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08/30/03 at 1043pm
The Sanctuary has been updated. Whew! Looks cleaner and I think I can do better - time permitting. Comments and criticisms appreciated.

Why does a "quick and easy trip to Costco" turn into an hour (minimum) and more money than expected. Yes, we did need what was bought but we probably could have held off another week or two. And they don't take Visa. Crap. Gotta call Dad and ask him to hold off on our loan repayment cheque for an extra day or two. That's one advantage to using the 'Bank of Dad'.

Sweet fuck-all on TV tonight, the reason I'm watching ID4 for the fiftieth time. Eh, makes good background sound.

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08/29/03 at 1045pm
Broke again. Paid the bills and there's sweet-dick-all left. Groceries will have to go on the Visa until the next EI cheque comes in.

Sanctuary is getting a face lift. Might even get a second one if I can work on the image I wanted to use in the first place.

Hot in here, even with the window open and only one machine on. Time to head downstairs.

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08/28/03 at 1048pm
Funny mail in my in-box, returned mail because the box is full. It's funny because I never sent mail to whoever this person is. And there's an attachment with the returned mail, a .pif file. Hrm... virus? One that spoofs senders? Yeah, it's the Sobig virus. If anyone knows this person - helen@dukkha.net - tell her the in-box is full and make sure her AV software is up to date.

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08/28/03 at 740pm
New public archive place... Forever Fandom :: Freedom of Speech

Talked to Liz from Marie Allen-Drennan's office. She's still trying to get the office into the computer age. It's tough since Marie is not computer literate and so many applications are just too damn large/much for our business (more 'power' than any of us need/use). Anyway, was nice to talk to someone 'in the business' again. Seems longer than two-and-a-half months I've been off.

Going to the in-laws the week of September seventh - Sunday to Thursday. Going as a walk-on because hubby cannot be without the car. Me, baby, stroller, diaper bag, suitcase and car seat... Yikes! This should be an adventure.

Sis dropped by with her oldest and youngest in tow. Man, Grunt Boy is looking more like his mother every time I see him. And Nic looks huge beside Squirmy. Sis weighed her today and there's only seven and bit pounds difference between Nic and Squirmy - Nic: nine months, twenty pounds five ounces - Squirmy: two-and-a-half months, twelve pounds seven ounces.

Crap, literally. How does a small baby produce that much fecal matter... EW!

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08/27/03 at 524pm
"A mission goes horribly wrong. Warning, bestiality. Wufei/horse." summary given for Thor, by Meiren EEWW!!! *scrubs eyes out with Comet* That's just... *gags*... it's the only thing that grosses me out more than pedophilia. *gives fic a very wide berth*

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08/26/03 at 921pm
The Blue Lagoon is showing on TV. Edited (duh!) but it beats the other crap on... and gives me a fic idea. Has anyone done a GW Blue Lagoon fic before?

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08/26/03 at 155pm
Finally get a chance to just sit and read and both MM.O and AFF are down. Wonderful. And FF.N is extremely sluggish.

Finished going through the huge box of baby clothes I got from L&E. Squirmy will be well-dressed for months! Since his room is not set up yet - hubby and I are still arguing over flooring *rolls eyes* - a lot of the clothes had to stay in the box.

Think the male cat may have eaten a fish... one of hubby's pet fish. Went in his office last night and the top of the fish tank had been left open. The male cat was up on the nearby scratching post, one paw 'fishing' through the opening. *snicker* Wonder which one he got.

Been working, in small dribs and drabs, on a couple fics. The major 5x2 one has seen the most work, but I'm still not happy with certain parts of it so who knows when it'll see the light of day. And I still haven't recovered what I lost of it earlier this year *curses*. The sequel to LitD is taking its own sweet time too. When the muse is working, the Squirmy one is active... when Squirmy is asleep or with his daddy, the muse has the 'out to lunch' sign up. Grrr. There's a prologue written and one, maybe two, chapters. Prologue is the only part I'm reasonably satisfied with. Click here if you want to read it.

Almost time for ST:Voyager to start. Missed most of them first time around. Think I'll grab some lunch, watch the show and have a nap.

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08/25/03 at 1028pm
It's hard to get much done when Squirmy is awake, and the clicking of the keyboard (I have a really 'clicky' one) wakes him up. ARG! Can't win.

Found out who the mystery guest is - Sunhawk! LOL! Hiya Sunhawk. The LJ doesn't track stuff, but this Therapy page does (tracker is on the bottom). Don't know what's up with Hotmail tonight, but it says your address does not exist. Say what?? *kicks Hotmail* Stupid thing.

