Read Fic List


Do You Love Me  by latteaddict
Ease the Moment  by shontos_garden
Finally Happening  by latteaddict
(A) Garden Enclosed  by meyerlemon
Idols by CarrKicksDoor 1    2    3    4
In Your Dreams  by sanssong
Little Girl Lost  by sanssong
(The) Mind's Eye  by sanssong
Out of Hand  by Crystal Wimmer
Out of Turn  by Crystal Wimmer
R&R  by Roxanne (tbc)
Remedy  by brynnmck
(In) Showers and Shadows  by Crystal Wimmer
Something Pretty  by Kate Andrews
(The) Towel  by sanssong
Untitled series by voleuse
  A Tyrant Spell
  Stealing a Flowering Branch
  The Sea Circle
Where There Is Love  by Crystal Wimmer


405 Past Midnight   by Caroline Crane
All He Needs  by kennedy_unknown
All the Way to Paris  by caroline
Angel of Mine  by Catlover2x
Anticipation  by Neko
Artificial Colour and the Art of Flavour  by Nekosmuse
At the Hour of Death  by caroline
Autre Ne Vueil  by geekwriter
Barking at the Knot  by quettaser
Battlefield  by Jedi Princess Clarrisani
Because I Want You  by Serenity
Better That Way RPS fic   by stareyed
Camping  by Caroline Crane
Capital C!  by Nemi
Carnal Trespass  by Jacki
Closeted  by ShoSen
Conspire  by Kalimyre
Constant Compromise Between Thinking and Breathing  by geekwriter
Crush  by serenity151979
Curtain and All  by geekwriter
Denim by flipflopadd1ct pt 1   pt 2   pt 3
Diversions  by April May
Domesticity  by morgan_cian
Don't Pray For Me  by serenity151979
Ever Esteemed  by caroline
(The) Fall  by quettaser
Foolish Games  by Saras_girl
Game Day  by Steph
Going Down  by geekwriter
Going Home Alone and Going Home Together  by liriel
Good Intentions  by Catlover2x
(A) Greater Aptitude  by caroline
(A) Handful of Sand  by Quettaser
(A) Hard Rain's Gonna Fall  by kennedy
Idolatry  by Caroline Crane
Images  by violet_eyes
(An) Interval of Dreams  by Keiko Kirin
Inventing Games Out of Everything  by shrift
Jackpot  by Serenity
Killing Time in the Present Tense RPS fic   by quettaser
Like Lettuce  by caroline
Live Like You Were Dying  by kissingchaos9
Lock and Key  by caroline
Lover I Don't Have to Love  by Dr FooFoo
Masappuq  by geekwriter143
Maybe, baby by pitza pts 1-2   pt 3 (tbc - abandoned)
Necessity  by KBfan
Nine Love Songs by Saras_girls
  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9a   Part 9b
No Strings Attached  by serenity151979
Not As Planned RPS fic   by Jedi Princess Clarrisani
Not Even Poets by geekwriter Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
Of Fire and Ice RPS fic   by Nekomuse
Of Un-Being and Being  by foggynite
One Hundred and Ninety Three  by jenna
Parchment  by Neko
Passing Storm  by Rabidfan
Perfect by Read300300 pt 1   pt 2   pt 3>
Pirates  by Catlover2x
Professional Attire  by quettaser
Putting Down Roots  by jayceepat
Rear Window  by Catlover2x
Remember December  by Neko
Repeating History  by quettaser
Ride em Cowboy by Jesika pt 1    pt 2
Right Here  by quettaser
(The) Ritual of Reassurance  by caroline
Rose Tint My World  by geekwriter
Sanctified  by Caroline Crane
Sea of Vegas  by RurouniHime
Senses Wild  by xof
(A) Sensible Choice by rabidfan Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
Slipping Into Love  by MsMaggs
Something Like Instinct  by nekosmuse
Somewhere Between the Words RPS fic   by Nekomuse
Starting the Firecatlover2x
Static  by caroline
Stop Whispering  by geekwriter
Tease  by KBfan
There Is A Place  by carleton97
(The) Things That Are Forever by Jenna Pro & pt1 (tbc - abandoned)
Three Steps Away  by Fabella
Three Ways They Didn't Find Out  by Steph
Torchlight on Red Faces  by Caroline Crane
Twenty-One Breaths by RurouniHime Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
Two O'clock  by Rabidfan
Underneath It All by Jacki pt1   pt2   pt3   pt4   pt5
Waiting for You  by downloadable08
What We Remember  by Caster


5 Times Mal Almost Kisses Simon  by sparky77
Adjustments  by Ana
Aftermath  RPS fic by Clay
Aftermath series by sffan
Ain't always so cold, out in the Black by wildannuette
All Around You  by Eleanor K.
An Arrangement of Parts  by Ana
Apple Series by belasara
  The Sharp Side of the Apple part 1   part 2   part 3
  Rotten Apples
  The Snake in the Apple Tree part 1   part 2   part 3
Ariel  by Dragonkat
Assessment  by Ana
Asset Series by Kylie Lee
  Like Honey
Beautiful Eyes series  by sffan
(The) Beauty of Nature  by wildannuette
Best Laid Plans  by nicci and Ximeria
Between Hours  by skripka
Big Damn Hero & Turned out Lies  by Ana
Blood, Sweat, and Tears  by Kellygirl
Boy's Night Out  by Madders
Certain Advantages  by inalasahl
Change is a Broken Heart  by Peach
Changes and Purposes  by devo79
Changing the Rules  by Kellygirl
Chemistry  by skripka
Coda  by skripka
Companion  by saestina
Company of Strangers series by justblue0162
  Company of Strangers
  Ship of Fools
  Army of One
  Terms of Surrender
Confession  by Nur
Confounding  by _beetle_
Control  by sffan
Crash  by dirty diana
Damned  by Skripka
Dangerous Cargo  by Nestra
Deleted Scenes and Post Series AU P.1   P.2  by wildannuette and kitsunesan
Didn't Know I'd Care  by msgordo
(The) Difference  by writingpathways
Dominoes  by arachne
Don't Have to Mean a Thing  by nicci
Down and Dirty  by Kellygirl
Downright Dirty  by valiant
Even Prometheus Finally Had A Good Day  by sparky77
Facets by ainzfern Part 1    Part 2
Firefly The Series  by thetenthmuse1
Focus series by skripka
  Not Paying Attention
  On Track
Freak on a Leash  by Ximeria
From the Hip  by Mosca
Fuzzy  by Eleanor K.
(The)Games We Play series by noandwhere
  With My Little Eye
  Twenty Questions
  Simon Says
Ghost Ambush  by Peach
Good Morning  by skripka
Gun Oil and Testosterone  by Peach
Halfway  by emella
Happenstance  by Ana
Heat and Citrus and That Look  by noandwhere
His Knife, His Gun And His Surgeon  by noandwhere
Home  by llaras
Home Series by noandwhere Whiskey and Tall Card
  pt 1
  pt 2
  pt 3
  pt 4
  pt 5
How Noble in Reason by kitsunesan

Illusions/Delusions  by archae_ology
Imbued  by kirby crow
(The) Infirm  by grapho_spasm
Intersections series  by sffan
In the Before  by Kirby Crow
I Spy series by justblue0162
  I Spy
It Surrounds You  by bugchicklv
Just Cause  by Kellygirl
(The) Kellerville kidnapping incident  by kelly_girl
Kenophobia  by tynantblue0162
Leavings  Round Robin by various authors
(The) Letter  by noandwhere
Lie Down&bnsp; by Ana
(The) Long-Delayed Courtship of Doctor Simon Tam  by budclare
Lost  by smlslikecrotch
Making God Laugh  by puritybrown
Mal and Simon and a Shack on Acà Nada  by Dark Emerald
(The) Moment  by emungere
Mutual Satisfaction (or, Things Jayne Don't Do)  by Fia Reynne
Nascent series by wedjateye
  Growing Pains
Needs series by Cyndy
Neither Sweet Nor Nothings  by randominity
Noel  by Eleanor K.
None So Blind  by BlackEyedGirl
Not Crew  by Juli
Of Boots, Books and Rolling Stones  by JM Griffin
Once Burned by wildannuette
   Part 1
   Part 2
   Part 3
   Part 4
   Part 5
On the Job  by Edwardina
Out in the Black Ain't Nothing So Much as Time  by scribblinlenore
Painkiller  by ashinae
Part Exchange  by wildannuette
(The) Pastry Caper  by Ana
Perdition  by Shan
Perfection  by Kellygirl
Possessive Pugnacity  by moonmip
Postludes series  by woodsong
Process of Elimination  by Sonya
Purgatory  Round Robin by various authors
Pussyfooting  by Juli
Reconciliation  by inalasahl
Reconciliation series by noandwhere
  The Olive Branch
  The First Shot
  The Aftermath Part 1  Part 2
Red light special  by kelly_girl
Rhythm and Blood  by Skripka
Seein', fallin', caught  by skrip's disciple
Seeing Things  by Gigi Sinclair
Shift  by Eleanor K
(The) Shirt Affair  by hossgal
Shore Leave  by rebecca
Signs of Life & Reinforced  by Ana
Smooth  by scribblinlenore
Snapshots  by noandwhere
Something  by Ana
Sometimes, things just go down smooth  by Ana
(The) Speed of Choices by dirty diana 1 2 3 4 5 6
Stroke of Luck  by hopeful_fiction
Stronghold series by valeriebean
  No More Running
  Hopeless Romantic
  Cleansing Dreams
  Change the Ending
Stuck On You  by helen_damnation
Surprising 'verse by ainzfern
  Muses of a Mercenary
  Now You Do
  Simple and Profound
  Little Cat Feet
  Much More Than One Thing
  Blood and Water
Tetchy  by debchan
That Funny Feeling  by Juli
Them's Fightin' Words by Juli
  Right in the Kisser
  Down for the Count
Things That Haunt Us(story 10)  by Eleanor K.
Thrown Askew  by Ana
Too Gorram Pretty  by sffan
Town of the Backberth Freaks  by Ana
Trajectories  by solvent90
Trauma Medicine series by Kispexi2
  So like...never?
  Making embarassinly large stacks of money
  This isn't home
  It's who I am
  Freeze to death first
  You found me broken
  Sit down and hang onto something
  Impressive what 'nothing' can do to a man
  Some men might take advantage
  Gave up everything
  Am I dreamin'?
  An interesting day
  Check the baricades
  The real me
  See what's inside
  A kind of poetry to it
  Sometimes when a thing's broke
  Sometimes you need a doctor
  A *zhen de shi tian cai* when it comes to plans
  It's not a problem... 'cause it's not
  Time to go
  Two by two
Turbulence  by captainlogic
Unbuttoned  by valiant(Edwardina)
Under the Stairs  by Jean
Untitled  by isilrandir
Untitled series by ainzfern
Untitled series by J.M. Griffin
  Double-Edged Swords
  Cuts Both Ways
  Coup de Grace
Untitled by kitsunesan and wildannuette
  Part 1
Untitled series by noandwhere
  Flash Flood
  Later That Evening...
  Waking Up
Untitled Series by Peach
  Lightening Bugs
  This Ain't the Orient Express
  Ghost Ambush
(The) 'Verse Only Knows  by Annuette
Waking the World Away  by goldatamera
Wallflower  by kelly_girl
Way Things Turn, The  by evilmaniclaugh
Weather Patters series by sffan
  Clear Skies
  Heat Wave
What Jayne Likes and Count(down)  by Ana
Wherein Jayne and Simon Have Sex  by simmysim
White Flag  Rachel Lee Arlington
Within Reach  by llarus
Wounds of the Past Round Robin by Various Authors
Yi Tiantian Ti series by Skripka   Wuyeshi - Part 1    Wuyeshi - Part 2
Zodiac pts1-2  by amor_remanet


Because of You  by Amarin Rose
Evolution Arc  by Ashkara
Freeport  by Maldoror
Hopeless  by Sephiroth G


