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Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 836pm
No more watching House MD with active, vocal, toddler present. The list (group?) was talking about a really obvious slashy moment between House and Wilson in the last episode. Huh? Damn, must have missed it. Well, I saw the ep tonight (right now, actually... gods, I love Torrents!) and OhMyFuckingGod! Totally slashy. The moment in question wasn't (to me) a conversation that should take place between 'just friends' men. No, no, no. There's gotta be some serious backstory there. And the House/Cameron bits... still think this could be an interesting pairing. Of course, Chase/Cameron also has some appeal, as does Foreman/Chase. I may have found a series where I'd enjoy pretty much any pairing combo.

MandD's 'puter is driving me off the deep end. The sound card is not working, no idea why. The tape drive isn't working, no idea why. Tried driver replacements, tech notes, online support. Nothing, nada, zippo! And I refuse to think about it any more tonight.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
I'm desperate for 5x2 or 6x2 fics. So desperate I'm reading one that has Quatre portrayed as a giggle, weepy school-girl-type thing. Heero's a tad OOC, Wufei and Trowa are okay and Zechs has just entered the picture so it's hard to tell at the moment. A hot, steamy, smutty fic (okay, some story/plot/premise would be a nice bonus) is what I really (REALLY) want. Christ-on-a-broom, where has the good, non-1x2, GW fic gone?

Tried to sign-up for online access to our AirMiles account. I've 'signed-up' no less than one dozen times and the registration is not holding. Info is all correct, triple checked everything as it was entered, so what the fuck is going on? Oh, and for a week I've tried to find information for offering AirMiles at work. There is a web site but it's dead and the alternate way to maybe find info is through the main AirMiles site - the one I can't get signed into. *looks around for something to kick the shit out of*

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Sunday, February 20, 2005 at 757pm
Maybe I am being cheap, maybe some jealousy is involved, but I see no reason to spend four hundred and twenty dollars for a computer that has more power, etc than its operators will ever use. A P4 (or equivalent) and all the other 'base' equipment... ya, hubby could use that for his gaming but MandD?

Base system is four hundred and twenty (without salvaging) or three hundred and forty (with salvaging). It seems like such a waste - of money and 'puter parts - to buy something like that for people who do e-mail (with video attachments and pictures), do a low/medium amount of web surfing, run basic financial programs and create spreadsheets. For that, they can have this machine (I'd take hubby's, he would get the new one).

So, fixed MandD's old machine and added more memory. Two-sixty-six is slow and a dog, but the extra memory helps a fair bit. Have to get the tape drive working again (son-of-a-bitch!) or look at a CD-RW. Which might make more sense for Dad to operate.

Very little ability to concentrate tonight. Start reading a story, brain wanders off. Pull out badly ignored financial crap, hand forgets how to write. You get the idea. I'm bored, want to do something besides imitating a couch potato, but there's no drive. *sigh*

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Thursday, February 17, 2005 at 954pm
*bang* *bang* That is the sound of my head beating on the desk. Why? Parents and iLs and their computers.

With my folks, I think their computer is on its way out. Strange program crashings, kernel errors and other odd things but I won't know for sure until I can get my hands on it. Which I may not have to do since Dad's given the okay for a new system. We've been talking about this for awhile since their system is really (really) pathetic. Should be about four hundred (without software) for a new one.

As for the iLs... "Did you get the e-mail I sent you?" "No, Dad. When did you send it?" "About an hour ago, but the e-mails are still in my Out file." Uh, ya. If they're in your Out box, showing queuing, then they haven't gone. Since I don't know FiL's machine and TechBoy does, I ask if FiL has called and what TechBoy said. Still not sure what the answer was because then FiL goes into how "when I connects to the Internet, I keeps getting this MSN thing." Right, time for me to call TechBoy.

And TechBoy says he talked to FiL, told him Shaws e-mail server was probably down and that's why the e-mail hadn't been sent. Didn't know about the browser issue. Call FiL back. Ask him if TechBoy told him the server was probably down - yes. Said the mail won't go until the server is able to send it but if it is queued then it should go when it's able to.

The browser, showing MSN and asking something about "country of origin" is another issue. I don't know XP, but when I see the words 'runonce' in an address bar I immediately think browser-hijack. Informed TechBoy (who said "shit") and he'll look into it when he and SiL are over there.

