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01/31/04 at 1013pm
Well, I was going to catch up on some reading at FF.N, but it's dead - again. Anyone know what's going on?

It is impossible to go into Costco and not spend more than one hundred dollars. This is annoying, especially since I didn't get anything 'fun'. Really wanted the B5 season four DVD set, but it was them or food. Eating is too damn over-rated.

May as well do the dishes.... *sigh*. Can life get much more dull?

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01/30/04 at 350pm
When one is motivated and undisturbed, things get done really fast.

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01/29/04 at 336pm
Me be bad. Me ignoring filing and entry stuff. Bad, bad, bad. Just want to read. Not allowed to read tomorrow until desk is clear. Makes me very sad :(

(shit, forgot to post this yesterday)

Not many 'older' anime(s) available through the torrent thing, mostly newer stuff there. Means I'll have to work on the WinMX 'puter and free up some space - again. Crap, and update the AV subscription. Poor Visa card is just not getting the rest I wanted him to have *sigh*.

I would love to be able to track spammers, not to their 'electronic' address but to their real address. Then I'd like to stuff 'puter bits in every orifice and set the fucktard aflame. A few hundred spams makes me nasty.

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01/23/04 at 334pm
Plan B clients have a special billing procedure. News to me and my software support guys. Only took us forty-minutes to figure this all out. I hate governmental billing.

Shappy is getting married next year... in Boston. One guess where Trafalga lives. Be killing two birds with one stone that trip. No decision about taking Squirmy will be made until we have to buy tickets. Not a trip I'd like to make with a child, but this would be the only time Squirmy would get to meet both his god-fathers.

*deep breath* Must do filing and finish a stack of requests. Joy.

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01/22/04 at 343pm
Wave the chicken, bow to the east, pray to whatever gods govern 'puter equipment, threaten to run naked through the office... one of those worked. Must have because the 'puter in Room2 can access the printer. As the boss put it, "you've no idea why it's working, do you?" Nope, not a damn clue!

Gonna go light a fire on my desk...

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01/19/04 at 1055pm
Damn, good timing or what. Turned on QAF and came in right when Justin tops Brian. Oh, yeah, there'll be some sweet dreams tonight. Here's some 'helpers' for others...

Pic 1   Pic 2   Pic 3   Pic 4   Pic 5   Pic 6 1051pm

Sit down to do two simple things - process Squirmy pics and retype a crochet pattern - and what happens? The fucking computer blows up. One of the POP servers says I don't exist, the password for another one is incorrect, and Eudora's .ini file roasts itself. And on reboot, the Spooler goes the way of the Anasazi. Limited time on the 'puter and I spend the first hour dealing with crap. ARG!!!

There's a Mary-Sue fic running around in my head. It won't die. This chick is hampering my efforts to work on the 5x2 and the 1x2. I hate this, but old Mary-Sue will have to be played out - in my head only, not on paper. If I ever get the urge to actually write a Mary-Sue again (yes, did it once) I'll put down my pen for good.

Somewhere - in the house, the car, a bag - there are at least two of my CD's. Can I find them? HELL NO! Dammit, they've got good 'work' tunes on 'em too.

For some people, it takes disaster for a message to finally get through. Lazy-man and Vicious have had 'puter problems for months. There's so much crap and junk on there, I'm not surprised. There's been some minor blurps before, causing Vicious to lose some e-mail, but nothing system crashing. I've told Vicious a number of times to write down the e-mail addresses she absolutely cannot lose. She didn't. Nor did she (or hubby) burn off the pictures she cannot lose.

They came within a millimeter of losing everything last night. 'Puter would only boot into Safe Mode with no network support and no CD support. After much futzing around, Lazy-man managed to get into Normal and I told him to get everything burned off NOW! Do not play a game, do not send e-mail, do not pass GO - BURN!!! The drive needs to be wiped and reloaded from scratch. Need it done six months ago, now it's just more desperate.

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01/16/04 at 1111pm
Insert a very loud, very excited, very long, fan-girly type squeal here. Totally undignified, totally not acting my age... totally waking Squirmy up. Shit.

After much futzing with codecs and players, I finally got the new Area 88 to play. OHMYFUCKINGGOD! It's beautiful and is looking like it's gonna stay pretty true to the manga. Graphically, it looks better than the original OAV's. I read a small critic by someone today who was bitching about the way the planes move and he's right. Even I can tell there's something wrong. Does it matter? HELL NO! The story is what's important, the story and the true-ness to the manga.

Okay, just e-mailed the guy at Anime-Kraze who appears to be taking on Area 88. At least I'm assuming it's a guy. To date, I think I've encountered only one other 'chick' who adores this series. Hubby says it's because planes are a guy thing. But the story, the characters... *sigh* Yeah, yeah, I'll go take my meds now.

