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04/21 - 23/04 at 342pm
Busier week, as the lack of fic read show, but it's nice to have some real work to do. Yes, I'm nuts and will be committed later on this month.

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4/20/04 at 758pm
For those keeping up with this stuff, new Squirmy pics are up.

Cheerios, when left to sit in liquid, will swell to twice their original size. They also go mushy. Eeeeeewwww!

The S4 opener for QaF was not a disappointment. Wow. The drag queen doing the singing was fabulous and the use of her as a transition between scenes was awesome. I'm trying to not think how her/his night ended. Just can't deal with that shit, not without losing it six ways from Sunday.

Yeah, yeah, there's other stuff to mention - like how fucking gorgeous Gale and Randy were (can now add Bobby Gant to my drool list); how I see hope for Hal's character (Mikey wasn't as whiny); how I still adore, admire and swoon over Peter's portrayal of Emmett (here's another character improving with age!).

Did Sharon Gless lose some weight? I'd swear she looks slimmer. I gather the Hunter character is here to stay? Too bad. Sorry Hunter fans, I don't like the character. Maybe over time, he'll grow on me. Mel & Linds... cute, just cute. And Teddy-baby! Ooookay. I've bottomed out before (not because of substance abuse) and been around when friends have (one was substance abuse). Scott has got it down beautifully. Yeow! Emmett handled it perfectly at the apartment - give into the pity and you don't help at all. But it's hard to say "go ahead, kill yourself" and walk out of the room.

Sure I'll remember more later. And I've got to remember to download a copy of the ep. Tape machine needs an overhaul.

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04/19/04 at 955pm
Squirmy decided to tackle an apple today. A whole Fuji apple. This fruit is approximately the size of a softball and can be quite heavy (for a baby). Auntie Heike, there's a picture taken with you in mind (nothing perverted or insulting, just thought of you). The peel didn't impress him - hard to chew it with only your front teeth - so mommy removed it. Baby happily held the skinless apple in both hands, gnawing away until bedtime.

Gotta post this and run - QaF is on in five minutes!

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04/18/04 at 958pm
Patient: I need an appointment as soon as possible.
Me: Okay, there's an opening Monday at two-thirty. Would you like to take it?
tient: No, that's no good. I need a Tuesday or Thursday around eleven.
Me: I show an opening on May 25 at that time. Would you like to take that?
Patient: May? No, no, I need to come in sooner than that. What do you have next Tuesday?
Me: There's a nine o'clock and a three o'clock still free.
Patient: I don't want to travel during rush-hour.
Me: There's an opening April 28 at eleven.
Patient: I can't do Wednesdays; only Tuesdays or Thursdays. What about next Thursday?
Me: There's still an appointment available at nine-thirty.
Patient: That's still rush hour, I want eleven.
Me: [breathing deeply to stay calm...] I'm sorry, but the first eleven a.m. appointment available on a Tuesday or Thursday is not until May 25. Appointments between ten-thirty and two go very quickly.
Patient: [the attitude is developing quickly] Fine, ten-thirty will do.
Me: There's an opening May 13 at that time; shall I put you down for it?
Patient: May?! No, I want to come in before May.
Me: I'm sorry, Mam, there are no Tuesday or Thursday openings at ten-thirty left for April.
Patient: Well, what DO you have LEFT for April?
Me: [reads dates and times to a now quite pissed patient]
Patient: None of those times are suitable.
Me: [says nothing. What can I say? Besides the obvious]
Patient: Fine, I'll cancel my plans and come in on the 28th.
[appointment made]

I swear, some people think they are the only one's who need appointments. This is not the first time for this type of call. Nor will it be the last, especially with summer approaching.

Patient: This is Susan Byfold (name changed for privacy).
Me: Hello, Mrs. Byfold.
Patient: I got your letter. Where are you?
Me: [wondering if our address was written in invisible ink] In Vancouver. By the hospital.
Patient: Well, I can't come.
Me: That's okay, we just send out the letters as reminders. How 'bout you give us a call when you're able to come.
Patient: I won't be able to come later either.
Me: Okay.
[dead air]
[more dead air]
[still more dead air]
Me: Hello?
Patient: I can't come in.
Me: Okay, well, the letter is just a reminder. You're under no obligation to come in for a check-up.
Patient: Fine.
[end of phone call]

I wondered, after, if there was something more I could have said/done. Was there? I can't see what.

My doc and I have discussed weaning me off the Paxil. Given the two conversations above, I'm tempted to up the dosage, not lower it.

BiL has his nose out of joint - again. Seems we had a 'family' dinner and didn't invite him. Let's see... this dinner took place in Victoria over the Easter weekend. That's three-day weekend (longer for us part-time folks) that he should have known about in advance (like when he bought a fucking 2004 calendar). MiL never mentioned BiL making plans to come over (and I'm sure she would have) and it's not my, or SiL's, responsibility to find out what BiL's plans are.