[Edit] There actually is a runonce.msn.com/en/runonce.asp address! I had no idea!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 at 935pm
Oh mother of god, what the hell have I gotten into? Access is just familiar enough that I know what's going on and how to build the basic structures. But it's unfamiliarity in query building is... *bangs head on desk to uncross eyes*. I know what I want and need, but the phrasing/variable-build is soooo different. That's enough for tonight *waves bye-bye to Access*.

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Monday, February 4, 2005 at 1029pm
New kiddie show... The Backyardigans. Hubby hates it, Sis hates it, Squirmy and me love it! Wonderful make-believe worlds/situations, adorable characters and singing. Of course, one show we can all agree to hate (despise and ban from showing) is The Doodlebops. I admit, it looked cute and fun in the previews. But those are three minutes long, tops. The show is twenty minutes long (though it seems triple that).

In my travels to find new reading material (yes, I should be using this time to deal with the four fics in my head or cleaing this room or organizing the family room) I keep bumping into new archives. Should really be coloring the damn navigation links, but it's too late now.

Why is it when I develop a new fascination (Key-fics this time) most of what I run across is unfinished/in-progress works? *growls*

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Saturday, February 12, 2005 at 956pm
For the love of... *kicks at an author who whines* Anyone - writer, artist, lurker, player, whatever - who throws a hissy fit and says they'll take their toys and leave X fandom should be heavily assisted to the fucking door. And the door should be locked, bolted and welded shut behind them. Received a 'bad' review? Someone didn't gush about your work but asked some pointed questions? Oh yes, those are all really really good excuses to stomp off. Or rather, threaten to do so. Face it, you just want to hear your 'adoring' fans beg and plead and stroke your ego some more. Puleez. You have no intention of truly leaving. I've had it with certain over-inflated (and over-praised) authors and their pack(s) of roaming mindless 'fans'.

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Friday, February 11, 2005 at 958pm
Three spots of decent news:

1 - MiL came through surgery fine, though she did loose a lot of blood and one of the procedures was postponed because of the blood loss.

2 - Vicious' hubby finally got a real job (no, Crappy Tire and their "full-time" that was really part-time at best does not count as a job). He starts Monday.

3 - Hubby finally is finally moving stations and will be working quasi-normal hours.

Christ on a cracker, I just can't not read something...

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Friday, February 11, 2005
Fics Read 2/11

House - Maryland  by shalott
House - Pathogenesis and Intervention  by shalott
Original - Color Blind pt1  by Eon
House - Through the Windows of a Dark House  by Gena Fisher
House - Gossip  Gena Fisher
Thursday, February 10, 2005 at 804pm
Here's a small rant I finally got around to. I was going to submit it to the paper, but they have a word-count restriction and I didn't have the time to edit this down.

On page A36 of the January 28 edition of the Province newspaper is an article titled, Baby bath seats may be banned. Being still a newish mother, and having used one of these devices, I'm curious why a 'ban' would be considered.

Babies are drowning or being injured, that's why. And they're drowning NOT because of the seats but because the parent (or other caregiver) is not watching the baby! Hello, you dumb fucking excuse for a parent! Your child is sitting in water and you're leaving him alone? Even if he was lashed to the taps and faucet, you never, EVER, leave a child unattended when he or she is in the bath tub! This is basic common sense, for Christ-sake.

If similar logic were applied to other items beside bath rings, we'd find a huge portion of items banned because they could potentially cause harm or death.

Take cars. Follow the instructions on how to use it (think driving lessons, etc) and all is well. Slack off, and you'll probably have an accident that could injure or kill someone. Has a ban on cars been suggested?

What about home lawn and garden chemicals? Fail to follow the directions on some of those and death is a given. Yes, some of the nastier chemicals are restricted and/or regulated, but few have been outright banned.

Shall we consider banning grocery-shopping carts? What about water wings, pool noodles and other such things?

The problem here is not the product, but the product user. Rather than considering banning products that come with big warning and proper instruction labels, considering banning people lacking in common sense from breeding.

Seriously, why are so many people lacking common sense? When did the collective IQ level of this country drop thirty (or more) points?

And why the fuck are these officials looking at banning a useful device when it is the users who are creating the problem? Because "[the devices] give caregivers a false sense of security."

Leaving a child unattended in a bathtub is irresponsible. Bath ring or not, there is no, absolutely no, valid reason to leave the room. If something has to be banned, make it plush animals; teddy bears are especially ugly and dangerous.

Off to find some more reading material. Really feel like some BDSM stories...


Willpower? It just gets in the way...

