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03/29/03 330pm - 452pm
The Holden character is very Hisoka-like in appearance. Cuddly... wanna-bite-the-buttons-off-his-shirt gorgeous... *growls* He's got that tragic, angsty air about him too. Dear god, I'm in love!

*still reading* Dear fucking goddess... I don't go for a whole lot of vampire stuff - stories, art, etc. - but this... I am totally into this comic. Everything about it is sucking me in deeper and deeper.

*gasps* That's it? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Need more... more Holden, more Dominick, more Vincent, Az and Slone, and... and... *stomps foot* Patience is not one of virtues (*snort* Do I have any virtues?).
03/29/03 916am - 1132am
Waiting for the reno-guy to call me back...

Pretty art in the Arcana comic, very pretty. Gonna take some time to explore the whole thing. Can you tell that's breaking my heart? *snort*

Chiro cancelled due to illness (his, not mine) so I'm down to lunch only. If we can keep it under two hours this time, maybe I'll have time to do some grocery shopping. Don't know with what, since the bank account is currently in pathetic mode.
03/28/03 at 851pm
The paper bunnies had a hump-fest on my desk. By the end of the day, there were enough papers to have a marshmallow roast with. Guess what Monday's chore is.

Found yet another agency missing from the Billings section of the office manual. I can cut myself some slack on this one though - we've only done two claims through Immigration Canada in fourteen years. There will be a third once this latest one completes. If I remember right, they are one of the easier agencies to deal with.

Unlike Pacific Blue Cross. For the third time in six months they elected to pay the subscriber when a properly completed Assignment of Benefits form was submitted. See, that form is supposed to mean PBC pays us. Apparently they like to 'disregard' (their word, not mine) the Assignment. Unfortunately, this means we are no longer accepting Assignment. A few patients will not be happy with this, but what else can we do when the official paperwork and pre-authorizations are ignored?

Should be going to bed. Have a chiro appointment in the morning, a lunch date with the girls, and I have to be up early to contact the renovation guy about replacing our front door. I need a clone, fast. Hey, maybe the clone can carry the baby around a while and give me a break? I didn't think so. But I'd be more than happy if the clone could take some of this damn heartburn... fuck it's a bitch lately.
03/27/03 at 851pm
More scanning... passing the time...

*squeals* Baby-pen art! OMG! Run, go read Gay Baker
03/26/03 at 919pm
When I learn a new job, program, whatever, I tend to follow the instructions I'm given. It's easier to find where you go wrong, easier to understand how the input eventually makes the output. Once I know the process, then I modify it to suit my quirks and habits. Notice the key word - THEN. As in after, as in once I truly understand what the fuck I am doing. Not during.

I swear to every deity known to mankind, that if I hear 'why do you do it that way?' one more fucking time I WILL ram every pen in the drawer up the woman's nose. Yes, we do not have the same organizational skills. Yes, our thought processes are different. Yes, there are other differences to bloody numerous to mention, but learn the why's and how's of the processes first, THEN change them to suit you! Trying to alter how things are done while I'm trying to teach does nothing but fucking confuse and annoy me. I don't care if the same methods are employed to get from A to B, but... GOD-FUCKING-DAMN-IT!

*takes a deep breath*

Meanwhile, on the Planet of Peaceful Thoughts... please tell me this place exists.

Boss-man's laptop has been completely re-done. From 'format c:' on up. Missing a couple pieces of software, but that's hardly surprising. The man borrows the cd's from the office and maybe they make it back... maybe not. More the latter than the former. It's a nice clean, sparkly machine now. I give it two months, tops, before the first screw up happens.

I don't know whether to moo, oink, or make a sound like a whale (what the hell sounds do they make?). Really starting to feel 'fat'. And my waddle is more pronounced. Wonderful.

Part two of the scanning work has started. It's... numbing. It has to be done. And I'm really glad my chair rolls. Start the scan, roll to the other 'puter, read some fic, roll back, start the next scan.

That's enough. West Wing is on so the rest of the world, and my office, can go to hell.
03/23/03 341pm - 916pm
Heeeeeeeelp! My brain is melting. I love 'The Incredible Machine' but after two hours straight, it feels like my brains have solidified. And I'd like to beat my head - repeatedly - against the monitor. Must read fics, lots of mushy, sappy, angsty fics...

... not fics that cause your brain to ooze out your ears, and your stomach contents to come bubbling upward. Per my discussion with 'she who loves frogs' on Friday... what the fuck was I thinking? Next time I so much as breath a certain author's name, please club me to death with my own arm.

