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Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 918pm
There is inept and royal-ass stupid, and there is the hacker (*snicker*) who hacked himself. Looking for a good laugh, a fall-on-the-floor-having-trouble-breathing-almost-wetting-your-pants laugh? Click this link! Everyone is a MENSA candidate compared to this idjit.

And while I'm trolling on TSC, this little ditty is a good one.

PNet will not talk to the printer through a USB connection. Printer choices are SPOOL and LPT1 *stomps foot*. Call into CG regarding adding a USB option. Don't most printers come USB-only these days?

Switch box is still good; all the parallel cables in my box 'o parts are crap. PNet 'puter can't print until I hook it into the box but Big-D doesn't have to run the reports Mon/Tues.

Software installed/copied/transfered, settings fine-tuned, and solitaire games installed for Big-D. Best part of going into work today? Finding previously lost files. Just happened to take in a disc from home (helpfully labeled 'work files' *sigh*) and lo! There's the missing files! Hooray!

One 'hrm... why no workie' moment with the DVR. Got the video feed back but the mouse and keyboard are frozen. Something to diagnose Wednesday *grin*.

I luv KVM boxes *eyes twinkle with shiny hearts* Need to find a way to reorg home office to take advantage of a KVM.

Snippet from the Vancouver Sun newspaper - COMOX I Two pilots died when a small cargo plane crashed Friday as it tried to make an emergency landing at CFB Comox on Vancouver Island. What makes this a personal suckage is hubby knows all the pilots for the company this plane is contracted to. Names have not been released yet. p class="comment">Leave a comment via Livejournal

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 928pm
Listen! Hear that? It's the sound of little wet feet running across the bathroom floor. See that? It's a wet little boy, patting his wet tummy and grinning proudly. One guess who figured out how to climb out of the bathtub. Mr. Squirmy was just so proud of himself. And speaking of the Squirmy one, new pictures and videos have been posted.

Slow day, if you don't count... wait for it... NEW COMPUTER! For the office, unfortunately, but it's still exciting! Going in tomorrow so it'll ready and working for BigD Monday. Boss-man will bring in a switch box Monday so both machines can print to the billing. Unless... I wonder if PNet can print to the Minolta through the USB, like NM is doing... need a hub and a couple cables... steal them from Boss-man's 'puter... it might work.
Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 1037pm
Wow. Just... wow. It's not often, these days, one of my e-mail accounts gets anything. Face it, the GW site hasn't been updated in forever and most of my writing (what little there is) has been staying private. Today, I received a 'fic search' e-mail. Its content/structure reminds me why I'm staying on the far fringes of this fandom. It also makes me bitchy (four days without meds contributes to this state).

Normal text - e-mail content. Bold text - my comments/additions.

I'm looking for thise (No such word but you could try 'these'.) story I don't remember the name of the story (After reading your e-mail, I'm surprised you can remember how to put your socks on.) or the author but I do remember a part of the story and it goes like thise (Again, no such word. What word are you really trying to use?) it about ('It about'? Where did you learn how to speak/write? I know fourth-graders who can handle this better.) Dou,Trowa,heero,Quatre (Oh, fuck. First, I stab the ever-lovin' shit out of you for spelling my favorite character's name wrong. Second, I stomp on your foot for not capitalizing a proper name. Thirdly, I smack you upside the head for not putting spaces in there. Still conscious? Hold still while I try again!) Duo was Heero's boyfriend and Quatre was Trowa's boyfriend but what Duo&Trowa (Spaces!) din't (Can you tell me what 'din't' means? My spell-checker barfed this back up.) know that Heero&Quatre (Spaces!) were iscruing (What the fuck is this supposed to be? And you can come clean the spell-checker barf off my desk.) each other with out (It's without - one word, not two) telling there (I stab thee, with much force and glee! Get a dictionary and check the entries for 'there' 'their' and 'they're') boyfriends Duo or Trowa the two chitting (The two what? Are you typing with your toes, or are you really as lazy/ignorant/brain-dead as you're starting to appear to be?) boyfriend told them what they were doing with out without any care that they hurt Duo or Trowa the other two left two different place (Quick, find me a translator!) one stayed with Regena (For sweet fucking sakes! *stabstabstab*) and Wuffey (NO! If you EVER use this spelling again, I will hunt you down and stuff rabid bats up your ass!) the other went to his colony with his sister but Dou (AGH!!!) starting visiting churches bringing food to help children with out (I'd give you points for being consistent with your error, but you've pissed me off too much.) parents one day Duo finished his day with the church and was walking and herd (Herd 1 n. a number of cattle or other animals feeding or staying together; large number of people, mob. 2 v. collect, go, or drive in a herd; tend (sheep or cattle). Care to try another word? Here's a hint - add an 'a' to the letters you've used!) a girl cry for help and he helped the gir (The what?) but got raped he went to Trowa colony ('Trowa colony'; a new colony in the L3 cluster, named for the pilot of Heavyarms.) and Trowa's sister find found him and called Trowa that's the only thing I remember about the story if you know the story can you send it to me please bye. write me back!

