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Saturday November 27, 2004 at 813pm
A day later and I still can't believe what Vicious told me yesterday.

Imagine you, a person lives in California, has a friend who lives in BC. The Californian, is moving to an area near the Oregon border; an eleven hour drive from the current residence. Help is needed transporting breeding/showing dogs. The assistance options are - a) contact the friend in BC and ask him to come down and help, b) contact a moving company, c) place an ad for someone to drive the van that's been rented?

Now some additional facts. It's a four hour flight from Vancouver to Visalia. The ticket, because of short-dating, is at least $1900 Cdn. The gent asked to go down is on unemployment insurance (UI). It's about to run out soon and, twenty interviews later, there's still no job prospect. Also, one is not supposed to leave the country while on UI. So what would a person of average intelligence think? This friend has limited money, is jobless and hunting for one and might be cut off what's left of his UI if he comes down. It really wouldn't be a good idea to count on his help; I better make alternate arrangements.

Well this idiot... oh hell, let's just name names - Christine Cameron, email: chowfull@hotmail.com, web site: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/ridge/8494/ - apparently isn't of average intelligence and I seriously doubt she'd be classed in above average either. There was no offer to pay for all (or even part) of the airfare. The only way Christine was unaware "R" was unemployed and hunting for a job was if she ignored every talk she had with Vicious. And, "R" told Christine a number of times if he got a job he couldn't help no matter what.

Thursday, "R" finally got a job. Doesn't pay that great, but after eight months on UI it's better than nothing. Vicious informed Christine of this. This is Christine's response...






TOO BAD!!!!!!!!~
Hello? She's been told for months, months, "R" might not be available. Why the fuck didn't this loony bitch make alternate arrangements? Is it just me (and Vicious and "R") who think this woman is totally fucked in the head? I'd love to write her an e-mail, detailing exactly what I think of her (I've been hearing about this woman for two years now). Maybe when every second word won't be 'fuck' or 'cunt'.

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Thursday November 25, 2004 at 335pm
Oh look! Another computer is fucking up! Is there a curse hanging around? Is this 'Behave Like a Bastard' month for computers and I missed the memo? *gets out BFG and loads it*

To all American friends and neighbours, Happy Turkey Day!

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Monday November 22, 2004 at 1036pm
I detest, despise and totally, absolutely hate computers. The air in my home office is blue from the words I've spoken (okay, yelled) at the various machines.

Sis' machine is up, but only long enough to get important data off. Twas infected and so screwed up I'm lucky it's running at all. Format C: is the only guaranteed way to fix it right. Hey, when NAV won't install, you know the problem is big.

Putting together a 'puter for the kids from my spare parts is where the 'blue-ness' came from. Three spare cases in the house, not one would take the old MB. Grabbed an old case from a friend - right case dimensions, wrong type of power. I can now gut a 'puter the way my hubby can gut a fish. So case and power reassembled, MB and daughter cards put in, peripherals installed... in five freaking hours. So much for the 'quick-slam-together'.

MB is hubby's old one, the 'cursed' board. Well, it's not cursed, it's just a piece of fucking toasted shit. Drive formatted just fine, but OS installation kept going tits-up. First run, didn't even make it through creation of the start-up disc. Second run, made it to forty-three percent OS installation. Third run, made it though ten percent of OS installation. Damn machine kept freezing for no reason I could see. Swapped out daughter boards, peripherals, triple checked wiring and connections but nothing mattered. The only thing that makes sense is if there's an issue with the MB. That would explain the host of weird shit when hubby had it but we blamed the problems on the case (that made sense at the time).

For today, I'm done. More than done!

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Sunday November 21, 2004
Words you do not want to see when you turn on the computer - "Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer." As Gadget-man put it, "Melt down."

Sis' 'puter is currently sitting on my desk, two small steps away from a total reformat. The kids are getting their own 'puter, made from parts I can scrounge. And when they get it, there will be instructions that if they so much as breath on Sis' then their 'puter will disappear and Auntie will personally insert memory chips up their noses.


Remember I complained about the Mary Sue level in Wolf's Rain fics? Well I take it back, sorta. Harry Potter has the highest level of Mary Sue-ism I've encountered to date. Holy fucking hell! And ninety-eight percent of it is almost unreadable. Grammar, spelling, structure... these I'm-too-lazy-to-use-a-dictionary writers will form the backbone of future society? 11:14am

Watching Zooboomafoo with Squirmy, I found myself thinking "I wonder if there's any brother-slash with Chris and Martin Kratt?"

Obviously, I need more serious help than I first thought. But, if anyone happens to know where I could find some, I'd be most grateful.

