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Sunday July 31, 2005
My 'puter room at home looks like a geek's paradise. Currently occupying the room are five working desktops, two dead desktops, one working laptop and one dead laptop. Dozens of little screws litter both tables; IDE cables (about a dozen) sit patiently in a little bag waiting to be used or stored; and daughter cards are stacked up on nearly every flat surface. Oh god, I love it!

There is a reason for overabundance of 'puters (besides a massive geeky indulgence) - the redo of Lab-boy's 'puter. Strip two 'puters down, make one new one. And save the data off Lab-boy's HDD, if possible. When you find Kazaa on a system, you just know there's a shit-load of spy/crap-ware. And, christ-on-a-cracker, is there. A first run of Spybot revealed sixty-two problems and, when correction was attempted, the 'puter started barfing. Currently running Adaware to see what else is present.

Lab-boy's new 'puter will Boss-man's old one, with a TV tuner card added (along with some other stuff). Getting the old AGP out was interesting; the AGP slot has a lock mechanism on it. I've never seen one before, but I like it... and I want one!

Interestingly, the vid card was recognized by XP (without downloading special drivers) but I don't know (at this point) if the TV aspect will require special drivers. I assume so and hope to hell I can find them. But hey, at least the damn card and the adaptor worked.

It's been hot and disgusting around home this weekend, all week actually. While finally receiving a summer is nice, those of us who prefer the cold do not fare well with heat. Ugh!

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Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 124pm
Had to download ep 510 of QaF since my tape decided to pack it in.

Very glad I got to see the episode; here's a few thoughts and comments.

  • For me, the Brian/Justin aspect of the season is over. Brian has finally admitted, to himself and Justin, what's in his heart. Well done, about time, yaddayadda. There's been enough up-and-down angst with those two that I've had enough. And reading the spoilers for future episodes, 511 specifically, makes me want to barf. Have a read... (oh, purloined from Fandom_Wank)

    "Brian -- with some of the worst dialogue this show has ever come up with (and after five years' worth of dick jokes, that's saying something) -- proposes marriage to Justin. He even buys him a house, complete with a pool, tennis court, and (I can hardly say this) stables. It's like every teenage fantasy you ever had about Justin Timberlake, only worse, because Brian refers to Justin as his "prince." But, apparently, Justin is about to get a chance to fuck off to New York City to become a famous artist, which rather kills the whole marriage thing." (written by napoleon)

    The B/J shippers are having conniption fits on every board, forum and list that exists. Another F_W poster made the comment that the only 'sane' B/J people are the ones not involved in the fandom. With a few (very few!) exceptions, I agree. The rabidness of the B/J-ers, and their all consuming, absolute hatred of Michael is what drove me almost right out any QaF fandom stuff.

    In a twisted, evil, cackling way, I'm glad CowLip did this. They, and the actors, have known about the fandom world and the rabid shippers and this is a wonderful way to really stick it to the B/J crowd. Life does not always have a happy ending and it's good to see TV imitate life.

  • Michael... holy bloody hell, Michael. He will pull through, so the spoilers say, but jezzu! I must have been napping because I didn't expect him to be gravely injured. I'll miss this character, and Hal Sparks, when the season is over.

  • Emmett... and Drew. He (Drew) rushed to Babylon to see if Emmett was okay... awwwwww. Second favorite scene of the ep was that beautiful hug Drew and Emmett shared. I hope the E/D relationship is explored and/or expanded upon more before the series ends.

    As for the reporter Drew encountered when looking for Emmett - for fuck sakes, you asshole! Annoying, stupid and totally true-to-life.

    I will, truly, miss watching Peter Paige on a weekly basis.

  • As for the rest, meh. Melanie/Lindsay storylines have never interested me in the same way the others have, though I do enjoy both actresses in other works. Scott Lowell's character, Ted, seems to be relegated to (almost) second-string status. Pity, 'cause I enjoy Scott, too.

    In other news, some of the most 'interesting' links can be found through the oddest of places - Cerebral Penis Control Centre. Or, how about this one - Man sues because his penis didn't get bigger. And, for the techies who like to be naked and use their laptops - Man burns penis with laptop. Ouch!

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  • Monday, July 25, 2005 at 956pm
    Do not read the Entertainment section of the newspaper unless you really want to torture yourself with the knowledge of a local sci-fi con (Gateway) that you cannot attend. I did not need to see that this morning. And yes, masochist that I am, I read the whole damned article and cruised the web site.

    I'm getting to the point where I'm willing to pay extra to have a pre-built system. I don't mind teching minor things - install a burner, add a new HDD - but the building (or rebuilding) of systems is pissing me off.

    Contacted the fella we use for office 'puters, hoping he can set up my folks with a workable system for a descent price. I'd like to have him do the data transfer too, but I'll do it if I have to. Also checked out my local hardware source (they do custom orders apparently) to get a price base-line.

    The flood was recorded by the office sec system. Lab-Boy was the one who brought to my attention that the camera in the outer office probably caught the whole thing (smart kid, he needs a raise). The system records at a low-ish resolution, but everything from the waterfall to collapsing ceiling tiles is visible. Wonder if the insurance guy will want a copy of it? Must remember to call him tomorrow.