Sweet fucking mother of Mary! Has this moron EVER heard of punctuation? I swear this takes the prize for longest run-on sentence. Probably for most grammatically incorrect and incomprehensible, too.

And I'm supposed to 'write back'? Write back with what, the name of a good third grade teacher? Where to find books on how to write readable sentences, spell, use punctuation? I've read this thing three times (my eyes will not uncross and my brain is suing me for abuse) and I'm still having trouble understanding what story she's talking about!

It's sad, really sad, to see how far the writing in this fandom has sunk in just four years. I weep for the good GW writers and their stories that get lost in the sea-of-crap that now swamps this fandom.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at 942pm
"Do as I say, or I'll take my money and go home." Um... what? I assume Vogler is an adult, a fairly smart one, so what's with the childish schtick? Oh, wait, I know. He allowed personal feelings to get in the way of business decisions.

Seriously, was he gonna vote everyone off the board who disagreed with his decision? What would happen down the road when another situation arose? It was very hard not to put a large, heavy object through the monitor. That's a sign of good writing and acting!

GO FOREMAN! Damn, I'd like to smack Chase upside the head with a fucking steel I-beam. Foreman's "here pussy" bit was the next best thing. And it's really strange not seeing Cameron.


"I bet you wonder what you'd do without him." No, actually, I don't wonder. I know exactly what I'd do without him. "Your life is just so much more complete now, isnt' it." Different, yes. 'More complete', no. "It's hard to imagine life without him now, don't you think?" Again, no. I have no trouble imagining my life without him. And, for the most part, I can tell you what my life would be like and what I'd be doing.

Don't ask or say things to me if you're not prepared to hear my answer, the true answer.

Little girl (two-and-a-half?) in the park, playing on the jungle-gym thing. Small boy (just under two) wants to play on same thing. It's big enough, no problem. Little girl doesn't want 'the baby' on it. So what does she do? Pushes little boy off the stairs he's climbing. Pissed-off mommy tells little girl, in a not so nice voice and not at a low volume, "you DO NOT push!" No one seriously hurt (would have been had I not been there to catch small boy) and I do know it's the way of kids. However, I took great joy in making the little girl cry (to the point of hysteria *snicker*) and feel absolutely no remorse for doing so.

As a general, blanket statement, I do not like little girls. I find them bitchy, whiny, mean-spirited little snots who I would rather impale on a spike than look at. On an individual basis, a little girl is okay, but I have to know it before the reclassification happens.

It has been over a week and I've not heard a word from Imax-boy. It would be nice to know some basic shit, like name/address of where the wedding/reception is, where hubby should go for the suit (here and in Boston) and if there are any other plans we should be aware of. E-mailed Imax-boy last Saturday at his work account, then again on Wednesday at his personal account. I'll e-mail him once more, at both accounts, and if there's no response I'm not leaving any day but Sunday open. Trafalga has a ton of stuff he wants to do and plans are being made now. This whole thing is really pissing me off and I'm not sure just why. Nor am I gonna take the time to figure it out; I don't care that much.

