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09/26/04 at 746pm
BFH! HM-of-FG! WTF!!

Main machine, that which had not been turned on for three weeks until last night, required major workage today. Why? Because some asshole site/program decided to play 'kick-me'.

Ninety-eight percent sure this shit wasn't present last night, and I didn't visit too many places before it was discovered. And just how did I discover the kick-me? ZoneAlarm 5.1 installation kept fucking up. So, a little present was either dropped off by Zone Labs when I downloaded the basic firewall, from a news site (as in big name, not fly-by-night), or from Google.

Main machine is spiffy now, relatively so. Registry has been hacked (I still wave the chicken and bow to the gods for registry stuff), temp file cleared and cleaned, and a bunch of other small tasks (that I keep putting off) are done. Just need to talk to Trafalga and find out about editing a different area in the registry.

But I'm still pissed, big-time-will-kill pissed! This is not how I wanted to spend my free (hahahaha) time today. Anria, thankies for the fic *big hugs*. Soon as maintenance is done, I'm running to read it. Oh... Anria dearest, sometime ago did you see a movie called Shaun of the Dead?

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09/24/04 at 1022pm

Bosco will be lucky if he's not a vegetable. Yokas' personal life is swirling around in the bowl of life. And Sasha is the IAB plant. Sasha. Didn't see that one coming at all.

Damn, the new season is starting off on a major depressive note.

The folks hired to work at CVAP have the IQ of a cucumber - at least, it seems that way. We're not talking about difficult or questionable situations here; these are straight forward, all reasonable information supplied, even did a little extra digging on one case to make the situation easier for CVAP. Note to workers there, learn how the FP system works - the basics and what is covered under the Privacy Act would be a good start. Jeez Louise!

When someone asks you to spell your last name, should you a) stare blankly at the asker b) say your name again or c) say each letter individually (thus spelling your name). If I actually have to tell you the correct answer, please return to grade-school. To today's contestant - Buddy, there are at least five different ways to spell your name. I have four different spellings for it already in the database. Spell your name, please.

And to the other fella today. Yes you speak English (and understand it) very well. For a fairly recent immigrant, I am quite impressed. But, please, slow down and speak up. It is difficult to hear you most of the time and you talk at four-hundred words a minute. If I can't understand you, I can't enter your info properly and you'll have to pay instead of having the invoice picked up by the FP system.

There were no fics read, no sites cruised. the lap top was buried by paperwork, and most of that was unnecessary >.<

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09/23/04 at 350pm
Boss-Man said "this isn't right" when he saw the patent info. Faxed info to the other concerned party since he really needs to read all this, too. Could be a shit-pile about to form.

Sometimes, you just have to tell a patient "I'm sorry, we won't be able to work with you". In the sixteen years I've been here, today's was number four. Details below so I can read back on this later and laugh (again) and remind myself to not assist people when I get a bad feeling.

July 18, 2002 - Initial consultation
March 26, 2003 - Call from Dr. office stating patient would call us for appts
May 6, 2003 - Patient calls, no appts set as funding not confirmed
May 2003 to December 2003 - calls and letters sent to various gov't agencies in an attempt to obtain funding for the patient. Neither of the two primary agencies would take primary responsibility and lawyers became involved. As well, both agencies repeatedly contacted us (as the patient was not reachable) for information. Note that I was out on maternity leave between June and October 2003, leaving Big-D to try and figure out what to do and how. She ended up calling me for most of the shit.
January 29, 2004 - third agency confirms involvement, but patient must register to receive benefits
February 4, 2004 - call patient (after two days of trying to get a phone number for her since her previous three are now out of service), leave voice message
February 20, 2004 - patient calls to set appts, advise she needs to register for the FP program first and to call us when that's done
March 2004 - July 2004 - Not registered, no record of patient calling agency to register. Calls to patient unanswered, messages not returned.
July 14, 2004 - registration done, paperwork sent to FP program and appts set (5 required, all scheduled at this time)
August 3, 2004 - called to resched as apartment flooded. Had date wrong, appt for next day.
August 4, 2004 - arrived ten minutes late for first appt, called in afternoon to say she couldn't come in for that appt. Advised patient all other pre-set appt would have to be rescheduled; fine, and she'd be here for appt on fifth.
August 5, 2004 - no show. All pre-booked appts canceled.
August 11, 2004 - a male called for patient, set appt for August 13
August 13, 2004 - no show. No call, no communication of any kind.
September 17, 2004 - male called to set appt. Advised if no show, or is late, we are done with patient
September 23, 2004 - male called at 9:10am (ten minutes past appt time) to say patient would be a further ten minutes late. Patient finally arrived forty-five minutes late for appt, stated she thought her appt was with her doctor and she'd been waiting over there. Patient told we have extended ourselves to assist her and there's nothing more we are willing to do for her.