59 Days  by goneoffthelump
101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes  by who_la_hoop
Above All, I Believe In Love  by shocfix
Across the Line  by kerryblaze
Adagio in G Minor  by furiosity
(The) admirer that wasn't admirable  by redsnake05
Adrenaline Rush  by crystallekil
(The) Adventures of Scarhead and Weasel  by softly_sweetly
Aftermath  by Magic of Isis
Aftermath  by shocfix
afternoon delight  by kaalee
After Eden  by Rickey_A
After the Fall  by celandineb
Agnus Dei  by SilentAuror
All Apologies  by 1ightning
All Dressed Up, Somewhere to Go  by oldenuf2nobetter
All His Saints  by Setissma
All I Have Left  by furiosity
All It Takes  by cf33
All I Want For Christmas Is You  by tqpannie
All's Fair in Love and Wards and Future Ficlet: All's Fair in Love and Wards  by Rickey A
All That Glitters  by graylor
All These Words I Don't Just Say  by goneoffthelump
Alohomora Society: A Young Wizard's Guide to Etiquette  by kestrelsparhawk
Always Have and Always Will  by domerupert
Amortentia  by tqpannie
And An Owl Named Romeo  by Rickey A
and every breath's a moment  by epicflailer
And I Will Be Your Shield, My Love  by silver_ariel
And Your Dreaming Meet  by Fourth Rose
Another Bloody Kookaburra  by mrsquizzical
Another Way Through Time  by Furiosity
Answers  by Crystelle
Any Port in a Storm  by sabine91175
Apart Together  by Maple and Mahogany
Arcadia / Gloria  by Abaddon
(The) Argument  by Flutesong
Arse 'Verse  by shocfix
Artic Fox  by scrtkpr
(The) Art of Prosthesis  by joeyjames (het, f/g/h)
As Long As You Mean It  by dreamyraynbo
As Time Unfolds  by agnes_bean
At Night  by faynia
Awakening  by kaalee
(The) Bathtub's Archipelago  by Setissma
Bealtunn Reunion  by oceaxe
(The) Beard  by goneoffthelump
(A) Beautiful Lie  by Abremaline
Beautiful World  by Cinnamon
Bed & Late Night Snack  by Stray
Because I Loved You  by callie_828
Because It's You  by clue (aka cluegirl)
Becoming Real  by Irana Potter-Snape
Before and After Hours  by Tarie (hp/cw)
(A) Beginner's Mistake  by foretinterdite
Behind the Green Door and Salt in Our Wounds (pt7, tbc)  by thewickednix
Be-loved and Be-elved  by fireelemental79
Berry Red  olimakiella
Best Everything  by tarie
Best Friends  by Kayla
(The) Best Laid Plans  by Frances Potter un psa pw jamessnape
(The) Best of my Love  by kerryblaze
Best Man  by netbyrd
Better Than Revenge  by Celandine Brandybuck
Betwixt and Between  by leela_cat
Beyond the Lethe  by zionsstarfish
Beyond Words  by obsessed1
(A) Big Bed  by Maple_Mahogany
Birthday Boys  by luvscharie (F/H/G het and slash)
Birthday Celebrations  by k8Matty (F/G/H)
Bite Me, Hate Memes  by pir8fancier
Bittersweet  by SilentAuror
Bittersweet Symphony  by wolfiekins
Blame it on the Polyjuice  by kerryblaze
Blame It on the Rain  by sesptwd
Blue Christmas  by screaminglungs
Blue Eyes  by solstice_muse
Blue Vase  by Ivyblossom
Body Heat  by TattooedSiren
Boodwaggles  by f13tch3r
Boy Who Bends Over, The  by shellydkitty (sdk)
Breakfast In Bed  by Anj
Breakdown  by i_claudia
Breaking the Silence  by k8Matty (F/G)
Broomstick Wonder  by madam_minnie
Business as Usual  by RurouniHime
(The) Business of Saving Souls  by RurouniHime
By The Light of the Lantern  by tqpannie
Bywyd ar Mawrth (Life on Mars)  by: NQDonne
Call It Affinity by sveinity Part 1  Part 2
Candy  by shocfix
Catalyst  by aniwde
(A) Certain Shade of Grey  by thewickednix
Changes  by KAC Smith
(The) Changing Room  by satindolls (aka tqpannie)
Charmed Wool  by winnett
Checking It Twice  by Emma Grant
(The) Chess Master  by satindolls
Chocolate self-saucing pudding  by redsnake05
Choices  by satindolls (h/r)
Choices  by Chiya (h/d)
Chosen Again  by jordangrant
Christmas Wishes  by Satindolls
Close Enough  by Helen
Closure  by Juxian Tang
Code of Conduct  by Catrinella
Collateral Damage  by furiosity
Collection  by tarie
Comfort  by corvidae9
Coming Apart at the Seams  by Flora Hart
Coming Home  by Empathic Siren
Confession is Good for the Soul and Estranged  by Anna Fugazzi
Connect The Freckles  by vlredreign
Consequences  by MidnightBlue88
(The) Considerate Flatmate  by Magic of Isis
Credulous Hearts  by k
Crup-tion of the Not-So-Innocent  by calanthe_fics
Cupid's Choice: Snake Bite and Black  by rospberry
Curiouser and Curiouser  by shocfix
Switch Hit  by Magic of Isis
(The) Danger in the Shadows  by softly_sweetly
Darken Many Virtues  by Addictedkitten
(The) Darkest Recesses of the Heart  by auntee_mame
(A) Day at a Time  by Magic of Isis
Dear Ron...Dear Harry...  by Madam Minnie and Satindolls
(The) Debt  by iscaris
De Novo  by Lothiriel
Desires What Is Understood  by Ivy Blossom
Desperately Seeking Someone  by Alaana Fair
Dessert  Plumeria/aome
Devour  by Hysterical Hystorian
Disappearing Act  by hpuckle
Discovered  by plotbunniofdoom
Disintegrate  by rurounihime
Disturbing the Peace  by MoonflowerRose
Doesn't Anything Else Writhe?  by shocolate
Don't Apologise  by irishphoenix711
Downpour, The Quality of Ice and Still Tender  by RurouniHime
Draco in Darkness  by Debbie
Draco Under Glass  by pushdragon
Dukedom Large Enough  by Alysian_Fields
Duration of Emptiness  by fireelemental79
Echo  by emerald_dragon8
Eclipse  by PhoenixSong
Eight Days In November  by Emma Grant
Electrolite, Avalon and Imitation of Life  by Ashura un psa pw jamessnape
(The) Elegant Solution  by magicofisis
Elysian Fields  by simons_flower
Empty Spaces   by Ociwen
Epiphany  by shocfix
Every Little Detail  by coquilleon
Every Night The Same  by Rickey_A
Everything Starts as Somebody's Daydream  by kerryblaze
Everything's Extendable  by earth_dragon
Every Woman's Fantasy Come True  by Hysterical Hystorian
Exorcism  by Cluegirl
Experimenting  by k8Matty
Fade to Silver  by furiosity
(The) Favor  by Sabine
(A) Favour Between Friends  by bryonyfics
Fidelius  by coffeejunkii
Finding Love in the Depths of a Cauldron  by ennyousai
Finding the Seeker  by hedwigs_bane
Finite Incantatum  by Alysian_Fields
Fireball's Firecall  by solstice_muse
Firewhiskey and Fairy Lights  by jairissa
(The) First Christmas  by elenauial
Firsts and Seconds  by Tarie
(The) First Time  by lonewhiterose
Fixations  by tqpannie (aka satindolls)
Fool's Mate  by snakeling
Fools Rush In  by oldenuf2nobetter
For Both of Them and An Us  by shocfix
Forget Me Not  by sugareey
(The) Fortunate Fall  by Lomonaaeren
Found  by SaraEK
Foundations by Saras_Girl
  The Significance of Draco Malfoy
Founder's Ball  by Rickey_A
Four-Poster  by klarsfelder
Frayed Edges  by Dementis
Friends Old and New  by khateh
Frog Launching  by Maple and Mahogany
From the Brink of Twilight  by furiosity
Frost  by LardenceLover
(A) Fruit Tree in Winter  by O9HDSMod
Full Spectrum and Shades of Grey  by Olivia_Lupin
Future Lost  by wolfiekins
Get There Faster  by hesychasm
Getting There  by rickey_a
Give A Little Whistle  by reni_days
Go-Between  by silvernatasha
Godric's Hollow  by shocfix
Going Home  by auto
(The) Goodness of Their Hearts  by Taratext
(The) Good Parts  by kaalee
Good Things and Better Things  by SilentAuror
Graffiti and Insomnia  by SilentAuror
(The) Great Bottom Battle of 2009  by Alaana Fair
Grey Dawning  by SilentAuror
Guilt Free Access  by shocfix
Guy Talk  by Icarus
Haeddu  by Amatia (beyond_belief)
Hall of Mirrors  by Ella Bane un psa pw jamessnape
Hallowe'en  by goneoffthelump
Hands  by satindolls (aka tqpannie)
Happily Ever After?  by morganmuffle
Harry  by Rickey_A
Harry and Ron Move Out  by Jeannie
Harry Gets Lucky  by SlantedKnitting
Harry Potter and the Death Eater's Son  by sheepybunbuns
Harry Potter and the Green Carnation  by NotMollyWeasley
Harry Potter and the Magic of Mistletoe  by November Snowflake
Harry Potter's Bloke  by shocolate
Harry's Box  by KAC Smith (aka auntee_mame)
Harry's Worst Nightmare  by Magic of Isis
Hate  by serene_cj
Healthy Sportsmanship  by lizardspots
Heat Lightening  by Chiya
Heat Wave  by Allika
Helping Hands  by silvernatasha
(A) Hero All The Same  by kayladie
He Was He and I Was Bunny  by Bryoney Brynn
Hogsmen, The  by jamie2109
Hold Fast Hope  by pez_gurl (Meg)
Homecoming  by novembersnow
Homecoming Surprise  by Redblaze
(A) Home of Their Own  by Magic of Isis
Homework  by mme_rosmerta
(The) Honeymoon  by Dracosoftie
Hot Chocolate  by SilentAuror
(The) Hot, Hot Day  by Slanted Knitting
(A) House with a White Picket Fence and (A) House with a Blue Door  by SilentAuror
(The) Housewarming Gift  by Magic of Isis
How Lucky Can You Get?  by Magic of Isis
How Something Ridiculous Led to Something Brilliant  star54kar
How the Wizarding World Wanks  by dream-wia-dream
How to catch your man through hard work  by redsnake05
(The) Hunger  by Firestorm17
Ice Lolly  by Trubbleclef
"I Could Never Hate You, Ron"  by Jenn (aka whatitistoburn1)
If it wasn't for you...  by lizardlaugh
I'll never have Hermione for Breakfast  by shocolate
(The) Immortal Game  by gibson_fic
Immunity in the Darkness  by maple_mahogany
Imprint  by b00kaddict
In Chocolate Veritas  by memorycharm
Indulgence  by kerryblaze
In Hot Water  by fiona_fawkes
In Mr. Weasley's Shed  by domerupert
Innocent Beginnings  MorteGami
In Plain Sight  by taradiane
Insensible (RPF)  by veuki
In/Sight  by Celandine Brandybuck
In The Bleak Midwinter  by oldenuf2nobetter
In The Dark and The Trap  by SilentAuror
Into This Night I Wander  by geekwriter
In Which Ron is Rather Slow  by Chillie
Irresisible Poison  by Rhysenn
It Figures  by Rickey A
It's All About Sex  by iamshadow
It's All In How You Get There  by delicatetruth
It was a dark and stormy night  by Dream_wia_Dream
Jack Move  by Furiosity un psa pw jamessnape
Jealousy  by SilentAuror
Jigsaw Falling Into Place  by solstice_muse
(The) Joy of Flat Hunting  by aniwde
Just An Ordinary Day  by earth_dragon
Just Like That  by aniwde
Just Like This  byJackson Rayne
Keeping Harry Happy  by tqpannie
(The) Key to my Heart  by Sevfan
King Cobra  by megyal
(A) Kiss for Thanks  by maple_mahogany
Kissing Santa Claus  by simons_flower
Knock Before You Enter &nbps;by Jaxmari
(A) Lacking of Foresight  by keelywolfe
Laid Bare  by delicatetruth
Last Chance  by shocfix
Last Christmas  by crimson_stained
Last Weekend  by certifieddork
Leaving Me To Wonder   by k8matty
  Leaving Me To Wonder
  Watching in Horror
  Never Leaving You
  Loose Lips
  Sticky Situations
Left My Heart and Surrender the Grey  by Emma Grant un psa pw jamessnape
(A) Lesson in Courage  by tqpannie
Lessons Learned  by alaana_fair
Let Me Show You  by auntee_mame
Letting in the Light  by auntbijou
Lightning  by simons_flower
Like December Snow  by Dementis
Lines  by kaalee
Linger  by susnemuznae
(The) List  by tari_sue
(A) Little Problem of Virginity  by Beren (aka Didi)
(A) Little Something Between Friends  by simons_flower
(A) Little Thing  by Emma Grant un psa pw jamessnape
(The) Logic of Dreams  by frayach
Long, Hot and Slow  by shocfix/elladora_k
Longing 'Verse  by iamshadow
Long Time Coming  by charlottesometimes
(The) Long Way Home  by MadEyeMax and Loony4Lupin
Looking Back  by Plumeria (aome)
Lost and Found  by Shaggy
Love: A Chronicle by lingering_nomad (F/G)
  Eye of the Beholder
  Morning Musings
Lustre  by Julad and Calico
M25 and Flogging a Dead Horse (RPF)  by charlottesometimes
(The) Majestic Art of Self Preservation  by Rickey_A
Make Your Penis Huge!  by mahaliem
Making It Work  by faithwood
Manual Now Included  by thepsychicclam
(The) Mark of a Civilised Man  by jamie2109
Mating Rituals  by Azhure
(A) Matter of Pride  by Jeannie (goneoffthelump)
(A) Matter of Truth  by lovely_slyth
May in the Mide: A Beltane Fable  by noeon
Meaningful Conversation  by RurouniHine
