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Monday, October 31, 2005 at 924pm
Happy Halloween! Today is my official favorite date/quasi-holiday.

Not being the bestest housekeeper - dusting not done on a regular basis, floors mopped when the cat sticks to them, things generally not put away in a timely fashion - it takes a lot to trip my crap-o-meter. A couple weeks ago we went to BiL and Nature-girl's house for dinner with MiL (BiL and N-G were away). Ever been to someone's house and immediately felt the need for a shower? With bleach and steel-wool? Christ-on-a-cracker, the place was fucking filthy! I've seen cleaner barnyards! Every flat (or quasi-flat) surface was piled with stuff; papers, books, magazines, earrings, glasses, plates, etc. And the layer of filth was... *shudder*. The catch-cup on the water cooler had a thick layer of orangey scuzz, the counters (what you could actually see of them) had what looked like an oil slick, and I doubt either BiL or N-G knew what a vacuum was supposed to be used for. Upstairs, according to MiL and since I wasn't about to venture up there, was worse. She had to pick her way through piles of shit (not literally, thank god) and empty pop cans (WTF?) to even find the damn bed.

Now, I understand spending time with your kids; housework does tend to take away from interaction time. However, what kind of fucking example is being set for the kids? What is being done to their health? Just what kind of fucking pigs are these people that they can live in filth like I saw? And can I anonymously contact Health & Welfare?

Children can be included in the cleaning-up process. They can start with putting away their damn toys! Hell, Squirmy is two-and-a-half and knows how to do that much. He also knows how to put shoes in the closet, paper in the recycling bin, knows how to unload the dishwasher and where his dirty clothes go. Those kids are seven and three, and don't have a fucking clue how to pick up a towel off the floor!

Ugh! Now I understand why FiL won't stay at BiL's unless there is no other option.

Ya know what? I have a damn cute and polite kid. Trick 'n treating around the neighbourhood tonight was just too much fun. Knock on a door, say "twickertweet" with a big grin, watch the candy go in the bag, say thank you and bye... holy hell. Not bad for two-and-a-half. And SiL had a blast. I think she enjoyed it more than Squirmy did; I know I had fun watching SiL interact with her nephew.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005 at 1103pm
Dad's check-up was fine. There are no heart probs, as was feared. Stent is clear, flow is good, and med levels are optimal. Thank you, deities; breathing is much easier now.

And the daycare issue has been solved. Dad will come out here three days, hubby will take in two days with Grandpa driving Squirmy home. It's a lot to ask/do (if the test results had not come back good, I never would have even mentioned having a daycare issue) but I've been assured it's not a problem and they want to do this. Thank you.

Looked over the paperwork for the new place. One big change from now - Squirmy will have to be at the daycare by nine o'clock because of different programs and field-trips that take place. *snicker* No more lazing around and 'grazing' for breakfast. Time to crack the whip on both men!

Mommy-radar - I now believe there is such a thing.

Sitting in the 'puter room, headphones on, music moderately loud and working (finally) on updating Squirmy's site. Radar goes "ping". First thought, hearing things. Second thought, cat has found something. Third though, probably not a cat. Hiding under the cat-tree there is a little, jammie-clad boy. Somehow, I just knew. Oh, another parental observation... silence is not golden, it means the child is up to no good. And to think I used to laugh at this stuff.

I did have a couple rants about stuff in the newspaper this week, but they're gone. Meds, child and rain ate my brain. Eventually, I'll remember what pissed me off.

Putting together a master list because I can't keep track in my head any more. Time to face the fact nothing new can go in until something old gets kicked out. Problem is, what the hell do you kick out? Phone numbers? Prog operations? How to breathe? Pah, easier to make a list.

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Monday, October 24, 2005
I will not panic, I will not fret and worry, I will not give myself ulcers or wind myself up until I explode. And I do not believe a word of that.

Daycare is gone as of November four. Shit, bugger, hell, damn. Can't get Squirmy into the new place until January (age restriction) - which reminds me, I must phone tomorrow and get the paperwork.

Plan was, in case this happened, to shift back to three days with Big-D picking up the other two days. Except Big-D has been called for jury duty on the first and if she gets snagged for the jury, she can't be in two places at the same time. And, depending what the doc says on Thursday, Dad may not be able to do three days a week.

