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09/30/03 at 802pm
Ramble, ramble...

My shoes have more miles on them than the car. All Squirmy really wants to do is walk around and since he can't do it, mom gets to.

People across the lane are moving. Surprised me since they just finished major renovation to their house earlier this year. Move is job related and, according to J, the house has been sold to a decent family and not more druggies like across the front street.

Brain-melting getting worse. Had an hour or two to myself, sat down to write and brain said, "Form a sentence? Remember the plot? Hahahahahaha." Nice. Kinder than what the muse said though. He was a bastard.

House smells like the inside of my grandparents (rest their souls) apartment building - burnt potatoes. Forgot I put them on the stove until the smoke alarm started beeping. Yeah...

Too many things to do tonight. Gotta make sure everything is prepped for tomorrow.

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09/26/03 at 1010pm
Oh. My. God. A grocery bill over four hundred dollars. Never seen one of those before, never want to see one again. Son of a freaking... And, don't ask my why or how, but in the middle of Safeway I had a freaking plot-bunny attack. Just wandering down an aisle, Squirmy strapped to my chest, mind wandering and blamo!. Whywhywhy does this happen when I can't do anything (as in sit and start writing, not just make notes) about it? *growls* At least it was a five x two bunny - after LitD's sequel, I am writing one of my five x two bunnies if it kills me.

Chocolate chips are not a good substitute for raisins. The dish I made looks... ill is probably the best description. Gonna take my Oreo's and my tea and go sit on the porch.

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09/25/03 at 520pm
Let the bells ring out! I found not one, but three pairs of jeans to fit my fat ass! None of my pre-preg jeans fit (not a big surprise) and, given my hips, waist and stomach couldn't agree on one size, bloody impossible. But the fat has settled down and I don't need three different sizes. Would be nice if I could lose the last fifteen pounds, but that will take some of the 'E' word. *shivers* Hate that.

Bought Squirmy some toys for Xmas. He'll be six months by then and will probably start wanting something to play with. Apart from his little play center thing, the saucer and a couple rattles, the kid has nothing. Looked at the stuff my sister has for Devil-girl and thought "man, my kid is deprived." Not that she has a lot, it just looks like more when compared to Squirmy's nothing.

Squirmy's learned he can move the roller-with-little-balls thing on his saucer. Not really co-ordinated yet, and it frustrates him I think, but he is getting the hang of movement on command.

The Random Recs section is now open. Anyone who says it's easy to pick fics for a rec list is a damn liar. Or drinking/smoking something and not sharing *pout*. More work needed on RR, much more work...

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09/24/03 at 423pm
Hubby's words - "the noise you two make upstairs won't bother me." That was his response to switching the beds around and sleeping downstairs when he has to work. All I can say is, "*snort* if you say so." With both West Wing and Law & Order airing tonight, we'll see how this goes. The betting window is open.

Oh, and hubby is also dealing with a screaming Squirmy. Poor hubby likes to come home from work and sit at his computer for a few hours before wandering upstairs for some dinner. Well, when Squirmy was a month or so old and slept all the time he could still do that. Now, however... *snicker* welcome to life with a small child - told ya!

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09/24/03 at 906am
I'm deaf in one ear thanks to one screaming baby. Do not put the baby down, under any circumstances, for any reason. Gotta pee? Forget it. A shower? You're kidding. Just want to sit sit down a minute? Not on your life, buster. It's worse at night, when hubby is trying to sleep and when I'd like to go to bed.

Going to suggest to hubby that we switch the upstairs and downstairs beds around. He could then sleep downstairs thus avoiding most of the screaming-baby noise and I wouldn't have to live like a fucking troll. Plus, the TV downstairs is dead and the working ones are upstairs. Squirmy would also have access to his swing and saucer which might help entertain him better. If hubby does not agree to this then his life will be hell. I'm done going downstairs so the crying won't wake him, I'm done running up and down the stairs to get bottles, and I'm done missing all my TV shows!

Babysat my sister's youngest last night. Oh boy, is that a challenge. Devil-girl is ten months and into everything. Chasing after, and catching, her is no small feat when you're carrying a three month old. And Devil-girl's version of 'playing' with Squirmy is to smack him on the head or poke his face. It's cute, but it also makes Squirmy cry... which makes Devil-girl cry. *sigh*

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09/21/03 at 1049pm
Sometimes, you just look at your significant other and say to yourself... "Oh. My. God. Can I sell him back to his folks?" Somehow, and I'm not sure how, the Mickey Mouse Club theme song morphed into this: quack quack poo, quack quack poo, that's what Donald Duck says, quack quack poo. Hubby could offer no explanation, believable or not, how he came up with that.