Measuring  by shocolate
Medic  by rosina_alcona
Melting The Ice  by florahart
Memoria Brevis  by thywillbedone
Me, Myself and I  by strickens_girl
Men Have Needs  by shocfix
Merry Christmas, Mr. Grinch  by nmalfoy
(A) Midsummer Night's Swim  by Jeannie
(The) Mirror Never Lies  rhysenn
Mirrors  by shocolate
Missing Him  by shocfix
Mistletoe Madness  by brumeux77
(A) Moment of Clarity  by satindolls
Momenti Diversi  by zarah
Momentous  by la_dissonance
(A) Month at the Manor  by chyldofeternity
Moonlight  by Aylin
More Than Friends  by Rickey_A
More Than Not Enough  by Lasciate
More Than Nothing  by Qestral
More Than One Way  by Ociwen
More Than A Photograph  by cluelesschase
(The) More Things Change  by firelflavored
Morning After  by SilentAuror
(The) Morning After  by Matty (aka aniwde)
(The) Most Unlikely of Places  by scarlet_malfoy
Mother of Pearl  by Duinn Fionn
(A) Mouthful of Fresh Water  by waterbird
Muggle Nonsense  by salixbabylon
My Brother's Keeper  by fatal_human (F/G)
My Knight  by shocfix
My Own Private Wivenhoe  by solstice_muse
Nature of Guilt Need Desire, The  by Calanthe
Naughts & Crosses  by kaalee
Never End Till We're Dust  by furiosity
Never Trust a Gryffindor  by faithwood
(The) Night Ron Weasley Lost His Mind  by Jenn (whatitistoburn1)
Nights and Weekends  by maple_mahogany
Night Watch  by Emma Grant
(A) Nod is as Good as a Wink... Or Maybe Not  by Matroushka aka Aniwde
No Fairy Lights  by maple_mahogany
Noises in the Night  by k8matty
No One Else  by eeyore9990
Not as Simple as All That  by maxwrite(DJ) / madeyemax (LJ)
Nothing Left Between and Pants at Romance  by Rickey_A
Notice Him Fading  by marksykins
Now and Always  by pez_gurl
Object of His Obsession  by madam_minnie
Obsession and Consequence  by Beren (aka Didi)
October (prologue)  by serene_cj (tbc)
Of Owls, Horcruxes and Snakes  by kabal42 \
Of Paradise and Perfection  by Alaana Fair
Of This, I Am Sure  by jamie2109
Oh, What The Hell  by Icarus
Old City Jasmine  by SilentAuror
Once in a Blue Moon (A Family is Born)  by okydoky
Once Upon a Time, Yesterday  by femmequixotic
One Million Miles Not Far Enough  by Brighid
One Night at the Ministry  by Maeglin Yedi
(The) One Where Ron and Hermione Find Out  by EruditeWitch
One Winter's Night  by Jeannie
(The) Only One Who Can  by Magic of Isis
On Mid-Winter's Day  by anthimaeria
Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit  by shocfix
(The) Other Woman  by ursulaurquhart (shocfix?)
Out of Anger  by callie_828
Out of the Night That Covers Me  by Briseis
Over Breakfast  by Lorien_Eve
Pants on Fire(whiskey)  by goneoffthelump
Parity Transformations  by Suki Blue
Patience  by aniwde
Patient Zero  by violet_quill
Per Solum Lacuna: By Words Alone  by Azhure
Perspective  by innibis
Pickled Egg  by shocolate
Pillow Talk  by earth_dragon
Pirates  by simons_flower
Plans Gone Awry  pixystick
Plate Removal  by solstice_muse
Playing With Fire  by Aidan Lynch
Pocket Items  by SlantedKnitting
Poised on the Rim  by shocolate
Pop Quiz  by Aja
Porn Night  by who_la_hoop
Positive Reinforcement  by goneoffthelump
Post Practice Warm Up  by Argyle_S
(A) Potion and a Buddy  by Lunadragon
Pour Faire un Choix To Make a Choice  by oldenuf2nobetter
Power and Passion  by abigail89
Power of Love  by Magic of Isis
Practice  by serene_cj
Practice Makes Perfect  by Mosh
Precious Gem  by dracoredeemed
(The) Price of Valor  by WeasleyWench
(The) Price We Pay for Wings and A Flame Undamped  by Frayach Ni Cuill
Prickles on the Outside  by Curia_Regis
(A) Private Celebration  by Rickey_A
Promises to Keep and Worth Keeping  by SilentAuror
Proxy  by Matilda Bishop (pt 35 tbc - probably abandoned)
Pyramid  by emiime (Charlie/George)
(A) Question of Family  by ThaliaChaunacy
(A) Question of Time  by Celandine Brandybuck
(The) Rabbit and the God  by who_la_hoop
Radio Bye Bye  by EruditeWitch
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head  by satindolls (aka tqpannie)
Reach me  by shocfix
(The) Real Thing nbsp;by shocolate
(A) Reckless Frame of Mind and (A) Determined Frame of Mind  by: Lomonaaeren
(The) Reckoning  by anthimaeria
Reconciliation  by Magic of Isis
Redeem Me  by Samayel
Reflected  by goneoffthelump
Renaissance  by dysonrules
Reprieve  by furiosity
Research and Development   by sassy_cissa
Resistance  by SilentAuror
Return to Sender  by cloths_of_heaven_24
Right Away  by midnightblue88
(The) Right Weasley  by Hysterical Hystorian
Ring a Ring O'Roses  by melusinahp
Rising From the Ashes  by oldenuf2nobetter
Ron's Legendary Charisma  by shocfix and jonquileadbettr
Ron's Problem  by shocolate
Ron's Really Bad Idea  by Jeannie
Ron's Ribbons  by salixbabylon
Room for Two  by SilentAuror
Room Service  by Emma Grant
Room With a View  by Leporella
Rubric Moments  by iamshadow
Safe House  by Professor McKitten
Same Time Next Year  by satindolls
Saving Harry Thing  by sarka
(A) Scrap of Humanity  by HF
Scratching the Itch and StI - Part 2  by Samayel
(A) Scream Through the Forest  by flaminiag
Scruff  by Moonflower Rose
Sealed With a Kiss  by faithwood
Second Chance  by shocfix
Second Chances  by araindog
(The) Second Hand Unwinds  by midnightblue88 and goneoffthelump
second of our reign  by wax jism
Secrets  by Vorabiza
(The) Seeker  by shocfix
Serpentine  by afterimage84
Settling After a Fall  by hesychasm
Seven Days in June  by fourth_rose
Seventy Days  by tatiiedsiren (trio)
Sex, Happiness, Shiny Teeth and Other Things Worth Fighting For  by essie007
Sex on Fire  by 09HDSMod
Shadow of His Wings  by mirasfics (incomplete, abandoned)
Shared Lives  by Alaana Fair
Shattered by Your Smile and Nothing Else Matters  by Furiosity un psa pw jamessnape
Shit Happens  by jadntonic
Shoes of Requirement  by tqpannie
Sibling Stuff  by shocfix
Silent Whispers  by cf33
(The) Simple Joy of Living  by mahaliem
Six Words  by Magic of Isis
(The) Slytherin Maypole Conspiracy  by treacle_tartlet
Smut_69  by kerryblaze
Smutlets  by shocfix
Smut..With Harry On Top  by matildabishop
Snow in the Moonlight  by trubbleclef
Soap  by lauriegilbert
(The) Sofa  by Slanted Knitting
Soixante-neuf  by SilentAuror
Solace  by Jeannie
Solstice  by solstice_muse
Someday  by wtfmalfoy
Something New  by SilentAuror (gw/lj - companion piece to White Picket Fence)
Something to Keep it Interesting  by jamie2109
Special Gifts  by oldenuf2nobetter
Spies Like Us  by tqpannie
Spinner's End  by silentauror
Splintered  by aquila_star
Splish Splash  by solstice_muse
(A) Spoonful of Sugar  by Fourth Rose
Stay  by dream_wia_dream
Stolen Days  by solstice_muse
Stormy Horizons  by dirty_darella
(A) Study in Décor  by tehgiantsquid
Submission  by Abaddon
Sugar Quills  by shocfix
(The) Summer Rain  by abigail89
Summer Rain  by Hysterical Hystorian
Summer Solace  by Magic of Isis
Surprise Visit  by bryonyfics
Surveillance series  by enchanted_jae
Survivor's Joy  by Lomonaaeren
Synergy  by kerryblaze (trio)
Take What You Can Get  by corvidae9
(A) Tale of Horns by pushdragon
  The Inaugural Tongues of Fire Photographic Wall Calendar
  Mating Rituals of the Winged Predator
  Claws that Catch
  Dragon Riding for Beginners
(A) Tale of Two Pretties  shocolate
Tall, Skinny Redheads  by goneoffthelump
Tangles  by Suki Blue
Tea and Empathy  by rickey_a
Temptation  by Inell (het, f/g/hr)
Ten Weeks  by emmagrant01
Tequila! It makes me happy!  by plotbunniofdoom
Testing  by shocfix
That  by madam_minnie
That Day on the Hill  by Mosh
That's My Boy  by maple_mahogany
Them Pesky Muggles... Revisited  by Rehsipus
Theodocia  by shocolate
There's Us  by callie_828
(The) Thing is, Ron...  by Satindolls (aka tqpannie)
(The) Thing That Misbehaved  by netbyrd
Things That Seem  by Maeglin Yedi
(A) Thousand Beautiful Things  by Geoviki un psa pw jamessnape   Harry Potter and the Slytherin-Colored Lamborghini (postscript to TBT) un psa pw jamessnape
(The) Thrill of the Chase and Other Illuminating Concepts  by tout_a_coup
Three's A Crowd  by Magic of Isis
Three Septembers and a January  by mizbean
Through the Looking Glass  by strigoia
Through The Storm  by star54kar
(The) Ties that Bind  by fiona_fawkes
Times of Bright  by Vaysh
Tipping Point  by innibis
To Fight And Conquer  by Maayan
Tomorrow series by November Snowflake
  Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
To Touch a Unicorn  by Lomonaaeren
Tough Love  by solstice_muse
(A) Trail of Persimmon  by thrihyrne
Transfigurations  by Resonant
Translation of Light  by aniwde (pt20, tbc - abandoned)
(The) Trick of Love  by Redblaze
Tried and True  by irana
Trio Tribute  by mapleandmahogany
Troubled for You  by Magic of Isis
True Comparison  by auntee_mame
Turning Back  by acromantular
Turning Back The Clock  by Mad Martha
Tutelage  by Phoenixhymn
T'was the Day Before Christmas  by aniwde
Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches  by rickey_a
Twelve Seemingly Insignificant Moments That Change Everything  by snottygrrl
Twixt Naught and Never  by Emma Grant
Two Little Boys and a Green-Eyed Monster  by solstice_muse
Two Playboys on the Pitch  by Professor McKitten
Two Snitches and a Beater Bat and Fair Enough  by Satindolls
Uncut  by rosina_alcona
Unexpected Discoveries  by queenb23more
Unintended  by furiosity
Unity in the Community  by solstice_muse
Unlimited Partnership and The Case of the Last Death Eater  by ricky_a
Unlovable  by asnowyowl
Unsung Hero  by sesheta_66
Untitled  by dramaphile
Untitled  by Lasciate
Untitled Series by shocfix
  The Green Fairy
  Telling Hermione
  All Things Being Equal
  Tellin' Molly
Untraditional Traditions  by madam_minnie
Vale Sanare  by rurounihime
Vanishing Cabinets  by romaine24
(The) Venice Job  by Nishizono Shinji
(A) Very Bad Idea  by Magic of Isis
(A) Very Long Misadventure  by Ociwen
Waiting for Life to Start  by Janice Chess
Waking in Light  by Amanuensis u/n psa p/w jamessnape
Waking Memory  by sheepybunbuns
Walking the Line  by SilentAuror
    Revelation (companion piece to Walking the Line)
Walking With A Ghost  by Kaycee
Walk on the Wild Side  by shocfix
War Wounds  by SilentAuror
Water  by shocfix
(The) Waters of March  by Duinn-Fionn
(The) Way Down  by Fiendfyre
(The) Way of the World  by zionsstarfish
(The) Way to Thomason Foss  by furiosity
Wear and Tear  by shocolate
Weasley is my king  by marginaliana
Weasleys' Wizard Weekend  by reni_days
(A) Weasley Family Christmas Tradition  by earth_dragon
What Are Words For?  by salixbabylon
What Dreams May Come  by earth_dragon
What Dreams May Come by reni_days Part 1   Part 2
What He Wants  by delicatetruth
What Love Is  by November Snowflake
What's This About Me and a Broomstick?  by marginaliana
What Happened to the Wandmaker  by mme_rosmerta
What We Could Become  by alaana_fair
When Harry Cursed Draco  by Anthimaeria
When Hearts Are Freed  by oldenuf2nobetter
When Three Become One  by shocfix
Where Draco is a Statue  by simmyschtuff
While Making Other Plans  by Rickey_A
With This Ring  by bemygoodday
Who Can Stand &nbps;by oldenuf2nobetter
Who Does It Take?  by derryere
Who Fell As Beautifully As Their Ballads Tell  by LiteraryBeauty
Why Harry Loves Seamus  by trubbleclef
Why Is Ron So Damn Moody?  by SlantedKnitting
(A) Winter's Tale of Blood and Duty  by Marguerite_26
Wonderland  by wolfiekins
(The) World of the Living  by fourth_rose
Wrong  by tattooedsiren
(The) Years Between  by brummell
(The) Years that Walk Between  by Femme
Yellow Pages  by softly_sweetly
Your love is like a burning fire  by shocfix
You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This  by araythea
Yule Tied  by solstice_muse
Yuletide Treasure  by rurounihime


