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05/31/04 at 918pm
Hubby gone fishing for a week, but I have a car!

Used said car to pick up MiL from the ferry. From home, that's a longish drive. Sis gave me her route (faster, less lights) and once over the Pattulo bridge I figured even I could follow the map. However getting onto the bridge... All I could remember was how you have to be in a certain lane, and if you're not it's a tour through New Westminster or going over the wrong bridge. Better to go the way I knew for sure. Slightly longer, bit more traffic and lights but far less chance of screwing up. Wrong wrong wrong.

Took the wrong exit off the Knight and had a mini-tour of Richmond around the Ikea store. Eventually did make it back to the right spot and managed to get to the ferry in sixty-two minutes total. Not bad. MiL navigated us home using FiL's route (similar to Sis's) and it was so much easier. See if I can repeat that on Saturday.

Painting finally started on the house - yay! MiL and I pulled up and there were the painters putting down a nice thick layer of gray paint. They'll take a couple hours to dry, I was told, so the cat should use the front door. No prob. Not home half-an-hour before I go to use the damn stairs. Fuck. Painters, and MiL, thought it was hilarious. I now have gray-soled sandals.

Received some news about an old acquaintance. Years ago, this woman and I were friends and I encouraged 'drifting apart' because she was turning into a person I could not tolerate. What iced the cake for me was she called her hubby at work and guilt-tripped him into coming home mid-shift because she was scared of the thunder and lightning. And he came home!! *rolls eyes* oh puleeze.

She never really improved and got worse after having a child. The child runs the household. The child gets his way with everything. The child has no discipline, no respect for elders, and no boundaries. Makes Brat-boy look like a fucking saint. The child is 'mommy's baby' and god-forbid he should not be coddled and spoiled and be told no. It makes SiL, who is friends with this idiot woman, sick. And I gather SiL doesn't dare say anything or Bitch-woman will rip her a new one. Bitch-woman hasn't changed much in one regard - it's her way, her terms, or it's the highway. Never in my life have I been so glad to have ended a friendship.

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05/27/04 at 915pm
Glory be, I actually started working on a fic tonight. Slow going since a)I'm easily distracted (oh, there's a new Nick/Greg fic? Look, more Pirate Way!) b) my memory is pissy c) the muse has been spoiling for a fight. But I started, that's the important (and hardest) part. I'd like to be working on one of the three still waiting to be finished but the muse is pissy, and anxious for something 5x2-ish. Ya, so am I, and I'd be pleased as punch if it didn't come out looking like it was written by an idiot. *snort* Another one that'll never see the light of day. And I still don't know who nominated LitD for some contest.

Hubby takes off Saturday, early!, for a week of fishing. Also my Dad, who is Squirmy's sitter. So MiL is coming Monday - yay!! Demon-child is helping with Squirmy Saturday. Difficult to take baby to a chiro appointment and cleaning the house is just too frustrating if there's no one to watch same baby.

One last cruise through Customers Suck then off to bed.

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05/25/04 at 1000pm
Potential new fanfic source - NCIS. Provided I can find some fics. Oh, there are fics around for it, mostly Gibbs/Kate, JAG Crossovers or *shiver* Gibbs/Dinozzo. Sorry, I can't see that last one. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough or from the right angle, but I just can't. I'd like to see a Dinozzo/Kate fic. To me, there's just something maybe-kinda lurking in the background. Like a "damn, you irritate the shit outta me, but you're also cute" thing. Maybe I'm seeing things.

[edit] There's jack-shit for NCIS fiction that's not slash or Gibbs/Kate. Guess this means a visit to The Pit. *sigh*

[edit2] Oh.My.God. There's... *downs a bottle of Pepto* Christ on a broom. An NCIS-HP crossover. Please, let me die now!

Vic bought the farm on QAF last night. Shit. Knew it was coming thanks to the spoilers, but it still made me go 'fuck'. And Brian, geez. When he gets supremely 'prickish' you know he's hurtin' bad. And then to have a trick tell say 'you have a lump on your left testicle'... well double fuck. Here's to season four of QaF!

