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08/30/04 at 851pm
Do people listen? Process words? Take their head out of their ass so sound waves can be heard? Seriously, no. Another excerpt from the patient files...

After the introductory crap and trying to figure out a) who the hell I'm talking to and b) what in the blue blazes he wants.

Patient: I need a prescription for the Maxitrol, I left mine at home (he's from out of town, down here for a week)

Me: Sir, you know you've called (insert non-medical company, person here)? We can't write you a prescription for Maxitrol. You'll have to call your doctor.

Patient appeared to understand and since his <device> was bothering him, I suggested he come in for a polishing and cleaning. Offered him next day, first thing.

Patient: I'll be gone by then.

Me: Okay, so you're not down here for a week-

Patient: Fuck off (hangs up)

A short time later...

Patient: I want a prescription for Maxitrol.

Me: (like I wouldn't recognize the voice, idjit) I'm sorry, sir, we cannot--

Patient: He gave me one last time.

Me: I'm sorry, sir, the only things we can give you or recommend to you are artificial tears. These are a non-prescription item and available at your local drug store.

Patient: I'm not an idiot you know. I got the prescription from your office.

Me: We do not write prescriptions here, we are not doctors or any form of licensed medical practitioner.

After another ten minutes of repeating all this again, and much foul language streaming into my ear...

Me: I'm sorry, sir, but I've taken as much abuse as I'm going to. You have a nice day, goodbye. (phone hangs up)

I'm stunned, even now, that people can be this... what's a good word, brain-cell deficient?

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08/29/04 at 1025pm
FiL had gall bladder surgery Saturday morning. Came home same day and is doing fine. More surgery may be in future as his liver has an odd texture to it and there's a 'bundle blockage' of his heart.

I have fucking died and gone to the big yaoi heaven. Oh.My.Dear.God. It's Gatchaman and it's Yaoi and it's angsty and just too damn lovely for words. Coherency is not a word in my vocabulary right now. In fact, what the hell am I doing writing here when there's fics waiting for me!?

There's still more to read but if I want the car tomorrow I must go to bed. Random Recs has been updated with everything I've read on Bird Go! so far. There's more... oh god, there's more *swoons*. This is the fucking jackpot, the gods are smiling on me, this is the payoff for something - and I'm on cloud nine-thousand.

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08/25/04 at 1013pm
Scanning patient charts, reading some of the notes in them. Notes like this one - "removing <device> with a knife". O.o Yeah, there's all types out there and just when you think you might have seen/heard it all, something comes along that leaves your jaw on the floor. We've had folks try to adjust the size/fit of their <device> with sandpaper, dremel hand tools, pliers, pinking shears and knives. Quite possibly, most of these people should get a Darwin mention. Ah, the fun never ends *grin*.

When doing free-form-rolling in your chair, ensure that a) there is no cat in the immediate area (rolling over a tail is so bad form) and b) your own damn feet are out of the way. Geez louise, some days it's a pity I bred.

Bumped into a piece of Tsume/Toboe (Wolf's Rain) fiction tonight (and since my browser toasted itself I'd have to dig for the link and I'm too tired for that). Think I need to find some more.

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08/24/04 at 924pm
Men's diving. Young, fit men in speedo bathing suits. Sorry, I must drool. Especially for the hot Canadian, Alexandre Despatie, who won Silver. The Chinese diver, Peng Bo, won Gold and boy did he deserve to. Poetry in motion, both of 'em.

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08/23/04 at 1100pm
Productive is the word for this day. GW on the Sanctuary site finally updated. Archive section only, but I am actually working on the other sections (gasp!). Since files are being scanned for work, I might as well sneak in the next part of a DJ that was supposed to be done long ago.

Random Recs layout has been redone and more recs/sections are being added.

And hubby just decided to dump a glass of juice all over the kitchen floor. *sigh* Guess I'm done for the night.

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08/10/04 - 08/19/04 at 230pm
Too hot, tired, and rushed to do any serious surfing/reading at home. Accumulated little bits here and there for one giant post.

Found yet another LJ to watch - WTF. First visit there, I found this. Um... I want one. Just because. The looks/fun I could have... "wanna see my new jewelry?" Mooning with a touch of class. *falls over laughing*

*stomps foot* There's a deplorable lack of Masa/Kai fanfiction.

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08/09/04 at 931pm
I think that, eventually, all fandoms become infected with things that go "squee" every second word. *sigh*

I know I'm a little late coming into it, but it's only recently I felt any desire to explore this particular fandom - Backstreet Boys. Yeah, yeah. Before y'all call the nut-house down the street (or plain smack me around, which I'd probably enjoy too damn much so forget it) let me just say... Well, I guess nothing could rationalize it.

Desperation. Maybe that's as close as I get. I need something to read. Much the same way I have preferences for genre in print books, I have preferences for online fic. Just finished a round of airline disaster books (highly recommend John Nance!) now I'd like some relationship-y, emotionally-charged angst with smut either in the background or foreground. I need a slash-escape.

