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Sunday, May 29, 2005 at 931pm
Happy birthday, Sis!

I'm really starting to adore _WTF. Here's a couple new goodies, courtesy of the com - the first one is a couple guys doing a comedy routine. Somebody said they're British and thus the poster didn't get the 'humor'. Can't understand that - watch this routine! The second goodie is a game. Basically, you must fix the ladies shoes. The instructions are in Japanese (with the fashion I've seen coming out of Japan, I'm not surprised this originates from there) but the 'how to play' actually SHOWS you how to play. Frankly, if someone can't figure out how to play this game just from the 'how to' vid, then I have to wonder how they managed to turn on the computer.

Mr. Squirmy has found something he likes. He can share it with mommy or daddy, most often in the morning. Yes, my small-not-yet-two child has a love of coffee. He drank half my cup when I was getting him some juice. And, of course, he didn't want juice, he wanted more coffee. Yes, sir! So he had coffee-flavored milk in a sippy-cup. How bad is coffee (or the caffine) for small children? Guess I have a new search to do.

Small child also has a fondness for beer. My sister, when she was little, had this same fondness. At a yard party, any beer bottles she could get her hands on were fair game. Squirmy is carrying on the tradition.

Small child hates - get ready for it - poo. If he poops while in the bath, the bath is done and he practically breaks his neck trying to get out of the tub at the speed of light. Tonight's adventure with the brown-smelly was in his crib. Poop went in diaper (as it should) but Squirmy didn't like it there. So he stripped down (jammies and diaper) and poop ended up in the crib with him. Everything was tossed from the crib and Squirmy was freaking out (picture totally hysterical). Maybe this is a sign it's a good time to start toilet training?

"Sometimes e-mail goes missing" - then get a new host or ease up on your filters, you jackass.

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Wednesday, May 25 to Friday, May 27, 2005 at oh-puleeze-I-don't-remember-in-the-pm
Up to where we were with the old version of the DB, working on the newer features. Why are we hand-writing application forms when ALL the information is in the patient's computer-based record? Say "so long" to that inefficient method! Except for brand-spanking-new patients who aren't in our DB yet. And if I can do that for the ProvMed folks, why not 'other' governmental agencies? One agency down (sorta, couple fields not recognized) and started on the second.

Some of the picture stuff takes too much fiddling. Fine for me, since I've done graphics manipulation before, but Big-D is very much a "give me step-by-step" instructions. Cropping iris shots is not see-spot-run work. Will talk to Boss-man and see if there's some way he can get closer so it'll be just a simple resizing task.

Made the DB program blow itself up on the laptop. Changed the configuration settings to match what they are at work and -BOOM-! Oh, the program will start (sorta) and appears to run... as long as you don't ask it to do anything. Access violitions all over hells half-acre if the application is run and changing the config settings again ('cause the program totally farked up the first reset) causes SET errors aplenty. Joined a help group - for program help, not mental help! - hoping someone may have an explanation and/or solution for what I've done.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at sometime-in-the-afternoon-close-to leaving-pm
Countdown to season-enders for NCIS and House. God, I love Tuesdays!

Popping bubble-wrap is a wonderful stress reliever. But what do you do when you run out? Why, you go online and pop virtual bubble-wrap! Thank you TSC!

Polished the DB today. Lab-Boy, Big-D and Boss-Man rewrote the guarantee (thanks folks!). Figured out some invoicing parameters, made the delete section functional (I think, testing it tomorrow), fixed the DaySheet section so it's browsable and started work on the photo history section. Some of the structuring and expression executions (such as variable clearing) are just different enough to make simple jobs a bit more work.

New laptop arrived in the middle of NCIS, of course. Nice, sweet... MINE. Took twenty minutes of searching (only during commercials!) to find a screw driver so I could install the extra memory. Two projects for when hubby and Squirmy are away - clean this pig-sty (yes, it's back to that again) and dig out (literally!) the farking workshop. Holy Hell! I couldn't even SEE the tool bench!

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Monday, May 23, 2005 at too-late-in-the-pm
Found out tonight was the season start of QaF just by accident. Damn good thing I did, too.

Few random thoughts on the ep:

Ted - first sight of him I asked the TV "damn, has Ted put on a little weight?" Confirmed that PDQ... then kept laughing whenever Ted showed up again. Could the writers be having fun with him (hopefully? maybe?) this season? Scott brought off the role/writing well, as usual.

