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11/30/03 at 422pm
Quote from the BiL... "do you two have one nice face you share between you?" Uttered when he was trying to take a picture of Sis and me with the babies. Apparently neither of us could have a 'nice' face on at the same time. I've seen the pictures and he's right.

SiL is supposed to come over today with the girls because they've made me a card. MiL and Granny both said this. So far, no SiL.

Hubby got me flowers, Squirmy got me QAF S1 box set. Squirmy has been earning money and not telling his mommy. Either that or Wisp cut Squirmy in on the squirrel-pimping market. Don't ask, that came from hubby last Xmas as an explantion as to how the cats could afford to buy me a DVD player.

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11/27/03 at 343pm
Everyone gets their 'kicks' in different ways. I enjoy pissing off inconsiderate transit riders. People seem to forget (or just plain don't give a shit) that a bus is not their own private vehicle. If you want to spread out sprawl over two seats, get yourself a fucking car. I crammed myself beside a sprawling moron yesterday and pissed him right off. When the seat on the other side of me opened up, he suggested I move to it. Pity, for Mr. Moron, I was comfortable where I was. He eventually moved to another seat where he could sprawl out comfortably again. Twas so tempting to move along with him.

There was more to put down here, but my brain lost it.

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11/21/03 at 312pm
I'm pathetic. Have my priorities screwed up. Need a 12-step program. Gah!

Think I've read pretty much every Nick/Greg fic written and posted on the 'Net. Excuse me while I mop up the monster size ocean of drool. El-slurpo, big time. Next up, Grissom/Catherine fics. Yeah, it's a het pairing, but I cannot see Grissom with Greg (a surprising large number of fics for this pairing) or Nick (even larger) and totally not with Warrick. And Sara... haven't decided about her yet. I'll read a few fics then decide.

And for anyone who missed ER last night - SHAME!! Un-fucking-believable!! It was a totally edge of the seat heart pounding, trying not cry ride. Robert's fate has not been formally shown but I don't think there's much doubt. Poor guy had a helicopter curse I'm afraid. Seriously, if you missed it watch the re-run schedule for it again. I saw it twice last night (*hugs East Coast cable feed*) and I'd watch it a dozen times more.

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11/20/03 at 244pm
To quote Monty Python... "And now for something completely different." Branching out in FF again, looking for CSI fics and some RealPerson stuff. I guess this could also be called procrastination. Bite me.

Anyway, having trouble deciding on pairings for CSI fics. First, slash or het? Second, who x who? In different ways, I adore all the characters. This may become a 'mood related' choosing. Either that, or I'll stumble upon a really bad fic/author that will totally turn me off a pairing, regardless who it is. Hate it when that happens. [edit] Greg. Nick. Greg AND Nick. Oh god... *drools*.

As for the RP stuff, I really want to find some Gale/Randy (QAF) stuff. There's one chick with quite a lot of G/R fics under her belt, but she can't write worth shit. Let me clarify that - her writing may be alright, but I can't get past the first paragraph(s) to find out. Different thoughts, characters speaking, ideas... they all get mashed together. So I guess it would be more of a grammatical thing then, wouldn't it? Damn shame.

Telus sucks. For almost three hours, there was no e-mail. "Storage services unavailable. Try again in a few minutes." Assholes. I see Telus runs the internet side of things like they do the phone side - service is a low priority. Will talk to Boss-man about going cable, see if it's possible now.

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11/19/03 at 253pm
1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANRIA!! Yes, The Frog is another year older... and one step closer to death *snicker*.

2) Networks suck, computers suck and I need another two feet of RJ45 cable. Fuck.

3) There's a pair of paper-bunnies on my desk - one guess what they're doing and what I'm dealing with as a result.

4) F-U-L-L spells...? Apparently it means 'there's lots of room on (insert date)' One man, he's just one man...

5) Trafalga, where the FUCK are you?

6) The Frog, the same on mentioned above, must die. Either that or I must stop clicking on the links in her LJ. I'm supposed to be working (real work and/or GW/WK sites), NOT reading YnM!

7) Entertaining bets on whether or not I hear from Brat-boy's parents again. Or from S-i-L.

8) M-i-L got an order for jam - over three hundred jars of the stuff. Guess we know what she'll be doing for quite a while.

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11/13/03 at 214pm
"I need you to find..." Just the words I love to hear from Boss-man. If the item to be found is part of his 'current project(s)' then it becomes a guessing game where said item is. Today's asked for item was not where he said it was.

New printer arrived at the office. Looked like see-spot-run set up. Spot broke his leg and required surgery. At least the sucker prints from the billing 'puter and my lap-top. Room two 'puter keeps having a spooler crash and the XP machine is with Boss-man. Called about repairs to the older laser - YEOW!! Eight hundred plus just for the part needed. That's more than half the cost of the new printer including the shipping charge.

Really, really strange dreams last night. For some reason, the Frog was in present and wearing a tight t-shirt and her beret. I assume she also wore pants, but I didn't see them. We were at some weird strip-o-rama thing that morphed into someone's house then into some other bizarre local. I'd love to know what brought this on.

Xmas shopping nearly done. Two kids deleted from my list (Brat-boy and Allergy-girl) but two new ones added (Coy's step-kids). Call me old-fashioned, but either the kid or the parent should call/write/acknowledge in some way when a gift is given. Brat-boy (and his parents) have never done so. It especially pisses me off because these kids are our nephew and niece (hubbys Bro and sister-in-law). She, the S-I-L, is a real piece of work. Her hubby's family doesn't really exist or, at least, that's the way she makes it seem. Whatever! At least Squirmy won't be exposed too much to Brat-boy.

Started on the GW updates but, of course, they're at home and I'm at work. Probably just as well. With all the last minute things Boss-man wants and the new printer, I don't have a whole lot of time to work on the site. Be better next week - I'm the only one here! Just hope I can find some GW fics - stopped by FF.N earlier and the new stuff there is... *makes a face*

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11/07/03 at 310pm
Instead of being woken in the wee small hours by a crying baby, I had a laughing baby. His Squirmyness decided it was play time at three in morning. 'Twas rather funny, despite the early wake up.

Last minute "do I have everything" is underway at work. Boss-man leaving tomorrow for the Annual convention; Lab-boy will follow in a week. Mad rush to ensure nothing important is left behind. It's a really good thing Boss-man is driving to CA - there's a couple big pieces leaving here, along with some delicate stuff.

Pens aren't fond of working when they get cold. Been sitting on the porch for bits of time in the evening and the temperature has been down in 'stupidly cold' region. Tried working on fics and had to stop and coax Mr. Pen back to life a few times. I should take it as a sign to move my ass indoors and leave outside for the polar bears.

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11/02/03 at 702pm
In the ten minutes I've had to peruse my hard drive, and discover all the items I still need to work on, I noticed the GW hasn't been touched in forever. Bad! Bad, bad, bad. That is top priority this week. WK site second, Recs third.

In-laws are back from their trip to Norway. Went to Sis-in-law's last night to see them. Step-nieces were there too, along with Great-Granny. And the dog. Squirmy got passed around like a bad penny.

There's a couple pix there of Squirmy and our male cat. This is the cat I thought might be a problem once Squirmy arrived on the scene. Happy to be wrong.

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