Where the Sane Should Fear to Tread

Therapy Sessions on File


All computers should be melted down and made into boat anchors!! And I curse the day the office moved from an old fashioned - and reliable - paper scheduler to a fucking electronic one. When the system dies, so does the scheduler. Hello? Did no one think of this?? Yes, the data is backed up but not the program itself. Thank whatever powers that be today was a non-work day or we would have been screwed.

Windows Explorer refuses to remain stable. It freezes randomly, which really fucks things up quite nicely. Joy. It took six hours to coax the important data off the machine and on to a series of CD-RW's. Got my exercise running back and forth between computers - burning off one, loading the data onto the other. Of course, neither computer is on the same network. That would be too bloody easy. Two networks in a small office is ridiculous. If the idiots at Pharmacare would get off their lazy fucking asses and get the security shit they've been talking about for the past year into action, then the piss-poor network could be dumped.

A new computer arrives Tuesday by noon. And the programmers for the Pharmanet billing program arrive shortly after that. They weren't impressed with a short notice installation call, but they can kiss my ass. For what we pay per month for that program - half of which we don't use - they can ask 'how high' when we say 'jump'.

The graphics I've been working on are... almost done. Ninety-percent done actually. Opening and main parts completed, just the little bits to figure out. Compared to some of the stuff around the 'Net, I still consider mine shit, but they are the best I've done to date. Almost makes me want to redesign the GW side of the Sanctuary. {checks temperature and mental stability}... yeah, right. Like I need that fucking headache. There is one large problem with the layout... Netscape users are screwed. The layout refuses to 'format' right in NS. Screw it, I don't care.

Content is the next step. Looks great in my head but who knows how it'll all come out. At the current rate of productivity, there might be something to take 'live' in, oh... a year. Kill me, kill me now.

Tomorrow has been designated 'new car day'. The Subaru is paid off as of Monday, and hubby is wasting no time getting a new car. Goody - NOT. I like my little Forester, very much. But, when it's loaded up with rifles, fishing rods and other hunting/fishing paraphernalia, there's not enough room to sleep in it. If you're saying 'huh?' you are not alone. I've been saying that for months. Seriously, kill me.
I have this problem... had it all my life. When I become focused on something, it's all I can see, all I can think about. Nothing wrong with that, unless you have a couple dozen other things that need doing. And, of course, this latest bug-up-the-ass fit has to do with graphics for a section of Wanderings. Yeah, shit I'm hopeless at I've let it consume my life... again. Times like this, more therapy is a serious consideration.

Fuck this, screw the computer and all it's fancy programs... I'm gonna go hit the sack. Can't ignore the paperwork piling up on my desk again, and sorting it while sleepy is not a good idea.
Found the mp3's... all of them, I think. Transferred all to another machine, renamed and organized them... then burned the suckers. First opportunity to try the burner on the new 'puter - nice and the software is slick, easy to use.

Now, with everything in one place (finally!), it's time to make a couple play lists.
So I finally got 'round to starting on the Area 88 section in Other Wanderings. Got stuff scanned, chopped out what I considered useable/workable images, typed up the basic character profiles... and then made the mistake of trying to design the front page.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I. Cannot. Do. Graphics. I suck, badly, and I know it. Everyone else would know it too if I dared to display the pathetic shit. And since I'm having a self-esteem/no-creativity moment, my writing sucks too. There, now I can go wallow in a dozen Kalua Mudslides with a reason.

And speaking of sucking badly at writing, I've been indulging in a spot of writing that will never see the light of day. Why? 'Cause I hate reading other people's OC x character fics... and that's exactly what this is. Hell, the OC could probably be considered a Mary Sue, though I have managed to keep her down to a 5 out of 10 score. This piece is for me, and me alone; I've been brain-working it now for close to four years and finally found the words needed to type it out. So if anyone has been waiting for more parts of my latest GW fic, that's the reason nothing has been showing up.

I know I've seen these around somewhere... CD-R's over 700meg. Think I can find them?? London Drugs, Future Shop, and a couple other stores had nothing. Nada. 700's are the biggest we stock. So where can I get larger ones? "I dunno," answered one intelligent employee. Gee, thanks. Tomorrow, I try the tech guy the office uses - if something exists for computers, he can find it.