180 Degrees  by Michelle Christian
Afterimage  by bammel
Aftermath  by Cosmic
Agreements  by elvish_whore
Almost Always Wrong  by jaryn_
And So The Heavens Fell  by Topaz Eyes
Anything for Charity (aka The Tux Story)  by Michelle Christian
(The) Apology  by Nancy
Asking  by humanyouth
At the Bottom of a Glass  by Michelle
(The) Axe EffectTM  by jane_hidell
Balances  by Milkshake Butterfly
Battered  by skulling
Best Kept Secret  by cryptictac
Blow the Candles Out  by Syal
(The) Body Found  by Fourteencandles
Cause and Affect, According to Plan by serotonin_storm
  Day 1
  Day 2
  Day 3
  Day 4
  Day 5 (tbc - abandoned)
(A) Certain Dawn  by shutterbug_12
(The) Christmas Cliche  by Psyche
Clue  by Kass
Comfort Zone  by nakeno and recrudescence
Coming Into Focus  by bironic
Days of Grace  by silversolitaire
Deconstructing the Text  by Argyle
Denial  by Pun
(A) Differential Diagnosis for Green Silk  by isagel
Discovery  by nakeno and recrudescence
Dr Hannibal Lecher  by hwshipper
Early Bird  by phinnia
Eight Days  by rageprufrock
Evasion  by Nemesis
(The) Experiment  by serotonin_storm
Exquisite Anguish by triedunture
  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
Fifty Bucks Says and Hundred Bucks Says  by jaryn_
(The) Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology  by rageprufrock
First Fuck Radiology Betting Pool & First Fuck Twentieth Anniversary  by hwshipper
Five Times Cuddy Drives House's Car  by ellixian (het, H/Cu)
(The) Flesh's Hard Service  by tasha_elizabeth
Gamble  by Kass
Game Plan  by Kass
Gentle Implosion  by elynross
Getting it Together  by simple__man
Green Looks Good  by triedunture
(A) Helping Hand  by bironic
(The) Hidden Truth About Stethoscopes and Spectator Sport  by Neena
Home  by sessile
Hug-a-Jew Day  by causticchick
Imagery  by Lysa
Innocence  by Cuddlyfruit
In Retrospect  by l57371
Joker's Wild  by Topaz Eyes
Joking  by Nemesis
Just a Little Touch  by l57371
Just the Pain Meds Talking  by hwshipper
Kiss  by gena
(The) Last Piece of Pie and What Came of the Whipped Cream  by serotonin_storm
Laundry Day by l57371 Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
Leave This Harbor For The Sea  by otter
Letters of Transit  by nightdog_writes
Lies to Me  by queenzulu
Limericks  by alex51324
Looking Right Past  by Topaz Eyes
Loss  by Mer
Love and Happiness  by Teyla
Love the One You're With  by californiaquail (pt22-tbc)
(A) Love Restrained  by summerfling
Maryland  by shalott
(A) Modest Proposal  by Ignaz Wisdom
(A) Momentary Lapse of Reason  by Otter
Name That Tune  by Miriam Heddy
Need  by Michelle Christian
No series by missviolet
  No Regrets
  No Pain
  No Quarter
Numb  by craving_house
Obsession - For Doctors  by Michelle Christian
Of Night and Light and the Half-Light  by Melody Clark
Oh Lord, Please Don't Burn Us  by phinnia
One Is Silver  by recrudescence
One Meal at a Time  by l57371
One Step Closer Away by GLady Part 1 and Part 2
On High Seas  by khohen1
(The) Only Way He Knows How  by Esse
Paper Moon  by cryptictac
Pathogenesis and Intervention  by shalott (astolat)
Perverse  by fallen_arazil
Piano by empressaurelius Part 1   Part 2
Pick Your Poison  by brodeurbunny30
Pinned  beren_sama
Positive Reinforcement  by l57371
Pressure Valve  by tasha_elizabeth
(The) Process in the Weather of the Heart  by Kaye part 1 part 2
Progressive (One Thing That Stays Mine)  by rangergirl
Prompt 219  by l57371
Punch-up  by asynca
Resigned  by Lilah
Rules  by jaryn_
Running Up That Hill  cryptictac
Say What Lies Between Us  by cryptictac
Schism series by teyla
  Fitting Pieces
Side Effects  by Isagel
Singapore  by thedeadparrot
Spit Polish  by Slipstream
Stay With Me  by violet_quill and plausive
Stereophonic Silence and Reverbation  by Cryptictac
Strawberries  by elicia8
Stubborn  by khohen1
Sunday  by Teyla
Symmetry  by cryptictac
Synchronicity  by sam_storyteller
Take Me For a Ride  by l57371
This Living Hand  by elicia8
Three Times the Secret Got Out  by Little Miss GG
Tipping Point  by Kass
Too Long at the Fair  by Apple Pi
Touch  by Kass
Trivial Pursuits  by Milkshake Butterfly
Turning the Tables  by Topaz Eyes
Two Peas in a Pod, or Why Cuddy Hated Being on Crutches (het)  by severuslovesme
(The) Unaired Unaired Pilot  by hwshipper
Unorderliness  by Agent Mel
Unrelenting by l57371 Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
Untitled  by Druin
Wilson Needs a Hug  by daisyfreshgirl_
Wilson's Balcony  Teyla
You Are Receding  by Kass