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Friday November 19, 2004 at 329pm
Tired and bloody from beating paper-bunnies into submission. Now I have a ninety minute commute home which, thankfully, I can sleep through sixty of it.

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Wednesday November 17, 2004 at 815pm
There is a house down my front street, that's had a broken window (big picture window in the front) for almost a year now. According to my neighbour, the breakage occurred Xmas '03. This big window, with a big chunk out of the middle of it, was covered over with plastic. Just regular sheet plastic, not tarp quality, not even heavy garbage bag quality. Imagine what it's like on a windy day, or a day of driving rain.

Said house also uses gas for heat. Owner of house, probably due to the big hole in his window, had been cranking up the furnace which (of course) uses gas. For approximately seven of the last eleven months, it has been cold enough to desire heat in your house. Possibly, the stove is gas-powered and since cooking food is a desired thing, there was a volume gas used there too.

At some point, usually monthly, the gas company will want money for all the gas they've supplied Mr. Owner with. Like many service businesses, after so many months of non-payment, service will be discontinued or cut-off. Simply cutting off service wasn't good enough for the gas company. A serviceman came out and physically removed the gas meter. Oh.My.Fucking.God. Neighbour and I both wondered, "just how far in arrears do you have to be to have your meter taken away?"

And while I'm on the subject of meters, here's a goodie from SiL.

Marijuana grow-ops will often splice into neighbouring electrical lines, or boldly run an extension cord from the grow-op house to an outdoor outlet on a neighbouring house. This is nothing new. BC Hydro, so I'm told, have a system in place to watch customer usage bills for unusual spikes in usage. Large power consumers, even regular ones, are automatically flagged and a visit to the property is often performed. If your usage is within normal limits, no problem.

Every two months, meter readers come along, note where the usage settings are, take the numbers back to the office where someone else enters them into the computer program which calculates your usage by comparing the last read numbers to the current read numbers. Obviously, less change equal less usage. So how, when you're sucking electricity back like a starving baby, do you get lower numbers? Why, you steal some else's meter, of course. Yes, that's right. You walk up to a house, locate their meter (conveniently located outside so the meter reader has easy access) and you remove it from the house. Just snip that baby off and cart it away. I can't imagine the look on the Hydro guys face when the came out for a service call and found the meter gone.

Part two of a half-wit disaster movie is on. I need tea and, um, something bad for me. And I would like to find something to read tonight. Plus, there's a really odd looking bug flying around this room.

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Sunday November 14, 2004 - Monday, November 15, 2004 at 1028pm
*sigh* Forgot to post last night before I shut down. *hits self*

Ya know, when I first started reading (and actively seeking) fanfiction, The Pit of Voles was a decent place to go. Now, four years later... gods, I shudder at the absolute crap I find there. Maybe it is the fandom(s) I read but, geez louise! Heike, my dear, how the hell do you actually find HP fic to read? Ninety-five percent of the HP fic I've bumped into the last two days (not just at The Pit, but other public archives) has been of the ilk that makes me spork myself (repeatedly) and pour bleach in my eyes.

What was I saying the other day about feed-backing? I'm not the only one (trust me, didn't think I was!) but these folks have put things in writing. First, Godawful fan fiction forums. This is my new hang-out. Second, I found this chick (might be a guy, but wouldn't that be hellsbastard then?) when I was cruising Google add-on stuff. I didn't know Google and Blogger were affiliated. Anyway, this will be another site/person I'll keep an eye on.

Updating my password directory today. I can remember a time, long ago, when I had a total of four passwords. Four. Now I have *counts*... fifty. Fifty passwords. Oh puleeze! Security experts say you should never write your passwords down anywhere and never use the same one for more than one account and to change passwords frequently. Uh, right. Given that there are fifty passwords necessary (okay, I could probably dump three accounts) how the fuck would these 'experts' propose I remember the passwords? I know, I'll tattoo them... no, that would be writing them down. How 'bout I use... no, can't have two accounts with the same password. I know! I'll find the experts and shove my password list up their nose and pull it out through their ear. Is it just me, or do most 'experts' tend not to live in the real world?


On the back-up machine tonight (main is acting as a TV). Hate this keyboard! Anyway, it's Disaster Night! Another cheesy, predictable disaster movie is on - Category 6: Day of Destruction. I'm a sucker for disaster shit, no matter how bad it is.

Been running Spybot every time I use the main machine. Last two nights the scans have come up clean. Tonight I ran Ad-Aware and got twenty-five hits. *pulls hair out* The 'experts' were right - both programs need to be run.

Wolf's Rain crosses with Lord of the Rings??? Oh fucking hell. *stabstabstab* Pass me a spork so I can stop the burning in my eyes.

