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12/31/03 at 1139pm
  • Last of Squirmy's pics for this year are up.

  • Decision's made about the GRP (I'm a lazy bitch too, Anria).

  • Refuse to make resolutions for oh-four (forget them by month-end anyway).

  • The snow is melting (boo!)
12/26/03 at 1143pm
And yet another Xmas has been survived. Now let's see if we can all survive the bills.

I do this right, I won't have to grocery shop for a week, maybe two. I really don't know what hubby was thinking when he planned the menu. Were there supposed to be another half-dozen people show up than I knew about? We could certainly have fed them, no problem. How long can leftovers keep anyway? If there's nothing new here for a long stretch, I've died of food poisoning.

Worked like a dog last night getting Squirmy's first Xmas pics up for the iL's. Not the same as being here, but they'll have to do.

Randomly getting caught up on fics again. Anria, that AnK fic is fabulous! Wonderful introspective piece of work.

Also randomly playing with the GRP again. Needs major updating and I'd like to make it easier to maintain. A lot easier, or I'm killing it.

Idly tossing around the idea of bringing the JDDP back to life. As what, I'm not sure. There's not much new info to add, so maybe as more of a historical piece. Eh, have to talk to The Cat and see what she thinks. At least that site would be low maintenance.

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12/22/03 at 1033pm
I'm done. I quit. Xmas can go suck a chimney for all I care. Merry fucking Ho-ho, here's some holly up your ass.

There will be a major 'discussion' here tomorrow, one involving money and my lack of it. I've enough left to pick up some groceries, stuff for a nice breakfast and dinner. Not enough for desserts two and three, not enough for the 'extras' we DO NOT need. Hubby is in for a rude shock when we hit the store tomorrow.

I know I've ranted about cars that don't stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks, but let me add this: I will be carrying a heavy object from now on. And I'll be using it!

After, let's just say 'many years', I had to suffer through my first filling. I'm so mad at myself. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

Best of the Season and all that. Hope it's painless and fun for y'all!

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12/19/03 at 0000pm
If there was ever a day I could use a drink, today is it.

Two patients wanting to get <devices> done under this years' deductible and no more scheduled meetings until January. Crap. Huge round of thanks to M for running around and N for making an exception for these patients and granting authorization. You ladies rock!

Had paperwork up the wazoo, Lab-boy out sick and a boss going cross-eyed. Fun filled two days, for sure. Oh, and my low back decided to be a pain - literally. Will probably be another Xmas of the 'Advil and Alcohol' variety.
12/15/03 at 0000pm
Tis the season to a) be jolly b) ignore everything c) beat the crap outta family members d) all of the above. If you chose d), your normal, my definition of it at least.

Took gifts for the girls to SiL's. And MiL, since she wouldn't have seen her daughter this trip otherwise. Nice visit. Liking SiL's StB more each time. He's got an Ex that makes my sisters Ex (Fuck-Face) look like parent of the year. Ouch.

Plans for Xmas '04 are underway. MiL wants to do a Norweigen Xmas (done on the Eve apparently) with just 'our side'. This refers back to a conversation we had about Nature-girl and BiL always having her side along for holiday gatherings.

Well, there's thirteen 'of us' total; fair crowd. SiL's place is great, but we'd be squished in it. And if it's at BiL's place, then non-family would probably be there too (wanted or not). If I host the event, there's more room and I'm enough of a bitch to tell Nature-girl her mother is not invited. If Nature-girl can't come without her mommy... gee, we'll miss 'em.

BiL sent along an Xmas gift for Squirmy and, while I feel a twinge for not getting Brat-boy or Allergy-girl anything, I'm sticking to my guns. Nature-girl needs to learn a lesson and BiL needs to grow some balls.
12/13/03 at 1055pm
*SHRIEK* More Healing! *Runs to read* Bless you Froggie. Adore Schu in this. You've really got him down pat (IMO).

Random observation, drabble-like crap...

  • Ugh... I've OD'd on Sugared Pecans

  • There's a tree in my dining room and I have to decorate it *blows raspberries*

  • Pureed chicken & vegetable baby food tastes nasty!

  • There are four words my fingers insist on typing backwards today. Actually have to concentrate to make sure they get out the right way 'round. Must have hit my head or something.

  • Three fics started in my notebook. Why don't I finish one before starting another? 'Cause the fucking plot bunnies won't leave me the fuck alone and the goddamn muse insists on writing this shit down - NOW. Arg!!!!

  • Must find a Nick/Greg fic before bed, even if it's one I've read already.