Battle of the Planets - Secret of the Days and (The) Sound of Water  by shalott
Greenwood - (The) Best Policy  by torch
QaF - OG Walton's Fantasy Seasons(to S4)
QaF - Sunshine Makes Me High  by Peach
SW - Running into Old Friends   by RebelMom


Affirmation  by rebecca
A Film, A Beginning  by CJ aka WritinginCT
* After Darkness  by lila-blue
All I Want  by Angelise
Angel of Death by ksl
Anger Management  by rebecca
Anonymity  by James
Arguments and Bad Habits  by ksl
As soon go kindle fire with snow  by Tabitha Llewellyn
* Asymmetry  by nilahasi
(The) Autumn Winds of Piracy (part 2, tbc - abandoned)  by Pushkin666
Awakening  by The Tenth Muse 1
Awakening Universe  by Nix
Bad Day, Good Night  by Kez
Bad Idea  by rebecca and skripka
Bait and Switch  by Azar
Ball of Elasticity  by Keyla
(The) Bed's Too Big Without You  by oceana
Best of Me series by Juli
  Best Man
  Best Guess
  Best Intentions
  Best of Care
Better Late  by Nix
Bottom of the Ninth  by Waldo
Boxing  by rebecca
Box Steps Series by ksl
  Opening the Box
  Shadow Boxing
  Gift Box
  Fill in the Box   Chasse
Brain on Gibbs  by spikedluv
Breaking Habit  by kaylashay81
Breaking Point  by Audra Rose
Bring on the Night  by oceana
(The) Burn Bag at Bethesda  by twoweevils
Captive  by tivadivas (het, T/Z)
Capture the Flag  by rebecca
Cat Tales by Matt51   Hello, Kitty
  Chasing Tails
  Stray Cat Strut
Changes series by adafrog
  Change: Coming Clean
  Changes: Goodwill
* Chicken  by writerlady
Christmas Miracle  by Lady Ra
Clean  by TwoWeevils
* Close Enough  by Sori
Cold and Wet Is My World  by rebecca
* Cold Fusion  by dracaendadraco18
Cold Series by Rainalin
  Cold Comfort
  Cold Day In Hell
  Cold Front pt1
  Cold Facts pt1   pt 2   pt 3   pt 4
Come Again?  by Matt51
Connection  by the_tenth_muse1
Cool Hand Tony  by CPWatcher
* Crosshairs  Nancy (tenthmuse)
Curse or Reward  by Belladonna
Dancing  by Nix
Danger with a Capital D  by dustandroses
Dating George Clooney  by TwoWeevils
Daybreak  by Audra Rose
(A) Day Gone Wrong  by Lady Jane
Dead Marine, Gibbs... Bruised Knees, New Job  by ingenius_inc
* Debriefing DiNozzo  by Robin Serrano
Defining Step  by Keyla Sheppard
Different  by rebecca
Discovery  by rebecca
Distraction  by kelly_girl
Distractions  by tweeter and rinkle (het, T/Z)
* Domestic  by nilahasi
Do-Over  by rebecca
down the rabbit hole  by rebecca
Esprit de Corps  by Gigi Sinclair
* Explosions and Other Facts of Life by the_tenth_muse1   1   2   3
Extenuating Circumstances  by Nix
Fallout  by Katma
* Fantasy  by Margaret Newman
First Fear  by Annie
First Kiss  by malnpudl
Five Days  by Kellygirl
* Flashback  by Elibad
Frantic  by Kellygirl
* Furniture Series: Loveseat  by Juli
Going Away Present and Shore Leave  by kelly_girl
Going Down?  by Kethry
Gone  by bluepenreader
Gone Away Again  by Keyla Sheppard
Hangover Cure  by Tabitha Llewellyn
Have I Told You I Love Puerto Rico? and Cargo  by tivadivas (het, T/Z)
He series by Xanfan
  He Pretends
  He Remembers
  He Knows
Honor, Courage, and Commitment  by BC
* Hush & Clamor  by Nilahasi
Ice  by TwoWeevils
Identity  by rebecca
Insanity Defense  by rebecca
In Shadows Lurk  by Asa Meda
Interrogative  by thehoyden
In the Still of the Night  by BC
Into the Wild  by TonyZivaFan (het, T/Z)
In Vehicles Veritas  by Matt51
Irreplaceable  by Nancy
Issues With Confined Spaces and Rococo Lamps  by ingenius_inc
I Want It, You Need It  by Kez
(A) Journey round my Tony...  by Ceindreadh
Knockout  by YumYum
Known, Unknown  by Kylie Lee
(The) Last Time  by Nix
Lay All My Love on You  by seleneheart
Learned  by Margaret Newman
Life's a Beach  by BC
Lights, Camera... Action?  by BC
Like Clockwork  by pikasafire
Matched Set  by Nix
Matchmaker, (Don't) Make Me a Match  by Nix
measure out your life with coffee spoons  by chatona
Memories by Kez
  Forgetting Memories
  Remembering Memories
New Memories
Midnight Surprise  by Kellygirl
Milkshakes and Coffee Induced Reality  by Nix
Mine  by slashscribe
Morning After  by Belladonna
Myths and Revelations by Nix
  Footsore and Fractious  
  Running and Riding  
  Visited and Voiced  
  Brushes and Bedding   
  Crime and Conflict  
  Home and History  
  Kin and Kindred  
  Gifts and Gallantry  
  Love and Longevity  
  Trust and Tenderness  
  Questions and Quirks  
  Intersections and Investigations
  Apple Pie and After Lives
  Need and Novelty
Never Again   by malnpudl
Never at Work  by eoen
(The) Next Thing  by Cath
Ninety-Three Degrees  by rebecca
Not As I Do  by Juli
Nothing You Want  by rebecca
Numb  by Asa Meda
Once Upon a Daydream  by Oceana
One for the Road  by Nix
One on One  by rebecca
On It, Boss  by TwoWeevils
Open Doors, and Other Invitations  by shrift
Paideia  by twoweevils
Past Tense  TonyZivaFan & Dazed and Confused(het, T/Z)
Paved With Good Intent  by Beckymonster
Pavlov's Curse  by Merry
Pen Switching Hands  by ObscuredMemory
(The) Perception of Truth  by Kellygirl
(The) Phone Call  by Kellygirl
Pieces of Me  by syrenslure
Playing the Odds  by ksl
Please (Don't) Pet the Tony  by rebecca
Progression  by Nix
Promises   by Kellygirl
Pursuing the Horizon  by Shade_Shifter
Razor Dance  by rebecca
Recognition  by Nix
Recoil's Fallout  by CJ aka WritinginCT (het, T/Z)
Red Peril  by Ceindreadh
Reference Material  by Nix
Reflections and Refelctions2  by Angelise
Rehumanize Yourself  by oceana
Remember Me  by Ceindreadh
Reset  by rebecca
Revelation  by Asa Meda
(A) Ride Home  by jacey05 (het, T/Z)
Risky Series by ksl Risks & Rewards
  Risky Discovery
  Risky Interlude
  Risky Business
  Not Minding the Risk 1   2   3   4   5
  Second Risky Interlude
  Covering the Risk
  Framing the Risk
  Familiar Risk
Roving Eye pt 1  by the_tenth_muse1
Running  by Nixa Jane
Sappy by Margaret Newman 1   2   3
Second Best  by Kellygirl
(The) Second B is for Belonging  by Juli
Seconds pt 1 & 2 (tbc - abandoned)  by Annie
Seductive Reasoning  by Kellygirl
Semper Fi Series by TwoWeevils
  Between Good and Better
  The Trick Is Not Minding
  Wayward Son
Sensing Evil  by Lady Ra
Series I by rebecca
   Intimidation Factor
   Breaking the Rules
   Bedtime Stories
   Puzzle Pieces
Series II by rebecca
   Simple Things
(The) Sexual Habits of Tony DiNozzo  by Kellygirl
Sharp Like Cinnamon  by Kellygirl
Slow  by Nix
Something's Wrong  by YumYumPM 1   2   3   4   5   6   7
Sometimes, There are No Words  by the grrrl
(A) Soul Divided in Darkness  by CJ aka WritinginCT
(The) Sound of Silence  by Juli
So What Was It Like  by Ceindreadh
Speak Without Words   by rebecca
Special Care  by Kellygirl
Special Delivery and Return to Sender   by kelly_girl
Status Quo  by rebecca
Stay With Me  by shawna
Sublime  by Wadjet
Sunlight  by rebecca
Surface Tension  by Kellygirl
Tango Canyengue  by Desi P.
(A) Taste for Honey  by twoweevils
Taste of You  by lila
Tears  by Lady Ra
This Thing  by nilahasi
Three a.m.  by rebecca
Time for Every Purpose  by Angyl
TLC  by spikedluv
Tony's Favorite Things  by dustandroses
Tony's Little Obsession  by CJ aka WritinginCT
To Those Who Will Let Things Go Wrong  by zeplum (het, T/Z)
Transitions and Follow Through  by Nix
Trapped  by TonyZivaFan (het, T/Z)
Turncoat  by dustandroses
Twelve Steps to Uncertainty  by spikedluv
Two Weeks  by Nix
Uncertainty Principle  by twoweevils
Undercover  by The Tenth Muse 1
Undercover  by Gigi Sinclair
Under the Influence  by rebecca
Unexpected  by kelly_girl
Upon Waking  by Sori
Voices Carry  by taylorgibbs
Waiting series by ksl
  Wait and See
  Watching and Waiting
  No Longer Waiting
Wake-up Call  by rebecca
(A) Walk on the Wild Side  by dustandroses
Walls  by lattelady6 (het, T/Z)
Wanted  by Kez
Wants and Needs  by ksl
Warmth  by Keyla Sheppard
We don't always get a second chance  by Belladonna
What Goes Around, Comes Around  by Matt51
What Is And What Isn't  by Stexgirl2000
Where Do We Go from Here? (part 7, tbc - abandoned)  by YumYumPM
Who Would Have Thought  by Juli
Why Intimidation Never Works Anymore  by JP
Wishful Thinking  by Nix
Wish I Might  by rebecca
Without A Word  by Nancy
Wolf Pack  by The Tenth Muse1
Woodworking 101 and Plumbing 300 - Advanced Course  by CPWatcher
Words  by Nix
(The) Worth of a Picture  by Shannon
You Don't Give Me Flowers  by Ceindreadh
Zealous and Jealous are Just One Letter Different  by Nix

  314 X2R  by Dira Sudis
8.64 x 10^4  by rubynye
Absolution, Resolution and Connection to Reality  by Audrarose
Across a Crowded Room  by emmademarais
Additive Inverse  by castalie
All Apologies  by Dira Sudis
All Love's Lemmas Prove  by rubynye
Almost  by emmademarais
Always  by spikedluv
(The) Art of Subterfuge  by emmademarais
(A) Better Man by neur0vanity Pts 1-10 Pts 11-20
(A) Body in Motion  by oddegg
Bogey  by Dira Sudis
Bombshell  by emmademarais
Breaking Point by penguingal and schnaucl Part 1 and Part 2
Broken Hearts Mended  by penguingal and schnaucl
Cause and Effect  by elfin
Close to Perfect  by ceares
Coda  by emmademarais
Code Breaking by missmollyetc Part 1   Part 2
Commonalities  by callmeang
Conflict and Resolutions  by emmademarais
Cradle of Love  by Buffy
Crossing the Line  by Dira Sudis
Curves and Shadow  by emmademarais
D like Decoy  by scots_rock
Dinner and Desert  by emmademarais
Dirty Laundry  by Dira Sudis
Dumbstruck  by Dira Sudis
Elevator Conversations  by Corona
F is for Frisk  by astarte_egypt
Finity  by rubynye
(The) First Step is the Hardest  by Spikedluv
Fluid Dynamics  by swordstorm
Flurries  by emmademarais
Fragmentation  by callmeang
Freeze and Break  by Dira Sudis
Frictionless  by Julad
G is For Gamble  by Audra Rose
Giving Up the Fight  by LeiaDianaMinerva
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle  by serotonin_storm
Hidden Costs  by Sori
Home  by elfin
Home Remedy  by penguingal
Hunger for the Great Light  by jaredsexual
Hurt  by Traeh Angel
I Never Walk Alone  by castalie
Inevitable  by kiwi_from_hell
Intermittent Silence  by neur0vanity
Kept Waiting  by Spikedluv
Kitchen Interlude  by castalie
L is for Lethal  by CPWatcher
Last Call  by emmademarais
Last One to Know  by Spikedluv
Lead Me Not  by Spikedluv
Lust and Resentment  by Penguingal
(The) Mathematics of a Curveball  by oddegg
Mathmatical Madness  by Perpetual Motion
Mersenne Primes  by the xyboombang
Mimosas and Aspirin  by jaredsexual
Mindful, Mindless  by emmademarais
Negotiations and Love Songs  by penguingal and schnaucl
nobody move, nobody get hurt  by mojokid
Once in a Blue Moon  by CPWatcher
One Week  by kiwi_from_hell
Parallel Connections Over Symmetric Spaces  by Dale Edmonds
Part of the Cycle  by castalie
Perfect  by Spikedluv
(The) Perfect Bed  by Titti
(A) Perfectly Natural Physiological Response  by cpwatcher
Pieces  by Prentice
(The) Pull of Sleep  by emmademarais
R is for Resist  by spikedluv
Reaction Timeby missmollyetc
Red  by Spikedluv
Remote  by Spikedluv
Resolutions  by spikedluv
(A) Safe Haven  by Titti
Second Chance  by castalie
Senses series by callmeang
Shades of You  by neur0vanity
(The) Simple Moments  by Titti
Smoke and Mirrors  by Audra Rose
Sometimes When We Touch  by Spikedluv
(A) Sure Bet  by serotonin_storm
Sweet Delicious  by __dtrain
Temporary Reassignment  by penguingal and schnaucl
Temptation and Resolution  by penguingal and schnaucl
This Ain't Romance, Sugar  by neur0vanity
Track 20  by emmademarais
True Blue  by callmeang
Turning the Tables  by amoral_angel
Two Worlds  by Penguingal
Undercurrents  by spikedluv
Vacation  by penguingal
Vignettes and Thoughts upon a Life Unplanned but Well Loved  by Lady Gray
Watching Charlie  by CPWatcher
Weekend  by castalie
Wet  by emmademarais
What About Fun?  by neur0vanity
What Happens in Vegas  by Dira Sudis
Will You Remember Me  by spikedluv
(A) Working Relationship  by callmeang


(A) Heated Approach  by Anna Belle
Broken Taciturnity  by Chantrea Johari
Captive  by FadingMadness
Friends and Lovers series  by Tinnean
Happiness is a Warm Boy  by Ally Blue
(A) Heated Approach  by Anna Belle
(The) Indigo Key  by Emi
Lavendar Quill - yes, it's a site, not a fic. Pick a story and read - they are all wonderful!
Paying the Rent  by speccygeekgrrl
Shelved  by Annie
Tales from the Northwoods  by Nick Archer
(A) Time to Keep  by Ally Blue
Towards the Decent Inn  by Michael Arram
Twas The Night  by Lacey Grey