Slash spans many across many areas - TV shows, movies, books, comics, anime, manga. Every once in a while, I come across some that make every hair on my body stand up. Not because of poor writing (that's a different reaction) but from the subject matter. Barney Miller slash? Oh god... while I agree there is definite slash potential, I really (REALLY!) don't want the mental image it conjours up. The only thing worse I've run across in recent times is a piece of ST:TNG featuring the (*snort* highly believable) pairing of Riker and Wesley Crusher. I need a can of Drano (tm) for my brain, a very large one.

There is not enough Kenshin yaoi, specifically Sano/Kenshin... Duo is NOT a fucking girl... Schu is NOT a rape-everyone-in-sight character... come one people!

Right, walkies for me are out of the question unless I swear off liquids three hours before. And I'm starting to waddle. In another month, I'll resemble a penguin. Joy.

Link-running is so much fun... not! But I really had to continue cleaning up the bookmark file. GW 'marks were tonight's target, and damn were there a lot of dead links. And an absolute ton of sites that haven't been updated in two-plus years. Wow.

Started a new Gatch fic posted on FF.N... started, not noted below and in no way finished. Should have hit the 'back' button as soon as I saw 'takes place after the final episode'. Yeah, yeah, I KNOW Joe dies - every Gatch fan does. I just cannot handle that right now. I mean, shit, he's my favorite character, the FIRST cartoon character I fell in love with twenty-odd years ago. His death sticks a knife in my heart no matter how many times I watch the damn show, read the fanfics. And when you can cry at the drop of hat (thank you hormones *snort*) it's not a good idea to read about death. Joe is alive, he was not killed, he lives and breaths... if I say that enough, will it keep the bad dreams away? Fuck no, the seed has been planted and my pathetic excuse for a brain will torture me with a dying Joe for the next few nights. *blows a raspberry* Damn idiot.
03/23/03 at 849am
I despise Wrestling, really REALLY despise it. So why the fuck do I have the goddamned 'ready to rumble' theme playing on a loop inside my head. Oh, yeah... 'cause there's a battle royale simmering around here. Over flooring - fucking FLOORING! Like a train, we can't see it yet but the sound is unmistakable. Someone will not survive... and I'll be damned if that someone will be me.

Got next to nothing done yesterday. Had a little incident in the mall any hubby basically ordered my ass onto the couch for the rest of the day. Where I ended up falling asleep half-way through the first DVD I loaded. At least he woke me for dinner. I had to buy it though.

In addition to the mall, we hit the bottle depot to return (finally!) all the bottles/plastics piling up in the garage. The car was stuffed, hardly an inch of room to put anything else (besides our bodies). The final total? Fifty dollars worth of returnables! Geez louise! Repeat after me... I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN! And the best part? That wasn't all of the returnables. Found a small box worth in my 'puter room, and a forgotten box in the basement. Really beginning to believe hubby and I are the laziest fuckers on the planet.
03/22/03 at 1053am
I am hiding, making like I'm invisible. Why? Because hubby is hanging the kitchen cupboards. I'm not stupid - going in to help him will result in a fight. It's the way we are, and after fifteen years I've learned (somewhat) what sets the both of us off.

It looks weird, so far, to see cupboards hanging where there have been none for nearly three-and-a-half years. They've been refinished for about two years, but not rehung until now. Pathetic? Nope. It bugged my mother, severly, for a long time. I get my kicks where I can.

But my sis and I are throwing a party for my dad - in my house - and I really should make the house look presentable to the relatives. I have no idea WHY I'm thinking that, but I am. Sister calls it part of the 'nesting' thing, part of what most pregnant women do. Fuck. I hate 'keeping house', but I'm compelled to clean/straighten/neaten it - the whole fucking thing. And the cupboard doors are part of it. Kill me.
03/19/03 at 1004pm
I'm beginning to enjoy the flavor of antacid tablets. Not exactly sure what I've been eating the last day or two, but the heartburn has been nearly unbearable. Thank the gods I'm allowed to take something!

Someone else noticed the fic/summary I mentioned in the last entry. Noticed and commented on it. Don't know if the author has deleted that particular piece of feedback, but I saw it yesterday... right before the boss' laptop blew itself up. Said laptop is now with a professional as I was ready to punt the sucker.

And the entire network decided to act like a PMS bitch today. It hates me, I swear it. It took an hour to get everyone back talking to each other. Part of the problem was the firewall, and the other part the ancient dog of a 'puter we still have hooked up. It will eventually need to be replaced and that will be a pain in the ass.
03/17/03 at 906pm
If I were running a contest, or knew of one, for the most mistake-filled summary, this one would win...

