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02/29/04 at 851pm
I wonder what it feels like to sit down at the 'puter and write. Not this drabble, but an actual work of fiction. Ya know, one of the fucking dozen 'stories' hopping through my head. Four times today I've sat in front of this 'puter. This is the only one of those four where I can do something I want to do instead of have to do. And, dammit, there are fics I need to check on or I'll become hopelessly behind (none updated today, thank the stars). So while the pictures of Squirmy print, I can make this entry. No use starting to write; every couple minutes the next picture has to be manipulated and print started.

Feeling bitchy, if you can't tell.

Stole Dad's van for a bit. He can't drive for a bit after the angio and, frankly, I can use it to transport Squirmy to all the sitters - Sis, SiL and Mom. Pain-in-the-fucking ass this all is. Dropping his majesty off at Mom's Thursday then taking a bus to the closest ScareTrain station. Gotta figure out if a bus runs near Sis's place. Fuck. And then some. There is a bus, but the schedule is god-freaking-awful. First bus isn't until seven forty-five! Like that does me any good. Cuts things way too close for comfort. And I'm not about to impose further on my boss - he's cutting me enough slack as far as I'm concerned.

So, despite taking my meds today, I feel like beating the every-lovin' shit out of something. Which I think I'll go do...

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02/28/04 at 1112pm
Finally processed the pix of ol' Squirmy sitting on the 'puter and camera. Letting them pile up is not a good idea.

MiL has gone home and all I have to say is - BOO! Love it when she stays with us.

Dad is doing good, Mom is not. The stress of Dad's problem and surgery has kicked her IBS into high gear. She says it doesn't feel like an IBS attack, but it's all related to the bowels. Will check on her again tomorrow.

Need to find childcare in rapid order (can only impose on my Sis and SiL so much) so I signed up at Canadian Sitter. We'll see how that goes. MiL also suggested checking out the Unemployment office - sometimes you luck out. If neither of these work, guess it means taking out an ad in the newspapers. *blows raspberry*

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02/27/04 at 346pm
My baby snorts. Yes, snorts... like a pig. He looks at you, smiles, curls his lips back and snorts like a pig. It's the most hilarious thing I've seen.

Pops is home. Potassium level are still not where the doc would like them to be, but there's no reason he needs to spend another night in hospital. Yay!

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02/26/04 at 355pm
Thanks Frog and Lorelei. Dad's doing much better today.

Pops had surgery yesterday (I assume angioplasty is considered 'surgery') and he's now unblocked. Will be a few weeks until he's back to snuff, but he felt better even just a few hours after the procedure. A good sign. He'll probably be released this afternoon from what the nurses were saying yesterday. Doctor will make the final determination sometime this morning. Okay. Breathe.

Edit Not going home today. Potassium level is too low so there's a medication change in hopes it will stabilize the potassium. Echo-gram was fine and clear. Yah!

Since I was in no mind-set to work yesterday (I tried, really, but concentration was not be found) I surfed. For more PotC, of course, but also RP fics. *evil perverted grin* Found some. Though there wasn't much to read besides the Gale/Randy stuff (see below). Not that they weren't good. Okay, hot. Fine, fine... reading total smut at work is not a good idea.

Speaking of 'smut' and 'work', had an interesting conversation with D. I guess she stumbled onto a couple smut-things I have on the laptop (we share it, since it's used for work purposes *snicker*). Slash isn't her cuppa (damn!) but she'd be interested in the het smut stuff. Hrm... *evil grin* Where did I put the link for CSI archive, Graveyard? *roots though piles*

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02/25/04 at 904am
Every once in a while, life comes along and gives you a really strong kick. Dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday for cardiac issues. There's an almost-blockage, where and how bad we'll know today sometime. Joy. Not totally unexpected, but still makes one worry. Think I'm handling this better than Sis (for the moment) which is a surprise since she's usually the stronger one in matters like this. Could also be that I'm not allowing myself to panic, or worry (much), or tie myself in knots (yet).

So, needless to say, Grandpa is not babysitting today. MiL was able to come over on short notice last night and SiL's SO picked her up so I didn't have to bundle Squirmy up for the two hour commute to and from the ferry. But her presence here is a temporary one - need to find more permanant childcare, NOW. And with me having no car, this is going to get... frustrating.

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02/22/04 at 928pm
Reading way too much PotC smut. Curious thing about it too, it's bringing on the desire to seek out some RP smut, JD specifically. I need help, obviously. Oh, the fact I'm reading PotC fics at all (and yes, I've been reading non-smutty ones) is because of the Frog. She just has to mention something and it pushes my curiosity button (sometimes it takes awhile, right hon?)

Wiped and reinstalled Vicious' 'puter, but there's a couple things not working. Some PCI things that her hubby has no idea what they are either. Gotta go over tomorrow and play around. I hate 'puters.

Spent most of the morning removing a virus from hubby's 'puter. Damn thing was a fucking stubborn bitch. Had to go into Safe Mode to properly delete it all. Not sure who or what to smack. Probably something he picked up inadvertently since hubby really is careful. His work systems have had much down-time because of viruses and he's lost his home 'puter twice because of them.

Up-to-date with A88 releases. Need the time to watch them now. Could have done so today, but this 'puter (the backup) is running bare-bones these days. No players, no codecs, no nothing. Really need a bigger drive in this machine.