Afloat Trilogy by pigeongirl99
  Between Wind and Water
  Floodable Length
  Pierhead Jump
Alchemy; or, Solamente Alegría  by Tessabeth
All the Jewels Warm as Wine  by Blue Buik R
An Accord  by Salix
Anthem  by Pigeon
Any Port in a Storm  by Earen
Asunder Trilogy by pigeongirl99
  Anchor Light
(The) Balanjo Deux Ritual  by jaryn_
Bill's Ghost  by Creed Cascade and TJ
Buoyancy  by Your Cruise Director
(A) Certain Spark  by Jackson Rayne
Claiming Booty and Claimed  by Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
Collide  by Dala
Come Together I: Monkey Finger  Sleeps with Coyotes
Contridictions  by Veronica Rich
Crossed Paths  by Mahie/EvenStar
Crossing Swords  by Spoon
(A) Different Horizon  by catlover2x
(A) Drink at the Green Dragon  by Rachael Sabotini
Educating Will  by Seraphina
Education series by pir8fancier
For All Time  by Brie Evans
Freedom  by Cheshire
Hurricane Jack  by shrift
Intercepted series by Lostiawen
  Ties That Bind

Leverage  by Gloria Mundi
Likeness  by Pigeon
(The) Long Way Around  by Vesta
Love is a Hurricane  by xzombiexkittenx
Magnetic  Sleeps with Coyotes
Making Amends by Liriel ch1   ch2   ch3   ch4   ch5
  ch6   ch7   ch8   ch9   Epilogue
Midnight  by Veronica Rich
Midnight Rendezvous  by khohen1
Never Trust a Pirate  by Sparrowhawk
Nice Hat series by Linaelyn
  Nice Hat
  Life's Lessons Learned
  Human Hair...from My Back
Not a Girl  Leah-Chan
Obsessive Love  by Creed Cascade
Of Things Past  by Pigeon
Original Sin  by Pigeon
Past the Map's Edge  by teesa (beanside)
Patience  by Clarity Scifiroots
Pirate Dreams by Alexfandra
  Book 1   Book 2
Pirates  by mpic
(The) Pirate Way  by heartofslash
Proof  by Sheila
(The) Rescue  by Creed Cascade and Echos Revenge
(A) Sea Such as This  by heartofslash
Ship and a Bottle  by Sleeps with Coyotes
Sin and the Sea  by Dhvana
Singapore  by Lady K d'Azrael
Swords and Sparrows by Lady BD
  Rum With the Captain
  Of Swords and Sparrows
  Exceptionally Rare

Time Will Tell  by Creed Cascade and TJ
To Heal a Broken Heart by Liriel ch 1   ch 2   ch 3   ch 4   ch 5   ch 6/7
Trouble in Paradise  by Jade
Turning a Blind Eye  by Shara Nesu
Welcome to the Black Pearl  by Katie Bilodeau
When I Close My Eyes  by Melannen
Rum, Women and Sails  by mamazano
Work of Art  by tessabeth