And now, since it's Tuesday, I'm gonna flip on the computer-tv and watch NCIS and House. Wish I could play games and watch TV, but nothing is perfect.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005 at 1011pm
Missed the wedding. Why? Because hubby had to leave the house by seven-fifteen. Which means Squirmy would have had to get up at six-forty-five, a good hour ahead of schedule. Add that to missing his normal nap and he would have been a cranky-as-shit baby. So no car Saturday, and no one available to hitch a ride with. Tried BiL; no dice. Tried FiL; cell phone off. Tried a girlfriend; down with the flu. In the end, it was probably for the best since Squirmy did a hot/cold thing and REALLY needed his nap. FiL said I should have called the house phone and he would have made a second trip to grab Squirmy and me. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Same with calling SiL, the bride, and hitching a ride with her. Puleeze. My sense of... whatever it is, wouldn't let me do that.

Did hit the house for part of the reception. Squirmy just wasn't himself, even MiL commented on it. And today, his little majesty was off again. Low-grade fever (that came and went) and general lethargy. MiL says he's probably working on the Pox and it's probably a good thing he's not going home with them.

One thing about the reception (no references to SiL) - MOO. What the fuck were you thinking wearing a dress like that? If you're a 'large' woman, there are a number of styles/cuts that look good on (hell, can even flatter) someone your size. But that dress? Christ-on-a-broom. You looked like a bleeding (literally) heifer. At least I didn't have to talk to you; not one word, for which I'm grateful.

I'm becoming a web-comic addict. The latest - /usr/bin/w00t/ - is a riot. Like Ctl+Alt+Del, there are some gaming references that go 'whoosh' over my head, but a buddy that's into gaming fills in my blanks (no, not like that, pervert).

I'd really like to get more tech experience, maybe become one (because, apparently, I'm insane). Two downers to that plan: finding time/money for training, and dealing with 'people'. Shouldn't be hard to figure out why the little quotes are there.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 858pm
This is just a guess, but I think much of what I read and many of the sites/groups/forums I visit are 'inappropriate'. I'm guessing this because I got to see the 'Red Screen of Death' a few times today. What is the 'Red Screen of Death'? That's the Provincial Gov't's way of telling users of their dedicated lines that they've been blocked from contacting a site deemed 'inappropriate' by the Decency-Police. Think Net-Nanny with a billy-club and severe PMS. I've been told, by our software vendor, that if you trigger the 'Red Screen' often (how often could not be specified) the Porn-Police will visit your facility and interrogate the staff. Well, ya know, fuckers, if you'd permit the use of user-paid ISP usage then there wouldn't be a problem. And you'd probably save a shit-load of money because those leased lines, even though they run at nineteen-two, cannot be cheap. So I have this to say to the powers that be in Victoria - GET OFF YOUR FAT, OVERPAID ASS AND GET THIS SHIT WORKING! For the last three years I've been told user-paid ISP usage is under development. IT CANNOT TAKE THAT FUCKING LONG, YOU BRAIN-DEAD MORONS!

The reason I flirted with the 'Red Screen of Death' is the laptop is practically toast. Based on today's fark-ups, I'd say potential video issue. Could still be a heat issue in there, but I'm wondering now. May crack the case again just for the hell of it. It's not like I can make things worse; damn thing barely runs as is.

Won't be replacing the laptop with another of the same ilk. A third can and a new four-way KVM switch will reside under the desk/counter unit. One monitor, keyboard and mouse will save on surface real estate, cost less, and be more secure; so sayeth the Boss-man. Heat, wafting up at me, may be a problem. Deal with that if it occurs. The plan, at the present time, is to keep the PharmaNet program on OldMain and put everything else on NewMain (the DVR stays as is). Program transfers and wiring are my job *drools*. Estimate date of installation - two to three weeks. Of course all of this had to happen just as everyone is headed to the mid-year meeting.

As much as we'd like to design and implement an Access system at work, it's probably not going to happen. Unless we pay a designer to come in and make one to our specs. The alternative is an upgrade to our existing system, making it accessible across the LAN. Estimated cost - just under one thousand USD. Boss-man doesn't know the cost yet and I'm a little nervous about telling him. The plus with staying with Rbase is no steep learning curve. There are some changes (I'd hope so!) but the basic operation and design process is the same. There's an add-on that creates merge documents, which would eliminate the gateway process, but is it really worth the one-hundred-and-fifty dollars? Um... no? Not if the one-seat and five-seat licenses are going to be a grand.

