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07/22/04 at 1038pm
From the book of "Summaries that entice you to NOT read a fic"...

"Ken's being gang-raped" - Ew! Just... ew! I'm not going to dignify this with a link.

There's a scary preponderance of Kiba/OC fics in the Wolf's Rain section on Media Miner. *shivers*

Thinking over some web-related things last night (since I wasn't sleeping, what the hell, eh?) Even though it won't go up 'complete', I'd still like to put the A88 site. Not that it would really matter since I'm probably the only one who would look at it anyway. Yeah, maybe I'll make that the next project.

*huge sigh of... relief and disappointment* Relief because there won't be any more Gil/Sara undertones, disappointment because George Ede's was a damn fine actor and eyecandy. Crap.

Ya know, the 'net is boring me today. At least right now. Think I'll go weed out the file drawer

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07/20/04 at 322pm
Go. Run. Read this NOW.

*falling off chair laughing* Oh man this is priceless.

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07/19/04 at 322pm
Enough with the fucking heat already! It's no fun to watch your clothing melt from your body. And in addition to making mommy grumpy, it makes baby grumpy and throws his sleep schedule completely off track. Grrrrr!!!!

I know I've been here before, hell, I remember reading some fics there too. So how the hell did I miss Laekin's works? Oh... never mind. Last visit must have been before 'Tatari' tickled my reading bone. Dumb me.

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07/16/04 at 1010pm
Just killing time until nappies...

Oh jeez louise this is one reason I shy away from reading fics by well known authors.

I love this place. Just one problem with it - when I'm done reading, I hear yappy little dogs in my head (from all the wanks the lovely folks point out). Also gives me the desire to pour massive amounts of 'happy medication' into the worlds water supply, or hunt down the wankers and remove them from the overall gene-pool. It's a toss up.


Cable modem service is in and, wonder of wonders, there are no 'hangs' in service. Color me sooooo surprised.

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07/15/04 at 810pm
Sitting on the l/t at work is the real entry for today (actually, yesterday). *blows raspberry* Brains of dirt I have.

Tomorrow will be fun. Three of us at the office have had enough of Telus and their shit-for-service business ADSL account.

Really, we pay $183/m (includes taxes) and half the time we can't get out. It's not the router (tested that) or misbehaving NIC cards (tested those two), no this is a problem with the Telus servers. But of course, they won't admit that. Tried calling them on it before, not bothering to again. Long story on that.

Of course, it means no more static IP, but that really shouldn't be a big deal. There are only three things that really need a static and, for the most part, I can work around them/find alternate sources.

Can hardly wait to call Telus and say bye-bye *ohboyohboyohboy*

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07/13/04 at 1010pm
It's done. D-O-N-E. Reworked, revamped, links checked and uploaded. The GRP should no longer be a time-pig, a maintenance nightmare, a general pain-in-the-ass. Only took three days of pretty concentrated work... in a stuffy, roasting 'puter room. Don't anyone mention the word 'Gatchaman' for a day or two.

So needless to say, I've done nothing else online. And thank the stars Squirmy is still sleeping more than normal. Which may not all growth-spurt related. Dude hasn't been himself since yesterday, and he's got a slight fever. Could also be teeth coming in. Ick.

Shappy, his wifey, and his new MiL are coming into town this weekend. We're supposed to go out to dinner with them Saturday but plans may have to change. Unless the neighbour-boy is free on Saturday, there is no one to sit with Squirmy. Nada, zip, zilch. Both cousins are away, SiL is out of town, Mom/Dad are out that night and I can't ask Sis since she's doing sitting duty Monday/Tuesday next week. Agh!!!!

Crap. Just hit LJ to catch up on things and I just had to do a search. *hits self* Fucking stupid moron!

*insert squeals of utter delight* I have a sitter for Saturday! Bless you, Mr. Michael, bless you!

Sorry, now I gotta go SQUEEEE like a demented fan-girl (who was that strange woman?!). The Simon Tam Ficathon stories are up! Oh man, there'll be no work done tomorrow, I just know it.

