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07/31/03 at 1101pm
Actually on my 'puter today. So nice to have all my files available. However, the games I started playing are on Hubby's 'puter. Figures.

Saw the Doc today. My PPD is serious enough that he thinks meds are a good idea, short-term. Hubby has control of them in case I try doing with them what I did with the Advil. Better this way.

Found, for the first time in ages it seems, a GW fic to read. It'll show up in the next update in a day or two. Oh, and on the fic front, I really recommend reading Mami-san's Alice. There's links to it scattered around these therapy pages.

'Beast-baby' - so named for the beast-like snorting thing he does - is asleep. Gonna take advantage of that and try for shut-eye myself.
07/29/03 at 322pm
I'm done. Baked. Roasted. Grilled. I've had it with the fucking heat, enough! Words cannot describe how done I am. Thank whatever gods there are for the A/C in the car. Come the early evening, I've been all but living in the car. And visiting my sister and parents since their porches get a breeze.

The heat has also put my 'puter related work on hold. Can't get near my machines since the room is so bloody hot and I melt just walking in. Would probably send the 'puters into an overheat if I turned them on. Hubby's machine - located in the somewhat cooler basement - is the only 'puter either of us can use. Great, but none of my files are here and I'm too lazy (read that as HOT and CRANKY) to transfer them here. Things can wait until it cools off.
07/27/03 at 322pm
GO PAUL TRACY! God, I love to see Canucks win things.

Having re-read all of Aoe and Shoori's WK stuff again (this is what... the third time?) I want more of that caliber. Schu/Yoji specifically, some Nagi/Omi would be nice, hell, even some Ran/Ken. Just want something well written. Be nice to find a GW that fits that criteria, but I'm not holding my breath!
07/25/03 at 1109pm
Ever not had something - like a food item - in a while and thought "Gee, that would taste good. Wonder why I haven't done that for a bit?" There's usually a reason, one you don't remember until you take a bite. McDonald's Egg McMuffins are... foul. Why the hell didn't I remember that? Why didn't I realize there was a reason those foul things haven't been on my 'acceptable food list'? Won't be making that mistake again!

With a few minor exceptions, day-time television sucks. If I've said differently before, ignore it. Now that my brain is de-mush-ifying (somewhat) I'm seeing what, exactly, is on. I need new DVD's, tapes, anything!

Finding a doctor these days is difficult. Two major multi-doc offices near the house and, if it weren't for the fact one got a new doctor recently, they're not accepting new patients. That's a dozen doctors total between the two offices. Did manage to get an appointment with the new doctor, but not until mid-September. Geez louise. If the doc was for me, I'd say screw it and keep my old one. But for Squirmy, an hour bus ride is just too much for either of us to take right now. And besides, he should have a doctor closer to home in case of emergency. I can use the walk-in clinics (and I do for me) but it would be nice to have a 'regular' doc. Well, whatever. Take what we can get.
07/21/03 at 1102pm
Is it possible for the human body to melt? I hate heat and it's like a fucking furnace around here. Forget using my 'puters; just stepping in the room is torture. Had to resort to hubby's 'puter since it's downstairs and I'm all but living down here. Don't know how he sleeps upstairs, I really don't. Winter can't come soon enough for me!
07/18/03 at 242pm
Actually burnt off some files today, reclaimed about three gig of space. Of course, there's still another fifteen gig that should be burnt, but the discs are running low. It really is obscene the number of a/v files on the machine. But I wouldn't get rid of one of 'em!

Trafalga has finally moved up in the world. We've abandoned Mirc for Y!M and he likes it much better. My only complaint is the limit on file trans size. One point five is too bloody small.

Right, time to go make the evening coffee. At midnight, the stuff actually tastes good.
07/17/03 at 242pm
Today is an 'up' day. So far. Give me five minutes and that can change. Pick a sign of PPD and you can see it in me.

The number of mp3's I have is... holy shit. Include the anime, Xmas and comedy ones and it becomes holy fucking shit. Many of these I have on LP's, tapes or forty-fives, even CD's. I really need to get an mp3 or a mini-disc player. My bro-in-law got a mini-disc player and it's so cool.