2+2=5 and 1+1=2  by Dolimir
30  by Alyjude
65 Photographs  by Sara
Accepted series by Nancy
  Inauspicious Beginnings
  Accepted: Complications
  Part 3
(The) Accidental Guide  by Spikedluv
(The) Accidental Outing  by Annie
Accidents Will Happen  by PsychGirl
Adam Lay Ybounden  by Merri-Todd Webster
Addictions  by Miriam Heddy
(The) Aegis Group  by Veronica
Affirmation  by Brighid
Aftermath  by Callista Echo
After Midnight  by JC
Air to Breathe  by Livia
All But Branded  by Tangent
All But the Hearth  by Sorka
All Critters Great and Small  by Romslinger
All Hell Breaks Loose  by kungfunurse
All I Want for Christmas is You  by Ankaree
All in Good Time  by Nicci
All Mine  by Alyjude
Allowing Desire  by Sara
All Surface, No Feeling  by Annie
Almonte Snow--Good To See You Rocking Out  by Scribe
Amends  by Rogue
And God Would Ask  by alyjude
And I Want To Thank You  by Legion
And How series by Dawn M Pares Cold Sweat   Slow Burn   Paternity Suite   Think Pink   Spare Tire   Breakfast of Champions
And So It Goes  by Sandy Justine
Animal Natures  by PsychGirl
Anniversary  by Kass
Anoint and Midnight Oil  by Resonant
An Ordinary Life  by J M Griffin
Anytime  by XFreak
April's Fool  by MrsHamill
Armchair  by Francesca
Art of Fear  by Mia Athlas
Ask  by Nestra
As the Sentry Turns  by Toshua
As Usual  by Kass
At the End of the Day  by Veronica
(The) Auction  by Arianna
Auld Lang Syne  by alyjude
Awakenings  by Alyjude
Baby Steps  by Rae
Bacchus Blessings  by Kass
Backwash  by Wistful
Bad Case  by Margaret Newman aka mererid
Balancing Act  by Grey
Barbados  by ainm
(The) Beast that shouted "I" at the heart of the world  by Ximeria
Beat the Clock   Every Frivolous Whim by Katrina Bowen
Beau Geste  by Polly Bywater
Before Sunrise by Mab   Part 1   Part 2
Behind the Badge  by Barbara Nice-Miller
Behind Bars  by Mia Athlas
Berrying in the Past  by Hellesgift
Best Form of Defense  by Leigh
Best Laid Plans  by alyjude
(The) Best Proof of Love  by Willa
(A) Better Offer  by Marion
Between Idea and Reality by princessofg Part 1   Part 2
Bewildered  by Sihaya Black
Beyond the End  by Katrina Bowen
Bid Him Come, Bid Him Go  by Legion
Biological Exuberance  by Delilah
Black Gold  by Saul and Lyn
Blair's Fault  by Spikedluv
Blair in the Center  by Kerensa
Blame  by Charlemagne
Blessed  by Cinel Durant
Blind Justice  by Ankaree
Bond  by Anna Fugazzi
(The) Bond  by Josephine Darcy
Boundaries  by Jane Davitt
BPS  by elaine
(The) Braid  by akablonded
Breaking Point  by elaine
Breaking Point  by Glacis
Breathe  by Elizabeth Butler
Breathing  by Alyjude
Breathing Room  by lady of shalott
Breathing Words Against My Skin  by Pink Dragon
(The) Bridge Back  by Josephine Darcy
Brokenhearted  by Veronica
Brothers in Arms  by spikedluv
Buses and Trains  by VampyrAlex
Butter and Heavy Cream  by SarahQ
Butterscotch  by Akablonded
Buzz Cut and Hairboy  by Griffin
By the Book  by Lanning Cook
Cabin Fever  by Natalie L
Caesura  by Lily
Call Him a Dog  by Lanning Cook
(The) Calling  by AuroraSea
Captured Angel  by GreenWoman
Cards on the Table by Mab Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14
Cattle Call  by Legion
Caught in the Act  by Tiger Moon
Chance Meeting  by K9
Change of Scenery  by Kayjay
Chasing Rainbows &nbps;by Panik
Cheap  by Francesca
Chest, Nuts, Roasting On an Open Fire  by Corbeau
Chiromancy  by Lemon Drop
Choices  by Dolimir
(The) Choices We Make  by Arianna
Choosing Guides  by Josephine Darcy
Chosen series by Natalie L
  Flight (a retelling)
Chosen  by WendyK
Christmas Blues  by Nancy Taylor
(The) Christmas Elf  by Lady Ra
Christmas Eve  by alyjude
Christmas Interruptus  by MrsHamill
Circling Round  by Annie
Citrus  by astropuff
Cleaning Up  by Dangermouse
Clean Sheets and Holding Back  by XFreak
Clearly, For the First Time  by Valentin
Closed Room  by Legion
Close to Perfect  by Tangent
Cloudbusting  by Mab
Cloud Mountain  by Lemon Drop
Club Diamond  by Krisser
Clues  by Glacis
Coastal Shores  by Rachael Sabotini
Cock Tease  by Lenore
Cold  by Wolverin
Cold Snap  by Pares
Comfort's Touch  by Lyn
Commercial Break  by Caro Dee
Communication   by Dolimir
Communication Breakdown & First Steps  by Lyn
Completion  by Jayd
Complicated  by Arrow
Conan the Destroyer  by Sara
Confiscated  by Shedoc
Conforming to Requirements  by Fluterbev
Confused at First Sight  by alyjude
Conjugations  by Legion
Conjunction  by Fluterbev
Consent  by Arrow
Constellations  by Sara
Control  by SarahQ
Control Issues  by lit_gal
Conventions-a-go-go Series by Helen Eating at Home   Seemingly Impermeable
(The) Conversation series  by Gena
Convictions  by lamardeuse
Covert Response Unit  by elaine
Creatures of Habit  by Helen
Crevice  by Mia Athlas
Crossing Ninevah  by Polly Bywater
Crossroads  by Alyjude
(The) Crow on the Cradle & All Through the Night  by Kaelleigh
Crumb of Comfort  by Jane Davitt
(The) Crying Game  by Alyjude
(The) Cure  by Diana DeShaun
(A) Cure for Insomnia  by PsychGirl
(The) Cure for the Common Headache  by Spikedluv
(The) Cure for the Common Zone-Out  by Glacis
Curiously Strong  by Dawn M. Pares
(The) Cursing Jar  by Alexis Gunn
Curtains  by Anna S.
Damned New Year's Eve  by akablonded
(The) Dance  by Lorie
Dancing in the Dark  by cmshaw
Dare To Be Tested  by Arianna
Daybreak  by Hawk
(A) Day in the Life: Or, the Care and Feeding of a Modern-Day Sentinel  by Shadow
Dead Serious  by Peruvian Gypsy
Defining Inaccurate Realities  by Polly Bywater
Definition of Okay  by Glacis
Denatured  by Legion
Desirous of Everything nbsp;by Lemon Drop
Deus ex Machina and Blue Eyed Soul  by afropuff
Dick Planet, Boy Detective  by Vera
(A) Different Shade  by R'rain
Dirty Little Secret series by Saraid
  You'll Always Be Chief to Me
  You'll Always Be Chief to Me 2
  You'll Always Be Home to Me
  You'll Always Be - The Best of Me
Disasters  by Darkdreamer
Distant Journey, Unknown Lands  by Martha & Lemon Drop
Distractions  by Charlotte Frost
Dog Days  by Lisa
Dominion  Destina Fortunato
Don't Go Breaking My Heart  by Ice Bear
Don't Try to Lie to a Sentinel  by Spikedluv
Don We Now Our Gay Apparel  PsychGirl
Doppio Con Panna  by Sara
Dork  by Miriam Heddy and Francesca
Dorset County series by Dasha I Still Believe
Double Blind  by Fluterbev
Doubt  by akablonded
(The) Dragon  by Mairead Triste Aristide
Dreaming  by Kass
Drowning  by Arianna
Dry Clean Only  by K9
Earth Angels series by K9 pt 1   pt 2   pt 3   pt 4   pt 5
Eavesdroppers  by Lisa Glasscock
Echo  by Pink Dragon
Echoes That Caress  by BL
(The) Edge of Beauty  by Lily
Empath series by neichan
Epiphaneia  by Lanning Cook
Equilibrium  by lamardeuse
Eros Epistolary  by Brighid
Erotica  by Annabelle Leigh
Everything Has a Price  by Legion
Everything You Need In One Convenient Location  by Julad
Exposure  by Donna Jones
Exposing the Nape  by Bone
(The) Faceless Man  by Annabelle Leigh
Face-to-Face   Dolimir
Facing Forward  by Landis McQuade
(The) Faint of Heart  by Angelise
(A) Fair Distance by Laurie aka laurie_ky on lj
  Running on Empty
  Ball and Chain Part 1    Part 2    Part 3 Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7    Part 8   Part 9    Part 10    Part 11(tbc)
Fair Trade  by Pares
Faith Shines Equal and Hope Creates  by Charlotte Frost
False Tongues  by Chaomath
Falling  by Deborah Wright
Falling in Love series  by Arianna
Fate's Fallout  by KC
Fear of Flying  by Lanning Cook
(A) Feast for the Senses  by Lyn
Fifty-One  Lullenny
Film at 11  by Deborah Wright
Final Exam series by Legion
  Hard Start
  Jump Start
  Lesson One - Scent and Taste
  Lesson Two - Sound
  Teacher's Pet
  Final Exam
  Simon's Test
  Lessons in Silence
  Advanced Studies
  Field Studies
Finding the Center  by Maggie
Finding Home  by litgal
Finding Home  by sori
Finding Their Way  by Legion
Fire  by VampyrAlex
Fireants  by JoeyRZ
Firelight  by Alyjude
Fireworks  by Bone
First Move  by Grey
Fishing in the Sandburg Zone  by elaine
Fit To Be Tied  by Cara Chapel
Flesh of My Flesh  by Caro Dee
Flirting  by akablonded
Floater  by maaaaa
Flying  by saraid
Folie a Deux  by Sihaya Black
(The) Foot Massage and the Anthropologist  by Vera
Footnotes  by Destina Fortunato
Forbidden Fruit, Unspoken Dreams  by Cassie
For Blair  by Jane Davitt
For Emergencies Only  by Xfreak
Forewarned  by Scribe
Forgotten  by Dolimir
For the Grace of Blair  by Legion
For Whom the Bell Tolls  by elaine
Four A.M.  by Miriam Heddy
Four Letter Words  by Julad
Fraud  by XFreak
Freedom in Another Life  by thetenthmuse1
French Talk series by CKC Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe   Apres-midi d'un Faun   Le Sacre du Printemps
Fruit of the Vine  by Aristide
Full Circle  by lamardeuce
Full Circle  by Lyn
Future Tense  by alyjude
Games of the Heart  by Xfreak
(A) Gathering of Sentinels  by Lady Ra
Gay Sex 101  by msgordo
Getting Marked  by Kadru
Getting There  by Karen
Ghosts  by Dolimir
Ghost Story  by Rushlight
Ghosts and Revelations  by ainm
Give Peas a Chance  by Sihaya Black
Giving - And Receiving  by Erin
Go  by Francesca
Goin' Down  by Rebel Melinda
Goin' Down Gambling  by Zelempa
Going Down  by Lianne Burwell
Going Home  by Shalott
(The) Golden Letter  by Russet McMillan
Good-bye  by Dolimir
(The) Good Friend  by Jack Reuben Darcy
(The) Good Storm  by Monica
Good Taste  by epistrophia
Gravity  by Winds-of-Dawn
Groovy  by Glacis
(The) Guide by Jim Ellison  by CW Post
Guided by Destiny  by JC
Guide For Sale  by alyjude
Guideline series by Lit Gal
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Guide's Touch  by neichan
Guides  by Dolimir
Hair Trigger  by Nicci
Happy New Year  by Rae Evans
Happy New Year's to Us  by Patt
Haven of My Soul  by Romslinger
Hazy Shade of Winter  by PsychGirl
Head of a Match  by afropuff
Hear the Wolf Howl  by Kata Avalon
Heartbeat  by Spikedluv
(The) Heart's Consent  by Romslinger
Heat  by Legion
Heat  by Spikedluv
Heat  by Ximeria
Heaven is a Place on Earth  by Veronica & Dolimir
Hello Dolly  by Kerensa
(A) Helping Hand  by Mostcrazylady
Highly Strung  by Aaboe
High Maintenance  by JoanZ
Holding Back  by Kass
Home  by Little Pinky
Home Coming  by Ice Bear
Home for Christmas  by maaaaa
Homeward Bound  by Alyjude
Honest Words  by Virg Vaughn
(The) Honeymoon  by akablonded
Honeymoon Suite  by Dangermouse
(A) Hopeless Sea of Troubles  by Nestra
(A) Horizontal Fall  by Rosalita
Hour of Lead  by Lyn
How Blue is Blue?  by LilyK
How It Works  by Mab
Hunting in Mecca  by litgal
Identity  by Trekker
If You Leave  by kylia
If Wishes  by Kass
I Know You I and II  by Audra Rose
I'll Be Home for Christmas  by akablonded
I'm Not Saying  by Donna Jones
Imagine My Surprise and Plenty of Everything  by Brighid
Immunity Factor  by Jane Davitt
Imprint Love  by Arianna
Inauspicious Beginnings and Accepted: Complications  by Nancy
Independence Day  by Merry Lynne
In Flames and Out of the Ashes  by Sara
In Kansas  by Audra Rose
In My Face  by Xfreak
Insomnia  by Jayd
Interlude  by Merry
Intervention  by Miriam
In the Air  by Sandy K Herrold
In the Name of the Father  by CKC
In the Silences  by AngieJean
Into the Summer Sea, Sand and Water and Still the Deep  by Audra Rose
In Your Dreams  by Livia
In Your Eyes  by Legion
It Happened One Night  by Penelope Whistle
It's About Trust  by Deirdre
It's All in the Hips and One is a Lonely Number  by alyjude
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night  by Tinnean
I Wish  by akablonded
Jealous Intent  by Kerensa
Jim and Blair Go Camping OR Brokeback Mountain - The Less Sad Version  by Thothscribe
Jumping Off Bridges  by Nemi
Just Another Average Week  by Moonbeam
Just Another Christmas Eve  by alyjude
Just Another New Year's Eve  by Griffin
Just Another Saturday  by Alyjude
Just Like Coffee  by grit kitty
Just Once  by Katrina
Just Us  by lamardeuse
Keep on Truckin'  by Sugar and Spice
Kids Under Twelve Drink Free  by Mallory Klohn
Kindred Spirits by moonglow11066
  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
Kiss Off  by Alyjude
Knowing Me, Knowing You  by Jane Davitt
Kodak Moment  by laurie_ky
Laid Bare  by Miriam Heddy
(The) Lamp  by elaine
Lark  by Lanning Cook
(The) Last Experiment
Lasting Imprint  by Fluterbev
Last Legs  by Dawn M Pares
(The) Last Time  by Patt
(The) Last Time I Saw Sandburg  by alyjude
Leaning and Falling  by Kalena
Learning Love  by Sori
Learning to Walk  by Nestra
Leave a Message at the Beep  by Little Pinky
Leaving Jim Ellison, Never Easy  by PsychGirl
Legalities of Love series by J.L. Blackstone
  Legalities of Love
  Moving Over Me
  Kiss For Luck
Lessons Learned  by Timberwolf
Lethal Senses  by Dolimir
(The) Letter  by Little Pinky
Letting Go  by Natalie L
Letting Go  by elaine
Lie Perdu   by Sihaya Black
(A) Life Half Lived  by Jack Reuben Darcy
Lifeline  by Legion
Life Lived Like a Mentos Commercial   by Mallory Klohn
Like Father  by alyjude
Like a Lover  by Deana C Jamroz
Like Oil for Latkes  by Brighid
Like Praying
Little Arrows  by Tinnean
(A) Little Cheesecake  by Kass
(A) Little Lesson in Self-defense  by Deborah Wright
Limbo  by Julad
Living With Perfect  by Brighid
Long Day's Journey Into Night  by Kass
(A) Long Time Looking  by Anna S
Long Underwear  by Ice Bear
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places  by Annie
Looking for Sandburg  by MrsHamill
Love and Basketball  by Rosalita
Love and Friendship Arc by JL Blackstone Love and Friendship   Dinner Can Wait   Jim's Bed  