There must be something in the air surrounding my neighbourhood. Renovations/additions to houses have been going full tilt. Down one end of the lane, the people of a smallish house put in a new garage. The thing is so huge, I have to wonder if they intend to enlarge their house and live in the garage until the job is done. Directly across the lane, the new owners have been bashing out a small added-on back stoop. Could be extending their porch to run the entire length of the back of the house... or could be something else. Wait and see on that. And beside that house, the family there is building a huge addition to their existing house. They've doubled, maybe almost tripled, the size of the existing house. Should look great when it's done, and with two adults/ three kids, the extra space will be a godsend I'm sure.

Going through the mp3 collection. Damn thing is spread out over four drives and three CD's. Organization is another thing I apparently suck at. Anyway... there's quite a diverse range of stuff. Show tunes, techno, classical (ew! how'd that get in there), 50's-90's stuff... the list is vast. And, of course, the songs I was looking for are no where to be found. There were about a 100 anime tunes... somewhere. Shit, probably have to clean up this room again to find them.
These days, I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or just grab the shotgun and shoot the fucking 'puters... especially the piece of crap I'm writing this on.

For the second time in a month, it ate a fic I've been working on. Not just any fic, but one I've been slaving over, suffered massive amounts of writers' block over. The block finally lifts and I spend all Friday working on it - all day! It was fucking brilliant, plot and everything. I did remember to hit save along the way and I even backed it up. But somewhere between the last save and the backup, the entire thing got corrupted. How? If I could answer that, I'd be in the psychic business. When I opened the file the next morning, instead of seeing the twenty plus pages of the fic, a half page of scrambled number and symbols greeted my eyes. The life was sucked out of me, wham!, just like that.

After an hour of fiddling around and a really good blow up - my 'puter room was never neat, but it's even worse - the backup disc was chucked in the spare machine with the brilliant thought of restoring from a previous burn session - backups are done on CDRW's, multi-session. So how the hell do you access a previous burn session? Fucked if I know... and I still don't know how I managed to do it. But I have part of the first two chapters back. Other bits are scattered across the 'puters at work, so I can access them on Tuesday... hopefully. Don't know if I can reconstruct what was lost, or pass the block again, but I've learned a thing or two: 1) save in two places; 2) don't rely on just the save, copy the text to a new document and save under a different name; 3) back the fucker up to another location as well as the disc.

Spent a large part of Saturday getting the new server and router online. Trafalga has been after me for months do get off my ass and do this. Well, it's done, it's up, and I have no clue how to use it. For the moment, I can get online and that's all I care about. There are a few snags, a few differences from my old system (mainly a new OS), but all the other machines are getting out. I am not, despite strong suggestions, dismantling the old system. If I run into problems - with my ISP or anything else - the new server is going offline and the old one fired up. That one, the old system, I understand. And it's easier to configure and diagnose.

The biggest peeve I can think of right now is a lack of formatting in fanfiction. Whatever happened to paragraphs and white-space to separate them? There's been a number of fics that have looked interesting lately, but I cannot read one giant paragraph or paragraphs that are barely separated from the others. Come on people, stick an extra blank line or two in, will ya? Making the readers' eyes cross is not a good way to encourage feedback... if the fic is read at all.

And I hate - despise, loathe, detest - fics that are started and never finished. There's a couple of them in my GW archive and it's a constant battle to not rip them out. Running through a bunch of old fic-recs (ones that never made the main lists for a variety of reasons) I was amazed at the number of abandoned fics. For me, a fic is officially classed as abandoned when there's been no update for six months. Sometimes the author is just taking a break and the fic is updated after six months, but most times it's not. Personally, I don't post a single part of a fic until it's completely written and requires only editing. If I decide to leave and people want to know what happens, they can at least have the rough stuff. I'd take that over not knowing the ending any day.

One more check at the important stuff, post this, and I'm done for the night. Christ, you know you're getting old when you say that 11:30pm and on a night when you don't have to get up for work the next day. Someone shoot me.