Where the Sane Should Fear to Tread

Therapy Sessions on File


Well, last weekend started off with a bang... literally. After not sleeping well Friday night, I'm woken up by a knock on the front door around 9:30. Some idiot who, by his own admission, doesn't know how to drive a standard transmission plowed into our front yard. One hydrangea bush was trashed, smunched by a nice big diesel truck using it as a braking device. Now, if this was a kid learning to drive I would be okay with it - well, not okay but far more understanding and forgiving. As it was, the driver (and I use the term very loosely) was an adult, moving his uncle's truck out of the way. Of what I have no idea, nor do I care. I'm just pissed and I just want that bush replaced.

At long last, I'm getting back to working on my other web sites. I thought it was laziness keeping me from working on anything, but in truth I have been hijacked by fics. I'm no afraid or ashamed to admit I'm a fic-whore. The latest series to suck me in are Boy Meets Boy and Queer as Folk (US version). For BmB, I'm a total Skids/Cya 'shipper - totally! And in QAF, I'll read just about any pairing, but prefer Brian/Justin. And the QAF fic addiction leads right into a WinMX addiction for select QAF vids. I'm still saving up for the first season DVD's - wish I could buy them individually, but they're only sold as a set (dammit!) In the meantime, WinMX is keeping me satisfied.

Picked up a Condor Joe Medicom doll last weekend. Yum yum yum! Not the original issue (waaaay too expensive), but the reissue is damn fine. Didn't get the Eagle Ken doll though. Only had enough for one (even with the special break my buddy gave me) and Joe has been my favorite for 20 years. With the 30th anniversary of Gatchaman coming up and the resurgence of BotP, there is a ton of merchandise. Now, I need a ton of money!

Clothing shopping is something I do as infrequently as possible. I despise the malls and don't have the patience to plow through racks of clothes. When my girlfriend suggested a shopping trip - to help her find stuff for her trip - I agreed reluctantly. She needed a second set of eyes and someone who wouldn't say "are you done yet" every five minutes. She came home with a skirt suit and a pair of shorts. I came home with two new outfits, dress pants, and five tops. How did that happen? It was so much more fun to shop with someone than by myself. Not once did I get pissed off, have an anxiety attack, or get discouraged. The trick, I think, is to not shop alone. We have another trip planned for fall/winter clothes.

Found an interesting article in the local paper today. Seem that a Psychologist in New York has concluded that women directly exposed to semen are significantly less depressed than those who are not. Studies done previously have shown that semen contains, along with testosterone and estrogen, mood-altering hormones. The good doctor, and his colleagues, believe the hormones are absorbed through the vaginal walls and help "wash away the blues." Now, it's not advised that women should abandon condoms all together - the threat of disease and unwanted pregnancy is likely to be more depressing than any benefit the semen may provide. Interesting, eh?
It's taken 3.5 years, but the back yard is almost done - 7/8 done to be exact. The rest can't be done until the bodies rot and settle in the pit. The honking petrified stump, surrounded by smaller rotting logs, was the first to go... then the tires surrounding the bushes... then the retaining walls were rebuilt (old cement is really expensive to get rid of - ouch!)... and, finally, the crappy spot by the tree. Discovered hubby does not describe his ideas well, at all! The way he described the 'circular block thingy' is nothing like the way it looks; it looks damn good! He swears every guy in the neighbourhood has been by to inspect it, comment on it, and mumble that their wives want something like it in their yards.

The roof is done - sorta. Climbed up and took a look today, and there's one vent missing and no flashing around the chimney. Final payment will not be made until those are done. But it looks great. Torch-down roofing so beats tar and gravel, and lasts triple the time longer. Good thing, 'cause we won't be affording another roof any time soon!

The good weather (read that as hot!) stomped its way here, turning the house into an oven. The only decent place to sit in the heat is downstairs (boring!) or on the honkingly huge back deck. During the late fall/winter/spring, said deck grows algae worse than hubby's fish tank, so it requires a good cleaning before using extensively. First year in the house, I cleaned the sucker by hand - on hands and knees with a hand brush. After ten hours, I swore I'd burn it down before doing that again. The next spring, we welcomed a pressure washer into our humble abode. If there is one piece of yard equipment I absolutely adore and refuse to live without, it's that dear little pressure washer. Mr. Deck, and all the furniture, is done in four hours - five if I include the railings and patio cover. And it's not just the deck that sucker works great on. Took the algae off the siding out back, spiffed up the barbecue, cleaned the driveway and made the car sparkle.

Gearing up for the season finale of QAF tomorrow night. Summer TV officially starts, for me, Monday at 11pm. Summer really is the pits when it comes to network TV. If it weren't for the 'higher' stations (TLC, A&E, et al) I'd cancel the cable. Okay, not everything lower down the dial is bad, but it's gotten steadily worse the last six years. Thank whatever gods there are for DVD and tape players, especially during the summer!

And speaking of DVD's.... I've still got at least one BotP disc I haven't touched. Sounds like I get to see something fun tonight after all!