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    Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 1127pm
    I hate computers, I really do. Either I've just blown the PSU or fried the motherboard on parent's computer. Or the damn thing crapped out by itself. I've no fucking idea what's going on now, but I need to rip the PSU out, take it apart and pray I've got a spare one around to try in the machine. FUCK!

    A short time later... It's not the PSU. Fuck. Time to call MrFixIt.

    Around 1030pm... MrFixIt had an old, farked up, machine from a neighbour. It's sitting in pieces on my 'puter room floor. When taking out the CD drive, the cable broke so now the connection end is stuck in the damn thing. Jezzu! Ya know, with my luck tonight I've probably scrambled the HDD's during the swap. Oh, and when I described what happened, MrFixIt had no idea what transpired.

    I'm posting this and going to bed. If I don't go now I'll be up until three 'playing' with the damn 'puters and be a right big bitch tomorrow.

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    Friday, July 22, 2005 at 837pm
    Ants! They're everywhere this year! I pass six 'nests' on during the walk to the train, and discovered five new ones in the four blocks around my house. Was it the warm winter? Is it a cyclical thing? I honestly can't remember a summer where I've seen so much ant activity. What local animals feed on ants?

    Talking to Trafalga on Y!M and trying to get the camera working. Stupid bugger (camera, not Tra) is breaking up something awful. Could have sworn we tested this before the l/t came home.

    Sweet deities! House Mary-Sues... just when I thought I'd seen real crap, I stumble onto these. What I'm really waiting for is Gatch crap-fic. I'm hoping (really really hard) the series will be so obscure the raving fan-brats will leave it alone. If not, my alter-ego will go to town on their ass! Do not mess with Gatch, EVER.
    Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 955pm
    My babies are all reassembled and tucked in their places. *sigh* Between going through each wire (what a mess!) and the loss of the printer, one power-bar and two extention cords have been eliminated. And long wires have been bundled up, thus making things a bit more organized and neat under the desk. The PNet tech will be out tomorrow to install the new version on the old machine. However, I have no way of printing from that machine. There is still a way to get the required reports done, but it's a real MickeyMouse way of doing things. We could get a cheapo bubble jet printer, but I really like having the extra desk space.

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    Monday, July 18,2005 at 1037pm
    The word from the recovery guys are the monitor, shredder and dot-matrix printer are all dead. The three computers and the switch box LIVE! *does the very very happy dance of joy* All the okay stuff will be back tomorrow so I can begin sorting out the mess of wires under my desk. And play with a couple new configs.

    Ceiling tiles were replaced today, so at least the office doesn't look quite so bad anymore. The carpet still looks like hell and Boss-Man said to call around and get some guys in to give quotes on replacing it. Do that Wed/Thurs since I'll have run out things to do by then. Also have to price out a replacement monitor. For now, I'll steal one of the others for the front office.

    Happy news is not available for parent's 'puter. It looks like a double hardware failure of the modem and the video card. The vid card I can replace from my stash, the modem I cannot. All I have is one 28.8 and two 33.6's. Why the hell am I holding onto these dinosaurs? In fact, why do I have half the crap in the drawer o'junk? Any one want old serial connectors and the like?

    The Cat is on about the new HP book and the defilement of her beloved Snape. Doesn't sound good. In fact, nothing in the HP fandom sounds good right now. The wank-and-splooge-fest going on is disturbing (it's a book people, just a damned book!) and so over-the-top, it may be years before I pick up an HP book.

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    Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 1027pm
    What the fark is going on lately? First the flood, now two family 'puters are tits-up. Seriously, is there something in the air? A black cloud somewhere? Is Murphy bored and looking for something to do?

    Mom calls this afternoon saying something is wrong with the 'puter; she 'can't get on the Internet'. Turns out, the 'puter won't boot properly and there was a modem error (error 666, tell me that's coincidence!) A couple days ago, she idly mentioned the AV wasn't 'on' but she fiddled around and fixed it. Booting into SafeMode works, but rebooting out into NormalMode is farked. Right, nothing I can do for y'all over the phone, bring the sucker over.

    Look up the error, find a fix, apply it, try a reboot. Goes into normal just fine, but there's no icons in the lower right. Time clock, but not AV or sound icons, and the display is set way down on 640x480. Change display settings and the sucker wants to reboot. Eyebrow raises, but okay, maybe left it that way before. Hit reboot and a loverly VXD error messages shows up. Fuck you. Also, can't into System Information 'cause the VXD error shows up again. Really, fuck you 'puter.

    A few hours later, I'm thinking... something Win98 related has corrupted itself (with or without help) so let's reinstall the OS overtop the old one. Goes fine, until the reboot step. It's a damn good thing there's no large, heavy object in the room. Next step, to be carried out tomorrow/Tuesday, is hardware replacement. I've an old modem and vid card to try out and I'm hoping one of them will correct the issue.