Melanie & Lindsay - *looking for a big, nail-studded bat* *SMACK* *SMACK* There, done.

Ben & Michael - move already! Suck it up Michael. Times change, people change and you're not a fucking kid anymore.

Brian & Justin - no... not more angst. Everyone has hardships, relationship problems, etc. These two have their allotment plus the rest of Liberty Avenue's. Can't we just have a fun for the last season?

Emmett & Horvath in the kitchen - dear diety-of-choice, thank you for the scenes with Em and Horvath in their underwear. Almost as good as Deb & Horvath walking on Em 'entertaining' his date in the livingroom. The little talk Horvath had with Em was touching and well done by both actors.

The end of the ep... not a total shocker ("I said buy a new toy, not the toybox!" Ted to Brian) and has the potential for some good shit. Oh, Brian's speech at the end had me standing and applauding. Hope the writers 'took the gloves off' and really pushed with this season.

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Friday, May 20, 2005
The DB is up, functional (usable) and the image-thingy works! I am fucking awesome! There's still some picky detail stuff (formatting, new columns) to run through, but the basics are ready.

Data export/import appeared, for the most part, to go fine. However, there's some data missing from the billing table and I can't suss-out why. According to the old DB the data was entered, but it doesn't show up in the new DB. I exported that data five different ways and it made no difference - there's a block of invoice information that just doesn't show up. That is first priority Tuesday (hey self, this is a reminder!). Must also talk to Big-D about how to handle the new invoices.

The laptop is dead. Actually, it's the video hardware that's dead (HA! I was right!) And since the video is built into the MOBO on laptops, the repair bill is bloody stupid - $800 not including tax. Bite me. Must talk to Trafalga and have him run me through laptop refurbishing.

No plans for the long weekend, unless the weather improves then there's a shit-load of yard work that must be done. Grass is, no kidding, past my knees and the rose bush is screaming for attention. Add to that four bushes and a row of trees that need pruning. Of course, rain is forecast for this weekend.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Started off the morning right today - made the False Creek South bus and ran into an old friend on it. Haven't seen Kelly since... geez, gotta be nearly twenty-five years. Apart from looking older (shit, he's FORTY! But then I'm almost there too) he still looks the same - handsome. And still as personable as he was way back when. *sigh* Really made my day. Hope I can run into him again.

The new application is one, maybe two, steps away from completion. Feels like I've mickey-moused some of the procedures, but they work. Going to try a data dump/transfer tomorrow. If it goes well (ohpleaseohplease) then the major alterations can begin. Oh joy.

Anyone for Carnal Cookies? The wide wide variety of 'stuff' available on-line never ceases to amaze me.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 959pm
Hot from the WhatTheFuck files... presenting The Dildo Video! Do not drink or eat while watching (unless you like cleaning the monitor). And yes, it is worth watching! Little side-note - it was made in Vancouver, BC. GO VANCOUVER!

If it's scaring you be wanting, try this link. Okay, maybe it's not scary, but if you're not saying "ew" by end of the page, please seek professional help.

More poking at the new DB program (aka beating my head against the desk) today. Think the reports are complete, found a potential problem with the forms and the application builder is causing me grief. As a temporary measure, I'm hoping I can alter the old application and Codelock it. Need to get the new version running before major alterations to the tables and data can take place.

Must check the election results and set the coffee up for Dad tomorrow... and find my blue shoes...

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Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 959pm
The POS laptop is DOA. I'd bet the farm on a video issue as the cause of near-death ('near' because I can still somewhat coax it to life). So much for doing DB development at home. I really (REALLY!) need an XP machine at home. Winning the lottery or having a pile of cash fall in my lap is the only way that is happening.

The new program is slick, with a bazillion new buttons and options. Sweet. The biggest issue I'm having at the moment is form size; it's not big enough. With the old version, there was no limit to the form size. Not so with this newer version. One of our forms is massive - it's easier as an all-in-one than splitting it into three separate forms. There may be a way to make it a 'tabbed' form, but buggered if I can figure that option out (yet).

*hauls out hammer* See the hammer. See the hammer smash the laptop. Black screen on boot, on reboot, on another reboot. Video driver error messages, garbled text, a lovely blue color on the bottom quarter of the screen... this has to be a video issue. Maybe an HDD issue too? Damn. If this were a desktop I'd just strip the sucker down, ghost the drive and start from scratch. But it's not and cracking laptops is not my idea of something fun to do on a Sunday night.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 953pm
Oh.My.God. I don't usually see slash in TV shows (unless it's intentional like QaF) however on NCIS tonight... Okay, maybe it was my perverted (and apparently 'burning in hell') mind, but there appeared to be some major Gibbs/Dinozzo undertones in SWAK. Hell, if I think I saw so-called undertones (say hello to Ms. Non-Observant) they must have been blatant. This episode should spawn some delicious ficcage. Which will be greatly needed since SWAK was the damn season ender.

