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Thursday, October 28, 2004 - Saturday, October 30, 2004
I've succumbed to NCIS fanfiction. Het, not slash. Just can't wrap my head around Gibbs/Tony, just can't see it yet. However, Gibbs/Kate I can see and what I've read so far I've enjoyed.

LJ is still acting kinda weird. Earlier, was getting 'database not available' messages and now it's searches by Interest that crap out. *sigh* oh well.

In the last three weeks, I've seen Death Becomes Her listed six times, watched it four. Was there a sale on this movie and a bunch of stations jumped for it? *shrugs* not like there's anything else on tonight.

SiL's hubby, MrFixit, works for a Provincial Gov't Agency. Said agency, like most these days, has computers hooked to the Internet. However, since these are work computers, on a network, and contain sensitive data, access is restricted. If needed, administrators can defeat the restrictions but average joe worker cannot. Set-up is similar to what I have here at work.

Well, it seems a couple of morons were not happy they couldn't surf/do what they wanted while at work. So said morons hacked an administrative account and opened up the entire network to Internet. Can you say spy-ware, viruses, trojans and, best of all, open fucking ports! The entire network was compromised. Extent of the damage is still being determined but it wouldn't surprise me (or MrFixit) if the Province-wide security system had been compromised. We're talking a serious breech of security here. Hackers routinely try to worm their way into gov't services, some (I know of two) regularly watch and probe for open ports. A fucking mess, all ways 'round.

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Monday October 25. 2004 at 934pm
I could kill right now, and I mean that literally. I would gladly, gleefully and most enthusiastically murder someone. In a most bloody, brutal, lingering manner. And I'd truly enjoy it, revel in it.

I'm flat out amazed I'm actually using the main machine right now. I'm still not convinced it's fixed, but the odds of a reformat are (for the moment) considerably less than they were this time last night. And I know where a chunk of the problems originated - Zonelabs. The last update I got for Zone Alarm was loaded with crap that infected this machine. Fact, not assumption here. The registry entries I had to dig up and the files Spybot found were associated with ZLabs. Pissed? Now there's a huge fucking understatement! ZLabs wasn't the only culprit though. This machine was smacked, again, last night with a hijack attempt and other assorted shit.

There is one bright spot to all this - apart from knowing more now than I did twenty-four hours ago. Back-ups and burn-offs I'd been too lazy/busy to do got done. It's amazing how complacent one becomes when there's no real problems to speak of. And, having been through similar things both at home and work, you'd think I'd have gotten the message loud and clear before. Apparently I'm stupid.

So, while one machine has been scoured to within an inch of it's life, another has been greedily downloading... smut. Ya ya. WinMX is still going strong and filling up the hard drive. Since I've done nothing 'fun' today (severe fic withdrawal - *gasp*) I'll take my reward in the form of watching some anime. Joy!

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Sunday October 24, 2004 at 1010pm
Started off this afternoon firing up WinMX looking for one thing. One.Thing. And it stayed that way... riiiight. If you believe that, you need more help than I do.

So far I've downloaded nine AMV's, two anime movies, one anime clip and just now got the One Thing I was originally after. I'm stupid, I know it, and I admit it.

Main 'puter is acting somewhat strange. That worries me to the point of actually feeling nauseous. As fast as possible, I'm burning things off or moving them elsewhere - just in case. Oh god, please don't let it be something really bad.

Vicious' baby (actually, it's her hubby's baby) has gone home. The video card that was in it had to have been fucked. Put the older card in and whamo! Things worked like a charm from there. Ran the 'puter for a few hours, surfing around, poking at things and all seemed fine. Fingers are crossed it stays that way.

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Friday, October 22, 2004 at 1017pm
As far as I'm concerned, I'm done looking for scheduling software. In the last three days I've looked at over one hundred programs and downloaded around thirty demos. Three are worth further evaluation. Three... that sucks.

To the woman I talked to three times today. Yes, I know you're from out of town. However, that fact does not mean I can magically pull appointment space out of my damn ass. Pick another set of dates. This is not the first encounter with this moron. Last time, she wanted us to call already-scheduled patients and have them rearrange their times because moron woman wanted those days/times. Yeah honey, here's a shot of reality for you. Sometimes I really wish I could ask patients just what makes them so fucking special or what the weather is like on their planet.

When computers work, they're great. When they don't... *stabstabstab* Vicious' computer decided to screw up, badly. After an hour of hunting for the screw ups, twas easier to go "format c:". Reformat - fine. Windows installation - fine. NIC driver installation - fine. Video card drivers - FUCKED.

For whatever reason, the vid drivers for the card will not install. I've tried everything, including a manual hunt/installation of said drivers. Nada. Tomorrow, we'll try the spare vid card to see if maybe the card is screwed up. And for some reason, the machine is registering the AGP as a PCI. Not sure what's going on there... play with the motherboard drivers tomorrow too.

Office crew in New Orleans and I gather the trip to the airport was an adventure. Seems a deranged soul decided to sit on a support beam of the Second Narrows Bridge. Thus, the bridge was closed - from nine am to two pm. It took five hours to clear the traffic once the bridge was re-opened. Ten minutes after the bridge opened, the other bridge (Lion's Gate) was shut down for a similar reason.