Oh Heike dearest, please click this link. Trust me on this.

Ran across some incredible news. Okay, REALLY FUCKING AWESOME WAITING-MY-WHOLE-LIFE news. Excited? HELL YES! Apparently ADV announced (at Anime Central convention) they have licensed the original, uncut version of Gatchaman. This is the series that started everything for me. First watched (albeit the Sandy Frank-ed version), first love, first fanfic written. First love, period.

The official announcement is here. There's no release date set, but Gatch has been licensed. Never, ever, thought this day would come. When the Japanese DVD's were released I nearly died figuring that was it, there'd never be a release over here, none of the NA companies were interested. Joe, you will be mine. I will own your digital ass and plaster you all over my computer room and my son's room. Condor no Squirmy. Hrm... that has a good sound to it. ROFL - hubby will freak.

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05/23/04 at 1001pm
Twas nice to hear from The Cat yesterday, pity the call wasn't just good talk. Yesterday, actor Richard Biggs died suddenly and unexpectedly. 'Stunned' is, I think, how most fans feel. For those who didn't see the TV series Babylon 5, Richard played Dr. Franklin. Richard leaves behind a wife and children. Rest in peace, you will be missed.

Finally off my ass and working on the GRP. Last time it was touched? Eighteen months ago. That's... just smack me. So it's either make it easier to maintain, or dump it. I don't think folks will mind some detail being lost if it means links are more current. Probably all for shit anyway.

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05/19-21/04 at 944pm
Well, the l/t stayed in its drawer today. Finally ( !!!! ) got the year-end numbers from the accountant so spent a chunk of the morning doing that work. Then installed the update to the accounting program (Boss-man insisted) and spent a chunk of the afternoon going "What the fuck is this?" everytime I tried to do something. Joy.

When you've subscribed to one hundred and nine Y!Groups, does that mean you have a problem? Must be a group or two (or three... four... five...) I can dump. Two. After spending an hour-plus going through the groups, there's two I can toast and not miss. This is stupid, I am stupid.


The net is up, then down. Up. Down. Jeez Louise! Mail access is okay, can open Ping and ping everywhere, can access FTP accounts, just don't try getting anywhere with the browser. I have research to do dammit! This is so pissing me off, mainly because it's so fucking random.

05/19 (this space intentionally blank)

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05/18/04 at 944pm
This room, the little room I call 'the office' at home, gets stupidly warm when all three 'puters are on. Be great in the winter, but as the weather warms... *pantpantpant*. Had to get some files burned off and moved around. Didn't help much. Gained some 'working room' and not much more. Fuck, I am such a pack-rat. Must find areas to pare down further.

Nature-girl got off her ass and RSVP'd today. Wonder how big a kick in the ass MiL had to give her (don't think N-g actually called without being nagged). Color me so surprised.

So my brain doesn't numb-out completely, I play little mental games with myself while tending to/playing with Squirmy. Today's game was - "What else have I seen actor Adam Baldwin in?" Well, first thing was My Bodyguard (with Chris Makepeace, who I had the biggest crush on), Firefly (duh, that's what got me thinking of him) and tonight's NCIS episode. Figured there had to more. Oooooh ya. Hit IMDB, looked him up and holy shit! This is not a man who does a role here and there. Have lots to watch if I can find all the movies - scrummy!

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05/15/04 at 917pm
Single parents have my undying admiration. Hubby is away, fishing, until tomorrow. There's no one here to relieve me so I can do laundry, vacuum, do dishes, or just have two fucking minutes to myself. After today, if someone asked me "would you do this (have a kid) again" I'd say no. A very emphatic No. I am not a 'mommy', I cannot identify myself that way. I looked at 'the kid' today and did not see my child, but a responsibility I will forever have. I do not know how I'm going to make it through tomorrow with my sanity intact.

Adding to the stress du jour, twas big bill day. House insurance due, painting contract signed and date set, and car booked for a very overdue servicing. In another month (and a bit), property taxes are up and just as kids head back to school, it's car insurance time. Is it better to have all this shit close together or spread out?
05/14/04 at 917pm
Very strange feeling working Mon/Tues instead of Thur/Fri this week. All screwed up.

