bye as you leave.

I am not your friend. I do not care about anything going on in your life, nor am I interested. The other gal that's here sometimes, even she - with her amazing level of patience and tolerance - rolls her eyes when she hears you've called yet again. (And she finally understands my lack of patience/compassion/empathy where you're concerned)

"I'd like to make an appointment" is usally, and should be, followed up by the mentioning of a date and/or time you'd like the appointment to be. Forcing me to prompt you for every single fucking detail wastes my time and yours and does not persuade me to be in any way time-considerate. Make work to get basic information out of you and I'm going to give you the shittiest appointment slot available.

"You sent me a letter" does not need to be followed by a full reading of said letter. Please, don't. I know what the letter said since (a) I designed/wrote the damn thing and (b) it's the same letter we've been sending out for the last eighteen years (give or take some minor changes).

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April 16, 2006 at 946pm
Linux is, for me, like the French language: I understand (read/interpret) just enough to get the gist, but not enough to 'get it' totally.

Yesterday's Linux install? Borked it, and not a fucking clue how I did it. Re-installed today but can't get 'Net access. I've tried dozens of things (and it's a miracle a reboot didn't tell me "ya done it again, you idjit") but there's still no access. I think the router might have caught a quick peek at the L-Box, but it's sure not registering now.

Until I can sit down with Boss-man on the other end of a phone, I'm done. No desire (at this particular time) to fart around digging out tech articles, scouring help files and reading six-hundred page manuals. Doesn't help that I don't get time to concentrate until after eight at night, when my brain is really at it's freshest *snort*.

And so, we have Linux but we don't. *sigh*

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April 15, 2006 at 838pm
WE HAVE LINUX! It's slow as shit (whadda expect on a 266?) but it's working - holy shit! *scampers away to play*


Digging through a couple old discs, looking for Xenu (that's the link checker!), and ran across Dreamweaver. Forgot I had an old copy of that. Installed it in a "what the hell, be good for template set-up" moment.

Then realized, as I was working on the work site, that it would be really nice if I could test the .shtml stuff locally... but that requires Linux and both alternate machines have toasted themselves... but there was that old mobo stuffed in a box...

I am so glad I'm a pack rat and have extreme difficulty throwing a lot of stuff out. The old mobo really is OLD - no ps/2 connections, no on-board anything. Whadda expect for an AMD 266. Hubby figures this was our third 'puter (first was a 286) and I'm sure I found the old 486 (second 'puter) in the junk pile in the garage (which is good, since I had to steal some cabling from it). An old mouse I though was dead wasn't (thank god!), found an old KB in the pile (with the big connector), dug through the 'to be tossed' box in my room and found an ISA NIC. Had to dick around with memory issues (machine hasn't released the magic smoke, so it must be compatible) but - my god! - the old gal works!

Great, it works, but will it take Suse 9.3? The hardware specs don't quite (HAHAHAHA) match the 'recommended' list, but Suse is installing as I type this. Will it fully install? Will it work? Who the hell knows; have to wait until it's fully installed or the installation craps-out. I'm not placing bets on either option.

Looks like something is happening across the street at the drug-selling-stolen-goods-receiving/selling-general-fucktard's house. Carport looks like it's being cleaned out, at least I can't see the two dead cars that have been sitting there for the last seven years, or the stacked piles of shit (seriously, this asshole makes my pack-rat-ness look nonexistent). Prelude to moving? That would be really nice.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 at 947pm
Something about this date is bugging me... something I'm supposed to remember like a birthday? Anniversary? Just can't figure it out.

PE is back online! Idiocy of errors caused cancellation of the account, but the host was very good about reversing the late fees, etc. Since everything (nearly) was still residing on the host's servers, and the price was still good, decided to stick with them.

However, if and when the time comes to move hosts, I've got a bead on three to look at. A very long, very involved hunt turned up only a small handful of hosts I would actually consider, and of those only three I would seriously talk to. None of them are perfect, but I've decided (yet again) perfect does not exist.

In the process of restoring my account, I switched servers; the one I was on had old, antiquated software and I had to switch eventually. Of course, a few files were lost (no big deal) and the new gallery totally crapped out. As in "wow, look at all the pretty error messages." The gallery scripts the host offers all suck (customization is hell or non-existent) so the old script (the one that took me hours to configure) is in use again. And ya know it meant re-uploading ALL the pics. I cheated and left the p/w protected ones off.

