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November 28, 2005 at 931pm
The Christmas season has started. How do I know? No, it's not the decorations on houses, it's not the music playing in the mall, it's not the baking hubby has planned. It's the uptick in suicides! The season opened just after six this morning with some woman planting herself on the train track in front of the WCE. Ya know what pisses me off the most about this? The driver of Train-two will have to live with knowledge he killed a person. Short of a time machine or other such 'magic', there was nothing the train driver could of done to prevent it. Hey, ya wanna knock yourself off, go for it; I understand this better than most. But don't put the burden of your death on an innocent party. Stupid bint.

I've just spent the last ten minutes de-furring a mouse. *reads last sentence* Right, that sounds disgusting. Rephrased, I picked five years of cat hair and dust bunnies out of an old computer mouse. Good grief, I could knit a cat!

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November 27, 2005 at 1003pm
The XP 'puter is up and running fine... so far. With my luck today, I've just cursed the sucker. The only pain-in-the ass thing about XP is tracking down the updated drivers. On the plus side, I'm getting really good at it and not pestering Trafalga at all. Hey Tra, all that teaching is finally paying off.

My old MM is sitting on the floor awaiting a sledge hammer. Or, considering the grief it's been giving me, until I get a really big bottle of Malibu.

Hubby's old 'puter is now the BU machine. It took a bit of work to get it up and the mouse/keyboard is still giving me grief. The keyboard has no little feet any more; they were destroyed when I smashed the sucker. 'Nuff said.

The old BU 'puter is now Squirmy's. It, unlike the others, came up slick-as-snot. Unfortunately, to use it the video has to be disconnected from BU and reconnected to Squirmy's (what a pain) and the network cable won't reach it and it really needs to get off my 'puter table now! Next on the purchase list is a KVM and a longer chunk of Cat5.

The printer... *deep, heavy sigh* There is no fucking reason for it to be dead. Not printing for a week should not clog the print heads. But, apparently, it has. Got the number for a printer repair place and we'll see how much it will cost to fix the sucker. This is the second ink jet to pull this bullshit on me. I will not buy another again, even if it means going without a printer. There's no alcohol in the house so, 'nuff said.

The one, really shiny bright spot to the weekend (apart from my Valley Bakery cake!) is the 'puter room at home is looking much tidier. Bundled, boxed and pitched anything I could and regained a sizable chunk of floor space and a drawer in the filing cabinet. Still have a pile of discs to go through, but they're not taking up much desk space. When I've calmed down - and found hubby's beer stash and stuffed myself with the rest of the cake - I'll work on the discs.

Trying to find a new P2P program. Damn, there's a ton of 'em around and most seem to come with ad/spy/mal crap unless you go for the purchase option. Kiss my... Hunting continues.

Webcam and mic are working. Had a great Y!M session with Trafalga Friday night. Saves Tra from typing and me from trying to decipher what he types. Lord-love-a-duck, sometimes I need a translator for what he types. Mind you, his accent sometimes causes my brain to freeze up. After nine years you'd think I'd be used to it but every now and then, he can still throw me for a loop.

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November 23, 2005 at 313pm
The last few days, a certain small boy has decided he likes to run around the house naked (though the diaper stays ON). Last night was no different; pants, shirt and socks stripped off when dinner was done. While mommy cleaned the kitchen, small naked boy went to play in the living room. A short while later, small boy returns to the kitchen sans diaper and saying "Poo!". Since we're in the midst of potty training and he's gone by himself before, mommy says "Hooray, you did a poo all by yourself. Why don't you show me." Small boy takes mommy's hand and, instead of going to the bathroom, drags mommy to the living room and points. "Poo!" small boy says proudly. Sure enough, there was a big poo. On the living room floor (the lino part, thank god). Laugh, cry, scold, praise... mommy really couldn't decide which was the appropriate reaction.

On a grosser note, the 'gift' was fucking huge - three inches around and five inches in length and in one piece. How the hell does something that large come out of a small boy?

My bro-in-law (the techno-geek one) put me onto a new site - A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator. Wow... just, wow. I can see many hours being wasted reading, clicking and trying to follow the more complicated tech-speak *rubs hands together gleefully*. Techno-geek said something the other night about looking into computer forensics as a new job. Oh man... the envy, the jealousy, the puddle of drool at my feet. We're gonna be having an interesting talk on Friday.