Oh, and I made a new LJ icon (couple days ago actually). Ever have a particular scene/set of lines from a movie stuck in your head for no reason? I've no idea why, especially since I haven't watched the movie for over six months, but those five words are just stuck. Like they've been cemented in. Too weird.

And one more 'oh'. All that work on the GRP must have kicked something loose in the muse. He wants to do some... fic work? Seriously? Where'd I file the stories...

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07/09/04 at 946pm
Ol' Squirmy is either going through a major growth spurt or he has a sleeping sickness. Didn't get up until ten this morning (almost fifteen hours sleep), had breakfast, a bath, and was back down for nap just after eleven. Didn't see baby again until nearly two. This weird sleeping thing has been going on for about a week. No signs of runny nose, fever, or anything else that signifies sickness. Just hungry and sleepy.

So with baby out of the way, mommy got some surf/read time. Oh, and some burning time. Really needed that.

I'm coming to see The Frog is right (yet again) to hit LJ (users and communities) for better ficcage. If you're an AnK fan (Loreli, you out there?) then click on Fics Read. The AnK fic is probably the best back-story I've read to date (and I've read just about every AnK not on LJ).

Edit - later in the day (since I forgot to post earlier, just adding on)

Why is it that when I'm feeling 'up' (without the help of drugs, mind you) I have to ruin things. How? By watching the last couple eps of Gatch I, that's how. Yeah, yeah, Joe is not dead, he comes back in Gatch II. But jezzu! Despite knowing that (for how many damn years?) I still get weepy. Dammit, next time I need a Joe-fix I'm finding another way!

Edit - even later since I'm too lazy to get up

Need new icons, LJ need a facelift (actually, a number of things need facelifts, but we won't dig that deep or I'll be here all night), and I need to find the master password file. Total moron that I am, I took the file off the 'puter and put it... fuck. Could be on one of the fifty floppies, the six general archive CD's, or maybe I printed the damn thing out and put it in one of sixteen file folders. ARG!!!! 'k, this is my cue to go to bed.

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07/08/04 at 916pm
Surfing. Finally catching up on the never-ending hunt for stuff to read/collect/horde/clutter up the hard drive.

Speaking of the HDD, a few weeks ago I cleared space on all the machines in preparation for digitizing Dad's LP's. He hasn't brought any over yet. So I used the space. *sigh* Why do I do this? What is it in me that is compelled to collect things? And there's more 'stuff' coming in as I type this. The Frog mentioned a new anime so the torrent program was fired up. And she's also been raving about Prince of Tennis and Naruto, so it's just a matter of time before I'll be hunting those too. Just kill me, now!

Gah! The sites visited section is... wow. Don't want to lose markers for these places and my bookmarks/favorite file is disgusting. It needed cleaning two years ago but I'm too easily distracted to concentrate on it. Sorry to say, but my collection problem is even worse in the bm/f file... waaaay worse.

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07/06/04 at 1044pm
Geez Louise! Where does the time go? There's three entries written up (at home) but haven't had time to type and post 'em. Well, plus the 'puter room has been too damn warm to sit in too long.

But really, not much happened anyway. Paid house taxes (YEOUCH!), grocery shopping (depressing) and ran around after a kid who's found using feet is faster than crawling (joy). Boring life shit. *twirls a finger*

Heard a couple times from The Cat a couple times. Nice, but it's gotta be costing a small fortune. The recordings are still sitting on the FTP *sigh*. Since it's raining today maybe the room will be cool enough that one 'puter can be fired up without creating that steam room effect.

Keeping up QaF (though 'twas hard last night since I'm working Mon-Wed this week) but really there hasn't been anything earth-shattering. Lots of excellent moments though. Emmett and the football player - scrum! And Emmett's fantasy date-out dream was just too damn good. Was so pissed when it turned out it was a fantasy/dream. The more I see of Peter Paige, the more I enjoy him. Now, what the hell is going on with Randy Harrison? He's had even less screen time this season than last. Sheesh.

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