Along with the server move comes the ability to use subdomains (*drool & swoon*). All the pictures are now in their own little subdomain... which means I must run that link-check program. Shit, where did I put it; better, what was it called? May as well run it through everything and not just Squirmy's links.

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Friday, April 7, 2006 at 1105pm
I'm cheesed and well on the pissed. PE is down, gone, not accessible. No notice, no communication, nothing from the hoster.

I did notice the Visa has not been charged yet for the host fee. This is supposed to be an automatic thing, done on the renewal date. Visa number is the same as it was last year, the expiry date might have changed, but if the charge was refused shouldn't the host company have attempted to contact me? It's not like any of my contact info has changed, ever, in the 3 years I've used the hosting co.

And, of course, I didn't know the site was down until after the offices were closed. No one (except tech support) works weekends so I'm screwed until Monday. Using this 'down time' to look for a new host...

... which is so much fucking fun - NOT! I want hosts in Canada, with Canadian pricing and who bill in Canadian dollars. Apparently, this is too much to ask for. Oh, there are a few that meet those criteria, but the majority of Canadian-based hosts price in US funds. Fucking bite me, assholes.

It is amazing how many hosts do not have an AUP or even a TOS (that I can find, and I am looking rather closely). I would have thought one, if not the other too, would be standard.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at 838pm
We have track! Thomas track, that is. Hubby finally found some locally, so of course he bought two packs and a larger piece (the round house). I don't want to know how much he paid, I really don't. Set it all up so everything was waiting for Squirmy when we got home.

To say his Squirmy-ness is pleased is a vast understatement.

I realize that, sometimes, you might have an urgent need to get hold of someone at a place a business. However, calling every two minutes for forty minutes is fucking ridiculous! This particular antsy-pants has been coming to us for years and knows we close the office for lunch (which has been the same time every day I've worked there). So, when getting the voice mail and leaving a message why - WHY - continue to call every two fucking minutes during the time you know we are at lunch? Christ-on-a-cracker, give me strength.

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Monday, April 3, 2006 at 145pm
This piece in Two Lumps is TOTALLY Minx. After three to four cycles through the routine, the paw would start tapping on the first available body part. If that was still ignored, rather strident meowing would be added and paw would no longer be gentle.
Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 209pm
Sitting on the porch, feet up, laptop resting on my legs, Winamp serenading me, banana bread baking, dinner slow-cooking, hubby and Squirmy out... could life get better?

Squirmy's weekend adventure this week was a bus-train-bus trip to my folks. Twas wet, very wet, but we both had a blast. Nearly everything, I discovered, can be related back to Thomas. Large cranes working on a new development? Well, that's Cranky, of course. The bus? That's Bertie, silly mommy. And the Skytrain is nothing more than Coaches (Gordon's Express?) without an engine.

Do all little kids go through a 'helpful' stage? There is very little I can do - around the house, outside, anywhere - that Squirmy doesn't want to help with. It's cute and I'm amazed, but is this normal? Should count my blessings, shouldn't I? I know this helpfulness will die eventually.

Couple new websites this week - Two Lumps is about a couple cats. I have learned, the hard way, not to read this comic at work. Literally fell of my chair laughing. If you have cats, especially two of different personalities (like I did), you'll die laughing. Used Vancouver is the second site. Got something to sell? Looking for something, but don't want to pay new price? Go, run! The section for computer stuff... *DROOL* There's a few (ha! Forty) things in that section I could gladly add to my box of bits.

Of course, the two things I really need are not listed on Used Vancouver - a KVM and a new mobo for the Fujitsu laptop. I absolutely refuse to pay $800 ($500 parts, $300 labor) for Fujitsu to install a new mobo. I find that beyond ridiculous. I might (big might) accept the labor charge, but the board? Bite me. I know I can replace a laptop mobo (with a call to Trafalga if I get stuck) and there has to be a used one locally or within Canada. There is a board on Ebay, but by the time the exchange and shipping are calculated, the damn thing is almost $200. Again, bite me. It's not that important to fix the laptop; it's an older machine and not worth spending over $100 bucks on. If I can't find a decent mobo, I'll pull the drive and sell the rest as parts.

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