It's looking like Squirmy is NOT going to the Island with the iL's. Tuesday is the two week mark for chicken pox exposure and if he develops them while in Victoria, there's no way to get the little sucker home. Apparently, you cannot travel on BC Ferries if you have an infectious disease (though, it makes sense). Plus, MiL is very susceptible to shingles, so if Squirmy did develop the pox while with her then, playing the odds, MiL would get shingles. These 'little details' I only found out tonight from SiL. MiL didn't say anything because she didn't want me to think they (the iL's) wouldn't care for Squirmy if he was sick. A cold or the flu is one thing, MiL, but the pox are different. Sheesh!

And this just in... how the hell am I supposed to do grocery shopping Sunday when I have no car? Fucking Dangerous Good course... *stomps off, cursing*

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Sunday, April 10, 2005 at 1227pm
I've given SuperStore two months - that's nine shopping trips - and here's what I have to say about the place. There is a real reason why it's called StupidStore. It's not the staff (though, apart from cashier's, I saw very very few) but the patrons. The average intelligence of the average patron is about on par with my brother-in-law's shoe size. I've seen more brain-power, manners and overall with-it-ness in snails. Two other strikes against this place is lack of brand selection and layout/organization.

This week, I tried Save-On. Tried, as in walked in, compared prices, put a couple things in the cart, then put the items back. Compared to Safeway, there's very little difference in price (some things were actually more than Safeway).

So for regular, nothing-special-needed, shops, Safeway gets the nod. StupidStore is reserved for the really big shops (birthdays and Xmas) and diapers (store-brand really is good quality). I'd rather pay the extra to shop with people who don't need brain surgery to operate a shopping cart.

Bought the tickets for the trip to Boston in July. Nearly fourteen-hundred dollars. Could have flown from Seattle for about eight-fifty (for both of us) but couldn't get down there to make the flight. Despite what hubby seems to think, five hours is not enough time to make it to the border during the tail-end of rush hour, cross the border on the eve of a long-weekend, drive to SeaTac, park, and find the check-in. An accident on the highway (here or there) or delays at the border and we'd be screwed.

Haven't asked Imax-boy for financial assistance (he offered) since a) I really don't want to and b) I'd feel obligated to work in more time with him. It looks like Trafalga has our time there pretty much planned out.
Friday - arrive very late, no time for anything
Saturday - (I-b)pick-up suit (T) nothing noted yet
Sunday - (I-b) wedding (T) no time for anything
Monday - (I-b) no time for anything (T) meat-fest cook-out for US holiday
Tuesday - (I-b) nothing noted yet (T) shopping/dinner planned
Wedneday - leaving, no time for anything

Trafalga is really looking forward to us coming out and was a bit disappointed we weren't staying the whole week. MiL, who's staying with Squirmy and the cats, needs to be home by the eighth and the flight prices actually went up if we came home Thursday or Friday. So there's were things stand right now. I assume we'll have to return the suit, either to the store or give it Imax-boy to return.

Oh, the suit.*sigh* We're supposed to pick up the suit Friday, by noon. Gee, that'll be interesting since we can't get out of Vancouver until Friday morning and, even if we flew direct, it's a seven to eight hour trip. Perhaps if we'd been told this prior to last week it might have been possible. Hubby had to book this time off months ago and he can't alter it. So if the there's something wrong with the suit, there's nothing that can be done about it. Too bad, so sad. Poor planning on their part. When you have people with shitty work schedules who must travel a great distance, let them know 'little things' like this waaaaay in advance.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at 928
Computers suck rotten eggs. They should be punted out the nearest window, preferably from the topmost floor of a very high building.

Would you call a professional office less than a week before you want an appointment to schedule an appointment you know takes two days? And when told, "I'm sorry, there are no openings available that week", would you bitch and moan and generally be an ass because we cannot accommodate you on short notice? Sheesh. After so many years, I shouldn't be so surprised.

Devil-girl has chicken-pox. She and Squirmy were playing together yesterday. Now we wait two to three weeks. *sigh* I guess it would be better to get this over with early instead of later.

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