    Then there's Sis' 'puter (yes, AGAIN!). There's a kernel32 error that occurs three times once the OS (WinMe *shudder*) has loaded. I do not think this will be an easy fix, in fact, I think it'll mean nuke-and-pave time once again. Need to check the specs on that 'puter, but if it won't take XP I'm putting 98 in. I'm hoping Sis' machine will take XP and I'm hoping her budget will allow its purchase; I know mine won't.

    So, I'm sitting on the porch using the new (though used) laptop. Finally figured out the RJ45 cabling issues last night. The two spare cables I have appear to be cross-overs, rather than straights, and this laptop refuses to use them. The work laptop will use one of the cables, but I've no idea why. Digging in my drawer o'shit, I found another hunk of RJ45 and according to my spec sheet, it's a straight and the new laptop likes it. I give up.

    Work-wise, we're running things - minimally - off the laptop. Had the PNet guys in to install the program and transfer data over on Wednesday. Got the Scheduler and DB up and running, but didn't bother with the accounting software/data. Discovered that all my back-up discs are probably toast (they got wet with highly contaminated water).

    Amazingly, all three 'puters under my desk (the one drenched in the flood) fired up, posted and loaded just fine. Even the monitor and switch hub, both of which were directly under the waterfall, worked. But, as the insurance adjuster said, just because they appear to working doesn't mean they are all right. So off they, and a few other electronic items, went to the techs.

    The phone that was on my desk is history and so, I think, is the headset box. The adding machine is questionable and the debit machine appears to have a few issues (buttons should not go "squish" when pressed). The carpet might be saved, but I'm not placing bets.

    This week coming up, it's just me in the office since the others are on vacation. This is a good thing since dealing with insurance shit, 'puters, and the general disarray a flood brings does not make patient handling much fun. I can use the alone time to, hopefully, get everything back in order. Oh please, let me get things back in order this week!

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    Tuesday, July 12, 2005 at 834pm
    I should be watching an NCIS repeat right now. I should be gearing up for a House repeat. I should not loading the scheduler and database files onto the laptop and filling the air with the bluest of language. Why is all this happening? Seems there is a waterfall above my desk at work and a rather large lake has formed. There is a 'small' water problem three floors up.

    At this time, all I know for sure is: all paper on the desk is history; the 'puters were still running, but their condition is unknown; the debit machine may be fried; the printer may be in jeopardy; and the software stored above may be history. Oh.My.Fucking.God. Thank the fucking deities the new laptop is still at home with me.

    I can, in a limited fashion, run the office from the laptop... if the disc for the printer drivers isn't toast. What I cannot recreate, in any way, is the Pharmacare 'puter. I don't even know if the techs can install it on the laptop (space and OS issues). Fuckfuckfuck! Waiting to hear from Boss-Man regarding calling everyone on the schedule for tomorrow and cancelling their appointments.

    Want more fun? At the end of my street - three houses away - is a dozen police cruisers, two ambulances and a SWAT team. Some fucktard in the townhouse complex has barricaded himself (and possibly others) inside one unit... and the moron is armed. My street, and four others adjacent, are blocked off and taped up. Oh fucking joy!

    I am going to go have a drink now. A very, very strong drink. Then I'm going to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and wish today away.

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    July 11, 2005 at 850pm
    First, to all my friends and aquaintances in England (London specifically)... you're in my thoughts and (such as they are) prayers. Be strong.

    Second, I'm home and I'm not travelling out of the country again for a very long time. There's paranoia, then there's the US. I understand, but, sheesh.

    Statisically speaking, given the number of air trips hubby and I have taken over the years, one of us should have lost luggage ages ago. So, guess what happened? Three pieces of luggage were tagged and loaded at YVR, two got off at Logan. Most of hubby's casual clothes and my dress/casual shoes spent some quality time... doing fuck-knows-what. We were told many things - the luggage didn't make the transfer in Houston, it cannot (currently) be located and the ever popular, it never left Vancouver. Eventually, the luggage caught up with us. But not before I had to buy new shoes for the wedding.

    The wedding was great. Fun, full of life and humor, very different from the Catholic services I've attended. And decent food, really. Moist chicken, flavorful sauces, perfectly cooked tenderloin. Quite amazing.

    Was great to see Trafalga and BigMama. And does BM know how to shop! The deals she found on kid's clothing is nothing short of awesome. Even with exchange and duty, I couldn't meet (or beat) the prices. Same with the toys. Incredible.

    And, of course, I couldn't get away without computer parts. One new mobo, processor and vid card for hubby's machine; a new mobo and processor for me; and a new laptop. Toss in a packet of assorted software and a 160G HDD. None of the parts are new - they're Tra's cast-off's from upgrades - but I don't care one bit. One mobo/processor has to be sent up since there was no room in the luggage. This works, as I need Boss-man's old work DT and Lab-boy's DT stripped down before any rebuilding can begin.

    Squirmy had a blast with Grandma... and auntie and uncle and cousins. And ol' Squirmy impressed the hell outta everyone and 'dazzled all he saw with his cuteness and adorable smile'. Yes, I was told that directly.

    Now, there are two brand-spanking new QaF's waiting for me...*squeal* *drool* And I have to catch up on NCIS fics.

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