Nap-time was abbreviated so I could do some work on the GW section. Still have more to add to the archive (Forsaken's latest part, another one by Page...) but at least there's some new stuff there. Oh, and MM.O is down for upgrades so I couldn't check fics in progress on that site *sigh*. Changes are being made to the fanart section - limiting free accounts to one megabyte - so here's hoping it improves things overall.

From the 'It Takes All Kinds' file... some perv has been walking around the Pacific National Exhibition (the PNE) with a camera in a bag and using it to take pictures up children's (mostly girls) dresses/skirts. Not teenagers or adults, but small children. Eeeww! In all the years the PNE has been around, this is the first instance of this type of crap happening.

Haven't looked at the work e-mail account in a couple days... nearly four hundred e-mails piled up and not one of them legit. Monty Python's 'Spam' skit is running through my head now.

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08/25/03 at 1225pm
Just flipped on the news and got some more pics of the fires.
Destruction in Kelowna   Destruction in Kelowna   Forest fire in Kelowna   Forest fire in Kelowna  
08/25/03 at 1132am
Nearly two hundred and fifty homes destroyed by the Kelowna forest fire. Deepest sympathies for those people. And the biggest hug and heaps of praise for the people fighting the fire. The losses could, and would, be so much worse were it not for those brave folks. Here's hoping they can get this fire contained.

I have a cousin involved with Search & Rescue in the Osoyoos area and he got some neat pictures when he was helping co-ordinating fire fighters. As of today, approximately two hundred square kilometers have been burned.
MARS Water Bomber 1   MARS Water Bomber 2   Helicopter   Tree on fire   Forest fire at night  

Mother-in-law is in town until Tuesday to take care of her other grandkids, but she spent Friday night and most of Saturday with us. She needed her new baby fix. We - M-in-L, hubby, baby and me - went for a walk Saturday morning and I could, and might still, kill hubby. We were about, at a fast pace, five minutes from home when Squirmy started acting up. Well, M-in-L can't walk as fast as us, and we really weren't finished our outing so I stopped to feed Squirmy and change his diaper. No big deal, done it before and why make the kid wait? It took ten minutes, settled Squirmy down and gave M-in-L a rest. Hubby got pissed, couldn't stand stopping when "We're close to home". There are days I'd like to bitch-slap the man until he bleeds.

Now that the weather has cooled down considerably, I'm back on my computer. Which means I can work on some web stuff and fire up the scanner. Since my Father-in-law can't get over to the Mainland very often and I don't see much of the extended family (either side, and by my choice) I set up a gallery for Squirmy.

This is probably the strangest search engine query I've seen. Someone punched this in and ended up at my site - "Gay Hubby's Excuses for No Sex". Can't figure out how this search directed someone to my site, but... *snickers* And I'd love to know who has been hitting the Therapy section nearly everyday, but never comments. The address is dhcp024-209-100-114.woh.rr.com.

Time to go feed Squirmy and then work on other stuff.

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08/21/03 at 1016pm
If this isn't the worst year for forest fires I'd be surprised. From the Island to the Alberta border and from Prince George to the US border, it's so tinder dry. There's now advisories out to stay out of those areas if you can (no camping in otherwords).

<rant on> Ignorant Americans really piss me off. When the blackout in the East happened, it was Canada's fault. Never mind checking things out, waiting for official word, or even fucking engaging a brain. No, lets blame the Canadians 'cause they're so backwards and untechnologically inclined. I swear to the stars I heard an American say this on a talk show. Ya know, it matters not who's fault it was. What matters is both our countries are energy pigs who, for the most part, refuse to conserve be it electricity, water or fossil fuels. <rant off>

Conveyance-girl is being listed amoung the missing if I can't reach her tomorrow. She should have been back from vacation a week ago. Even if she got caught in the traffic through the Interior/Okanagan (because of the rerouting and evacuations) she shouldn't have been delayed more than two days tops. Vicious hasn't seen her on the train and I've tried phoning her every day - nada, zip, zilch. One of us will try her office tomorrow, something we've put off doing because C-girl's boss is a bastard, and pray she's there.

Crap, newsflash... a thousand homes evacuated in Kelowna because of the fires. I'll be making a few calls tomorrow to find out if extended family members are okay. Shit.