Took forever to do some simple updates on the GW site. Squirmy has a new thing - he wants to be held and he wants to be moving. Can't just hold him and jiggle though, he wants to walk around. Screams if you stop or try to sit down. And he's cranky because I think he picked up hubby and my cold. Shit.

Mom is apparently speaking to Dad again. Don't know why and don't care. Until Dad finally decides it's time to go, this will keep going on. Whatever!

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09/20/03 at 1105pm
Lunched with hubby's Grandmother so she could see her latest great-grandchild. Squirmy makes number eleven for her. Nice visit, though I think hubby was bored. Tough.

New pictures up in Squirmy's gallery. Also trying out the 'movie' aspect of the camera. That feature sucks the life out of the battery like there's no tomorrow. Two fifteen second movies and it needs recharging. Yeow!

Had to laugh at Sunhawk's entry the other day. Plot bunnies are multiplying and tormenting her. That is soooo annoying, especially when one is trying to get a fic finished. Good luck Sun!

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09/19/03 at 838pm
Saw the Rat Pack impersonators last night. Great show. The band was excellent and the guys playing Dean, Sammy and Frank were pretty good. The fellow playing Sammy was the best in terms of look and sound. The one playing Dean looked like a much younger Dean Martin than he was during the Rat Pack days, but his voice was heavenly. The guy doing Frank didn't resemble him much, but he sure sounded like Sinatra.

The show was pretty much the highlight of my day, though there were a few loverly low moments too. For starters, I have a wonderful (NOT!) cold which makes me cranky and a bit (HAHAHA) snarky. Good to be when going to the 'house of hell' - my parents. Mom had her 'company face' on, which means she sorta talks to dad to keep up the proper appearances. Most of the words directed at him, that I heard, were full of bite and bitch. I just looked at dad and watched him roll his eyes. I have no idea whether the other guests knew what was going on or not.

I didn't realize dad had told mom he's going to look after Squirmy when I go back to work. He wanted me to do it originally, since it would be better coming from me. Well, dad decided since mom's not talking to him it was the perfect opportunity to tell her. So he did. She grunted a couple times and that was it. *laughs* Guess that was better than actually having to stop acting like a child. Anyway, mom mentioned the babysitting thing last night and seemed fine with it. Damn, I was all set for a 'heavy conversation'.

Show over, I drove to my sister's to pick up Squirmy. With hubby working the shift he does, it was not practical for him to look after a baby. Bro-in-law had the first care shift before sis got off work. His daughter, Squirmy's cousin, has never seen Daddy hold another baby. She freaked. Which freaked Squirmy. Which made bro-in-law frazzled. To calm Squirmy down he mixed up a bottle, which Squirmy did not eat much of. Sis came upstairs shortly after that (she works in the basement) saw the barely touched bottle and said "what's that". Seems it wasn't formula bro-in-law mixed with the water but cornstarch. I'd left a container in the diaper bag, unlabeled, and in the same type of container I put formula in. Bro-in-law freaked, big time. Sis called poison control and was told given the amount, dilution and amount the baby had ingested there was no harm done. Bro-in-law still felt bad, promised his nephew if his mommy would let him come back he'd not poison him again.

So far, Squirmy has fallen out of his car seat, bonked his head on a table and eaten something he shouldn't... sounds like every other baby I've heard of.

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09/17/03 at 913pm
My sister kills me - sometimes she's hysterically funny without intending to be. Spent the morning at her place redoing the family computer. Bro-in-law took the critical files off already, but sis wasn't sure about some of her newer documents. Would those be lost? Yes, I'm wiping off the drive, everything will be erased. What about e-mail addresses? Everything will go. All the links in the Favorites file? Yes, those too. Everything will be erased, wiped out, gone. So hard not to laugh at her.

So sis's 'puter is back up. Some software not loaded, but bro-in-law is doing that tonight. Sis is happy about no more "damn things that pop up" telling her the 'Interactive agent is not installed' and some .mp3 file can't be found. Those were courtesy of my niece. Sis has been instructed to tell her darling daughter that if Auntie has to come do this again, then Auntie will make it so her niece can't get on the Internet. That should do it; the girl lives for her MSN chat.

Hubby very nicely passed on his cold to me. Sore throat started this morning and should be followed by the snotties tomorrow morning. Just in time for the show I have to go to tomorrow night. Don't know if Squirmy will get it too, but I got some infant cold stuff from my sis. Her little one had a wicked cold at barely two months.

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09/16/03 at 1017pm
Kitchen whisks are loads of fun. Swish them around in a sink with soap and you get lots of bubbles. But don't daydream while you do that. Suds down the cupboards and onto the floor are not fun!

Talked to Trafalga tonight. Love these IM programs - a lot easier than playing tag with each other on IRC. He's got all but J's computer hooked into the network. Took some fancy moves to get things working though. How he learned all this crap is beyond me.