Oh waiter, I'd like a large rum and coke with a Paxil chaser, if you'd be so kind.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005 at 1027pm
*nervously nibbles on fingers* The vid card issues are becoming more frequent. At least, I think that's what I'm seeing. Damn, damn, damn. Ever since killing M&D's mobo, I'm really nervous about scratch-building a new machine. Simple card-swapping is okay but ground up stuff... *shudders*

Finding Nemo is not a bad kids movie. There's lots in it keep adults entertained... until you've seen it a few dozen times. Monsters, Inc. rocks, even on the fourteenth go-around. The same cannot be said for A Bugs Life. After three times, it's boring. Ice Age is losing its appeal too. Really, really need to get a new VCR soon. We've got a lot of kid-type movies but they're on tape, not DVD... and I'm getting sick of the DVD's (as you can tell).

Working on a site for Sis, showcasing their cabin in Gibsons. At least it's something web/code related to work on.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Today, a good man was taken from us. Dr. R. Sherman, a wonderful Ophthalmologist, has died. It was far too soon for this man to be taken. Sympathies and tears for the family he leaves behind. Rest in Peace, Doctor. You will be missed by many.
October 19, 2005 at 915pm
I wish for a bat. A big, heavy, oaken bat. And I wish to use that bat on one Federal agency and one Provincial agency. Holy mother of god! Were the job requirements idiocy, rudeness and one working brain-cell?

First of all, if you have questions that are medical in nature, should those questions not be directed to the Doctor of record? Why are you insisting that we call the doctor, then pass the info back to you? I assumed the purpose of including the Doctor's phone and fax numbers were for your agency to contact the Doctor. Wrong guess, eh?

Does your Agency not maintain records about your clients? What does it matter who paid for the last device - the client is Status! If there were evidence of another agency involved, do you really think we would NOT have noted it? Give me a break, you stupid idiot. Engage your fucking brain for a change.

As for the other one... who pissed in your shoes this morning? And since when does your agency not pay for this service? You are the agency of last payment - if the Province does not cover any of the amount and there is no EHP in place, YOUR AGENCY is supposed to cover the charge. When did this policy change and why the fuck did you not advise your clients and/or the service providers? Ya know, you're about one step from being lumped in with the other, more fucked up, agency above. I so look forward to further conversations with you and will fight a negative ruling until you're buried in paper.

*sqee!* Galactica 1980 is on - first episode on! Gods, it's so old, so dated, so... okay, if I hadn't seen it when I was a young teen when it first aired (and I hadn't developed the biggest crush on Barry Van Dyke) there's no way in hell I'd watch it now. Ah, the memories. Ya know, somewhere in the house there is BSG80 fic I wrote. It's an MS if I remember right, but all of my early stories were. I wonder where the hell it is? Be fun to read it just for a good laugh.

About that story in the last entry - it wasn't worth it. Lesson learned - when your gut is telling you to stop reading, do it.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005 at 1010pm
I'll give hubby credit, he's got the patience of a saint sometimes. There's been very limited internet access on his 'puter since July. He mentioned it before, when I was working on Lab-boy's machine, but never said a word after that (that I can remember). Yesterday, he asked where the OS disc is kept and how he planned on pulling off the save-game file, and a couple other things, then reloading the OS.

Yes, he's not an idiot around 'puters and he can install almost anything, but he's got no concept of file-size or nuke/pave routines. With no burner on-board, and no idea how to access MM or BU from his machine, how were the files to be saved? On a floppy, of course. Additionally, I don't believe he's ever done a reformat/reinstall. Not good but added some much needed humor to the day.

Anyway, hubby now has Lab-boy's old 'puter (with ME on it - yuck) until I get (a) the new board from Trafalga and (b) memory upgrades for the boards. Until then, hubby can play all his games and yap on Mirc/Yahoo until the cows come home.

What do you do when you encounter, in a fic, something you hate to the nth degree? To complicate matters, the fic is well-written with a real plot (*gasp*) and hits many fic-buttons. If, and to my mind that's a big 'if', JE were to call BS 'baby', it would not be used with the frequency it's used in this story. Just... no. But, dammit, I really don't (or is that can't) bear to leave this story unfinished - it's that good. Maybe developing a mental block for the word would help... hrm...

