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Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 1055pm
I'd insert a fangirly squeal here but one, it's undignified (hells-bells, like that will really stop me), and two (and the real reason), I'm a content puddle of goo. Aoe has finally updated The Space Between. Anria, run and read if you haven't already.

Did I intend to waste spend time reading tonight? When I have a house to clean and a suitcase to pack? Curse my "just check one thing more" thought.

The report issue has been solved, and I'd like to cause myself grievous bodily harm. Variables must be assigned to a specific report section. I know this, had to correct it in another report. Did I think of it for this particular report? Hell no! Idiot is the tag I must hang on myself.

Scrounged through the wardrobe for something to wear to the rehearsal dinner. Something other than the capri's and tank-top. Nada. None of the three casual dresses I have left fit - strangled boobs are not happy boobs. Yes, the outfit I've chosen is, probably, a bit on the skanky side but tough shit. I have work-dressy, I have casual, and nothing in between. Since jeans have been deemed "inappropriate" that eliminates the two casual pairs of pants I have that fit (they're jean-style/cut) and I'm not taking black dress pants given what the weather is supposed to be like. Deal, or ask me to leave, I really don't care.

Hubby is home so it's hunt-the-kitty time. Joy.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 925pm
Please, shoot me. I'm addicted to this stupid video. It's moronic, addicting... and I love the damn thing.

That report that's been farking up? Well, it's still doing it despite the fact I've recreated the sucker. Die, you stupid report, DIE *stabstabstab* Tomorrow, it's going to work - or else!

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Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 957pm
Ever known a woman over thirty-five throw a temper-tantrum? It's not pretty. Okay, so it was more of an internal thing but still...

There was a reason I wanted to order from C and L online and not go to their warehouse. It's just too damn easy to see something else, get distracted by the pretty pictures and posters on the walls. Gatchaman (OMFG! It's finally in my hands! The uncut, uncensored subtitled version!) was the only item I ended up buying, but only because I wanted to keep the house, put gas in the car and eat. If it weren't for those pesky things I would have walked out with Fake, Gravitation, Bananas, and Eerie Queerie (the MANGA! OMFG, C&L has manga now *swoon*). As well as Starblazers DVD's (FMe! Series I was in stock!) and a handful of old classics. I really (reallyreallyreally) wanted the manga. *cries* I still do!

Watching the Fics Read section, you'd never know I've read anything in the last two months. Sheesh. Mind you, most reading comes in five minute snatches between work tasks. Note to self - write stuff down!

The DB has a new, slicker interface. Of course, not everything works. Explain to me why a print-preview of a report shows everything is peachy, but the actual print-out is farked. May just recreate the report rather than debug the sucker. Just one more thing to add to the growing list of things/features to be dealt with.

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Friday, June 17, 2005 at 817pm
In under five days, FiL has managed to screw something up on his 'puter. MrFixIt had the sucker running updated, cleaned, disinfected and all but dancing on the table.

Between POST and XP start-up, there's now a little box warning the user "your password will expire in [x] days". Um... what? Maybe a CMOS password, except MrFixIt didn't go into the CMOS let alone alter it. New program? None of the new programs installed required password setup. There's nothing (according to FiL) to identify what program may be associated with the request.

Add to this another little box that has "[companyname], enter password and something else I don't remember." [Companyname] is the company I work for... what the hell is this box doing on FiL's machine asking him for a password? Eventually figured out what this box-thing was, but not why it was popping up. It should only have been doing that if FiL clicked on the address in the address bar, and he wasn't. IE was open, but not in use.

One of the new malware/spyware tool MrFixIt installed found thirteen errors "the next morning, and it won't get rid of one of them." In FiL-speak, the errors are infections. When MrFixIt first ran it, there were three and he cleaned them off. In forty-eight hours there were thirteen more? How? If all FiL did was visit "some church sites", where did the infections come from? Somehow, I cannot see FiL visiting The Church of Boobs or Holy Pussy United.

Part of the problem (besides the operator) may reside in the Shaw Secure he's running. It's hard to tell exactly what it's up to, how recent/accurate the virus definitions are or fine-tune the firewall. But, of course, that can't be the problem because the Shaw tech told FiL to use it. Uhuh, I remember Telus had (still have?) a similar service. It sure protected Vicious' computer well - NOT.

So MrFixIt is considering kicking FiL off Admin level (oh please do it, make life easier for yourself!) and I really hope he runs every farking tool through that drive because I'm thinking a well buried problem is residing on the drive.