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005 at 903pm
MiL and FiL have officially sold their condo, but have nothing themselves to move into. And MiL goes in the hospital tomorrow for major surgery. May be taking a small, working trip next month.

Dad officially hates the message on my answering machine. How is it official? Mr. Calm and Collected laid into me but good! Message has been changed, but it's not 'normal' and never will be in my house.

Is it possible to develop a cracker addiction? Yes, crackers. Of the Ritz variety. Has the recipe been changed?

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Sunday, February 6, 2005 at 1032pm
I'm supposed to be reading about Access, not CSS coding. One guess which one is more interesting. And I am definitely not supposed to be reading fics.

Amazed, stunned really, at the price differences between Safeway and Real Canadian Superstore (referred to as Stupid Store hereafter). Cans of baked beans and fruit are almost a dollar per can cheaper at Stupid Store. Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail (the big jug) is over two dollars cheaper! A couple things, like Splenda, are actually cheaper than Costco (only by six cents, but still). Granted, the brand selection at Stupid Store absolutely sucks. And the layout/organization is... well, if I had a sharp object I would be paying a visit to the designer and showing him/her how I feel. Sis said the Stupid Store near her was renovated and the layout improved greatly. Here's hoping the same thing occurs at the store near me.

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Saturday, February 5, 2005
I like Firefox. I like it quite a bit. It's faster, pickier with code (css and html) and seems cleaner. Oh, and tabbed browsing is a nice addition, though it will take some time to get used to it.

Using IE exclusively the last four years has made me a sloppy coder. Had to run a bunch of stuff through the W3C code validator services to find where my CSS code was screwed and why the HTML wasn't acting quite right. Had to validate all the time when I used Netscape since it was pickier about open/closed tags. But when NS went, and since IE really doesn't care about proper coding, I got lazy. Guess that must change, huh?

First batch of scanning is done. Transfer to office, bring next batch of files home, start the process over again next Friday night. Oh joy.

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Friday, February 4, 2005 at 1101pm
Entry in a chart - "tried to polish <device> with a Dremel hand tool." Bwahahahahaha!!


Cabs are in and filled, files pulled for archiving, typewriter given the heave-ho, general 'where'd-I-put-that?' reigns. Joy.

I have a book called "Mastering Access 2000". It is two-and-a-half inches thick. There are thicker, I've seen MrFixit with it. It scares me.

Anyway, if I'm going to write/design a scheduler I may as well redo the database too. MrFixit suggested the scheduler be tied to the database, which makes sense but has a couple downsides too. Well, maybe. Could be my perception of how it all works, or the simplistic form, or any number of things. Will know more when I start to play with program.

Been lurking around a couple techie sites the last month or so. Most of the true techie-talk is so over my head, I don't even here the engines on that baby. It's fun anyway, especially the absolute morons the techies deal with. Anyone who has to help the brain-deficient (seriously, if breathing weren't autonomic, these winners would be dead) for a living, I doff my hat to you. For a good laugh, check out Tech Support Comedy and Tech Support HELL.

Oh, for the love of... Kira has had to password protect part of her site. Why? It looks like morons were e-mailing her, basically trying to ream her a new one. Jezzu, fucking hell! Are people really so stupid as to see a fic has multiple heavy warnings on it (Kira's always been good about that), read said fic anyway, then complain? More and more every week, a mass killing spree is sounding really, really good.

Archiving old files under way, time for something fun in the background. Hrm... House or BSG.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 943pm
"You know you're talking about your penis in the third-person?" Doctor Gregory House, DNR *falls off the chair laughing and wakes baby up* I am so writing to Fox and sending the writers cookies.

Worked today - Big-D has mild pneumonia - and it has totally thrown me off. Spent most of the day on the wrong day... because my first day of work is Wednesday, and that's what today was. Wrong! Had to practically tattoo the date on my hand.

New filing cabinets have been ordered and will arrive Thursday. Joy! Patient files won't be squished anymore and more storage space in general. Of course, the printer has to move locations and that'll take some getting used to. Must remember to tell Boss-man to bring in the drill to attach these monster cabinets to the walls and to punch a hole or two in the sides.

Squirmy is now in a real crib, scammed off my sister. My not-so-little baby pretty much out grew what we were using for a bed. He looked huge in the 'pen', now he looks small in the crib. Pick him though, and you know he's not so small any more.

After the office mail room was broken into, yet again, and I lost personal and corporate cheques, the move has been made to online bill payment/banking. Cannot afford to lose payments to RevCan again.

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