Lover's Instinct  by Monica
(I) Love This Job  by Corbeau
Love Trouble and Three's Trouble  by JC
Lunch Date  by Rebel Melinda
(The) Maddening Crowd  by Dolimir
Major Crimes  by Meredith Lynne
Make it Go Away series by Natalie L
  Make It Go Away
  Angel on My Shoulder
Making Contact  by Sara
Making Love  by Merri-Todd Webster
Male Exchange  by Jugrod
(A) Man of Integrity  by Lemon Drop
(The) Man That I Am  by Angel's Kuuipo
Map of the Sentinel Heart by Scala Part 1   Part 2
(A) Matter of Control  by Sasha
(A) Matter of Taste  by Brighid
Maybe Sandburg Should Drive  by Star
Memory Lapse  by Merry
Mesmerized  by nicci
Metal James  by Mererid
Metamorphosis  by Spikedluv
Metaphors  by Justine
Mia  by Francesca
Middle Ground  by Maggie B
Midnight Bonding Ritual  by LouisdPdL
(A) Mind of Their Own  by Angie T
Ministers of Grace  by Lanning Cook
Mirror Image  by K9
Missing You  by PsychGirl
Mistletoe and Candlelight  by Ximeria
Mistletoe Magic  by Barbara Thomas
(A) Moment in Time  by Rushlight
Moonhunt  by Dolimir
More  by Lanning Cook
More and Less  by Jack Reuben Darcy
Mountain Pass  by Lady Ra
Moving On  by alyjude
Mutual Orbit  by Kass
My Boyfriend series by Scribe
  My Boyfriend Is Inflatable
  My Boyfriend Came in a Plain Brown Wrapper
  I Think My Boyfried Is Gay
  My Mom is Flirting With My Boyfriend
My 'Lil Guppy  by Kateri
Natural and Necessary  by Legion
Nature Series  by Francesca
Navigation series by Legion
  A Kiss at a Time
  A Touch Closer
  Too Far, Too Fast
  Rough Road
  Off Course
Need  by Sammy
Nefarious Device  by basingstoke
Never Goin' Anywhere  by Pink Dragon
Never Let Go  by Veronica
Never Try to Fool a Sandburg  by alyjude
(A) New Challenge  by Linda3
(The) Night Sandburg Graduated from the Academy  by Francesca
No Big Deal by Dasha Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
Nocturnal Omissions  by elaine
Nocturnes  by Cara Chapel
Noel  by Mererid
No Lothario  by Francesca
No Rest  by Charlemagne
North by Northeast  by MrsHamill
Nothing  by Vikster
Nothing Else Matters  by Trekker
Nothing On  by Francesca
Not Just Pheromones  by Deborah Wright
Not Needed  by alyjude
Now I Know and Wanderlust  by Jack Reuben Darcy
Nuance  by Livia & Resonant
Obfuscator and Obfuscator, Too  by Francesca
(The) Object of My Erections  by Francesca
Ocean, Moon  by Lemon Drop
Off Limits  by akablonded
Of Spatulas and Men  by JC
Once More With Feeling  by aimn
On Edge  by Shadow
On a Good Day  by Arduinna
On the Fifth Day of Christmas  by Karen Colohan
One Fine Day  by Rebel Melinda
One is a Lonely Number  by alyjude
One of These Nights  by Thomas
Open Door  by Kass
Ordained  by alyjude
Origin  by Resonant & Kass
Other Kinds of Things  by Helen
Out of Wack  by Bone and Aristide
Palooka  by Pares
Pandora's Can of Worms
Paper Cranes  by Deirdre
Paradigm  by Rushlight
Paradigm  by Sigrid
Partners  by Josephine Darcy
Part of the Sizzle  by castalie
Past Life Regression  by SassyInkPen
Past, Present, Future  by lamardeuse
Past the Guilt  by Lyn
Paths That Wind  by Charlotte Frost
Patterns and Possibilities  by Chrys
Patters of Light and Shadow  by Legion
Payback's a Bitch  by Moonbeam
Peace and Quiet  by Jane Davitt
Pennies for the Jungle  by Rentgirl 2
Percent Difference  by Hellesgift
The Perfect Blind Date  by Cara Chapel
Permanent Record  by Francesca
Permeance  by Polly Bywater
Personal Space  by Cinel Durant
Phantom and A Seal Upon Your Heart  by Jyllean
Photographic Evidence  by ainm
Picture Perfect  by Barbara Nice-Miller
Picture This  by Jane Davitt
Pictures of Sandburg  by Mab
Pinecrest  by Rentgirl 2
Planet of the Sentinels by Saul Planet of the Sentinels   To Catch a Falling Star   Celestial StarFire
Polar Ice Caps  by Alyjude
Primal  by Elaine
(The) Principles of Ecology  by Lemon Drop
Prison  by Jack Reuben Darcy
Private Universe: Shelter  by Mab
Proof and Pudding  by Aristide
Prove It  by Xfreak
Public Fraud  by Scala
(The) Pull and the Darkness  by Miriam Heddy and Francesca
Pulp Friction  by Bone
Push series by Wolfling Pushed Too Far   Pushing Back   Pushing Through the Demons   Push and Pull
Push and Pull  by Francesca
PWP  by Jen Riddler
Quack  by Legion
Quarry  by Cara Chapel
(A) Question in the Dark and An Answer in the Morning Light  by JR
Quicksand  by Donna Jones
Quiet Clarity  by Glacis
Quiet Desperation  by Arianna
Quietus Interruptus  by Ximeria
(A) Quiet War  by Merry
(It's) Raining Sentinels  by Miraden
(A) Reason to Stay  by Lyn
Recalibrations  by Sihaya Black
Recovery  by LitGal
(The) Redemption Project 57 by Kadru
  Loving You Less Than Life pt 1   pt 2
Refugee Status  by lamardeuse
Relaxation Techniques  by Lyn
(The) Reluctant Guide  by Deborah Wright
(The) Reluctant Patient  by Bone
Remember  by Legion
Remembering the Feeling  by Laura JV
(The) Replacement Guide  by Lyn
Resolutions  by alyjude
Restoration  by Veronica
Revelations  by Josephine Darcy
Revelations  by PsychGirl
Revenant  by Kitty and Renae
Revenge  by Kerensa (part of SVS3, episode 2)
Reversal  by Deb
Rhythm of the Night  by Ankaree
(The) Right Guide  by Spikedluv
Right Memory  by Mab
(The) Right to Remain Silent  by Justine & Kass
Ring Around the Moon  by LilyK
Rite of Passage  by lamardeuse
Rodeo  by Rentgirl 2
(The) Rookie  by elaine
Running Away  by Kass
R U There?  by Kit Mason
Sacred Space  by Justine
Salt, Tequila, Lime  by Lyrica
Sandburg series by Wordwitch Detecting Sandburg   Observing Sandburg   Engaging Sandburg   Marrying Sandburg   Receiving Sandburg   Loving Sandburg
Sands of Change  by Dolimir
Saving Blair OR Standing on the Edge  by LilyK
Scars  by lamardeuse
(The) Scars That Remain  by Jane Mailander
Scoring  by Sihaya Black
(A) Sea-Change by Laurie   Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3 (tbc)
Seasons for Loving Slowly  by Tangent
(The) Seasons Series by Caro Dee
  Spring Fling
  Summer Sun
  Fall Back Plan
  Winter Manuevers
Season Ticket  by Krisser
Second Chance series by Calista Echo
  What Comes Together
  New Geography
  So Maybe, Tomorrow I'll My Way Home
  Floating On The Edge Of The World
  Kick Back
Forged In Fire
Secret  by Saraid
Secret Valentine  by Natalie L
Seeing  by Trekker
Sensibilities  by alyjude
(A) Sense of Home   and (A) Sense of Belonging  by Chrys
Senses & Sensibility  by Kass
Sensory Overload  by Kylia
Sensual Rhythms  the lady of shalott
(The) Sentinel Conspiracy  by kikki max
(The) Sentinel's Guide to Flexibility  by akablonded
Sentinel-Guide Research Project  by Sorka
(The) Sentinel of His Dreams  by Spikedluv
(The) Sentinel Imperative  by elaine
(The) Sentinel Rules for Dating the Guide  by Diana
Sentinel Shift  by Krisser
Sentinel Virtual Season
  Episode 12: Vengeance 101  by Xfreak
Sessions Series by Grey Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 Part 4
Seven Days  by Kass
Seven Inches from the Midday Sun  by Winds-of-Dawn
Sex, Lies and...  by Ximeria
Shades of Grey and Blue  by Mab
Shadow Boxing  Sihaya Black
Shadowlands  by Annie and Lyn
Shadows and Light  by Mairead and Aristide
Shared Visions  by princessofg
(The) Shot  by Audra Rose
Sideline  by Mab
Signs  by Grey
Silk  by cmshaw
Sinecure   by ainm
Sixteen Instinctive Behaviors  by Betty
Sleep  by Mona Ramsey
Sleeping Weather  by afropuff
Slip Sliding Away  by alyjude
Smooth  by Caeres
Snowman  by Caro Dee
Solitary Creatures  by Aristide
Something More  by Spikedluv
Something to Talk About  by alyjude
Something to Talk About  by lamardeuse
Somewhere To Be  by arrow00
Somewhere Under the Rainbow  by elaine
Songs You Know by JR More Than Words   Hands to Heaven   Insensitive   Price of Love   Please Come Home for Christmas   I Cross My Heart
(The) Sounds of Silence  by Rebel Melinda
So What Are You Saying?  by Karen
Sounds of the Night  by Eagle Eye
Spare Tire  by Dawn M Pares
Speaking Volumes  by Lily
Spelunking the Neo-Hippy Witchdoctor  by grit kitty
(The) Sports series by Romslinger Check That Little Pitcher Out   Screen Ball Hinder   Learning How To Fall   MisQ   Blind Pass   Touching Pieces   Sticking Point   It's All In The Timing   Gliding Closer To Home   Broken Play   One in the Dark   Pacing   Team Building
(The) Stalker  by P.B.
Stalking and Seduction  by Legion
Star Crossed Genesis  by KAM
Status Quo  by Kass
Stay  by Francesca
Staying Present  by Fluterbev
Still Quite a Pair  by Orion aka Jules
Storm Signs, Eye of the Storm  by Legion
Storms of Winter  by Meredith Lynne
Strength and Symmetry  by Moonloon
Strike Force  by Melinda Rebel
(The) Study Session  by Deirdre
(The) St. Valentine's Day Massacre  by Sihaya Black
Style  by Cori Lannam
Success  by Rogue
Sunday Morning  by Maaaaa
Surfer Moon  by Caro Dee
Surrogate  by Annabelle Leigh
(The) Sweetest Kiss  by Raine_Wynd
Tabling the Discussion  by Deana C. Jamroz
Take Me Out  by Kass
Talent&nbps; by Grey
Tales of the Jungle series by Diana How Enqueri Found His Guide   How the Guide Made His Place with the People   How the Guide Found His Sentinel   How the Guide Claimed His Sentinel   Song of the Wolf   How the Sentinel Claimed His Guide
Talisman  by J.M. Griffin
Talk To Me  by PsychGirl
Tamed  by Dolimir
Tan Lines  by Deirdre
Target  by Glacis
Target Practice  by PB
Target, a Sentinel Story with a Focus on the Guide  by Brenda Antrim
Taste of You  by lila
Tender  by Resonant
Terra Cotta  by afropuff
Territorial Imperative  by Bone
Testing, Testing  by Dawn M Pares
Test of Tranquility  by Charlotte Frost
That Essential Quality  by Kris
Therapy for the Soul  by Lyn
There Will Come Soft Rains and Three Coins  by Brighid
These Arms of Mine  by Mona Ramsey
These Earthly Cares  by Brighid
Thinking of EnglandSihaya Black
This Man  by Ceares
Thoughts of a Drowning Man  by Jane Davitt
(The) Thought That Counts by Francesca Part 1   Part 2
Three Spirals  by fluterbev
Through Your Eyes  by Deana C Jamroz
Throwback  by Valentin
Tie a Yellow Ribbon  by Gayle
Time in a Bottle  by Lyn
Times That Try Men's Souls by elaine Jim & Blair
Timing  by alyjude
Timing and Conviction  by Micah
To Form a More Perfect Union and To Establish Justice  by CKC
Tongue is Great  by April Valentine
Too Little, Too Late   Arianna
Torn by the Storm  by Romslinger
To See The Light  by alyjude
To the Mountaintop  by JC
Touch-y  by Mona Ramsey
Touch You  by Audra Rose
Treading Water  by lamardeuse
Treat  by Persephone
Treeline Series by Greenwoman Treeline   Moraine   Montane
Tree of Knowledge  by afropuff
Tribe Sentinel  by Annabelle Leigh
True Confessions  by T. Botta
True Feelings &nsbp;by Orion aka Jules
True Minds  by Lanning Cook
Truly, Madly, Deeply  by Audra Rose
Truth or Dare  by Rainy Day
Turn of the Rules  by alyjude
Twilight  by JC
Two Many Guides  by Lady Ra
Unconscious & Conscious  by Nestra
Under Orders  by Kungfunurse
Under the Radar  by LynnZo
Unified Fields  by Antimony Hayes
Universal Fields  by Merry
(The) Unlikely CEO  by Annabelle Leigh (with Shar)
Unnamed series by Annie At His Side   Into the Future   Consummation
Up Against the Wall   by JC
Venture Forth  by SassyInkPen
Vigil  by Natalie L
Visiting Alex  by Lady Ra
Viva Las Vegas  by Alyjude
Vocabulary  by Miriam Heddy
Waiting  by PJ
Wake Up Call  by Toshua
Waking  by Resonant
Walls  by Phoenix4
Wandering the Maze  by Destina Fortunato
Water on Stone  by Merry
(The) Way to a Man's Heart  by Marion
Weddings Can Be a Bitch and Wedding Rituals...  by Deana C. Jamroz
Whatever Happens  by Winds-of-Dawn
What Happens in Peru  by spikedluv
What Overcomes  by Livia
What You Wish For  by Jack Reuben Darcy
(The) Wheels on the Bus...  by Margaret Newman aka mererid
When Daylight Comes  by JC
When One Door Closes  by Rhianne
When Trust Fails  by Kris
Whine Wine  by Deana C Jamroz (akablonded)
Whispers  by Glacis
Whitebread & Near Misses  by Rentgirl2
White Men Can't Jump & Check and Mate  by lamardeuse
Whiteout  by Jane Davitt
Why Not?  by Sigrina
Why Sandburg Wears Flannel  by Lyn
Why We Fight  by PsychGirl
Wicked Desire  by Romslinger
Wild Tonight  by Amy Fortuna
Window of Opportunity  by Kass
Wine, Women and Schlong  by Brighid
Without Fear by Scala Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8
Without Love  by Josephine Darcy
Without You  by Arianna
Woods Forsaken  by Josephine Darcy
Words Spoken in Winter  by grit kitty
Worried About Sandburg  by Lyn
Would You Lay With Me?  by Rebel Melinda
Yearning  by akablonded
Yield  by Sigrid
You Gotta Ring Them Bells  by Tinn
You Like Tongue?  by Sinistral
Your Ass is Mine  by Jagwolf - fka Blaze
Your Fortune in My Hands  by keefaq
Your Place or Mine?  by Akablonded
Stories by Bone no point listing these individually read them all


Finesse  by Yana
Of Fragility and Rosebuds  by Michelle K.
(The) Timing is Cruel  by Michelle K.
When Love Comes to Town  by Christine


As Good as a Drink  by VR2LBast
Denial  by scribblemoose
Easy Walking  by emungere
Everything  by Viridian5
Inertia (story9)  by Eleanor K.
Over the Edge  by sffan
Physics by sffan
  Irresistible Force
  Immovable Object
Reason  by Viridian5
Stages of Love  by Mistress Renet
Walking on Hell  by scribblemoose


Ado  by Sleeps With Coyotes
(A) Better Fate than Wisdom  by Brigdh
Dancing in a Vicious Circle
Face of a Sleeping Shinigami  by Xandria
Half-Life  by Viridian5
Office Romance  by threewalls
Persistence of Memory  Mistress Renet
Something Worth Keeping  by Mistress Renet
Stripped  by Viridian5
Walking on Hell  by scribblemoose
Worst of Evils, The  by writingrose (rosaleendhu)