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Saturday November 13, 2004 at 1134pm
Heike and Anria, you can shut up now; I'm watching the first Harry Potter movie as I type this. At this point, I'm having a hard time envisioning slash featuring Harry. The kid's what? Eleven? Ew ew ew!! Cute though.

As for the adults... is that Maggie Smith I see? *grin* And Heike, Rickman is quite good (though I've yet to despise him in any roll he's done) but he looks, um... have you been wearing your glasses, pal?

Found Xmas presents for Squirmy. They were hiding in the garage, hidden under another box. Yes, they're 'used' but does that matter? The kid is only a year-and-a-half, he'll never know the difference. Hell, at this point he'd be happy with a pot-lid, a box and a spoon. Hubby will grumble and gripe and I'm prepared for that. More than prepared... *evil, nasty grin*

Right, my sanity is in question. I just joined The Pit of Voles. Not so I can post (not even so much as a recipe will I post there) but so I can leave reviews. *cackles* Wonder if I'll get any response from the authors? To be fair, I did not tell authors they sucked and should go back to grade school and that my cat can write more coherent fiction. Though I wish I had said that to a couple of 'em. Oh, and I also reported two fics for content guideline infractions. Yes, a tad on the petty bitch side of things. Kiss my ass and eat my toe-jam if you've got a problem with that.

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Friday November 12, 2004 at 1114pm
Perfect is one claim to fame I do not make. And if I ever do, I hope my friends and family commit me or shoot me - immediately.

I'm not very good at feedback. Never have much to say except "I enjoyed this, please keep writing" or a simple "great fic!". And I've rarely bothered commenting when a fic is so poorly written it's painful to look at. Y'all know the type - the kind that makes one grab a spork and use it on your eyes. This and the perfection above are related.

I may not be much when it comes to sentence structure, and some grammar issues I'll miss, but I can get the basics of spelling, structure and the basics of writing. Every once in a while, a fic/author comes along that just begs for constructive (if some times sarcastic) feedback. Especially when an author says such stupid things as "I know my spelling sux, deal with it" or "my grammar please leave it alone". Oh dearie, no. I cannot leave those types of remarks uncommented, especially since you've posted in a public forum like The Pit of Voles.

One thing I've never understood is why people post things they haven't done their best on. If you know your grammar/spelling isn't the best you can do, why not fix it to the best of your ability before posting? To not do so seems like and immediate set-up for comments you don't want to hear. And then to freak on those who call you on the mistakes (I'm talking the nice ones who offer constructive comments, not the "you suck" comments) makes even less sense.

We're raising a bunch of kids who don't know how to deal with anything but positive, ego-boosting, conciliatory comments. As such, most of the young would-be writers today take slight at every comment meant to help them improve and grow as a writer. Life is not a positive experience all the time. If it were, prescriptions for anti-depressants wouldn't be so high. The real world is a vicious and tough place; learn to deal with it now rather than later.

So now I'm on a mini-mission - leave constructive comments on bad fics. Name and e-mail must be used, since I despise anonymous commentors myself, and I won't get into 'flame-wars' with authors. That always leads no where and if authors can't deal then they shouldn't post. Why? Because the sheer amount of utter crap (spelling/grammar) is astounding and I've had enough. Sitting silently is not helping these people one iota. Yes, I'm aware my commenting won't necessarily 'help' either. But this shit is really annoying me and I have to do something besides popping more Paxil (and maybe hunting these folks down and cramming a dictionary up their nose)

Theme songs to children's shows should come with a parental warning. "Warning: the music and lyrics for this show will profoundly affect your life. For weeks you will hum and/or sing the theme song and there is nothing you can do about it... except slowly go insane." Last month it was the theme to Tiny Planets, this month it's Dragon Tales. At least Poko and Teletubbies don't have catchy music.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2004 at 1000pm
SiL and MrFixit postponed the wedding on Sunday. Nothing as dramatic as second thoughts or an argument - MrFixit fell off a ladder Saturday night. Poor guy could barely move Sunday morning and was so high on muscle relaxants no JP in his right mind would have married him to anyone.

So Squirmy was able to go trick-or-treating. The little guy had no real glue what was going on, except candy was being put a bag that he got to carry.

Neighbours - who've been trying to sell their house for five months and are within one condition of having the sale complete - woke up to a swimming pool in their basement this morning. Somewhere along the storm drain there's a blockage and with all the rain the LM had yesterday, the water backed right up the pipe and bubbled up through the drain in the laundry room. No word yet if the sale will still be going as planned, but as MrsRed said, "would you still want to buy a house that just had a flood?"

Rarely do I stop and read the things people have scrolling along the bottom of their web pages. But Kira (author of Taming Riki) has some wonderful, hilarious shit scrollin' along.

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