Squirmy has now graduated to the 'big bed'. So far, so good. He snuck out once last night but settled back in almost right away. No escape attempts during nap time today, or at bed time tonight. Hope it stays that way *crosses fingers*.

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Friday, October 14, 2005 at 1016pm
Paddle - check. Life vest - check. Ark - working on it. There is rain, lots of rain. And it'll be here for awhile. Wonder if hubby cleaned the gutters?

Still can't believe the news Heike called about. Sure, M had some health issues (granted some major ones) but to go so fast like that... damn. Rest in Peace, M.

Lab-Boy is out, at the annual convention, for four days and I get to pick up the lab work. Think I'm gonna be just a tad busy. And I sure hope I can remember how to do the basic stuff. Eeep!

New report required. Fields must be in a specified order. Make a 'view', run the report from that. Ah, but only certain rows are wanted. Make a 'where' clause; done that before, they're easy. Well, they are, as long as you only have two criteria. Fracking clause. I cannot figure out why the extra 'or' clauses are ignored, and it's pissing me off. And, to add to the misery, there's another report/look-up that would be really handy, but I can't figure out the 'where' clausing when a wildcard function is needed. I keep getting interupted at work and Boss-man has the laptop at home (doing what I've no farking idea). Arg!

Keeping a master list now; only way to track certain things. And, son-of-a-bitch, I have a problem. I've been ignoring everything else and that must bloody stop now.

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Monday, October 3, 2005
I'm still tripping over Serenity, processing more, connecting the dots (yes, I'm terribly slow at times). Pleasepleaseplease, Mr. Whedon, make more!

Maybe I lead a fairly angst-free past-life. Or the liking of angst is directly related to the existence of depression in a person. Or... something else. I do wish the little angst cheerleaders in my head would shut the hell up!

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Never follow links found in Frog's journal. Unless, of course, you like spraying tea on the monitor. I'd never heard of Book-in-a-Minute (SF/F section) (yes, sometimes I do live under a rock) until today. What a hoot, and the Movie-in-a-Minute section is even better.

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Saturday, October 1, 2005 at 1028pm
Oh.My.Fucking.God. Serenity rocks... it rules... it is the cat's ass and whiskers!

Thoughts and memories and everything else still tumbling around and it'll take while to be coherent about anything. But, a few thoughts/observations...

  • The movie is waaaay darker than the series was. Really. The writing is awesome though. If anyone other than Joss wrote the dialogue (or any major part of the movie) I'll eat my socks.

  • Shepherd Book bought the farm and, while it made me go 'erk!', I hoped (fucking prayed!) the spoiler boards I read months ago predicted the wrong character death

  • The whole Reever angle was incredible! Seriously WOW, totally dropped my jaw on the hard, sticky floor. The biggest, meanest, messiest, scariest people in the 'Verse, and they're that way because the Alliance tried screwing with behavior mod shit and chemicals. Wow... just, wow.

  • Always felt Summer Glau's character, River Tam, got a little shortchanged on the series. Well, given there was only one season I guess it's understandable - more time was definitely needed for deep character development. But in the movie - damn! The door to the character was definitely kicked further open and it was fascinating to see.

  • Simon and Kayle, sitting in a tree... ya, that relationship is now one hundred percent canon. Now, if the movie can attract some decent S/K writers...

  • Not enough Mal/Inara, but also no place for it in the movie. Took so long for Inara to show up, I thought the credits were just a tease.

  • The no-named operative was something else. A Terminator that breathes and bleeds.

  • Wash - dead - FUCK! I lost it, tears and all. Why, Joss, WHY??? I'm not so rabid a fan as to wish a pox on the writer (ala the NCIS nutjob) but why Wash? At least he'll live on in fanfiction, boinking Zoe and flying Serenity until the stars fade to black.

    There could easily be another movie made (just found rumor: Whedon's planned a trilogy) or - if the gods really do smile on people and network execs are able to recognize GOOD programming when they see it - a revival of the series. A book series would be so far beyond fantastic I don't have the words.

    If it weren't almost eleven bucks a person, I'd see this movie another dozen times. The second it comes out on DVD I'm buying it, even it means no nasty-habit-shit for a month!

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