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01/28/03 at 928pm
Alrighty... I can probably, maybe, survive the next 4 weeks until QAF S3 premiere's in Canada. One of the gals on a list - who I must remember to go thank with my entire soul - posted a whole bunch of season 3 clips. Where she got them from I have no idea since S3 doesn't start in the US until Sunday.

Gods, if the first six episodes are any indication, this looks like a very angsty season. If any one reads this section (*laughs hysterically*) and you'd like to get these clips, drop me an e-mail.

Porn is good. With very few exceptions, I don't have a problem with it. I do, however, have a problem with the stupid motherfuckers who decide hiding crap like viruses, trojans and the like in the code (site or pop-ups) is a fun thing to do. Bro-in-law encountered one today and he thinks Norton caught it and dealt with it, but the machine did a sudden reboot on him and is now running so slow he doesn't know for sure. Hell, it's shit like that that nearly killed my hubby's machine. It nearly chewed a hole in the HDD, and if not for Trafalga and his vast brain of knowledge, the drive would have been scrapped.

Now that I have my QAF fix (thank you, Andrea, thank you!!) I should really get to work on the looooong list I have posted beside me.
02/27/03 at 1033pm
More of a work day than anything else, though I did get to chat with 'she who is obsessed with frogs'. Always makes the day a bit more enjoyable, surreal, when I talk to her.

'She who is obsessed with frogs' did convince me play a bit...

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Didn't say it was intellectual fun.

Since I'm managing to stay awake - and dinner got started late - I'm catching up on fic reading. On the monitor that's dying, or I assume as much since it goes through this yellow color flashing thing. Gah! Hard on the eyes, but it's more comfortable to sit at this 'puter than the other one.

I've tried, more times than I can count or was probably necessary, but I cannot get into Brian/Michael FF. I just can't see those two as a couple - ever. And I can't put into coherent words why. Have to ponder this, dig deep and find the underlying reasons, 'cause I know there's something 'blocking' me. Wish I knew someone else who was either into the show or the fanfiction.
02/25/03 at 956pm
I'm guessing HTML coding is not what most people would call 'relaxing'. I find it to be. Needed it too.

The rumored changes to Pharmacare were finally made known today... sort of. It's not just the seniors plans that were changed, but non-seniors as well (this does not include Social Assistance programs... I think).

The newspaper article gave some information but not all, and not the most critical - in my opinion - piece of info. Everyone is automatically enrolled/registered at the highest premium. If you feel you qualify for a lower one, you must apply for it. Found out this little tid-bit by calling Pharmacare directly, and I only got through because I used the special Pharmacy-only number.

What the changes boil down to, in terms of doing my job, is it's now very difficult to quickly tell a patient what amount Pharmacare will, and will not, cover. There's a complicated formula that involves the patient's combined net income and a two-level coverage percentage. My first impression is most people, mid-income earners specifically, will be paying a lot more than they are used to. For prescription drugs, if they're not a high user, there may not be much difference. But for prosthetics... this is going to be ugly. I think we'll see an increasing number of patients wanting us to bill their EHP, a practice we don't encourage right now because of many difficulties that arise when we request payment instead of the patient.

I've gone through the approvals we have on hand, calling the patients and encouraging them to come in now instead of waiting. As people become more aware of the new changes, I expect a high volume of 'do me now' calls. Our little lull could disappear rapidly.

I have got my parents registered though, and I'll do hubby and I tomorrow. 'Squid' and his family are already registered because of their previous premium assistance status (which will, unfortunately, be changing this year), but boss-man and his wife are not.

Oh god... boss-man's wife. She's the one I'm training for my mat. leave. I'll have to re-write all the Pharmacare sections - again! - and try and explain to her how the new calculations will go. Ya, this will be fun... NOT!

I'm going back to coding; it's less stressful and actually makes sense!
02/23/03 at 956pm
Even though I don't know for sure if I'll be working on a web site, I couldn't help but play around with a redesign. Haven't felt this 'jazzed' about playing with HTML code in quite a while.

Saw my girlfriend's new puppy today. What a cutie-pie! If it weren't for my cats, and the new baby on the way, we'd have a puppy tomorrow. Hubby loves dogs, and I must admit that I'm becoming a fan too.

The QAF fandom lost an author today. Rest in peace, Gracie.
02/22/03 at 1106pm
Told hubby about the potential offer from 'the gent' and he's all for it, highly encouraging it actually. But I must be bolder, don't pussy-foot this time when it comes to image and presentation. Um... I can do that, I think. We'll see.

Spent a large chunk of the day at MT Mall. God, has that place changed. So many stores I used to know, shop at, are gone now. I'd heard, a couple years ago, that rents were spiked so I'm guessing that accounts for some of the missing stores.