Gotta go put laundry in the dryer. Squirmy decided to up-chuck on the only pair of jeans I have that fit. And, of course, I'm going out tomorrow.

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09/15/03 at 941pm
Eventually one reaches a breaking point with SPAM. Boss-man has had enough, and I can't say I blame him, so we're changing our work e-mail addresses. Mine is done, boss-man is notifying a few people before his becomes effective.

And speaking of boss-man and work, I'm going back effective the first of October. I can't stand this 'housewife' or 'stay-at-home' mom thing any longer. Yes, Squirmy is cute and rather fun, but my brain is melting. Not full time work, not until Squirmy is a year, but three days a week is better than nothing. Told the gal filling in for me and I thought she was going to dance right there and then.

Squirmy had his check-up today. In terms of weight and length, he's smack in the middle of the acceptable range. Little sucker is thirteen pounds, five ounces. Feels like twenty when he's on my shoulder.

Has anyone tried those Swiffer duster things? I despise dusting (which explains the two-inch layer over everything) but it really needs to be done. The ads for Swiffer make it look so easy - don't need to really move items, holds the dust... I can deal with that. But do they really work?

I've got a dozen damn plot-bunnies hopping around my head. Started getting a couple ideas down, but it's really hard to type while holding a baby. Squirmy won't sit in his seat, won't lay down for more than twenty minutes (unless it's to sleep and then I have to get other, more pressing, stuff done) - he insists on being held facing out or over the shoulder so he can see everything going on. And he demands I walk around too. No sitting in one place looking at the same stuff. Maybe when I start getting up early (in preparation for work) I can squeeze a couple writting hours in there.

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09/13/03 at 1011pm
Hubby has new orders - if I ever start behaving/sounding like my mother, he is to take the nearest sharp object and stick me with it. The reason? My mother is a fucking loony bitch.

Years ago (ten? twelve?), my folks decided to quit smoking. To this day, mom has remained smoke-free. Dad does not, but he is down considerably from his two-pack a day peak. He doesn't smoke in the house, only when he's out and not around mom. We - hubby, me, sis and bro-in-law - have wondered how mom could not know, but any smell of smoke would be easy to pass off as 'second hand' based on where he goes and who dad hangs with. Until last week, that is.

Dad walked to the store and during that walk, either going or coming, he had a smoke. This time he couldn't pass off the smell. Mom took one whiff, pulled off her wedding ring, handed it to dad and hasn't spoken to him since. Fucking stupid, fucking bitch. This type of crap has been going on for years.

Spoiled myself today by running up the Visa. Hit my favorite DVD store and stocked up on all Yami no Matsuei DVD's released so far. Wanted another dozen or so DVD's but couldn't justify the money. Hell, can hardly justify the money for the YnM discs. Screw it.

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09/11/03 at 1104pm
Squirmy pix are up and I found some pix of the in-law's new condo.

The office is cool. It's got a Murphy bed so it can be used as a spare bedroom when us kids go over. The view is fantastic, too.

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09/11/03 at 709pm
I'm home! Nice to see my own house and computer again. Of course, no housework was done while I was away. One guess what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Well, the dishwasher finally crapped out. No flood (thank the stars). Hard to have a flood when there's no water getting into it. At least that what hubby thinks the problem is. And just because the dishwasher doesn't work does not mean you can't put dirty dishes in it. *sighs* Please don't let Squirmy be like this too.

Had an interesting convo with M-in-law. She's leaving me her wedding ring when she dies and I can give it to Squirmy for his wife/husband when he gets married.. Um... yeah. I can see a fight in my future. My sis-in-law will, probably, not be happy with this. This could be an ugly scene.

I continue to steal from the Frog...

What Gundam Wing Character Are You?

LOL - perfect!!

Sorry Frog, but I must post the sidefic/omake thing. It's funny, weird... it's you! LOL.

Project to (hopefully) get done tonight - new pictures on Squirmy's gallery. And I should probably check on the runt. He's been asleep since four.

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09/09/03 at 1010pm
Splurged and went to a hair salon today. Deep conditioning treatment + trim = broke. More than I expected and they didn't take Visa - ouch.

Copying the Frog again. Girl, you sure we're not related in some way?

What Flavour Are You? Hot hot! I am Curry Flavoured.Hot hot! I am Curry Flavoured.

I have a spicy personality. If you can take the heat, you'll love me, if not, I'll probably make you cry. I am not for the faint-hearted. What Flavour Are You?
09/08/03 at 1052pm
Survived the ferry ride to the Island. Squirmy did great, though he's turning into a nosy baby. He refused to stop whining and eat until he was turned around so he could see all the other people.