But I'm running out of fandoms for believable slash. I never got into Stargate (the series), X-Files, Buffy, Angel, Farscape, or so many of the 'popular' (right now) fandoms. And in some shows, I just can't see a slash pairing, even without my glasses! Sorry, but if I can't see even a remote possibility of Gibbs and DiNozzo (or POTUS/Leo, Horatio/Speed, Gil/Warrick, and worst of all Hawkeye/BJ) then I sure as hell won't believe it in a fic (or be able to suspend reality enough to read said fic). Opinions can change (afterall, Frog got me around to Schu/Ken) but it'll take some mighty good convincing and incredibly well written fics first (forget reccing me a Hawkeye/BJ - that makes my skin crawl right off my body).

"A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go, heigh-ho the merry-o, a hunting I will go."

[Edit] OMFG!!!!! There's someone else looking for Gatchaman Yaoi! *drops dead from shock* And I swear I've run into this nick before - morgaine_darkwind. Damn, that's familiar and I can't place her...

[Edit-take II] What the hell is going on with FF.N? Did they hire the Screaming-Parents-Who-Can't-Be-Bothered-To-Monitor-Their-Children as story-police? The count is now a dozen well-known, well-respected authors who have been given the boot. And apparently the author(s) cannot get any response or fair hearing from FF.N. Is this disgusting to anyone else?

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08/08/04 at 1133pm
When baby sleeps (three straight hours, holy shit!), mommy plays. And continues playing when baby goes down for the night. Finally getting around to downloading my manga list... and adding a few new ones.

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08/07/04 at 1133pm
*groan* Too much stuff on the 'puter, waaaaay too much. Organizing, reclassifying, renaming... almost done. Only another *counts* twenty folders to check in. But not tonight.

If anyone is interested in expanding their collections, and helping me expand mine, download my list of stuff. You'll need Excel to view the list. Leave a comment if there's something that interests you (anonymous allowed, but leave a contact).

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08/06/04 at 334pm
Small children are an incredible way to meet your neighbours. Of course, I could have done just fine without meeting a couple of 'em.

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08/05/04 at 337pm
t's not perfect (there's a few grammatical/phrasing quirks) and it's not for the squeamish or BDSM-shy, but, holy mother of crap!, Taming Riki (an AnK fic) is worth reading. Some liberties are taken (well duh!) but I think Riki and Iason are probably the closest I've seen to in-character. There are parts where things seem a bit repetitive and maybe stilted, but I was able to get past this easily enough. And, face it, AnK fics - ones with thought to plot and the characters - are pretty damn rare.

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08/04/04 at 235pm
Entering July accounting data... fighting to stay awake... numbers are so dry.

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08/03/04 at 947pm
Ooooooo, look. Time to myself. *snort* only because I'm ignoring some other, quasi-important, stuff. Damn it! I'll find 'me' time, even if I have to make it.

Watched a piece of Top 80 of the 80's (hosted by Emilo Estevez) earlier on MuchMoreMusic. Now hunting music vids. Damn, but there was some good stuff then. Of course, that was my era so I'm a tad biased.

I'm also an idiot. Why do I always forget I can listen to radio stations online? JackFM is a newish station that plays a lot of 'oldies'. I just keep forgetting to pull it up when I'm on the 'puter. *smacks self* Oh, and the site says "built by hamsters!" It's no wonder this station has been number one in Vancouver since they started up.

Ya know what I have to find? Some Dead Kennedy's tunes. Don't know why I was thinking of them the other day, but I really feel like hearing some of their stuff again. No idea where I'd find their albums - only one place in YVR had them (I found them for my boyfriend) nearly twenty years ago (good lord! Has it been that long??) Don't think that shop is still around.

Hit Anime Suki, checking for new stuff. Area 88 has been licensed by ADV. Damn, that was bloody fast. And did I notice or note this before... Get Backers has been licensed. Goddammit! I need a bloody bucket-load of money. Right, time to stay the hell away from anime sites.

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08/02/04 at 854pm
Wow, three days shy of two weeks since the last post. Damn. No idea where the time has gone, and certainly nothing earth-shattering going on.

It's been too hot in the 'puter room to do much more than quick checks for vital e-mail. Hardly watched any TV either. Just sitting on the porch doing something I haven't for quite a while - reading books. In the last ten days, I've gone through three-and-a-half books. Haven't lost my speed (or comprehension). Damn sight cooler outside too.

Only 'big' thing is a dishwasher. Have a working one once again. SiL's hubby (hereafter referred to as Mr-Fix-it) came over and put in the old portable we had in the apartment. This was always the plan, but twas waiting for the one that came with the house to die. Well, it died nine months ago and I got tired of waiting for hubby to make the switch. Quite sure he, hubby, is not happy that Mr-Fix-it did the job, but fuck him (hubby). I'm still waiting for him to do something about the porch - the one thing I told him had to be done this year.

Ol' Squirmy is cutting not one first-year molar, but three. And an eye-tooth. This explains his crankiness the last bit. Poor thing.

Attention Frog: If you haven't yet found the scanlation site Desperate Love, click the link in Sites Visited. If you've already found it, and not told me about it... :

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