Cleaned home office tonight. Ugh. But I can see both the desk and table, and the floor... wow, there really is one in here. Of course, I'll never find anything now *sigh*

Another saga (or two) in the story of BiL and Nature-girl. Invitations were sent last week for Squirmy's upcoming first birthday. Date, time, address and an RSVP request. The latter was put there for a reason - so I know how many people to a) buy food for and b) how big a cake to make. Well, everyone but BiL and Nature-girl have RSVP'd. And from what MiL said, I shouldn't expect a response because she (Nature-girl) doesn't 'do that'. But she'll probably show up with the kids.

MiL was out looking after Brat-boy and Allergy-girl, FiL joined her at the end since they were going to the States. The last night, the iL's stayed with SiL - the dog was 'boarding' there while the iL's were away. BiL had a little hissy attack. Since MiL was already at their house, why couldn't they just stay one more night? Where to begin... a) you, BiL, are not the only child to visit with, b) how rude would it be to drop the dog and stay elsewhere, c) your children are noisy and undisciplined. The list goes on, really it does.

So, if I haven't heard from Nature-girl by the RSVP date, I need to come up with something that will really get her if she does show up. I'd love to just tell her 'sorry, you didn't RSVP so you can't come in' but MiL would probably kill me. Will talk to my Sis - she can be a devious wench at times.

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05/12/04 at 917pm
The video cameras got something last night. One of the cleaning staff attempted to use the phone to make a call. She tried two phones actually, but couldn't figure out you need to push one of the 'line' buttons before dialing. Presented picture evidence to our building manager, who will be speaking to the supervisor of the crew.

I know some would say "what's the big deal? Maybe she was trying to call her family?" Is the family local or overseas? If you need to call your family while at work, use the pay phone downstairs.

Wonder what will happen tonight, if anything.

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05/10/04 at 935pm
To anyone who has ever worked any kind of tech support, you must read this entry from Customers Suck.

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05/09/04 at 320pm
To any mommies reading this, Happy Mother's Day.

Ol' Squirmy got his auntie (my Sis) but good at brunch. Sis picked up her nephew and was just about to give a nice little smooch when *blurk*. ROFLMAO!!! Squirmy puked right on her mouth. Sounds worse than it really was.

Ya know, folks who design web sites and don't allow that a visitor does not have the same size monitor or screen settings should be shot. Electrocuted, bamboo slivers forced under their finger nails. In general, the fucking assholes should suffer, greatly, for an extended period of time.

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05/08/04 at 1051pm
I'm not here. You don't see me. I'm actually sitting in the living room working on the project that's two weeks behind schedule. I am absolutely not on the 'puter reading fics and eating an apple/spice cake. Nope.

You are an Old Soul!
You are an old soul writer--neither a pantser (who
writes by the seat of her pants) nor a plotter
(who plots out a book before writing it).
You're a person who values serendipity and
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having an idea where a story is going before
you write it. You may make up an outline or
have a plan for a book, and write something
totally different, but that's OK. You're not
comfortable writing without having at least
some idea of where the story is going, but you
also like the freedom to change the story from
what you originally planned. You're a born
writer who realizes the value of serendipity.

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05/07/04 at 1051pm
I've reached new lows; hunting WinMX for GAP commercials. I need... to be committed. Yeah.

Oh.My.God. I thought I'd seen just about everything, but this... Naps by James Walkswithwind Starring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet in their first slash feature. I... um... oh, dear... On a night when I'm not just about to head off to bed, I'll read this. Honestly. I gotta see this.

A Firefly board game. *snicker* oh, ya know I gotta try this.

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05/06/04 at 1008pm
It took a while - four episodes and a couple different character bios - but I've decided I like Jayne Cobb (played by Alec Baldwin, who also gives my crank a turn or two). The character is fun, sharp (in his own way) ruthless, and I swear the writers gave this character the best damn lines every time.