The print drum on the Minolta finally gave up the ghost. The new drum is supposed to arrive... Tuesday night. Sure, a moderately busy office can go three days without the need to print anything. HAHAHAHA! Boss-man has been talking about a large-format printer for a while (couple years) so one guess what he bought. "It'll do regular size, too." There's seven or eight inks for this thing and I really want to see the quality this sucker can produce, but for the moment it's sitting in draft mode. No need to waste good, and probably expensive, ink printing patient charts.

There's a small question and concern regarding a funding issue. On the surface, there appears to be some preferential treatment occurring. There may be a valid reason for the situation as it stands now, but it would still appear ethically and free-market wrong. Could be interesting in the days to come.

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Sunday, June 5, 2005 at 655pm
The computer room is as clean as it's gonna get without being ten-times more ruthless than I'm capable of. Even went so far as to clean out all the 'puters. Dust bunnies? No, try dinosaurs! Gee, could this be the reason the server has been sounding like a rig downshifting on the bypass? Trafalga would kill me if saw how bad I let things get.

A bag-and-a-half of trash and a half-bag of recycling has come out of the work-shop thus far. I am, though I shouldn't be, stunned with what was in the room - old, dead electric kettle and the box for the new one; the big box from a toy Squirmy got a year ago; eighty-two (! yes, I counted!) plastic grocery bags; four small bags of garbage; and an assortment of nails, screws, bottle-caps, paper and plastic bits. The bench can be seen, and used if one does not need a large area, but there are still missing screwdrivers. I know, I know... put them away when you're finished using them. Bite me.

[Edit] Found two screwdrivers while cleaning upstairs. That leaves at least two others still on the MIA list.

With just the cats home, why not put on the stereo? Good plan, but why is one speaker sounding really distorted when heavy-ish bass plays? The thin strip of foam around the large thing (woofer?) has disintegrated. How the hell did that happen? *sniff sniff* GOD-DAMN CAT! Yet another thing the soon-to-be-dead cat has wreaked. Not telling hubby about this one, no way.

Anyone else have snippets of fics stashed away? Anyone else forget what the fic was supposed to be about? Found this hiding on the drive. No notes, nothing else but the snippet. Now what the hell was I going to write? What was the main plot or even a sub-plot? *bangs head on desk*

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Saturday, June 4, 2005 at 851pm
This is the - no shitting here - thirtieth time I've watched the movie, The Mummy. Yes, I've counted and, at one time, there was a valid reason for doing so... don't ask me what the hell that was.

Six cups of water into the coffee maker should not equal a cup and a third out. I thought the small puddle of water was from me being careless. Um, no. It's the twenty-five-year-old coffee maker dying. No choice (unless I want no coffee on the weekends, and that ain't happening in this lifetime) but to buy a new maker.

Friday was a tragic day for one little boy. Mr. Dice, the beloved stuffed puppy, was finally and really lost. Candice figured it happened when they went out in the afternoon and she, hubby and me have searched her path (including a very large park) to no avail. Squirmy is very upset he can't find his special Dice-puppy and his sad little face and tears are heartbreaking.

So what's a mommy to do? Find another of the same, right? Be nice if the damn thing wasn't discontinued/unavailable. There's one retailer I found on-line in Florida that says they stock this particular puppy. It's a ridiculous price, the shipping charges will probably be stupid (and let's not forget the exchange rate) and I'm probably being really stupid... I ordered two. Just smack me now.

The nutters are everywhere; no matter what fandom you choose, you cannot escape the fans that should be locked in underground bunkers. The latest nutcase is a Ari/Kate shipper from the NCIS fandom. Yes, a main character was killed off. Yes, she was part of your OTP. However, the actress asked to leave the show, there were no hard feelings and killing the character really added a dramatic (angsty?) punch to the show. Most fans were stunned and will miss the interaction(s) between her character and the others.

All that said, there is no fucking reason for anyone (fan or not) to rip into the creator, call him names and wish a disease upon him! For pete's sake, grow the fuck up and act like the adult you, supposedly, are. Honestly, it's getting to the point where I'm leery of interacting in any fandom.

Due to my obsession with the DB program, I'm behind in almost everything from bill paying to LJ's of friends. This next week I'm working to catch up on everything. There's no hubby and no child, just me and the cats. Trying my damnedest to get everything in order.

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