"This is complet fatisey its about all the piolets in a alternet demention!! you have the parring of 01/02, 03/04, 05/trezia all my fav.'s plus 01/04/05 (though that will change to he parings stated befor"

Where does one begin with this mess? Come on, this is pathetic - there's missing punctuation and five major spelling errors IN THE FIRST SENTENCE! It looks like the author used a spell-checker for the story itself, but never bothered to proof it further. The entire fic is a nightmare. For the curious, the fic is Demon Lovers (on FF.N) and the author is 'anna may'. I would strongly recommend staying away from her works. Oh, but be sure to read the 'reviews' left for the fic - some are a riot!

Over the weekend, a window was left open in the office. It wasn't a warm weekend. 'Icebox' does not begin to describe what the place felt like this morning. Hell, it was warmer outside than it was in the office. Good thing I keep a small collection of sweaters there.
03/16/03 at 414pm - 909pm
Hubby's home safe and sound, and the downstairs is bursting with stuff. Really glad I got both the family room and the other room cleaned up before all this furniture arrived.

Part one of the scanning is done for work. Part two can be brought home this next week, and part three prepared. Must get this stuff done so my replacement can find everything. I know where I stash things, where the odd stuff is filed, but she does not. And it's not easy to explain how it works; she and I have very different organizational methods, very different.

Ventured over to read the blog of 'she who worships frogs'. Though we talk once a week (minimum), there's still little tid-bits to be found in her blog. Like the fun little quizzes she finds...
AyaxYohji: So you like your Yohji uke, do you? We
don't blame you -- so do we! AyaxYohji is
typically very angsty to start off with.. and
then pure, gratuitous sappiness. And if
Schuldig tries to get into the way... we give
you permission to kill him!

Your Weiss Kreuz Yaoi Pairing Is...
brought to you by Quizilla

That result is hardly surprising. I'll kill for a Schu/Yoji fics, but I also adore Yoji/Aya. If forced to pick one pairing over another, I can't - won't! - do it.

With hubby flaked out on the couch - moving all that stuff did his back in - and me all caught up on work projects, it's reading time. Sounds almost as good as 'Miller Time', except Miller is a piss-poor excuse for a beer. And I'm still banned from beer. Thank the gods fics are non-alcoholic.

Hrm... a GW author appears to have expanded into the QAF realm. That's... two(?) now I think. And lookie lookie... there's a WK author also in the QAF fandom. Interesting...

The neon-colored, flashing ad boxes on Yahoo are really irritating. REALLY irritating.
03/16/03 at 816am
Ugh. Forced out of bed at six-thirty to call hubby and make sure he didn't miss the ferry home. Sorted out some of the crap in my 'puter room, ate breakfast... all before eight a.m. Not normal, not a happy camper.
03/15/03 at 816pm
Another room downstairs is almost clear of stuff. My Dad came over to give me a hand moving some shelves (and the crap on them) so the room that will eventually become the kid's has some space. Since the furniture is coming home tomorrow, I thought it might be a good idea to have somewhere to put it. Hubby will probably not be pleased (to put it mildly) but that's just tough. None of his stuff was tossed - only mine - just redistributed to different rooms.
03/14/03 at 936pm
Spring is coming and the male cat knows it... big time! Cases of the 'friskies' are up, and it's so entertaining.

Trafalga is still yakking my ear off. It's been... oh geez, two hours. Get the boy talking about 'puters and networks, and it takes an act of god to get him off the topic. Not that I mind. Some of it actually sticks and he is such a wealth of knowledge. I wish he lived closer.
03/13/03 at 905pm
One hundred and forty-five beats. The little fart ain't doing too badly. Lower back still giving me problems, but that's not a surprise. It's been suggested I get, and wear, a pregnancy belt. Similar to a weight belt I'm told. Giving it some serious consideration.

Fell asleep really early last night, missed everything I wanted to watch and read. I am going to see CSI and ER tonight if I have glue my eyelids open.
03/11/03 at 726pm
When you're pregnant, you develop 'loose hips' which means you should be careful about what you do and how you do certain things. I knew that, really I did. So why am I barely able to walk? Because I'm a fucking idiot. As the gal I saw for a massage yesterday said, "honey, you are majorly out of alignment." Crap. The massage at least relieved some of the muscle irritation, enough that I should make it to Wednesday when I see the Chiro. No more lifting anything heavier than a jug of milk or going on mad-mitty fits around the house. It's either take it easy, or be taken out of commission.

I don't care what anyone says, paper breeds (like rabbits) when left unattended on your desk. That is the only way to describe the piles I dealt with today. I wanted everything caught up for the gal coming in tomorrow and, for the most part, that has been accomplished. However, a quarter of it was accomplished by grabbing two empty file folders and stuffing them full. It's more of this little odd details that crop up that I have no idea how or where to begin explaining.