And I'm positivly drooling over Jayne/Simon fics. Okay, Simon is... well, still getting a handle on him. Those two men, Jayne and Simon, are just such opposites I read a J/S fic just to laugh at the complete improbability of the pairing. Wrongwrongwrong. It works, and works well. *pulls out an overused mop* Very, very well. Far better than the Mal/Simon one's I've read (which were never recorded because they just didn't 'work'). Big strong brute, who's not as dumb as he first seems, and a smart, geeky, not-so-big doc. Um... yeah. Oh yeah.

Mal/Inara works for me. Yes, non-slash (het) but once in a while I do run across a het pairing that makes me sigh and plants a loopy, mushy look on my face. And these two... *big dreamy-eyed sigh* Give me a day or two, maybe I can be coherant about them.

Well, I'm supposed to be setting up the 'puter at home for work tomorrow. It does not take two hours to do that. Self-control, restraint? *falls off chair laughing* Nopenopenope. If I wasn't so pathetic, this would be funny.
05/05/04 at 337pm
Video monitors installed in the office. Too cool! Okay, I'm easily amused and love new toys. Can even check on what's happening here when I'm at home. *drools* E-mail me if you want to access the feeds.

Didn't get a whole lot of work done; rather hard when you're computer area is taken over for setting up wiring and recording 'puter. Letters were run early, before the guys got here, so at least something worky was accomplished. Oh, and a couple of phone calls. One more than yesterday. I swear, Boss-man goes out of town and nearly everybody knows it so they don't call.

Tried dealing with the 'puter in the fitting room. Couldn't figure out exactly where the problem was so did a System Restore. Think that solved the problem, however a new one cropped up, one I need the AV software disc for. The disc, of course, is not in the office where it belongs. Much like the OS disc last year, the AV disc was taken home and not returned. 'Someone' must die!!!!

Got notice that one of my fics has been nominated in a contest. No idea who nominated Love in the Darkness since the 'nominated by' is just this: ??? Curious who would nominate it. Chance of winning, even an honorable mention, is zippo. Some 'big names' are also in the angst category, and newbie writers rarely stand a chance against 'big names'.

The Frog put me onto a new LJ community, Customers Suck. A little place to vent and rant about dealing with the morons of the world.

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05/04/04 at 944pm
SQUEEEE!!!!!!!! Breath, dearie, breath... Okay. Went to IMDB to look up info on an actor in Firefly. Specifically Nathan Fillion, the actor who plays the captain of Serenity, Mal Reynolds. Could swear I've seen him before. Well, turns out that he's Canadian, born in Edmonton, AB (next Prov. over). And... there's a Firefly movie in pre-production. *jumps around room again* As of March '04, filming is scheduled to begin June '04. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!

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You are a MASTER of the English language!

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*snicker* I'm Canadian and it shows! Room for improvement? Oh ya, know that and anyone who's been reading this crap of mine should also know it. I am not perfect and pray to whatever gods may exist that I never become perfect!

Had an interesting conversation with a woman today about a device for her son. She had said device made by 'someone else' but it wasn't right in a number of areas. 'k, this is not a big surprise. The maker in question is not competent, not with the complete shit I've seen coming out of that place. For the type of device this woman's son needed, he (the son) should have gone to the primary office of 'someone else' instead. The person there is one helluva better device maker. Hopefully the woman will bring her son to see us, for a consult if nothing else. Poor kid was pretty traumatized by the whole procedure last time.

My kid is in bed, the dishes are done (well, close enough), bottles/food set up for tomorrow and it's only seven-thirty. Hot-fucking-dog! Gonna go read the quote for having the house painted then do some site work. Oh, and erase some CD's - all eight are full and I need one for backing up work stuff.

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05/03/04 at 929pm
Working from home most of this week since everyone else is in Montreal for the mid-year convention. Working, in this case, is defined by phone answering. Transfered the phones onto the cell, grabbed basic files and loaded the schedule and DB on to the back-up machine. Gets the job done.

Since the machine has been on, why not download (got A88, part eleven) and surf/read. Okay, can only do the last one when Squirmy is asleep or with his daddy. Letting him in my office is a recipe for disaster. Too many papers to rip and chew, empty pop cans to play with (they make a delightful sound when you squeeze them) and loads (everywhere!) of buttons to push. Anyway... there's an interesting piece on thebratqueen's LJ about Why we write. If you write/read fanfic, this is a def read.