In-law's apartment is wonderful, huge. Ocean view, bright, well laid out and very private. Everything is within walking distance and the streets are kept cleaned. I am not leaving here!

The dog, a little hairy thing, has his nose right out of joint. He staged a hunger strike yesterday because he wasn't the center of attention. Hrm... sounds like a furry gray cat I know.

Must get to bed. Breakfast is served at seven in the morning and I don't feel like making my own!
09/06/03 at 1018pm
YAHOO!! The rowing machine sold at the garage sale! It bloody should have for three dollars. Sold most of the glassware too (another yahoo!), a couple books and some other small stuff. Did not make much though; items were priced to sell. Don't think there was anything priced over four dollars. And I didn't manage to come away without buying something. For once, it was practical - a baby monitor. Two bucks is better than the forty to sixty they are new. I'm too damn cheap to pay that kind of money.

Not one more thing, not even a pair of baby socks, will fit in my suitcase. To close it, I'll have to sit on the damn thing. Crap.

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09/05/03 at 1020pm
Just a note to anyone reading this - *laughs self stupid* - while I'm visiting the in-laws Sunday to Thursday, new news will be posted on the LJ only.

Most of the junk is now sitting in Vicious' kitchen. If it doesn't rain tomorrow morning, the garage sale is on. If it rains, I get to haul it all back. Saw some of her junk and had to grab one thing... a penis ice-cube tray. Now I can have a nice stiff one with my evening drink. Can't wait to drop one in hubby's drink. Oh! Oh! My bro-in-law's drink! God, he'll spaz and my sister will pee her pants laughing. So gotta do this when I get home!

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09/05/03 at 445pm
"Quatre receives a massage from the past..." I know what the author meant, but... Is there any way I can get a massage from the past? On demand? No cost? *ROFLMAO*.

You'd think, at least I did, that packing for a small baby for a four night trip would be easy and light. Wrongo! Formula, diapers, wipes, clothes - double what you think he'll wear because of puke and explosive 'lower matter' - bottles... three-quarters of the suitcase is just baby stuff. So 'mommy' gets to put her stuff where? Need to go through stuff, cut it down if at all possible.

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09/03/03 at 1052pm
What is it about Gatch slash that just won't leave my head? Yesterday, I ran across two slash stories set in the BotP realm. I can't recall, nor can I find, any others set in BotP. In fact, slash for any incarnation of Gatchman (original series or the recuts) is rare - one series and one stand-alone is all I've ever run across. Anyway, since BotP is the first version I saw (and wrote really bad Mary-Sue fanfic for) it holds a very special place in my heart... and perverted little mind. Something about Jason (Joe) and Mark (Ken) together... the images created by the writers just won't leave my head. Might abandon mt GW fics and try my hand at BotP again.

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09/02/03 at 1244pm
Frog, you gotta stop finding this stuff. Or at least posting it. Dammit, I have to do them too!

The Weiss Kreuz Mary Sue Generator by agirlnamedgoo278
Name of Mary Sue
Coincidentally has the same power/weapon asCrawford
Is the long-time best friend of Crawford
Is madly in love withOmi
Person who is madly in love with herKen
Wonderful Mary Sue featureIncredible dancing skills
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Well... *blows a raspberry* Nothing against Omi, or Ken, but... Let's try it using my name, instead of my nick...

The Weiss Kreuz Mary Sue Generator by agirlnamedgoo278
Name of Mary Sue
Coincidentally has the same power/weapon asFarfarello
Is the long-time best friend ofSchuldig
Is madly in love withYohji
Person who is madly in love with her Aya/Ran
Wonderful Mary Sue featureA voice like a choir of angels singing
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

That's better, and far more accurate in terms of the 'madly in love' part. *licks lips and leers* Yoji... yummy!

Must get back to 'work' now or the Rec section will never get done. Is reading fics considered work? If only I could be paid for it!

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09/01/03 at 1025pm
*SQUEALS*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found some! I found some Mike/Martin slash. OH MY GOD!! *hugs the Internet* Haven't been able to read it yet - Squirmy demanding attention - so who knows how it is. But some exists!

Started working on the Random Recs section. Have I said before that I have way too many bookmarks? Geez louise!

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09/01/03 at 564pm
Anyone remember the mini-series, and short lived series, V? The sci-fi channel here is running the whole mini-series today *dances gleefully around the house*. At one time, I know I looked for fanfic for the show but didn't find any. Need to redo that search. Mike (Resistance member) is my favorite character and Martin (Visitor) my favorite bad-guy, though he's a 'good bad=guy'. Hrm... was thinking of looking for some Mike/Julie fics, but maybe Mike/Martin would be interesting too. *snickers* My perverted side is showing again.

Want images? Go here! Many pictures, divided into Yaoi and Yuri columns. *sluuuurrp*

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