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12/09/03 at 1139am
Browsing through the list of the last dozen or so fics I've read, I'm struck by the total lack of GW & WK entries. This disturbed me at first, until I realized why. My surfing time is limited these days hence I can't spend hours weeding through the shit to find the one, two or three decent fics that are probably lurking around. And my tastes have changed. I'd love to find some good 5x2 epics, ala Reunion or Rebuilding (which seems to have been abandoned). Don't get me wrong, I still adore 1x2's, but 5x2's are what makes my pulse race.

As for WK... I don't know. Still love it, still want to read it... *sigh* Tired of weeding through the crap again.

Not to say there isn't crudola in the genre's I seem to focus on now. But I get the impression there's fewer teeny-boppers writing for QAF and CSI. Makes a difference, a big one.

Xmas shit nearly done, only Grunt-boy, PMS-girl and Trafalga left to buy for. Vicious, Boss-man and Lab-boy get the pecans. And hubby... fuck, no idea again. Gotta be something besides a new 'puter. A blow-job? Wonder how you wrap that...

Dinner Xmas day has just grown by three people - aunt, uncle and great-aunt. Cool! says me, until I realize there's still no menu for dinner. EEK!!

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12/06/03 at 1023pm
I think I can understand why some parents beat small children. Don't condone it, but have a better understanding now.

Aoe and Shoori haven't updated. First time I've been back to the site since September and there's nothing new. Damn. Here's hoping I get time to check the public archives for other authors. I have a list around here somewhere... *digs on desk* ... HA! Got it. Yeah, there's a dozen names to check. *sigh*

Return trip to the dentist, booked for just before Xmas, for a possible filling (first one, waaaaah). Just about shot off the chair when the gal used the suction wand and cold water rinse on one spot. "Guess we better look at that." Damn right, sweetheart! Look and fix.

Need to hit the sack. Sis and I (and the hubbies) are taking Squirmy and Devil-girl to see Santa tomorrow. Give me strength.

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12/05/03 at 219am
Under the heading of "things you don't want to hear from your company accountant" we have - "You made an error with the payroll deduction remittances." Oh. Fuck.

Last year, I screwed up the source deductions by not deducting enough tax for five months (I wasn't alone in that error since many people didn't notice the tables had been split). But this year, I gave the government too much money. Yes, it sucks, but has a silver lining - we don't owe as much at year end, so it all balances out. Everything was fine up to May (corporate year-end) but from June on... I don't remember changing the calc. form equations, and I don't think SWMBO One even knows how to do it. Must do some digging on this.

Normally, I don't pay attention to TV ads; they're convenient loo-breaks. The new GAP commercials are an exception. The first was a spot for womens' fall pants. The tune used caught my attention since it's one of my favs and I don't hear it often (and never remember the name of). The newest GAP ad is one for mens' sweaters. Every guy in the ad is a hunk! Okay, not 'a hunk'. How 'bout... 'droolable piece of man-flesh'? Cruder, but accurate. Wonder if GAP ads can be found on WINMX.

If you say something often enough, does that mean it's true or will come true? A patient wishes it would be so. He can say "not have to pay" until he's blue in the face and it won't change the reality of the fact he owes sixteen-hundred dollars. I love these morons, love sending their accounts to collections even more!

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12/01/03 at 1049am
I think Ms. Not-May needs a reality check, fast. Vicious agrees.

A few months into Not-May's mat. leave, she received a letter from her employer stating her position had been eliminated and she was, essentially, jobless. Illegal under Canadian labor codes. I heard about the letter probably a good month after Not-May got it and Vicious didn't think anything had been done/said about the matter.

Fast forward to last week. There'd been some offer of relocation to Kamloops (or thereabouts) which was, of course, rejected. Don't blame Not-May for that. But nothing further has been said, apart from "working on" something. Hello? Not-May's mat. leave is up in two months max and she has no idea if she has a job or not. Maybe it's just me, but I'd be asking very frequently to find out what's going on. Legally, the company must give her something, at the same rate of pay, or a severance package of one month pay for every year worked. However, they could be complete bastards and stall, possibly forcing Not-May to seek a legal remedy - expensive and time-consuming.

Oh, and she's still over blowing the cat issues, too. Vicious and I were (and still are) ready to kill Not-May.

SiL did eventually show up around eight pm. Stopped by on the way to drop one of girls back with her mother. No chance for a visit. Planned? Dunno, but I have to wonder if she wants a relationship or not.

Children's toys have hit a new low in my book. You take this nose thing (large nose, small head) and the object is to not pull out the longest booger. To do so makes the brains 'explode' and you lose the game. Oh.My.God. It's sanctioned nose-picking! Save the money, gather a bunch of kids together and have them pick their own (or each others) noses. Whoever gets the longest booger wins. Don't know whether to laugh - at the mind who created this grossness or the parents who buy it - or toss my cookies.

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