The main purpose in going so far afield, and battling the crowds, was more maternity clothes. The only Old Navy in the LM with mat. clothes is in MT. Not a bad selection, some different stuff for a change. Unfortunately, hubby had time to peruse the kiddie section and the unborn now has two pairs of itty-bitty jeans, four pairs of socks, another undershirt thing, and another pair of sleepers. This child will be well dressed, that's for sure.

And as long as we were spending money - maternity clothes, baby clothes, early Xmas gift for J back east, new purse - we did dinner out. I know the Greek food will, in some way, come back to haunt me tonight, but I don't care. It tasted damn good.

GC e-mailed me with a lovely thought - it was ten years ago today that Babylon 5, The Gathering (the pilot) first aired. Oh. My. God. Ten years?? Damn. It only feels like maybe five, six tops. Actually, it'll be five years December 2003 since B5 ended. Both GC and I are crawling back under our respective rocks.
02/21/03 at 1049pm
I should be in bed, almost two hours ago actually. Instead, I'm reading... oh god... het fics. Finally found some that interest me, that can hold my interest for more than a paragraph. There is something about the characters that I love, find captivating and endearing. Josh and Donna are, I think, the only potential couple I would love to see become a couple. *sigh* if only.
02/21/03 at 848pm
I have a bladder the size of a lentil, I'm sure of it. Geez louise, the last two days all I've had to do is look at a glass of water and I'm running for the john. Enough!

Heard from a gent I've done web-work for in the past. He's going to be running for office again, in a different state this time. I'm hoping my expecting in mid-June, about the time he wants to ramp things up, won't deter him from using me again. As long as he gives me a day or two notice, I can do the job. Crossing my fingers...

More of the office manual has been completed. I think the only major piece left is the accounting software. That's going to be a bitch to write up.

Work appears to be picking up, much to my boss' relief. He saw a bunch of authorizations sitting around and wanted me to call everyone and get them in. Well, most of those people were already booked - I was just being efficient and getting all the authorizations done early. That really didn't seem to ease the look of panic in his eyes.
02/18/03 at 742pm
I'm pissed. Correction, way beyond pissed. And it's all thanks to a lovely letter from the Ministry of the Attorney General. I've been called for Jury Duty. Oh joy.

Apart from the fact I can't go more than forty minutes without need of a bathroom (unless I restrict my fluid intake to absolutely nothing) the fucking 'trial' is supposed to last six weeks. So basically trash the month of April and a couple weeks in May. Who is supposed to train my maternity leave replacement? The boss doesn't know how to run a paper billing through most of the agencies we deal with, never mind run something through the Provincial Health online system. Oh, and lets not leave out the fact everyone else is gone - as in out of the country - for nearly two weeks, leaving only me to keep the office running AND take care of our yearly showing at the local BCSEPS convention.

I am applying for an exemption, but god knows if the morons will accept it. I hold very little faith in anything or anyone involved in the government - even less when it comes to the justice system.
02/17/03 at 357pm
Playing around with some things again. Mainly 'cause I'm curious and want to track a couple habits.

The printer at work is gunning for a hole in its imaging unit. Actually, it looks like the imaging unit is almost toast. And replacing the sucker is not going to be cheap. Oh well, not much that can be done about it so the order is in for a new one.

Time to start the backups. Learned the hard way, certain things must be backed up each and every night - no exceptions.
02/15/03 at 1114am
The only reliable time I appear to have for work on sites and other Internet related things is in the morning or early afternoon. After that, unless I've had a good long nap, the brain and body tell me to go to hell. Bastards. Oh, and fic-writing is included in that time frame as well. The plot-bunnies may still be awake and active in the evening, but that doesn't mean I get any writing done.

Have managed to update the GW side with a few new tid-bits this morning, but posting will be held until Sunday when FF.N comes back online. Wish there were some new recs to add, but my reading time at work has been limited and I really haven't found many new GW fics that jump out at me.

As of Thursday, I was one hundred and fifty pounds and the baby had a heartbeat of one hundred and thirty-eight per minute. Thought the weight might earn me a little 'talk' but the doc didn't seem concerned about it. Now in maternity clothes full time. Some of the pre-maternity stuff I have - 'normal' clothes as I call them - will no longer cover my growing stomach and still look decent.

When this kid I'm carrying is old enough to use a computer, he's getting his own. I do not want my computer trashed because the kid installs everything under the damn sun that pops up and says "use me". Like my niece appears to have done on her parent's computer. Bro-in-law said something about a weird thing/program popping up and telling him he'd have to pay to get rid of it. Huh?

A quick look at the machine and I noticed he wasn't running any firewall (not smart with an 'always on' connection) and the AV subscription had lapsed. On top of that, there was enough spy-ware to choke a hard drive. My dear little niece is in for a shock when she gets back from her father's on Sunday. She is not allowed to install ANYTHING without first calling me. Bro-in-law says he's observed her installing 'something' and asked her what it was, to which she's replied "it's fine, it's okay." Uhuh, sure it was. Willing to bet there will be a few of her programs that won't work properly or at all now. Too bad - and those are bro-in-law's words. If I can get enough spare parts together, maybe sis would allow a second computer in her house; one just for the kids. That way, they can do whatever they want and if it gets infected or overloaded, who cares. Format C: and start again.