Yes, SiL's family and mine went over together. Saved money and made sense logistically. SiL and her family stayed with her bubby's parents; hubby, Squirmy and I stayed with MiL and FiL. Even if SiL wanted to, there was no room for her to stay at MiL's. So where would BiL, Nature-girl and the two squirts have stayed? Coming over for the day (to do dinner) is not practical, or economical. And I doubt they could have afforded a hotel room.

I gather, from talking with SiL, BiL is all 'poor me. My family is snubbing me.' Fuck you, asshole. Stop using your mother as a goddamn slave, treat your sister's husband with some respect, acknowledge the girls, teach your own children some fucking manners, call your brother once in a while and come by with the kids (oh lord, shoot me for saying that) to visit your only fucking nephew.

QaF has aired in the States. Tomorrow night we Canucks get it. THANK FUCKING GOD! Hit a couple lists to catch some spoilers (yum) but no one has posted an ep summary yet. Oh, wait, someone has. -makes a face- loverly. The one person (read that as fucking bitch) who's posts I refuse to read. Oh well, I'll see the ep tomorrow and I'm sure there'll be random screen caps online by tomorrow morning. Ohboyohboyohboy!!

Cripes, nearly time to sack out. Gotta be up early to call Big D and walk her through how to download the updated schedule. -snicker- This should be loads of fun.

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04/15/04 at 1119pm
The laptop came out today so I could get some courier information. Just that. There's a few hours worth of work on my desk, but it's not getting done. I know why. Say 'bye-bye' Mr. Laptop.

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04/13/04 at 823pm
Baby who 'runs' at both ends is not a happy baby. Yesterday - while on the ferry, of course - Squirmy got sick. Barfy sick, progressing to an exploding bottom. Poor SiL and her bubby ended up wearing the barf. They just took right over (for which I'm grateful). Poop I can deal with, puke... ugh.

The Frog has finished Healing! WAHOO! And as always, she's done a wonderful Schu. Excellent job on the fic, but then I'm biased when it comes to Froggie's writing.

Well, the cat is signaling it's time for bed. He's early, but what the hell.

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04/08/04 at 324pm
*sigh* Back on the bus this week. Bank account in bad shape and I already had bus tickets so... Ordered an XPress card from WCE so I can load it when I do have money.

Off to the Island tomorrow. Limited 'puter access (mail, if I'm lucky) and no fics - of any kind. MiL would probably drop dead on the spot if she saw me reading, well, any of the fics listed on these pages. And I'm not even thinking about FiL. Terribly conservatively British he is. I'll take my notebook and pray I have an opportunity to write; plot-bunnies are still very active despite evidence to the contrary. How long as it been since I published a fic? Way too damn long.

Happy Easter!

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04/04/04 at 1029pm
*makes big red X on calendar* Why? Because hubby cut the grass with little to no fuss. Color me stunned.

There's a Costco list to run up for tomorrow, a baby-bag to restock, toys to pick up and a few dozen other chores. Fuck it. Did house/yard work all day and I'm sick of it.

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04/02/04 at 920pm
Heaven, thy name is West Coast Express. What a lovely, ignorant idiot-free commute today. Comfortable, padded seats. A bathroom (essential when you only 'rent' the morning caffeine fix). Friendly people who know not only what bathing means, but also what a deodorant stick is for. *sigh* Absolute heaven!

After not hearing from The Cat for a while, I find this in my mailbox today:

The drunk downstairs and his girl friend thought it was funny to blow up our house... She got arrested, he is critically burned. Half the basement, where the furnaces are, is torn away and we spent 2 days in the hospital with smoke poisoning. Green smoke solid as a wall, and my neighbor has kids of 7 and 9 years of age. I got the dog out. My cat clawed and hid under my bed, where, of course, the smoke was thickest. (The Jerk lives right UNDER me) I can't sleep here yet, the smell makes my eyes water. There is an inch of ashes EVERYWHERE. The walls have deep cracks now and gas is off. They said a few minutes later, the gas pipes for the whole street would have blown... I am still scared to be in here. .. But glad to be alive to even WRITE this!! :-( I will tell you more, but I have got to get the ashes off the electronics...

FUCK!! Someone asked once what I would do if I won the lottery. After the house is paid in full, and before anything else, The Cat is moved to here *points to general LM*. Where I can help her, watch her, and generally get her away from the fucktards that cross her life-path. Dammit, I worry enough about her, this I really didn't need to hear. But I'd have flown over and thumped her one if she didn't tell me.

Wish I could remember who I nicked this from... My result is way too close to the truth for comfort.
the GW boys at an old west style cantina
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always dreaming and living in another reality.
In fact, you make your own reality. You want
things to be different from the way they are.

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My inner child is ten years old!
The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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Um... okay. I think I should leave Quizilla now; I'm scaring myself.

From scaring myself to whooping around the room scaring the cats in... *checks watch* two minutes flat. Not bad. Shoori has updated As Time Goes By in her LJ. It's been so long since I read the first two parts I'll, of course, have to go re-read said parts. Oh, the pain, the misery... NOT. *snicker*

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