Still on NCIS, but the naked men portion. Mark Harmon is still, absolutely and without a doubt, fucking gorgeous. The man has aged very, very well and that silver hair... *drools* Graying hair, on the right man is sooooo scrummy. Of course, Michael Weatherly's ass/chest must be mentioned... and remembered and dreamed about. Actually, some Gibbs/Dinozzo 'thoughts' may creep into the dreams tonight. Damn, I'm gonna go drool over some screen-caps now.

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Monday, May 9, 2005 at 946pm
Well... shit. Shitshitshit! Dead, two are dead. Damn me for not being able to stay away from spoilers. *kicks self in the ass* I'm going to see the movie anyway. It's the first one I've wanted to see, in a theater, in five years. But... damn! I will not pout, cry, rave or throw a hissy-fit. Oh fuck it - *does all four* 847pm

Day one of day-care down and Squirmy survived. Sunhawk, you were right; seeing Squirmy all right makes me feel better about him going back tomorrow.

Being in a new place, with new people and toys meant, of course, no nap (for either kid). And it made Squirmy a very 'tragic' little boy when I picked him up. Add to it Squirmy did not want to leave, not at all!

Squirmy goes back tomorrow, spends two days at home with Grandpa, then day-care again on Friday. Still holding my breath a little but that, I suppose, is normal too. Why do all the 'motherhood' and baby books never mention this kind of stuff?

In work-related news, I cocked-up a piece of the accounting entries for April. Tomorrow's job is to pull all the A/P files and go through them hunting for April transactions. Joy - NOT!

The day dissolved by ten o'clock (patients canceling or no-showing) so a large chunk of today was devoted to over-hauling the web site. Boss-man and Lab-boy have been talking about this for a while but not giving me anything concrete. Got the ball rolling by making some changes and wording things badly, thus forcing them to rework a couple sections.

No sign of the new program, which is just as well since I'm still gathering requirements and reformatting old data.

I shall close this entry by saying this - I'M BACK ON THE TRAIN AND LOVING IT!

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Saturday, May 7, 2005 at 1004pm
It's Saturday night and what am I doing? Trying to avoid a nuke-and-pave of Sis' computer - again! If the n-and-p can be avoided, the kids owe me one-half of their weekly allowance. If n-and-p must be done, I'm taking the whole allowance.

May Days in my little 'burb, which means a parade and a Playland-like fair. Took Squirmy to the parade with SiL and her family, then to the fair tonight with Devil-girl. Fun was had both times, though Squirmy does not being told he can't run around without supervision. His tantrums are becoming really spectacular.

Day care has been confirmed - hooray? Many sources have told me nearly all mothers feel guilt over putting their kids in the care of someone else, more so a non-family member. I feel comfortable (as much as I can be at this point) about the who and where of the day care but how much new 'stuff' will I be missing? That's what gives me the most, and deepest, pangs. But Squirmy needs interaction with kids as much as I need to go back to work. So, it's a done deal.

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Thursday, May 5, 2005 at 954pm
Started altering one of the data fields. Boss-man said there should be a way to export/import the whole table so I tried it. Thirteen thousand-plus rows exported and thirteen thousand-plus exception errors upon importing. I'm half-way through manually altering the field - all thirteen thousand-plus entries.

Other date-related fields are in a text format. Gee, it would sure save time if the type could be changed to 'date', then I wouldn't have to alter those too. Never, ever, change the format of a field if you want to keep the data in that field. Forced to do a restore and lost a chunk of changes made to the other field/table - such is life.