Did anyone know I had an AGP card in my home office? I didn't. I found it while digging around for some legal papers. What else is in here? Should use this as a sign to clean this fucking pig-sty up! It really is ridiculous in here - a four-by-five area to move in, three desk/table surfaces only one of which has any surface clear to use (and only because the mouse needs room to move). And let's not forget the *pauses to count* eight stacks of unfiled CD's. Geez, no bloody wonder I couldn't find the damn ME disc; probably sitting in one of these piles... or buried in the rest of the mess.

Writers who use their stories to 'preach' their point of view/opinion are just as disgusting as the so-called point they are trying to make. The point can be made without getting high and mighty or putting down those who engage in an activity you find offensive. Most of what I read involves persons (real or imaginary) involved in same-sex relationships, which a large number of people find offensive. So why do these writers, who appear to embrace a view/opinion different from the majority, engage in bashing of smokers and/or drinkers? It makes them no different than those who bash same-sex relationships. There is, unfortunately, a couple new authors (one's I admired and read until now) who have been added to my 'no read' list.
07/14/03 at 1024pm
From somewhere, no idea where, I must find the money for a couple CD's. QAF soundtrack CD's. Hot damn, the music is (for the most part) bloody fantastic.

What is the biggest 'industry' on the 'Net? Hands down, I'll place my bet on P-O-R-N. Forget communication or any other 'legit' use, porn rules. Yeah, I know, big surprise. But it never fails to send me into peals of laughter when I'm on WinMX. The most requested downloads from me are the few porn files I have. *shrug* yup, I got 'em too. Not afraid to admit that. There is some shit I refuse to touch - kids and animals are just gross. But two - consenting - people doing the nasty? Bring it on.

Does that make me a disgusting degenerate? Unfit to walk amoung 'normal, moral and decent' folk? First, who fucking cares - I am who I am and I won't apologise or make excuses for that. Second, the definition of both normal, moral and decent varies from person to person. Quote a religious definition of any of the latter to me and I'll laugh in your face. Some of the most corrupt (read that as depraved, perverted, unmoral) people I've met are involved with organized religion. Note that I'm not saying every person involved with organized religion is like that. Just seems to be the ones I meet. Must be wearing a sign or something.

Picked up a couple delicious pieces of gay porn tonight. Lots of kissing, lots of cock. One final word on porn and then I'm done... YUM!!

If the weather is decent tomorrow I'm going to walk up to the local cop-shop. Want to talk with an officer about the legalities of blowing tires on cars that speed. Not talking about Joe businessman or Jane mommy doing ten over the limit, but the fucking morons who do eighty plus on my front street with squealing tires. In the dead of night. Since I'm usually awake any way it would be easy to toss a couple tire-spikers in front of their wheels and watch 'em blow. But I need to know the legalities of doing so first. Have a pretty good idea what the answer will be.

None of this would be a problem if the fucking justice system here wasn't so screwed. All the talk about how possession of an unregistered firearm is a big no-no and the courts do jack-shit when the cops make a bust. Even when the bloody gun is found in a house where drugs are dealt from (and the cops also know this, but the system keeps fucking up). Everyone blames the cops these days but you know what? It's not the cops, it's the courts and the judges who have their head so far up their ass stomach acid burns their eyes.

Okay, I'm done for now. Feeling really bitchy and in the mood to beat the snot out of something. Good time to hit the garage with the pellet gun!

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07/11/03 at 803pm
If there was anything to say, it'd be here.
07/08/03 at 847pm
Writers who do not put character death warnings in are the lowest scum of the earth. Maybe not the lowest, but damn fucking close. Fuck-heads.

