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03/31/04 at 328pm
People astound and amaze me. Man driving car pulls to side of road, shuts off car and gets out. Man runs across street, picks up a pop can, runs back to car. Man gets back in car, restarts it and drives away. This wasn't a case of a good citizen picking up litter since the other items around the pop can were left untouched. Now, what's the return on a pop can? Five cents? It cost more than that to restart the car. Go figure.


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03/29/04 at 1059pm
Trees/bushes in front yard received a major trimming. Tired of being poked to death when the lawn mower gets to that end of the yard. Already planned for the fact I'll be the one who ends up mowing the grass this year - because somebody is "too tired", doesn't "feel like it today", or will "do it tomorrow". Yeah, and the weather will change and the fucking lawn won't get cut for another two fucking weeks. Mark my words, if I am the one to take care of the lawn this summer, I'll be killing it and putting in a Zen garden next year.

Branch saws are wonderful little sharp instruments just right for sawing off branches too thick for clippers. They're also good for cutting up ones hand. Couple fingers are sporting some lovely looking cuts and are probably infected. When the hell was my last tetanus shot?

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03/26/04 at 328pm
After talking with two of what I'd call 'net-perts' last night (Shappy, BigRed, thanks bunches) I've tossed the mess at Telus and asked them to trace e-mail from their servers to ours. Shappy was saying there might be reverse DNS issues, but best to check on Telus end as well as our hosting co. Wonder how long Telus will take to reply. Filled/sent their form last night and got an automated 'do no reply' acknowledgment of receipt just before ten this morning.

Finally grew a brain and checked out Showcase to see when QaF starts. April. The nineteenth. *sob* Three weeks and three days.

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03/25/04 at 344pm
I hate domain shit. Hate it, hate it hate it! The problem with telus.net e-mail is still not solved, and there doesn't appear to be any way to solve it. So the domain is being moved to another server. Here's to hoping that solves the problem! an hour or so later FUCKING STUPID PIECE OF RAT-SHIT! I'm seriously thinking this is a vindictive move on the part of Telus because we moved hosting. This is utter bullshit!. There's one more HD message into hosting co. and depending on the answer, I'll be making a hot - but polite - call to Telus tomorrow. Bets on whether they'll even admit there's a problem? This is not a company known for its customer service.

I can be a petty bitch. Sometimes it's justified, sometimes not. Don't care.

It's been a week since I stopped taking my meds and, so far, I haven't self-destructed. A tad more emotional (back to crying at the drop of a hat), bit light-headed (dunno if that's related), but none of the anger and anxiety I half-expected. Next meeting with my Public Health Nurse is next week, so I'll see what she says/thinks. She's got a knack for getting into me and making me think/reason things out.

Ever pictured, in your mind of course, what Jack and Will (PotC) would look like kissing? Wanna see 'the real thing'? Pay a visit to Mayhem's Boy's Kissing, watch, and drop a very large thank you note in her inbox.

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03/22/04 at 911pm
Missy 'Ebay' Niece has been banned from the Internet indefinitely. Sis contacted the sellers and explained the situation, but if any insist Missy Niece must pay up, then Sis has no problem with it. Atta girl Sis!

Cats have always been a part of my life and a couple were a little... well, strange. Ralph liked cuccumber and potato peelings, along with straddling large zucchini's and chewing on them. He'd also throw himself at my bedroom door - his way of asking to go outside. Well, the male cat I have now is continuing the 'eat non-cat food' end of things. The latest? Cheerios. Squirmy tossed his bowl of Cheerios (dry, thankfully) around the living room and Mister Cat happily went about the room munching up all the strewn cereal he could find. Uh... right.

This really pisses me off. Squirmy uses Similac Advance (without Iron) - this is what the hospital started him with and we decided to continue it. And at sixteen to seventeen dollars a nine-hundred gram can, it's been reasonable. The 'geniuses' who make this product have decided to change it. What the hell, everything else is 'new and improved' these days. Maybe so, but other things don't cost nearly double what they used to. The nine-hundred gram can has been replaced with a thousand-seventy version for - get this - a whopping thirty-one dollars. Fuck that. There are other formulas available that are just as good (Sis used Nestle - I think - and had no trouble with it) and won't bankrupt us. A few months ago, when Squirmy was still on an all-formula diet, he was going through two to three cans a month. That's sixty to ninety dollars just for formula. A letter to the manufacturer will be written as soon as I calm down. Using the 'F' word would not be very professional.

