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06/26/04 at 1044pm
I had a choice of what to work on tonight. Project A, which could use some TLC, but isn't really desperate yet; Project B, which I'd like to change around but once I start, I'd like to finish and I only have just under two hours; Project C, the project from hell that I promised myself I would work on a bit here and there, the one I haven't touched in a month, the one that's most desperate for my time. Care to guess which one I chose?

Working on Project C is just not a good use of my limited free time. It's far too detailed. Okay, so I remember this later (and, frankly, if I leave a paper note on my desk at home I'll never find it again) the excess is gone, eliminated. Merchandise is available all over now. Reducing down to the freebies and oddities is the only way to keep my sanity. So it is written, so it will be done. (Can you name the movie and character who said that line?)

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06/25/04 at 1023pm
sigh* Started updating the damn office manual (again), processed most of the June accounting data, gathered info needed for doctor letters, ran billings, cleaned Boss-man's "pile-o-shit" in the lab, and cleared my desk. Not bad for only working three days.

Heard from The Cat again. She's gonna send the recordings she has of JD's radio show. According The Cat he's become a bit of a hate-monger. She compared him to Hitler. Ouch. Once I hear the recordings, I'll post more.

Since I haven't been updating the GW site much (sorry, Squirmy has to take that priority spot) I'm always surprised when I hear people actually visit the damn thing. One gal I've been chatting with on Y!M and the other e-mailed.

Actually, the one who e-mailed is interesting. She's a "great writer" yet, by her own admission, has a hard time writing anything without her own OC's. She wanted to know if that was alright to do. Um... well, ya, you can do that. Can't speak for everyone, but I doubt I'd read it if the OC's were prominent or worse, used as pairing partners for one of the guys. *sigh* really didn't know how to answer her. Maybe I'll dig up it up and post my reply here so y'all can flog me.

Gotta run around like crazy tomorrow. Despite not working Monday or Tuesday, weekends are still jammed. *grumble*

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06/24/04 at 829pm
For the hell of it, and because I was too uninspired to work on things I should be working on, I visited The Pit. What the hell; haven't been there in a month or so and have never checked out the Firefly stuff there.

I see not much has changed...

"...first chapter Not very good! written within 10 mins but plzzz review and dont flame" - why post it then? Would you suffer unspeakable pain, become sterile, go bald if you took a bit more time to a) write it b) make it better. As for "don't flame"... *snerk*

"...again, and Mel heads for a friends.." - It's M-A-L! Christ-on-a-broom, if you can't spell character names right - especially when it's only three letters - in an eleven word summary, how can you expect people to read the fic? I wouldn't think that a show with an established het couple and six singles (not counting the preacher) would be a good one to Mary-Sue. Apparently, I'm wrong. Now, if there's a lack of females - like in Gatchaman, where the only true het pairing I can see is Jun and Ken - I could understand shoving your own character in. But in Firefly? Come on, you morons. One interesting thing about Firefly section at The Pit, there's a ton of Jayne/River stuff. More than I've seen on the other archive sites.

On to the CSI section...

"this is a Gregoc story it doesn't have much Greg in the fist chapter but it will in the others..." WTF? So the first chapter is basically introduction to your OC? *snores* *shivers* gah, too much Nick/Sara, Grissom/Sara on The Pit. Pardon, have to go soak my eyeballs now.

Where else but The Pit could you find Teletubbies fanfic? I had to take a look, just had to... and it was worth it. Good, quality fiction? Only if you've been inhaling from the diaper pail. No, parodies and just some plain warped shit. And lots of death *snicker* Still say Teletubbies are better than Barney.

Another show/movie that seems to attract Mary-Sue/OC... PotC. In the first twenty-five fics I looked at (as in read the summaries for) probably half were M-S/OC. Ya know, who cares if you write 'em. Hell, it's good for your ego, developes that nice fantasy land to escape to, but don't post the damn things in public forums. Get a personal site, post there.

Oh!Oh! Keep forgetting to mention this, spam-brain that I am. In Fake, the two main characters are Dee and Ryo. This is a Yaoi series, very obvious if you've so much as looked a cover of the manga. BTW, for the non-anime person, Yaoi is the same thing as Slash (male/male). Given that, why would you toss a female OC love interest in a Fake fanfic? She wasn't just there as a background character (trying to steal Ryo away from Dee, or visa-versa). The story revolved around Ryo and this chick, raising Bicky and skipping happily through life. Lord-love-a-duck!

And I know I'm not the best at punctuation, but did I miss an announcement saying puncuation has become an optional thing? After twenty-minutes at The Pit, I'd pay to see an apostrophe. Hell, most of us would pay to see literacy over there, but that's a real pipe-dream.

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06/17/04 at 830pm
Sometimes, you just have to give into you're inner child and look for the music and shows of your youth. My inner child demanded I find - dear lord, I can't believe this - Bay City Rollers and David/Shawn Cassidy vids. *sigh* Hubby's gonna puke, then commit me.

