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Friday, January 28, 2005 at 920pm
I am so pissed-off that, were I a cartoon character, steam would be billowing from my ears. There is a rant coming about an article in today's Province newspaper. Said rant is being looked over for coherency and flow; I don't write well when severely angry.

Rode home from work in style. Damn, I do love that commuter train, but it's now six-dollars for a one-way ticket. *sigh* Won't be riding with the 'good folk' again for a while.

Quickly cruised through one of the Jazz cartridges and discovered a small cache of in-use cock-ring photos. So that's where they went! *snicker* A couple years ago, I developed a fascination for the ring devices. Found quite a few pictures going by the quick scan of the directory. There was another folder on the cartridge that could be mine. Wonder what kind of 'goodie' is hiding in it. *evil grin*

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Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 1008pm
A certain new past-time is taking up far more time than I thought it would. Should have known better, given a somewhat obsessive streak about new things. I really, really need to work on some other projects. The two screaming for attention would be a good start.

Speaking of projects, an old one is dead and gone. The Man has decided to shut the DFC down, and did so earlier this month. All hail the end of it. I value the experience and I did enjoy and learn from the work, but I hope The Man never approaches me again to do any work for him.

Goran Visnjic (Kovach on ER) is a hunk, a dreamboat, a four-bucket-and-two-mop guy. And with two of those expressions I proved I'm older than the actor. *blows raspberry*

When I say someone is a loser, I'm rarely wrong. Especially when the guy has been coming to the office for five-plus years. There are varying levels of loser-ness, and this one isn't as bad as the one from the Island that no-showed today. But, a loser is a loser.

For the last fucking time - MOVE YOUR STUPID ENTITLEMENT BITCH/BASTARD ASS TO THE BACK OF THE FUCKING BUS! And if you're going to stand right by the doors on the Skytrain cars, especially on the older cars, present as small a profile as possible. Yeah, you turd-head-fuck-face, I plowed into you on purpose. Though, I hardly had to since you were taking up the entire doorway. Asshole.

The old scheduling software is back in use *bows to the gods*. The newer one has some nice features, but when Big-D and I aren't sure exactly what day we're making a patient's appointment for... well, that just doesn't bode well. There is a solution to the problems of the old and new schedules - write your own. Cripes, I should be committed. My choice of programming languages - Access or Visual Basic. Chose Access only because SiL's hubby is writing a module (DB? program? separate item?) in it. Help is only a phone call away.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005 at 908pm
(insert fan-girl squeal) I love torrents (yes Anria, I will bow at your feet, kiss them, massage them, whatever you want) they're a great and wonderful way to get House episodes. One guess what's playing on the 'puter right now *squeal*. Yeah, yeah, really dignified and mature for someone of my advanced years. Bite me.

Bank rec for work was a riot this week. Coming to the end and being out by fifty-three thousand-plus is one way to make your heart stop. Figuring out that you're an idiot and can't remember adjustments you entered just two week prior makes you beat your head against the desk. Geez louise! As I've told Boss-man before, "if you wanted one with a brain, you should have shopped around more."

Wrote a drabble. Very rough, and it's not going to be posted until it's cleaner, but what do I expect after not writing for... almost two years. Yick, gotta start doing more, even if it's just drabbley stuff.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 at 1035pm
Half a month into a new year... where have the last eighteen days gone?? Son-of-a-bitch!

I'm sitting here, waiting for the house to float down the street. Anyone who thinks I'm joking isn't living in the LM. On the side of the house there is a tidal pool forming and at the back, toss a couple trout back there and it would be the perfect lake. Unfortunately, I'm serious.

All the rain has made the ground unstable in some areas (oh, such a big surprise *snort*) and that has resulted in mudslides. One of those little wonders happened not far from the house and knocked out power to my neighbourhood. Oh joy. Only took an hour to come back, not the four hours Hydro was predicting.

SiL said the roads around here sucked, traffic backed up everywhere and morons abounding. A semi-truck, trying to avoid some of the traffic tie-ups, turned down Shaughnessy but discovered it couldn't make it under the rail overpass. Thankfully, the discovery occurred before the truck got stuck. But the incident backed up traffic in an already shitty, overused section of Shaughnessy. And the Mary Hill Bypass was shut down totally westbound and only one lane open eastbound. Thank you to any higher deities that I wasn't working today or I would have on the bus stuck in the middle of that shit.

At least the snow is gone, right?

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Saturday January 8, 2005 at 914pm
There is only one thing worse than being sick with a bitch of a cold - having the baby sick with it too. Ugh. Fever, snot-monsters of unbelievable proportions, whiney... double Ugh. And just to make sure things are totally miserable, I put my neck out. Chiro tweaked me, said use heat, move around as much as possible (which is what I really want to do when I feel like shit) and no lifting anything larger than a kettle. Right.

So, Cat dearest, I will get to the little ditty in a few days. Right now, I can't think straight enough to come up with adjectives, descriptors, and all the rest. It looks cute though.

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Saturday January 1, 2005 at 1024pm
Sitting outside. *brrr* Cold *brrr*. Not willing to completely give it up. Down a whole lot, but not done. Maybe this year.

New Years' Resolutions - the laugh list
 1) call my mother more
 2) smile nicely and say "yes, sir" to Boss-man more
 3) do more housework
 4) be super mommy
 5) cook/bake more

New Years' Resolutions - for real
 1) be less lazy
 2) eat less sugar

There's a lovely newish show called "House MD". It stars Hugh Laurie. If anyone has not yet seen this show, I highly recommend finding it - NOW. Fox has, after many years of low-grade-and-aimed-at-morons, managed to produce something worthwhile. Go here for more info.

Since the show is so new (only seven episodes to this date), you can guess there's not a lot of fan fiction. Had to look anyway (and since that's pretty much the only thing I can do from the storage 'puter...). On the show, the House/Cameron and House/Cuddy dynamics have intrigued me. Yes, it's het, but I do read the stuff. Since LJ was up, it got first kick at the search and yielded an icon community, general chatter community and a slash-fic community. Click the latter. Most fic... House/Wilson. Um... hrm, maybe. 'Twill depend on the writer and how she/he handles the characters. House is the type of character I'd find hard to write anything other than gen/friendship, or maybe pre-slash. For the most part, the writers on housefic have impressed me.

Saw, finally, the new Battlestar Galactica. Interesting. I like the new Battlestar design, hate the new Cylon fighter ship design. First reaction to those new ships - "Look! Crabs in Space!". Like the 'jump' thingy; way too cool! Still deciding (or reserving judgment/still processing) about human-form Cylons (WTF?) and a female Starbuck. Having a hard time with the latter. The series starts airing here in KanaDUH January fifteenth. Well see after that date.

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Saturday January 1, 2005
Fics Read 1/1

House - Smitten, You Know Me  by Druin
House - Match  by Athenae
House - Unorderliness  by Agent Mel
House - Fides  by Athenae
House - Goldfish  by Agent Mel
House - A Sense of Aesthetics  by Wintertime
House - Paperweight  by Druin
House - Neck-and-Collar  by Druin
House - Of Ties and Shoes  by trekkiepirate
House - Happy Diversions   by Aurelia
House - Romance, House Style  by Perpetual Motion
House - He Said/He Said series by Nix   Little Mysteries   Twisted
House - Third Time's the Charm  by nafs
House - Name That Tune   by Miriam Heddy
House - Patient, Impatient  by Jayne Leitch
House - The Second Level of Hell  by Nix
House - His Chauffer... Among Other Things  by Nix
House - Untitled  by Perpetual Motion