Paid utility taxes today (ouch ouch ouch) then walked over to the second hand store. Found the rest of Squirmy's birthday present for next to nothing. It's one of those Little Tykes push car things (kid sits in, pushes with feet). The last time I looked at something similar new, the price was well over sixty. The one I got isn't perfect - stickers peeling off, a missing dashboard accessory - but it'll clean up good and all four wheels are in mint condition. Might be able to replace the stickers if the old ones peel off in one piece and they scan well.

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03/19/04 at 1040pm
I think my niece is learning a lesson or two tonight. She's bid on a set of Winnie the Pooh pens on Ebay. How is she planning on paying for them? Why, her mommy's credit card of course. Wrong! And not her daddy's either. Wanna guess who she tried next? ROFLMAO!! Not a chance, kid! And, like most kids, she's not taking the exchange into account. Twelve dollars US is not the same as twelve dollars Canadian. Then add on shipping charges (in US funds) and the price of a Postal Money Order... that twelve dollars just became a whole lot more!

Ten minutes later... OMG. Missy Niece needs to be supervised - heavily - while on Ebay. She hit a 'Buy Now' button thinking it said 'Bid Now'. Surprise, kid! You're now the owner of four keychains. Christ on a broom! The two of us will be having a very long talk about this Sunday.

Between groaning over the niece and staring at a sink of dishes (it's Friday, I deserve a day off dammit!), finally got around to working on some site stuff. Minor (very!) update to the Gundam Wing site and a couple new sections/fics added to Random Recs. Meh. Not much, but at least it's something.

Why is it some people - 'some' *snort*, it's ninety percent females - feel they have to yell in close public spaces (a bus, for example). You're sitting right beside your equally fucked-in-the-head friend. You wouldn't be able to hear each other if you spoke at a civilized volume? Pity it's illegal to open the doors on a bus while in motion and shove these dick-heads out.


Paper-bunnies were busy breeding on my desk last night. Yuck!

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03/18/04 at 911pm
There are two entries sitting on the LT at work - one for yesterday, one for today. Ran out of time to post 'em. Why? Because I can't bloody stay away from PotC fics!. Frog, I love you, but I'm gonna kill you. May as well ask, what are your recs - fics and/or authors? If you mention Jack/Norrington, my dinner will appear on your lap.

And Cat, think carefully about bringing back the JDDP. I have no time to dig for info so if you want it have new stuff (I'd be happy with the site as a memorial-type thingy) you'll have to hunt it down. And for pete's sake, let me know you're alive - leave a comment or two now and then, will ya?

One final note... I WANT QaF TO START NOW!!!! Dammit, I'm tired of reruns.

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03/18/04 at 241pm
Desk is... well, not totally clear of work, but close enough. I need a fic-fix. More precisely, a smut-fix.

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03/17/04 at 352pm
Alright! Finally found the old "Luke Skywalker Is Gay?" article. The only link I had died a couple years ago, pissing me off the nth degree. But it's been reborn on Slate.

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03/16/04 at 252pm
'Tis bang your head against the nearest wall day. Seriously.

Home and work both use the same hosting service. Home receives mail from telus.net customers, work does not. There's no error message or bounced-back message to trace from. The mail simply leaves the Telus servers and disappears - POOF! Working with TS to figure this one out.

Tried to kill the car on Sunday. Long ago, an old boyfriend told me to put the car in neutral when going down a big hill. I've since found out this is not a good thing to do, and after my experience I won't be doing it again. Instead of putting the car back in 'D' at the bottom of the hill, I put it in 'R'. There are a lot of lights on a modern dashboard. And every one of them lit up. Looked like a damn Xmas tree! Car is fine, but I won't be driving it for a while. Too scared!

Family dinner thing went well. Everyone showed up (wow) and all three kids actually spoke to one another (double wow). SiL even engaged in a bit of BiL bashing. Only problem was SiL's hubby using our kitchen - it drove hubby nuts to have someone else in his kitchen.