"Makin' my list, checkin' it twice..." No, it's not Xmas. Just me visiting the local DVD shop and finding movies I want. Really, really want. Really, really can't afford. Well, maybe one or two; not the two dozen I've written down. Some anime (the price of which really limits me) and a few regular movies/series. QaF seasons two and three will not be bought any time soon, but the Firefly box-set is affordable. But there's no Logan's Run set, just the movie. When I started finding the old series eps on WinMX I assumed the series had finally been released. Maybe not, or maybe just in KanaDUH yet. One disc I do absolutely want is the new Daft Punk, Interstella 5555. This one gets priority. Oh hubby dear, can you please pay the Hydro bill this month? *snicker*


Running Y!Groups to see what can go. Sheesh. Some groups I haven't looked at yet this year and the only posts I've missed are spam. Byebye.

Year-end data is almost ready to go. If nothing else comes in by next Wednesday then that's it, the box is outta here. Oh, as I was running through an aged payables report, I found a few oddities. Big D did she had problems when I was out on mat. leave. LOL - I found 'em, even remember talking to her about the problems. Poor accountant is gonna earn her fee this year.

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06/16/04 at 752pm
I gotta get this out...

To the dude I saw from the SkyTrain tonight. Next time you pull out your willy to take a piss, look up. Me and the other three people who happened to look down really did not need to see you painting the bushes.

To anyone with a cell phone. I don't care who you are, how important the call is, or any of that other shit. If you are in a confined public area - such as public transportation - use your 'inside' voice. Or I will make your life hell for the entire time you remain on the cell phone. Wanna see me do it? Try me, you asswipe.

To the woman this morning, and the gent this evening, who marinated themselves in cologne. Thank you, I enjoy having my sinuses block up, my throat go dry and my eyes burn. Just because you can longer smell yourself doesn't mean no one else can. When I see you again, and I will since you take the same bus, I won't hesitate to pull out my filter mask and make sure you know why.

Right. The fact that I had to actually say/write this means I'm not ready (again) to go off the meds. Fuck.


Lordy, I really hope Mr. Squirmy doesn't end up with my addictive traits. WinMX hasn't been turned off yet, and I can't bring myself to disconnect. *sigh*

Boss-man blew up his big 'puter. How, he has no idea. Sucker won't turn on, then it does, then it fucks up. The big techie (read that as not me!) picked the baby up this morning. Hopefully won't take too long to fix or Boss-man will be driving Lab-boy and I nuts.

Cruising archive sites - not so much since I actually have work to do - but I'm not finding much. Read that and that, and that, oh, and that too. *sigh* Lots of LotR fics, but they hold no interest for me - yet. That may change once hubby buys the last one and glues my ass to the couch.

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06/14/04 at 942pm
Killing time trying to stay awake to see QaF. Succumbed to the need to hunt and fired up WinMX this morning. Wonder if there's any Logan's Run slash? Plot-bunnies, those rampant hopping things, graced me with a GW version of LR. The muse, of course, laughed at me. He doesn't want to work on anything I'd like to.

Mom passed on an e-mail from my aunt. My Great-Aunt - who's ninety-eight, still lives on her own, bakes her own muffins and makes her own soup - took a fall. Bruised a couple ribs but broke nothing. Not one bone broke, cracked or chipped. Seriously, she'll probably outlive us all.

Another aunt returned from a trip abroad to find part of her house collapsed. OMG. I can't imagine returning home to find the back half a pile of broken lumber. And it's been raining here so lord knows what shape the things left are in.

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06/12/04 at 813pm
Visiting, playing, opening presents, playing in a cake... just what a first birthday should be.

I'm not looking at the mess, not listening to the over-tired, over-stimulated, over-sugared cry emanating from Squirmy's room. It'll stop in a minute or so anyway. Mommy needs a break. Mommy needs a drink. Mommy needs to go take some medicine. Mommy needs to be committed. That sounds like the right order of things.

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06/10/04 at 813pm
I need condoms for the paper bunnies. Or a DIY home-neutering kit. Damn critters, damn paperwork.

Was planning on reading more, since I didn't have much time at work today, and probably won't tomorrow. Hubby has other ideas. 'Don't want you getting sicker. Go.To.Bed!' Yes, dear. I hate colds.

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06/09/04 at 351pm
Catching up on some stuff. Been over a week since I've had the 'puter at home turned on. Ouch.

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06/02/04 at 342pm
House painting is finished and it looks soooo much better now.

Discovered evidence of an attempted break-in. The wood near the lock on the garage side door is all munched up and there's pry-bar marks on the frame. Closest I can get to a time-line is some time in May. Alternately freaked and pissed, royally pissed.

Learned how to make bread, by hand. Now have fresh bread and buns to stuff my face with. And when I get home tonight, there will be fresh cinnamon rolls waiting. Yumyumyum!

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