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November 22, 2005 at 1022pm
The sheer idiocy of people never ceases to amaze (make that flat-out stun and leave my brain in pieces) me.

XBox 360 was released today. Some enterprising souls immediately threw their newly purchased system on Ebay. Let the lunacy begin!

Got a spare $10,000-plus? For the budget-minded, a mere $7500-plus will get you a system.

And for the truly I-have-more-money-than-brains type, there is the $15,000 auction or $100,000 system.

Since my brain is already broke, I plan to watch some of these auction. Click on the bids to get a full list of what/how idiots are bidding.

Wonder if there's such a thing as 'brain glue'...

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Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 1041pm
Trafalga, you were right. I am not worthy and have no brain. I bow to your superiority. Happy? Now shut up.

First post from the XP system. Damn sucker works and I'm really liking some of the updates. Tracking down drivers is a pain-in-the-ass. Most of the software I have is for 98/ME systems (duh) and XP barfs those out like bad chicken. *sigh* Lots of reading, lots of restore points (okay, I really like that feature).

One update that went slick and easy was for the TV tuner card. And, damn, the new interface and features are sweet. Only thing better would be to have the full digital package available in the 'puter room, then I'd never leave.

So old MM will become the new BU and run 98 (ya, I know but it won't take XP). Old BU will rise from the ashes as a Linux machine (yup, finally gonna do this). Hubby's old 'puter is destined for Squirmy. He's always wanting to play with one of mine so what the hell, give the kid something he fiddle with without mommy worrying about small child destroying something important.

Why did it cost more for ink refills than it did for the printer? It's stupid, I'm stupid for buying them. *wacks self*

Oh, lookie... four hours to transfer this directory off BU. *sigh* Next week is 'sort and turf' week. Either that or buy a crap-load of CD's.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 1050pm
I hate computers.

In retrospect, I'm probably damn lucky I didn't toast the mobo. I'd have thought, given the prevailing nervousness, RTFM would be a given. Apparently not. So, new p/s purchased (two-hundred-plus for a p/s? Bite me!) along with an extra case fan (taking no chances on thermal issues).

Of course, the case I put the mobo into last night didn't work out (cases were actually made without reset buttons??) so mobo moved into the spare case (which is configured differently and is easier to work in), basic cards seated and XP is currently installing. And I'm waving chickens like a mad woman.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Why are the worst writers the most prolific?

Y'all had to know this was coming... The first lawsuit over Sony's DRM software and the first virus that uses the DRM. Just loverly.

Just because a store says it has thermal grease/compound doesn't mean said store actually has any.
Me: "Do you have any of the thermal compound listed on your website?"
Her: "Yes"
Arrive at store - Me: "I called earlier about the thermal compound."
Her: "Oh, we don't stock it in-store."
*stabstabstab* Sis' hubby is picking some up for me when he picks up the new 'puter tonight.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005 at 256pm
CNet has a good article on the Sony DRM shit.

Ever thought of spending some serious time on a boat? Does sailing from New Zealand, through the South Pacific and ending in Hawaii sound good? It did to a patient of mine and, holy hell!, did she have an adventure. Boss-man has read me some of the highlights (that no one was killed is a bloody miracle) but this is a tale worth reading in its entirety. Adventure of a Lifetime is an incredible read, honestly.

I love this part, just days before it's supposed to be sailed from port - "mold, mildew & dirt to accumulate on every surface inside the boat. The outside of the boat was also black with dirt & mold." Equipment, working equipment, is important on a long boat journey - "Out of approximately 82 days on board the boat, about 62 of those days Will spent doing repairs. Maintenance was not necessary because the systems broke down before Will could even do any maintenance on them!" This so worth a read!

Scary words to see on your screen at boot-up: 'Ultra drive not found', followed by a Non-System disc message. Words cannot describe the fear/panic/dismay/absolute terror I experienced. The new machine cannot be put off any longer, it must be done NOW *weeps*. And finding thermal grease is proving to be a bit of a pain-in-the-ass.

Through a break in the standard Vancouver overcast and rain conditions, the local mountains peeked through and displayed their new coat of white. I'd kill for this view at home, but having it at work is damn nice.
Cyprus & the Lions   |   Grouse   |   Toward Seymour.

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November 5, 2005 at 1106pm
Tonight marks the fourth - yes, fourth - nuke-and-pave on Sis' machine in the last eleven months. Oh.My.Farking.God.