Found out some interesting tid-bits about BiL. Nature-girl doesn't do housework. Actually, she doesn't do jack-shit apart from play with the kids and work on her scrapbooking. From what MiL was saying, I have to wonder when BiL and Nature-girl will be splitting. Granted, all marriages have one problem or another, but from what MiL says and what I've seen myself, I have to wonder.

Squirmy has not had a good day. Mommy forgot to put the gate across the stairs and guess where baby ended up. Cats thought it was a new, albeit loud, stair-toy for them. Apart from yet another bump on the head, his Squirmyness is fine. Then he managed to wonk his head on 1) the floor in my office, 2) the frame of the sliding door, 3) the metal base of the foot-stool and 4) hit himself in the face with the pronged end of an electrical cord. Poor baby.

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03/12/04 at 313pm
When self-restraint was being handed out, I forgot to get in line. *sigh* I'm addict, I admit it. Shoot me now.

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03/11/04 at 332pm
Just what are speed limits posted for? To inform drivers what the maximum speed should be along a certain stretch of road? To assist the police with ticket issuing? Apparently, around the LM at least, it's the latter.

For the past two mornings I've driven from my house to my folks. The posted speed along the Barnet Highway is eighty kmph. Road conditions are good - no ice, not wet, no fog - so I don't mind doing ten over the posted limit. That's reasonable and within the leeway traffic enforcement appears to allow. So I'm doing ninety - in an eighty zone, in the slow lane - and I may as well be standing still. All around me, morons are passing, weaving in and out doing one hundred plus. Is it any wonder there are so many speed-related deaths around the LM? Do these tit-heads get to their destination any faster? No, since I catch up to most of these losers at the first stop light. Those who make it through the first light get caught at the next one. It absolutely pisses me off that I should be put at risk from a speeding driver simply because he/she is too fucking ignorant, inconsiderate and above everyone else. Excessive speed kills. There is no valid argument for going twenty and up over the posted speed!

I know what it looks like *points to fic list below* but I did do work today. Honestly. Ugh. Is it possible to over-do reading fics? I'm on PotC overload I think. I close my eyes and see... k, images like that are so not family oriented. *sigh* Spoon and a straw.

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03/10/04 at 344pm
I've had four days off and I've no idea where they went. Downloaded the newest A88 episode, but that's as close to a 'puter I got. E-mail? You must be kidding.

Sis doing much better. She was released from the hospital on Sunday. Looked after her brood Saturday night and Sunday late morning/afternoon so Gadget-boy could go visit/tend his wiffy. Hard to believe my nephew will be thirteen on Saturday! Sheesh.

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03/05/04 at 1047pm
A88 episode five is out and currently downloading. Yes! Barring family emergencies (which there might yet be) I'm having an A88 marathon Saturday or Sunday. Ah, 'tis spoon and straw time!

Sis went in for a breast reduction today. Glad she finally went through with it. Due to her 'size' she's been having a lot of back issues and things will only get worse as she ages. Edit Well, Sis was home from the surgery (day procedure) but is now back at the hospital in Emergency. Something about bleeding - don't know how much or any other details. Mom is up at the house watching the kids and, depending what happens, I might go up an relieve her. Right, so this makes two fairly serious medical things, what's the third? Things always come in threes.

SiL had Squirmy today and it appears a good time was had by all.

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03/04/04 at 339pm
"If I can vacuum the basement, I can look after my grandson." So says my Dad. Yay! Think Squirmy misses his Grandpa. And, his Majesty does not like getting up at six in the morning to go to a sitter's; much like his mommy, Squirmy is not a morning person.

When your eyes cross and your fingers type in numbers backwards, it's time to stop working on financial records. Yes?

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03/03/04 at 353pm
Teething is hell! On both baby and mother. Pick me up, put me down. Cuddle me, don't touch me. Entertain me, leave me alone. *pulls hair out, in large clumps*

Transit needs to update the search function on their site. Does 'morning' mean from-start-of-service to noon, or from seven a.m. to noon? Apparently it does NOT mean from start of service. Sis said there's no way the first bus is at seven forty-five; Gadget-man has taken one much earlier than that. And lo-and-behold, there ARE earlier buses. But you have to specify a time, not simply select 'morning'. Stupid.