In the Beginning...

... there was a giant page of links, in day-glow colors and Comic Sans font. No style (not that there is now either), no grace, just a seared retina or two and pile of disorganized crap.

Personal Escapes started as a place to store things (links, pictures, video) and to practice building different web-related items. It's evolved (a bit) since then, but this place is still more-or-less a giant storage bin.

Into the Future

Personal interests come and go, and the sections on this site may as well. The Experimentation section is just that - a place to experiment with different codes, styles, etc. And one really shouldn't venture into Where the Sane Should Fear to Tread without first checking ones prejudices at the door and ensuring the correct dosage of medication has been taken.

If you've come looking for the old fandom sub-sites that used to be here, sorry, they are gone. Some of the fics those sites contained can be found in the Big List of Reading, others in the Random Recs section.