And from... crap, can't remember who's LJ I found this in (a thousand apologies, tell if it's from anyone you know), but it's fun.
lady_yaoi's Word Usage
1. the (226) 26. as (27) 51. well (15) 76. qaf (11)
2. to (155) 27. one (25) 52. get (15) 77. fucking (11)
3. and (131) 28. up (25) 53. way (14) 78. i'll (11)
4. a (114) 29. from (25) 54. off (14) 79. car (10)
5. i (101) 30. so (24) 55. two (14) 80. that's (10)
6. of (83) 31. was (24) 56. now (14) 81. work (10)
7. by (77) 32. i'm (24) 57. squirmy (13) 82. go (10)
8. potc (72) 33. no (24) 58. some (13) 83. they (10)
9. in (65) 34. out (23) 59. today (13) 84. can't (10)
10. is (61) 35. an (22) 60. there's (13) 85. still (10)
11. for (52) 36. that (22) 61. over (13) 86. only (10)
12. it (50) 37. her (21) 62. just (13) 87. think (9)
13. on (48) 38. or (20) 63. she (13) 88. new (9)
14. me (45) 39. if (19) 64. got (13) 89. bus (9)
15. my (44) 40. do (19) 65. good (12) 90. first (9)
16. be (37) 41. patient (18) 66. any (12) 91. would (9)
17. not (37) 42. it's (17) 67. been (12) 92. sis (9)
18. this (35) 43. there (17) 68. about (12) 93. then (9)
19. you (34) 44. will (17) 69. all (12) 94. next (9)
20. with (33) 45. your (17) 70. his (12) 95. more (9)
21. but (32) 46. can (17) 71. i've (11) 96. pt1 (9)
22. have (31) 47. has (16) 72. around (11) 97. you're (9)
23. are (31) 48. time (16) 73. don't (11) 98. things (9)
24. what (31) 49. when (16) 74. how (11) 99. after (9)
25. at (30) 50. like (16) 75. come (11) 100. other (8)
Word Count by Hutta.

Answer: Disaster-junkie. Definition: Someone who's glued to movies/documentaries/books dealing with Mother Nature at her finest. Just finished watching 10.5. Standard plot, pretty normal disaster characters, though the traditional screaming idiot female was not present (thank you!). What I really loved was the way the movie was shot. Quick and close, sometimes almost ragged/jerky. And lots of 'boxes' that expanded and shrunk, bringing action/people into or out of focus. Very effective, very... crap, I don't know technical terms, just know the way it was shot/edited was fantastic. Even had an Armageddon-type moment/character. *snicker*, ya, I'm one of those rare people who watched that movie a dozen times (and still goes back for more).

Washed the deck on Sunday. I want to buried with my power washer. A clean deck shows off all the problems - nail heads pushing through, little cracks in the paint, larger cracks, the mushy spot. If it was just the first bits, repainting would be okay. But a mushy spot... fuck. Right on a join too. This has to be dealt with this year, can't wait. Weather has to improve too - probably need three or four days rain-free to get it all replaced, sealed and painted.

And speaking of painting, have a guy coming for an estimate on having the house painted. Not a big job - most of the house is clad in aluminum siding - but a pain-in-the-ass. Parts that need painting are high up (really high!) and, short of hanging off the roof, I can't see how to paint the areas. Besides, the deck repairs will probably take up most of hubby's limited free time.

My mother finally forwarded something worth reading, and keeping. Q. what do you call a boomerang that doesn't work? A. a stick. It's stupid, but hit something in me 'cause I nearly fell off my chair laughing.
Here's one for Boss-man - Q. What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? A. location of the dirtbag. (not to imply that he's a dirtbag).
And one for work - Q. why don't blind people skydive? A. because it scares the dog.
I had to think about this one for a sec - Q. what's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? A. anyone can roast beef. (If you got it right away, kudos. And it's okay to laugh at me, I'm used to it).

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