Before I do myself more damage, this is it for the night. Despite the decent and comfy chair, sitting at the 'puter is murder on my back and hips.
03/07/03 at 957pm
I's March and it's snowing... YAHOO!! It will probably all be gone by morning, knowing how screwy the weather can be, but at least we're finally getting some!

Spent a chunk of the morning trying to be creative, come up with a basic layout that incorporates some of the design elements J is looking for. If you've been reading these therapy sessions, you know how creative I am... not. I think part of the design is laid out, just need to tweak it tomorrow. Pictures should arrive next week or the week after. Be nice to have some of those this time around. Oh, and for some reason the password for the FTP access does not work. Is it a different one than the main password? Did someone change it? For the life of me, I cannot figure this out!

Picked up a change table today, so that's one piece of baby furniture out of the way. Friend of my sister's found it at her community center free for the taking and snagged it. Looks to be in good shape and it passed my sister's inspection. Also found a diaper bag. That item has been highly recommended by all the mother's I've talked to. All agreed, it's nice to have one bag, with lots of compartments, to hold all the stuff baby needs while away from home. And that is one of the few things I would rather have new than used.

My mother has started a quilt for us, or rather her new grandson. It's a mouse and kitty pattern and it's sooooo cute.
03/06/03 at 734pm
Just how many little fucking details are there to my job? Geez louise, every day I find another thing that needs to be added to the manual... it's getting stupid. And it all has to be written for the nearly computer illiterate. Kill me, kill me now.

It looks like I got the web site job. Will be fun/interesting to work with the gentleman again. Already working on a few ideas he tossed out, though I can't do much without pictures. But I do have a basic layout in mind... which I better write down given my memory and it's lack of retention lately.

Began pulling apart the 'storage room' which will become the baby's room. Pack-rats does not begin to describe me and the hubby. Three shelving units, a small bookcase, and numerous bags all - neatly for a change - reside in that room. Two of the shelving units will relocate to the tool room and hubby's office (and hold all his fishing/hunting/sporting equipment) and the third unit will head to the garage and be host to the coolers, volleyballs and some of my crap. Of my stuff - I've learned not to touch hubby's - I should be able to pitch about half. There's items in there that I haven't touched since we moved into the house. I take that as I sign the item can be safely tossed in the trash/recycling bin.

Work printer won the war. After changing the imaging unit (not cheap) the print quality did not improve. In fact, it degraded further. Fuck. The tech I finally called came out, took one look at the diagnostic print-outs and declared he knew what the problem was. Of course, it's not an issue addressed anywhere on the fucking web site, nor is the malfunctioning part so much as mentioned in passing. The only good news is that the part is relatively cheap (about one-quarter the price of the imaging unit) and the labor shouldn't be too overwhelming. And, the printer should only need to be in the shop for a day. For a day, we can live without a printer. As soon as the part comes in, we'll get a call - yeah!

Need to go beat the crap out of either my FTP program or the hosting site for the above gentleman. I know the username and password are fine, but the FTP insists there's a 'bad login'. Bite me, you bastard. If they both work for web-based uploading, then they bloody well will work for FTP-based.
unday nights suck for TV watching... this week at least.

From 'she who worships frogs'...

You need a Balanced Boy!!!
You need a Balanced Boy!!!

Which Type of Uke Is Best Suited to You!?
brought to you by Quizilla

All of the images used for this quiz are wonderful. Ran, Muraki, Omi, Hisoka... yum!

QAF started S3 tonight - in the US. So far, the comments I've read on the first episode are making me even more anxious for it. And for the fiction I'll bet is soon to follow.
03/02/03 at 142pm
Well, the family room downstairs has been cleaned. Not the super-spiffy job my mother would do, but at least dusted, vacuumed and all the crap picked up/tossed out. Two-and-a-half hours... my back is dead. The 'puter is going off as soon as this goes up, and I'm putting my pregnant self in the comfy chair for the rest of the day. Someone else can do laundry today.

Oh, and one of cats is not well. He just had his yearly shots yesterday so it's either those or he got into something during his brief sojourn outside. Either way, it's not good.
03/02/03 at 802am
Hubby picked up a couple new 'puter games yesterday. Old ones, since his CPU is still in the dark ages, but fun nonetheless. And bloody addicting.

There was no problem with bro-in-law's 'puter. Everything appeared to be running fine so the slow down must have been a general 'Net thing, or a problem at the ISP end. He'll watch it and call as needed. Did show him how to find the stuff he wants without going to websites that may smack him with something nasty.