Okay, I really like this line: "He had abandoned dignity right about the time his brain had fled to his cock." Chinese Wisdom by sidhe

And with that, I'm outta here.

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02/20/04 at 335pm
Just gave The Cat an LJ code, so if she doesn't join I'm going to wring her bloody neck. We used to 'talk' at least once a week for three or four years, then she moved back to Germany and contact has been sporadic. Time zones are a bitch.

Vicious and hubby are bringing their 'puter over tonight. They're finally gonna wipe the sucker and reinstall. The 'puter is so screwed up, it'll be faster to do that than try and locate the problem. Gotta remember to put an e-mail program on so they can stop using OutShit. Where did I put those discs...

OMG, I can actually pay the entire Visa bill this month! How the hell did that happen?

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02/19/04 at 335pm
Yeah! An update at Bleeding Hearts! *runs off to read*

Big-D has found a way to 'help' me with the spelling of a couple words. She's made them passwords. Nasty. If the password is typed wrong three times, the program locks you out. So get it right, or else. It helps - I can now spell the current p/w in one shot, and it's a word I've always forgotten how to spell. *snicker* Big-D is creative, I'll give her that.

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02/18/04 at 344pm
Family lunch/dinner at Grannie's last Saturday. Rather nice, even if Nature-girl did have her nose out of joint. She seemed... jealous? upset?... that Squirmy received attention. Not that Brat-boy (who I must rename) and Allergy-girl didn't receive attention, but they weren't the only kids there.

I really got bad vibes off of Nature-girl. So much so I talked to MiL about it. Seems Nature-girl sent an e-mail to me, not long after Squirmy was born, offering to bring food, take the baby so I could get some rest, etc. I never responded - I had severe PPD, everyone's e-mail was deleted unread - so Nature-girl concluded I didn't want anything to do with them. And, if she telephoned, it's likely I did not get the message since hubby kept people from me (he thought he was helping).

One thing I don't quite get or understand... Nature-girl is a maternity nurse/mid-wife. In all that training, is PPD not brought up? As a mother herself, Nature-girl should have had a small sparkle of suspicion why her e-mail went unanswered. MiL says not to dwell on this; things will right themselves or they won't.

Squirmy likes wires. He likes touching them, holding them and chewing on them. If he's not careful, Squirmy is gonna go ZAP. Outlet plugs are in place now, and any wires/cords that can be moved have been. The rest... I'm thinking staple gun.

Oh, one more Squirmy... do not give babies a whole jar of cherries. Unless you like cleaning runny, watery poo off said baby and his clothes. EEEWWW!!

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02/13/04 at 315pm
Anria... you'll be missed. Hope you come back soon, hope the probs straighten out. Hugs and smoochies!

From the 'what-picks-my-ass' file... People who rip things from magazines not their own should have their fingers pulled off. Is it so hard to ask for a photocopy of the recipe/article? Maybe someone else would like to read the item too If the magazine is old (over six months), that's one thing. But only a couple months/weeks... how fucking inconsiderate. But that seems to be the way people are these days; inconsiderate of anyone other than themselves.

Really, really, need to get some 'puter time at home. A88 part three is out, and I still haven't seen part two (and I got it two weeks ago). There's also around forty Squirmy pix that need processing and posting. And, as usual, sites that need some attention. Also need to get online to renew the damn domain name. Crap.

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02/06/04 at 252pm
This is the super-lazy entry - three days of fics read in one post.

Never thought I'd enjoy online original works of fiction, which makes absolutely no sense when I stop and think about it. When it comes to hold-in-your-hand-books, I read almost anything - voraciously (have the home library to prove it). Those are 'original works of fiction' too, aren't they? So what's the difference? Quality, plot, writing-style? Those are the only things I can think of. Probably encountering one too many fan-girl-tries-original is what turned me off. Too MarySue-ish and/or whatever the male equivalent of that is.

But now that I've found some good original stuff... Wow! There is some seriously wonder original stuff around. Granted, I tend to read mostly slash. So I don't lose these fics, and hopefully encourage others to read them, here's two works that really bear reading -

All's Fair pts by Reyna. Medieval-ish tones to it, definitely fantasy based and wonderful characters. It's long, but never seems to drag (I didn't 'cruise' through any sections). Though I haven't finished reading it, there's nothing explicit so far and I suspect there won't be in the chapters I've not read.

911 by Byrne. Just found this today. The author's summary, "A doctor. A fireman. An EMT. Three men, how they got together, and what happened later." is short and right to the point. So far, I'm just finishing part 13 and, damn, is it good. Explicit without entering the 'I didn't need to read that' area some fics stray into. And I really need to get back and keep reading - it's addicting.

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02/05/04 at 348pm
OMG, I despise doing domain work. Changing contacts, name servers, selecting account types (understanding said account types)... all of it. But it's done, and the work site should be available in a day or two as the DNS servers propagate the new nameserver shit. Oh, and I thought I really screwed something up (interface is different than the one I use on my site), but turns out I didn't. Very nice and very friendly gent in support helped me figure things out. Wish all tech support people were so nice and able to laugh with the customer. But then, I'm probably the oddball nice client those people get. Sunhawk, if you're reading - don't you work TechSup? What's the ratio of 'nice' callers to 'not-nice' ones?

Files have legs, I'm sure of it. Two files are not where they're supposed to be. Arg!

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