What looked like a simple case of NAV blowing up (hey, it's happened to me) has, upon trying to remove NAV, revealed a butt-load of spyware, trojans and virii. How did all this get on since July when the last nuke/pave was done? To start with, NAV has not been running properly for the last three months, nor has the firewall (Zone Alarm). And, of course, nobody mentions this. The only thing I'd heard (prior to this week) was the 'puter tended to act funny at times. Head, meet desk - again.

Sis says she only does e-mail and surfs 'respectable' sites (the day Sis actively seeks out porn is the day Satan skates to work, seriously). Hubby does pretty much the same thing, but toss in a few different-type sites. Oh, and doing work-oriented things (and if he's transfering this crap from work then the company will be folding fast). That leaves the kids. Who 'only do e-mail (Hotmail) and chat on Messenger'. Oh please. I wish I could have nailed down where/how/when the infection(s) were dumped on the 'puter. Not a chance, though, not when 'regedit' causes the computer to beep loudly - for real! Typed in 'regedit' and immediately got a program termination notice. Tried again, and the computer started beeping like I'd activated a hidden self-destruct module. No further investigation warranted, nuke the sucker.

So, this time around, Sis and hubby have decided to get a new 'puter (praise the lord and pass the peanuts) and the kids will use this old dog until the motherboard fuses. To bring the current machine up to XP specs is not worth the money; another two-hundred buys a new 'puter. If the kids bork the machine again, who cares? No files to save, just a quick nuke-and-pave, then done. I wish XP could be put on the 'puter, 'cause then I could lock out certain functions and better track which kid is the worst offender.

Heard about the crap-ware Sony installs on your computer when you play one of their copy-protected (DRM) music CD's? A Rootkit is installed along with a special player. What is a rootkit? "Rootkits are cloaking technologies that hide files, Registry keys, and other system objects from diagnostic and security software, and they are usually employed by malware attempting to keep their implementation hidden." The EULA states "Once installed, the SOFTWARE will reside on YOUR COMPUTER until removed or deleted." So, you can delete the software at a later date, yes? Wrong! First, you have to find the well hidden files and when you do, deleting them will, at a minimum render your CD drive inoperable or, at worst, render the entire computer inoperable. Very nice. There's more on this here.

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November 4, 2005 at 248pm
Under the heading of 'why does this need to be said' - "During flu season, never let anyone lick your keyboard." (from MSN Health & Fitness). Why does this need to be stated? Was there a large segment of the population stricken by flu because someone licked their keyboard? Why the hell would anyone lick a keyboard? Seriously, WTF??

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November 3, 2005
I'm moderately pissed that Cote de Pablo (Ziva) is listed in the NCIS credits before Pauley Perrette (Abby) and Sean Murray (McGee). *grrr*

'They' are in every fandom it seems - "Okay, this is my first X/X fic. Any characteer mistakes please forgive as I've never actually watched the show." First, and only response, is to this is to pound the back-button. *rolls eyes*

Things come in bunches of three and for me, again, the three involved 'puters. Big-D had AV program issues that were, thankfully, easy to fix. Sis' is dead again; NAV blew itself up and the machine only boots into safe-mode... when it boots at all (one guess what I'm getting this weekend). Dad's 'puter decided to play the 'intermittent connection' game and I had to walk him through some complicated fixes (which he did amazingly well with; I'll turn him into a geek yet). Update Dad's 'puter is still having 'blank spots' so it's time to haul it here. Here, my 'puter room, where there not so much room... *works on clearing a space*. And Sis' hubby called to say "I past time we bought a new computer, wouldn't you say?" Say? No. Shout from the rooftop, take out a full-page ad? Hell, yes! He said something about going down to BB on the weekend and picking one up. *weeps* Gods, I thought he had more brains than that. "Leave it with me," I said. "I'll find you a real computer." *snort* BB... total shit.

On an interesting note, SiL's hubby confirmed everything Trafalga has been preaching to me about Intel for the last four years. SiL's hubby comes at the Intel/AMD issues from more of a software standpoint, whereas Tra is more hardware issued. Hey, when two techs you greatly respect both say to stay away from AMD, it's stupid to not listen to them.

Going to try putting together a Linux box. What the hell, I've got a 533 sitting around and nothing to use on it, may as well start playing.

Started searching fics for a certain word before I read 'em. Seriously, usage of this word in love scenes has progressed well beyond the 'pissing me off' stage.

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