This patient's file is, no shit, three-quarters of an inch thick - and we haven't generated any income for all that work.

Swiped from Forsaken's LJ (who is still alive and well - yay!) -

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09/22/04 at 348pm
Looking up patent info is fun, informative, educational and makes one (me, at least) go WTF? Something looks... not right, is the best I can say. See what Boss-Man says when I present him with the info and print-outs.

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09/19/04 at 1041pm
Since the main 'puter is looking like it's never going to be turned on again...

I am - *checks pulse* - alive, or at least blood is still moving through my body. Yay?

Busy week at work and would have been worse had I remembered the changes I wanted to make to some of the forms. Children do suck the brain cells from their parents heads.

Hubby back from fishing, Dad too. Cold, windy and snowy were the descriptions I received. Oh, and a couple fish which I gave to the neighbours.

Found out one reason why our hospital ER's are so crowded. 'Cause the damn clinics are closed (as in gone), closed for the day (at 2:30 pm? Give me a fucking break) or have waiting times longer than it took God to make the Earth. I know what my problem is, I've had it, literally, thirty-five times before. I even know the meds required for treatment. But with our loverly medical system I must see a doctor and have him/her do the urine dip test before getting a 'scrip.

Come on, I don't need to waste your time for a bladder infection. Yes, I'm sure that's what it is - after the first ten times even the average moron knows the symptoms.

At least a 'scrip is not needed anymore to treat yeast-infections. Christ-on-a-broom! That's another affliction that's hard to misdiagnose if you've had it more than once.

And no, I didn't get to see a doc. Came home and scrounged up an old 'emergency' 'scrip I had filled before Squirmy was born. Meds are two years old and probably not potent enough, but they'll have to do until I can call my doc on Monday.

Let's see, what else...

Strange, weird, confusing and colorful nightmares recently. Possible causes - a) the meds b) seasonal changes c) season premieres that kill/get rid of main characters.

Given last night's head-cinema, my money is on c).

And there's been more than one a night. Starts off with the epic nightmare (the one that keeps going until you shoot up in bed) then moves to a comic short (you know, the 'what-the-fuck-was-that?' dream) and concludes with a serio-comic drama, like a combination of the first two only without the coherency.

Could also be b) since the cats have been acting freaky too. Cat races around the house, sudden tail bushings, meows (the desperate, save me type) for no reason (other than to panic anyone in earshot) and generally acting odd, squirelly even.

*sigh* There's more, I could ramble on for another two pages, but since hardly anyone reads this shit except me, it can wait. Need to get back to Bird Go, Smartania (think that's the right address) and a few dozen other places. Might also be a good idea to check my e-mail at some point. Sheesh.

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09/08/04 at 342pm
If your going to work CS in/for an English speaking country, speak the fucking language! Also having at least half a brain would be handy too.

School is back in session, which means crowded buses. All the little 'my-shit-don't-stink' entitelment princes and princesses and their god-damned back-packs. *stabstabstabstab* Take the fucking things off your back and place it by your feet/hold on to it. Why? A) you take up double the amount of room preventing others from boarding. It could be you standing in the rain next time, asshole. B) I don't care how careful you think you are, your back-pack will whack someone in the head. I, for one, will let you know about it by ripping the fucking thing off your shoulders and shoving it up your ignorant ass. I've been a student, I know how heavy and awkward the back-pack gets (four binders, five mother-large text books, plus all the other necessities), but show some fucking manners and consideration for others.

This is an interesting article. Parents who don't, or won't, say no to their kids are not doing their kids any favors. Gee, this is a surprise? To whom?

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