This - new Area 88 - may be what I need to get off my ass and finish the damn site I started last year (or was it the year before?). Lordy, I'm more Frog-like every day.

Oh, picked up a new player - BS Player. This thing is nice and works where WMP and UltraPlayer crapped out. Either the vid codec (XVid) or those two players kept faulting out. No problem whatsoever with BS. Check the site links below if you're interested.

Post this, run e-mail and bed - in that order.

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01/16/04 at 340pm
If anyone ever has a problem pooping, I highly recommend eating a jar of pureed prunes. I've never seen so much poop come out of one small baby. Holy Crap - literally!

Hubby and Grandpa have set the dates for their fishing trip - yeah! MiL will be coming out to assist with Squirmy, by her orders. She needs her 'baby-fix'.

Lost_Lorelei had an interesting entry regarding wanks in fandoms. There are wanks in every fandom, some are just more vocal than others. And the 'instant' aspect of the Net enables the vicious bickering, name-calling, and generally childish behavior often occurs. Ignore the idiots, the flamers, don't keep giving them a reason to spout. They're gonna be wanks no matter what you say, how calm and rationally you deal with them. I've got a list of screen-names and e-mail addresses I won't bother with because the people behind them can't grasp the fact there are different opinions, likes and dislikes. So why make my blood pressure jump twenty points by reading a wank's crap? If everyone ignored the idiots, the Net would be a much friendlier place.

Somewhere it is written that I shall not be able to reconcil the bank statement or balance the Visa account on the first try. This annoys me. No matter what I do or when I try it, these two never come out right on the first go 'round. Okay, deep breath... bang head against a wall... try again.

*snicker* Heinz Baby Food has a rewards program. Send them labels and get toys. Wonder which one Squirmy would like...

** SQUEAL ** OH MY GOD!! There's a new Area 88 series?! I am soooooo glad I'm hitting the newsgroups again. Only one link so far. Shin is still gorgeous (right bottom picture, guy on the left) so that's good, let's hope he's retained his angst-factor. Need to find this... someone must have this...

(a few hours later) Score!!! I think it was The Frog who told be about the Torrent thing(s) last year. If it was you, Froggy, then thank you. Found the first TV episode on a Torrent thingy. Of course, I can't watch it at the office (codec issues) - arg! Come hell or high water, I'm firing up the 'puter at home tonight.

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01/11/04 at 1031am
Is it possible to become immune to Advil? I know you can't OD on the stuff, but if you take enough will it cease to work? Gods, the pain is still sharp. Can't turn my head and the muscle in my shoulder is tight enough to bend steel bars. *whimpers* Want to read more of the fic *points downward* but just can't sit here any more.

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01/09/04 at 1101pm
Hubby and Squirmy are in bed, dishes are done (well, close enough anyway), male cat is pacing back and forth. Think that's his subtle way of saying I need to go to bed too. He's not happy until his entire family is down for the night. Too hard to keep track of all of us otherwise.

January pictures of Squirmy are up and if anyone was curious what Boss-man or Lab-boy looked like, now's your chance to see them.

Boss-man is talking about a color-calibration thing for the monitors and printer. This sounds cool. And it would be nice to have printouts that actually match reality. Sometimes, the pics that come out are way off what one's own eyes can see.

News blurb... it's warmer at the South Pole than it is in Eastern Canada. Gotta see this... In Timmins, ON, it dipped to minus forty-three - holy shit! I love the West Coast, rain and all.


Slogged through some links and crap, only managed to read one fic whole way through. *sigh*


Should start by saying Squirmy was absolutely perfect Wednesday. No fuss during the icy, bumpy, cold walk to the train, not a peep during the thirty-five minute train ride and just some quiet talking to himself during the thirty-minute bus trip. Incredible.

The deal this morning was no laptop until the desk was cleared. No e-mail, no fics, no nothing. Found out I can move fast when properly motivated *grin*.

Froggie, you're welcome and I love you too *evil grin*. I gotta reinstall mine too, if I can find the damn discs. Must clean home office. No, must play Sims and make cute bishie boys kiss and fuck.

Food time, finally. Reading when I get back... oh joy!

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01/06/04 at 713pm
Snow. Snow and ice. Welcome to winter in the LM. Makes getting around hell for a day or two, causes sitters to say "I get get out my driveway", results in one Squirmy going to work with his mommy. Oh joy.

Yup, Mr. Squirmy has to be adventure-baby tomorrow. This should be interesting, to say the least. Two biggest concerns: keeping him warm enough for the walk to the train and getting on the bus downtown. The route isn't a popular one so there should be room for the stroller, if the bus is running. The route has some steep hills. Yeah...

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01/01/04 at 1049
A do-nothing day

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