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08/20/03 at 1011pm
A rather do-nothing type of day. Couple errands, visit with my Dad and sleep. Oh, and went through the boxes earmarked for the garage sale. Priced things to move, not make a profit on. Should cover gas to my girlfriend's and get Squirmy a can of formula if everythings goes.

A bookmark for later, mainly so I don't have to go scrounging back through a ton of crap.

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08/19/03 at 821pm
Geez louise! I finished Exile - which is what I've been doing the last nine damn days - and I want more! I'm not too proud I used a hint or two, but I tried to figure out everything myself first. The game kicks ass, you can even die! Which, if you aren't a compulsive saver, would be a real piss-off.

I want jammies with feet. They're made for kids but not for adults. Least, not that I could find. Feet-jammies are so warm and cozy in the winter.

Vicious is having a garage sale in September. Actually, it's her building that's putting it on and she signed up for it... then called me. We talked about doing a garage sale ourselves this summer, but this is better, more exposure, better crowds when it's a big group. The two of us have so much crap - that we don't need, use or want - and I hope we get rid of most of it. Whatever is left is NOT coming back to the house.

Found something for my mom's birthday. There's a show coming to town feature Rat Pack look-alikes. She likes them, Dad and I both do too, so do friends of theirs. Sis will look after Squirmy and hubby can't go because of his shift at work. I'm so jazzed.

Speaking of Sis, she and her hubby packed all four kids in the van and drove to Calgary. Four kids... in a van... driving long distance *shivers*.

Received the bill for the car insurance due in September. Nineteen hundred and change - Ouch!! - and that's with the maximum discounts. This is getting fucking stupid.

Grouchy baby alert!!
08/10/03 at 656pm
*SQUEAL* Heard from Penny tonight. She got my card and there's more Gatchaman on the way!! Can hardly wait for it! Luvs ya Penny!!


First, Lords of the Realm is addicting. Sat down yesterday to play a 'quick turn' and didn't move from the 'puter for five hours. Bad, very bad.

Second, Star Wars (the original, first movie) is still a good watch. Lost track of the number times I've seen it (actually wore out my first tape of it) and I can say the lines along with the actors, but it hasn't 'lost it' for me yet.

Third, I'm starting to hate the smell of baby formula. Probably because I've had it spit on me so much - gross. And now I get to go mix up more of the yummy stuff *barf*.
08/09/03 at 955am
It's a lovely overcast day with the promise of rain - HOORAY! After weeks of heat the cool weather is very welcome.

People who keep their dogs tied up outside all night should be shot. Across the lane is a beautiful Retriever. He's been outside all night, in the open. His restraint won't let him reach the shelter of the porch overhang, so he's been rained on. I'd love to go over there and let the poor guy (I assume) free and then ram hubby's gun up the owners ass. People should be forced to take an IQ test before getting a pet.

Nearly broke the Exile discs last night. Frustrated? Naw, not a bit *snerk*. Tossed the game aside in favor of an old one of hubby's - Lords of the Realm. Not the most thrilling of games, but it passes the time... and doesn't make me crazy.

Our female cat has a new nickname - Brush Whore. She'd sell her little kitty soul for a brushing, the longer the better. This is the first cat I've had that begs to be brushed. All the other cats have run, far and fast, when they see the brush come out. This one, she practically crawls up your leg to get to the brush. Very strange.

The beast is awake and demanding food!
08/08/03 at 321pm
Finally heard from 'He Who's Name Will Not Be Spoken'. Shocked? Stunned? Yeah, coulda knocked me over with a feather. At least he's still alive.

Exile is frustrating the hell out of me. Made it through Voltaic and Edanna, I can make it through the remaining Age... even if it kills me! Which it probably will.

Talked to the office and there's good news, bad news and stupid news. Bad - our Society's past Facilities chairman died. Good - Pharmacare has decided to allow dummy billings. Stupid - NIHB is full of morons who don't know how to read. None of the news comes as a surprise.

Late for my nap!
08/05/03 at 932am
Not being what most would call an observant person, why the hell am I playing Exile? 'Cause I'm stupid? Into frustration? I like beating my head against hard objects? Need said head examined. But I have managed to make it through two 'Ages' with very little 'help'. Better than I ever did with Riven. Still haven't managed to finish that one *growls*.

This province needs to change its name from Beautiful BC to Smokey BC. From the maps the news shows, it looks like a quarter of the province is on fire. No lives lost yet (that have been reported, that is) so let's hope it stays that way. And lets hope my father and his buddy don't decide to go fishing in the backwoods of the Interior any time soon.