QAF finished up its third season last night. Damn. The last half of the season held very little appeal for B/J shippers IMO. Hardly any screen time for Randy Harrison (Justin) and that was a big disappointment. Much more Ted/Emmett stuff and, while it was at times painful to watch, Ted's slip into the land of drugs did improve the way he looked. I know that sounds 'off', but it did. The roughed up, Miami Vice-ish look dear Teddy sported in the last episode is the most handsome he's looked in... well, ever. And Emmett... gods! Finally he's been given some depth! Both Scott Lowell and Peter Paige deserve awards for this season. Oh! Michael lost most of whine and grew some damn balls! While I'm not crazy about the Hunter character, I do like the change said character seems to have brought about in dear Mikey. Christ, I found myself cheering for the little snot last night. Now, is there a season four? No idea, so it's time to hit the spoiler boards for news.

Something tried to eat the cat again. His orange and white majesty was sporting a lovely absess yesterday - one that burst - so a trip to the Vet was made. The hole we saw wasn't just from the absess; something bit the kitty. And hidden in the fur above the absess was another puncture wound. Both are too big for a cat bite so they're from either a large-breed dog or a coyote. Both are a possibility around here.

A little blurb showed up in a newsgroup today about how a certain someone might be running for public office. 'Might be'... so it's not official? That would explain the lack of communication. Maybe I should drop said person a note, find out what's going on. Nah...

Printed out my anime list and I have waaaaaay too much. Six legal-size pages... ouch. Now to figure out what's where and what files to switch around on the server.
07/05/03 at 1135am
Got off my ass and updated the GW site. Sorta. Couple more things to add/do, but if I waited the update would be another week away.

Wolf's Rain has been picked up for commercial release. Yay! Well, a half-hearted yay. Who knows when it will actually be released and what will happen to with the translations. Commercial releases are not known for their accurate translations. And gods only know how a dub will sound *shivers*, not that I'd watch a dub version anyway. Seen very few - very, very few - anime's where the dubbing is any good. Watch GW and listen to Duo... totally wrong voice for that character. This also means no more fansubs. Crap.

Must update my anime list today since I'm starting to lose track of what I have and still need. Ended up downloading a duplicate MV because it wasn't on my list. Turns out I had it, just didn't record it. And the files for downloading really should be refreshed. *sigh* Maybe by the end of the weekend if I'm lucky.

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07/03/03 at 1151pm
Currently sitting at the top - absolute top! - of my 'must die' list are sites that use 'hidden' fucking entrances. Do these morons actually think they're 'protecting' their asses or so-called innocent eyes from anything? Give me a fucking break. The only thing being accomplished is pissing off those who are interested in looking at the site. Christ, I haven't written off so many sites in ages.

Found what I consider the worst - yes, WORST - Trowa/Quatre picture to ever exist. Check this out and see if you agree. It makes me gag. Quatre is made to look like the helpless 'little woman', Trowa... what the fuck is with those ears? Christ on a broom! Hunt the illustrator down and shoot the fucking bastard.

The award for "Author Most in Need of a Dictionary" goes to... Trio-Spade for this (taken directly from the summary posted at FF.N) this a insite on Basied on Trowas POV. can Heero make him feel? set after the finle battle and distruction of gundams. yaoi Sweet balls of crap! If you're desperate for reading material (and have recently had brain surgery that didn't go well), skip over to FF.N and look up the author. No way in hell I'm giving a link to this.

Trying to plan out some trips around the LM by bus. Thank the heavens ScareTrain is at least into NW a little further. Still an hour trip into YVR, but it could be a lot worse. Either way, not looking forward to this.

Supposed to working on sites today, but that went for shit early on. WinMX is running and my brain (feeble as it is) is remembering things to search for. Well, and playing around in the chat area. Need to know there's an outside world.

Desperate for WK fiction. Decent stuff, not crap, which means time spent on Temple of Lunacy cruising the recs. And laughing at this... "This fic was recommended to me by a friend, who for whatever reason didn't tell me the author's name.." *laughs ass off* It was 'cause I didn't remember the damn author!

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07/02/03 at 208pm
Really have to redesign the seating in my 'puter room. The 'comfy' chair is too damn low if I need to reach the keyboard and the regular chair is too damn uncomfortable to sleep in. And I really must play with the VCR hook-ups soon. Crawling under the desk to switch the sound connections is becoming a major pain-in-the-ass!