Found a dish to make for tonight, got all the ingredients... now I have to make it. Which means the kitchen requires digging out so there's a smidgen of counter space to work on. I don't need a maid, I need some good explosives.
02/10/03 at 655pm
God help you if you're pregnant and have conservative tastes in clothing. Most, like three-quarters, of the maternity clothing I saw on the weekend was in the realm of flared pants (dress and casual), gauzy, dangly poofy shirts, all in colors that either leave you barfing or blind. And it's all overpriced. Either that or I'm really cheap. Did manage to find a couple things, but another top or two will be needed.

Looked after both nieces yesterday for six hours or so. One is ten and wanted to do nothing but play games on the 'Net. She was bummed we don't have MSN so she could chat to her friends. Another addict is born. Second niece is the new one. At three-and-a-half months old, my sis called her a 'good warm up' for me. If mine is as decent as this one was, I can probably handle this motherhood/parenting thing with a minimal loss of sanity. Then again, my favorite GW characters could suddenly spring to life tomorrow.

Need to find a hot vegetable dish to take to an extended family thing this weekend. My side of the family, and I haven't seen most of those going for two-plus years. For a reason. But, it's the great-auntie's combined birthdays and even if the rest of the family cause my eyes to roll, these feisty women are worth it. For those two I would gladly brave a boring aunt, an uncle I have no use for, and numerous cousins with whom I have absolutely nothing in common besides blood. Should also be interesting since my folks haven't said a word to any of them about their upcoming grand-child, and I haven't bothered to call with the news. Bite me.

Massively behind on site stuff. Really need a Saturday (or Sunday) with nothing but time to devote to all things 'Net related. By the time we get home from errands and the like on Saturday, I'm bagged and Sunday is no better with chores that need to be done around the house. Forget evenings after work. I figure I've got another two hours before I fall asleep. Just enough to make/eat dinner and maybe work on the blanket I'm making. Or should be attempting to make. Good thing the kid is not due for another five months.
02/06/03 at 746pm
Yay! Had a train this morning! Wasn't expected to be back in service for the morning commute, but enough of the track was cleared through the night.

Looked like some derailment. Nothing toxic spilt, thank the gods. There were still a number of cars scattered across some of the tracks this evening though. Looks like it could be another couple days before everything is cleaned up.

The 'mess factor' around the house is starting to get to me. Not the little piles of stuff, but the big items tossed in the family room downstairs, or the storage room. Why is there a computer monitor (that doesn't work) sitting on top of a box containing old clothing? Is there a reason for the bags of non-garbage items pulled from the old car before we sold it to still be sitting in the middle of the floor? Need to go through all this, preferably this weekend.

Must find something for dinner... but what? Blech.
02/05/03 at 746pm
Whenever the phone rings at six in the morning, I know it's not good. But I do thank hubby for giving me a heads-up at that hour. The commuter train I take to work was only running to the next station up from where I catch it. A derailment in PoMo shut down that area and the train couldn't pass through. Joy.

For a change, I really must commend the transit folks - train attendants especially. The train kept running to the last open station, then special buses were brought in to shuttle people to the closest LRT station. They, the transit folk, could have just abandoned the riders and told us to find our own way into town. A special phone call or letter is deserved for all their effort.

However, as good as this was, when you're pregnant with a touchy bladder travelling on transit can be interesting. At least on the commuter train there is a bathroom. Not so on the buses or the LRT. Let's just say I said a few prayers, moved as little as possible, and made the biffy my first stop when I finally reached work. Same on the way home, only it was a closer call. And last word I heard tonight was it's the same procedure for tomorrow. I hope the baby will take pity on his mother and NOT kick my bladder while on the bus tomorrow morning.

Well, the Internet has up and died on me. One minute the world is at my finger-tips, the next... *blows a raspberry*
02/03/03 at 708pm
Serious consideration on part needs to be given to getting punctal plugs. Nearly had an accident this weekend due to my eyes forcing themselves closed. Forced, as in 'we are not listening to you anymore and are closing now'. Why? Extreme light sensitivity, a side effect of my chronic dry eye syndrome. In the summer, everything is fine. But come the colder times, I go through artificial tears - the heavy kind - like crazy. Will talk to the gal I deal with this week and see what she thinks.

Headway is being made on the office manual but slowly, very slowly. Trying to make it very detailed, enough so that a complete idiot could understand how to do certain things. After hearing what my girlfriend saw/experienced when her office was hiring a new receptionist, I'm leaving nothing to chance!