Hopefully, this was the last day I've been subjected to the 'wonders' of the B-Line and the SkyTrain. Just one bus to and from the WCE and stupidity is not in such wide abundance on that bus. So I'd like to repeat these bitches...
  • There is a queue for the bus, it's pretty damn hard to miss. Get your entitlement-bitch ass to the end of it.
  • Move your fat, low-IQ, lazy ass to the back of the fucking bus. You are not the only person who'd like to go home/buy more drugs/get a hooker.
  • If you must talk on your cell-phone, do not carry on a conversion in a volume of voice best suited to outside, at an airport, standing beside a running jet engine.
  • Ditto if you're talking to your friend sitting beside you.
  • Music playing on a personal player (iPod, DiscMan, etc) should be personal! Turn the volume down so your choice of crap can't be heard by the whole fucking bus.
  • If you're the type who enjoys a wide margin of personal space, get a car. You're on MASS public transit, people will brush against you, jostle you - deal with it or get the fuck off the bus.
  • Wait for people to get off the SkyTrain car before shoving your ignorant ass on board. People can't get off the car if you leave them no room. (To the stupid bitch I nearly knocked over - Bwhahahaha!)

I will gladly spend the additional money to ride with courteous, civilized, non-foul smelling/speaking low-lifes.

Finally got a response from Imax-boy about some wedding details. Only took three e-mails *snort*

While hubby and crew go to the rehearsal crap, I'm supposed to sit around the pool (with the wife of another friend) and wait for everyone to return, then go out to dinner. Fuck the waiting around part. I'm not a pool person, I barely know the other woman and I don't do idle chit-chat well. Frankly, if the rehearsal thing will take more than two hours I'm spending the time with Trafalga.

Time to look at the pile of bills and a couple projects demanding attention.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005 at 1002pm
Starting Monday, hopefully, his small majesty will be in daycare three days a week, six-and-a-half hours a day. Not all the family is, or so I was led to believe, thrilled with daycare. After guilting the hell out of myself, I found out the reasons.

Hubby - "He can't defend himself." Yeah, and...? Do you think I'd willingly put my child in the care of someone I'm not comfortable with? Suspect would abuse or neglect my child? Get a grip and shut up.

Dad was more practical - don't know the person(s) or place. The daycare I found is private (in a home) and yes, I don't the woman (or her daughter) as well as I'd like to. But I'd feel that even in a larger, group setting. But I feel comfortable with this woman, I've actually met her before when our kids played together at the local park.

Mom - I think I've heard every story she could remember. Thanks, Mom.

Mr. Squirmy seemed comfortable with Candice and she's got a wonderful set-up (complete with pet bunny). She's close - two blocks away - so there's not a transport issue and the rate is reasonable. This also means I can use the West Coast Express again which makes Hubby much happier. The net cash difference is minimal (between the train and daycare, the extra is pretty much all accounted for. Going over Friday to finalize/confirm everything.
Sunday, May 1, 2005 at 951pm
Lords of the Realm is highly addictive and I should have remembered that. Really, I should have. What feels like twenty minutes of game play (check the counties, adjust taxes, rotate crops, hire mercs) is actually an hour by the clock. A 'quick' tour through the counties is not possible (always something to tweak). Add Contraptions to the game mix and there's a reason jack-shit got done around the house last week.

Database is not running on NM as the invoice printing is being a stubborn cow. And after two days of tweaking (as in nearly-beating-the-shit-out-of-the-machine/program) the database has been shoved back on the PNet machine. At least until the new version of the program arrives and I redo the forms/reports/application. Big-D made a good suggestion (the woman has a gift, I swear) and it'll make invoicing so much easier.

The new version should arrive this week and I can hardly wait. Played around with our current version, getting the hang of how to code it again; it's been a couple years since anything major was changed. Finally figured out how to make a viewable list thing (no form, raw table format - good enough) but a major issue cropped up - dating. Currently, our dating goes mm/dd/yyyy. When a sort is enacted, the data is sorted by the 'mm', not 'yyyy'. Crap. All the fields will require change and the input method will have to change. Question is, make the change now before even more data is added, or wait until the new application is ready for roll-out? Talk to Big-D about it tomorrow.

There's an interesting group on LJ called Fandom_Lawyers. If you've ever wondered about copyright issues regarding characters, worlds, song lyrics, et al, then this community is a fascinating read. Apparently, The Pit has posted this little ditty regarding song-fics:
In addition, FanFiction.Net would like to address a growing problem. For whatever reason, some writers feel it's okay to copy-n-paste musical lyrics they have not written into their fiction. If you did not write it, do not post it. This has always been our policy. Please remove these entries immediately to avoid account closure.

Did someone receive a C & D order? The good thing about this is a shit-load of crap!fic will go from the GW section and probably the WR section, too. At least, I hope that'll happen.

Tomorrow I begin catching up on LJ's, mail, etc. LR does not get playtime until other stuff is done!

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