Boss-man and crew had to go from North Shore to Richmond, using one of the bridges. Ha! No freaking way! I imagine Boss-man was fuming a good one. They ended up driving to Lonsdale Quay, hopping the SeaBus and then a taxi to airport. What a pain-in-the-ass. Will make one helluva story though.

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Monday October 18 - Wednesday October 20, 2004
Scheduling software is a bitch to find. Oh, there's lots of it available. But spending two hundred plus for features we just won't use is not practical. And the cheaper programs can't handle what I need the program to do. There's two so far that might do the trick. Two, out of the eighty or so I've looked at today.

Work crew off the New Orleans for the annual meeting. Phones transfered home, even brought the laptop with me. Kinda had to what with the scheduling software search. Speaking of which, there's two more programs to try...

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Thursday October 14, 2004
Feeling shitty - sore throat, runny nose, energy level nonexistent. Gah.
Monday, October 11, 2004 at 1045pm
Crap, another one is gone. Rest in Peace, Christopher Reeve.

Tired of hunting for site links, and LJ doesn't allow enough. Either write 'em all down, or change the PE version of the journal to make it easy to add and find 'em. Learned more about CSS too. Now, let's see if I can retain it.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 832pm
Happy Thanksgiving to any and all Canucks out there. May your turkeys be moist.

Which 2 anime guys would you catch doing... decidedly yaoi-ish things? by kumagorou
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You would catch: Tsuzuki and Hisoka (YnM)
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ROFL! Just too cute.

Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
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Um... ya. That's just frightening, really. On so many levels, in so many ways... that's enough of that.

Restless is a good description of me lately. Can't sit still long enough to work on anything, too uninspired to move around. I need to do something. I want to write, but the muse falls asleep. I want to cross-stitch, but the patterns don't appeal. Crochet has appeal, but the colors all suck. *sigh* I'm putting it down to time of year; season changes tend to affect me in odd ways. *wanders off to the Jello bowl*

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Thursday & Friday, October 7 & 8, 2004 at 245
An old accounting program. Notes on how to run the old program. A new accounting program. Still the same old notes. *pulls hair out*

The WK fic below, Alternatives, is a very decent read. Primarily Yoji/Aya, but some Schu/Ken hints as well. Unfort. it's on a Y!Group and I'm not sure if it's been archived somewhere. Hope so, 'cause this is one I'd love to add to my rec lists.

Madame, when I say "there is nothing available" on the date you wanted, it means there are no appointments available. Nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Your repeated questions - "can't you squeeze me in? I don't care what time." and "I have to have someone bring me and they're only available that day." will not magically open a slot on that day. In fact, it only makes question if you need a hearing-aid or can't understand English.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at 954pm
Apparently, at Citadel Middle School,it is acceptable practice to attempt bodily injury to the students by teachers.

Devil-girl, SiL's step-daughter, enrolled in volleyball this year. They lost a game, so the teacher decided, in an effort to "build team spirit", to line the girls up facing the gym wall and throw the volleyball at them. Yes, throw the ball at the girls (age range 12-14) and intentionally hit them. WTF?

SiL spoke with the teacher in question (who sees nothing wrong with his actions, but admits others may not agree with his teaching methods) and the vice-principal and said teacher was instructed to call SiL and offer an apology. The apology consisted of "sorry for the miscommunication." Again, WTF? How is that an apology?

This, along with things my neighbour has been appraising me of regarding the senior school, is making me seriously consider home schooling. Utter and complete bullshit goes on and parents have, so it appears, little recourse.

Sad, disgusting and infuriating. And my kid isn't in school yet.

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Sunday, October 3, 2004 at 1027pm
My eyes have fused in a crossed formation. All the links in the GW section have been checked and fixed. Good lord! Course, had to read a couple fics as I went along. Have a bunch of new stuff to check out - sites and authors - just need the time to do it now.

Things have been tense around here today. Hubby says 'nothing's wrong' but that's so much bullshit. We had to have a budget talk and he got all defensive and shortly snarky. Hey, asshole, I'm making over five hundred dollars less these days, the cost of basics aren't going down, and now that we're eating like people should the grocery bills are through the roof. Do you expect me to pull money out of my ass? Go to hell, really, seriously. Either suck it up or give the kid up for adoption.

Found this in my travels tonight...
Type 11: Tsuzuki/Hisoka. It's obvious, but they
won't admit it. It's a frustratingly sweet

What Type Of Yaoi Couples Are You Drawn To?
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Yeah, totally the type of pairing that cements me to a chair.

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Saturday, October 2, 2004 at 1109pm
There are two entries for September in the LJ that I am just too lazy to copy across. They're here and here.

Picked at the GW site tonight. FF.N changed their coding and addressing (fuckers!) and the whole place (mine, not FF.N) needed (and still needs) a good clean-up. Would rather have been writing (yes, the muse poked his stupid head in for five minutes, the longest the fucker has been here in a month) or playing SimCity, but maintenance is a part of things. Crap. I hate logic and practicality.

Catty-dearest... that HP snippet was absolutely wasted on me because I don't know who the characters are. LOL - it's like me sending you Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz or Firefly fics.

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